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Anemones & Alstroemerias

The sun shone brightly through the window as it started to creep into the room, ever so silently. Its rays reached their way towards the sleeping girl across the room. They slowly enveloped around her and everything around them. Crawling towards the soft, milky skin of the girl's peaceful face, they reached for her eyes and then settle themselves upon the top of her head. The girl stirred and after a few seconds slowly opened her eyes, trying to see what had disturbed her deep slumber. She squinted, not used to the newfound light, as her eyes settled; she smiled as she got up and stretched. Seeing her bright room surrounded with soft, bright colors and the warmth emitted from the light's rays entering her skin made her think she was still dreaming. Her mouth moved to make out words as a slightly whispered 'good morning' breezed through the entire room, spring had come.

This young girl is Hyuuga, Hinata. She got out of her bed and strolled across the room to the window. Opening the window, Hinata inhaled a great deal of fresh air and tended to her windowsill garden. Her garden was made up of a variety of beautiful, blooming flowers. She lives on a grand two story brick house, which is perched alongside a row of houses, on a high leveled hill. It can overlook the first two rows of houses and then finally the great lake.

Hinata is a 16 year old, second year, in Konoha Academy. She has long black hair with a blue tint that reaches to the middle of her back. She did her daily morning routine and dressed in her school uniform; her school shirt and skirt that is two inches below her knees. Hinata quickly slipped her white socks that reach almost to her knees.

Like any other day, Hinata crept into the room next to hers. Unlike her room, this room was dark because of the closed blinds, except for the rays of sunlight that found their way through the spaces between the blinds. Lying on the bed was her cousin, Hyuuga, Neji. He is 17 years old, third year, in Konoha Academy. He has long, brown hair; which was tussled during his stirrings in bed.

Hinata nudged him to awaken, but he shrugged her off. She huffed at the sight as she walked to the window and opened the blinds letting the sun's rays invade the male. Neji shot up feeling a disturbance and saw his younger cousin smile at him. "Good morning Neji." Her smile unwavering, she reached for the windows as she opened it letting the faint smell of the water of the lake to infiltrate his room.

Neji sighed, thinking his cousin was too much of a morning person. Knowing he would not be able to go to sleep again, Neji tiredly got out of bed to do his daily routine. Hinata, satisfied with the results, happily strolled downstairs towards the kitchen to make breakfast. It was about four minutes when Neji came down the stairs. He was wearing his uniform neatly and his hair was now combed and tied in a low ponytail.

Neji could smell the aroma coming from the kitchen. Hinata had already prepared two omelets and had bread in the toaster. "So, today is Western?" Hinata just smiled and agreed. Neji saw Hinata's work and assisted her to get the orange juice and two cups. They ate in silence, enjoying the other's company.

It was still early at a 6:15. Neji washed the dishes, while Hinata rushed upstairs. She did not stop her climb and went towards a slightly hidden flight of stairs. She opened the door at the top of the stairs and was welcomed with the bright sunshine and the healthy different flowers on the roof. The flowers are protected by a glass that would keep them from some of Mother Nature's wrath upon them. This is a green house, her sanctuary. There were a mass variety of vibrant flowers. Every time, Hinata would ascend to her heaven, her worries would disappear as she would go into her new world in the sky. She looked at the progress of the flowers behaviors; when satisfied. Hinata took note of the anemones on that day. She thought how nice the flowers were growing. In the language of flowers, anemones means anticipation and Hinata thinks how fitting it is as she hopes each day to be a wonderful surprise. With that, Hinata was ready to leave.

Neji had already prepared his school bag and was waiting at the door. Hinata dashed to get her school bag and put on her school boots. Their walk was peaceful and quiet. There would be the daily sounds of cars passing by, small animals in the background, and children on their way to Kindergarten. The two Hyuugas went past the city and towards the gated green pathway of trees. It was blooming sakura trees and it looked like a whirlwind of pink snow. They continued down the path until it reached a grand building in front of them. This was Konoha Academy.

Konoha Academy is a prestigious school filled with wealthy and gifted students. Most of them were only here from their parents' wallet, they did not take school seriously since their entire life is already planted by their parents; very few are serious about learning. The few lower class students, who have talent and deserve to be in such a facility, are very dedicated to their time in school.

The Hyuugas are a prestigious family that supplied a lot to Konoha Academy. Hyuuga Corporations is a worldwide business manufacture that is one of the top corporations. Hinata and Neji were once part of the wealthy, but studious part of the school. That was until Hinata's father: Hyuuga, Hiashi disowned Hinata for being too weak. Neji's previous job was a bodyguard for Hinata; when Hinata was banished from her family, Neji continued to stay by her side. This caused him to also be disowned. The last thing Hiashi gave to them was their own house and continued their enrollment in Konoha Academy.

Hinata and Neji were satisfied with their life. Although many people made a 180 turn on them; they realized who their friends were. They went to the side of the school and met up with their friends.

"Hey Hinata-Chan!" The energetic boy playing with the dog brought everyone's acknowledgment of the two Hyuugas.

Inuzuka, Kiba: second year, 16 years old. He is from a family of veterinarians. Kiba came to this school on a football scholarship. His dog is named Akamaru.

Hinata was knocked down by a speeding hug. "Oh Hinata-San! It is SO nice to see you after the winter break!"

Rock, Lee: third year, 17 years old. He was adopted into a martial arts sensei and has always been very energetic. Lee came to Konoha on a martial arts scholarship.

Neji forcefully removed Lee from Hinata sternly. Lee talked on and on about his adopted father's birthday. A strong feminine arm draped over Hinata. "Haha…Lee was like this the entire morning, talking nonstop about Gai-Sensei's New Years Birthday."

TenTen: third year, 17 years old. She is an orphan and has yet to have a family to give her a surname. All families think she is too extreme and her hobbies are…scary. TenTen is a tough girl and she loves using weapons. She has pinpoint accuracy and is very skilled in the uses of weapons. TenTen is here on an archery scholarship.

TenTen made her way to Neji and Lee to try to stop the rambling friend, while Hinata sat near the tree surrounded with her friends. Hinata took a bag of cookies out of her bag. "Ano…It may not taste good…but would you all try some…?" Her outstretched arms towards the peers before her.

The bag shuffled when someone took a piece from Hinata's offering. "Mmm! Delicious! Hinata, these are great!"

Akimichi, Chouji: second year, 16 years old. He is the son of a known bakery shop in town. Chouji is a plump fellow who is constantly eating; trying to create something he can call his own. He came here on a culinary scholarship.

Seeing how Chouji had complimented Hinata's cookies, hands started shooting towards the bag. Chouji nudged the sleeping person beside him to try one of Hinata's cookies.

Nara, Shikamaru: second year, 16 years old. His family owns an apothecary business. They supply the town with their medicine. Shikamaru is a lazy person, who thinks everything is too 'troublesome'. Aside from his lack of enthusiasm, Shikamaru is a genius with an IQ of over 200. He came to the Academy on an academic scholarship.

Shikamaru sluggishly got up and took one of Hinata's cookies, giving a nod of thanks to Hinata. She saw the happy faces of her friends and beamed with content. She caught her friend sketching at something above.

Sai: second year, 16 years old. He is an orphan, like TenTen, but is a very sheltered person. He is a wonderful artist and tends to draw many Japanese paintings. Sai is here on an art scholarship.

Her attention drifted when a butterfly fluttered around the tree above. It descended gracefully towards an outstretched finger.

Aburame, Shino: second year, 16 years old. His father is an insect observer and has caught his son doing the same. Shino wears round shaded glasses that are recommended. Although of his interesting hobby; he is great in science, which gave him a science scholarship.

Shino noticed Hinata's attention and brought the colorful insect closer to her. The butterfly flew away, startled at the sound of the warning bell. Like the butterfly, everyone dispersed from the group and went in their own classrooms. Neji, TenTen, and Lee went towards the third year hall, while the rest went to the second year hall.


The second years met up in Room 2A for homeroom. There were already seats being filled in as groups began forming on corners of the room. Hinata and her friends settled in their seats. Hinata sat in the front corner near the window. Shikamaru, Shino, and Chouji were a few desks away from her.

In front of the classroom the popular people strolled in. They made a huge commotion from the students. There was Haruno, Sakura: a pink haired beauty; she is an actress. Yamanaka Ino: platinum blond hair and has a fitting figure; Ino is a top model. Uzumaki, Naruto: a blond adopted son of the chairman of the school. They were the ones who already had a future in store for them. Their parents are known very well. They seated in the middle of the room and all the boys turned to continue looking at the beauties of the school.

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Their sensei walked in unnoticed by most of the students. There was a hyperactive blond in the middle of the class that wouldn't stop talking. "QUIET NARUTO!" This caused the class to pay full attention and gave a few to snicker about.

"Hey Iruka-Sensei!" Naruto smiled cheekily without a care in the world.

Umino, Iruka had to deal with this every day. He sighed, not wanting repeat. "Class, we have a new student joining us today."

The class was excited, wondering if it was a boy or a girl. The popular girls had no care, while Naruto was curious. The door opened to a bright, imaginative light shining from the person. This caught the eyes of Sakura and Ino.

"Everyone, this is Uchiha, Sasuke." Iruka announced. "Would you share something about yourself Uchiha-San?"

Sasuke stared blankly at the crowd of nameless people. "No."

Iruka was caught at an awkward moment. "Well, where should you sit now...?"

Sakura and Ino moved their scripts and makeup off the desk between them. Sakura raised her hand. "Iruka-Sensei~! There is an empty seat here." Ino started batting her eyes at the Uchiha.

Iruka smiled at Sakura's kindness. "Uchiha-San, you can sit over th-" "I refuse."

The class widened their eyes in disbelief that he would not sit between the two school beauties. Some of the other girls had hope in seeing the rejection.

Ino whispered to Sakura. "He's just shy. He must be embarrassed about sitting between us." Sakura felt better and began to make the thought seem true in her mind.

"There is an empty seat at the back of the room. Can I sit there?" Sasuke's keen eyes spotted from afar.

"Okay, the seatmate next to you can show you around the school." An announcement over the intercom rang through the halls, calling for Iruka. "Sorry. I will be right back." He left, leaving the students alone.

Sasuke walked up the stairs to his seat by the window. All the girls surrounded his area, asking him many personal questions. The seatmate next to Sasuke got up and went to sit next to his friends.

"So, how's it like sitting next to the new kid, Sai?" Shikamaru smirked knowing his discomfort.

"Tiresome…." Sai rubbed the sides of his head in aggravation.

"I'm sorry, Sai-San." Hinata was worried for her friend. "But…It seems Uchiha-San does not like the fame he is getting."

Hinata turned behind her to see Sasuke seething at the crowd before him. For a second, their eyes met before a crazed new fangirl of his blocked the view. Hinata paid no mind to it and listened to her friends.

"Hey, Uchiha! Your family is the top corporation worldwide, right?" An anonymous boy roughly asked.

This caught the ears of all the students in the room. Hinata turned to the source of attention. Usually Hinata did not pay any mind to gossip, but when she was the heiress to the Hyuuga Corporation she heard about their rival a lot: The Uchihas.

Another anonymous nerd showed his knowledge. "Yeah! I heard about the Uchihas. You have an older brother right? He's going to take over the company. Uhh…his name was…Ah! Uchiha, Itachi." Sasuke slammed the desk before him, making everyone near him recoil in shock. A silence drifted for a few seconds. The bell rang and Sasuke shifted his belongings and walked out of the classroom.

Hinata got Sai's attention. "S-Sai-San…you need to show Uchiha-San around the school. He might get lost in the school."

Sai nodded knowing it was his responsibility. He went to get his bag and searched for the Uchiha in the school hallways. Everyone else got their stuff and went onwards to their next class.

Sai had caught up to Sasuke. "Uchiha, I'll show you around the school."

Sai showed Sasuke where his classrooms were and the main spots in the school. "Would you like to join me and my friends for lunch?"

Sasuke shrugged in answering and Sai took it as a 'yes'. The bell for lunch rang and Sai led Sasuke to the tree of gathered people. They spotted the two and Sai explained the situation. They approved and introduced themselves.

Shikamaru brought up a weird topic. "Hey Sasuke, Sai. You know what the school has named you two? 'The Prince and the Pauper.'"

The two stared at each other and in unison, "I look like him?"

There was laughter in the group. The joy did not continue when an evil cloud drifted their way. "Oh Sasuke-Kun…why are you with these peasants? It's bad enough being compared to that art freak there." Ino's comment caused resentment in the group towards her.

"You shouldn't dwell with these disgraces Sasuke-Kun." Sakura came up behind Ino. "These people are poor, some are even abandoned."

TenTen got up ready to launch at the pink monster, but Lee and Neji held her down. "WHAT DID YOU SAY!? You… Neji, Lee! Let me go! I'll rip every hair off her ugly head!"

"Oh my~! How barbaric…Tsk tsk tsk…" Sakura smirked, knowing she can't be harmed or else there would be expulsion and worldwide panic. The perks for being popular and loved.

"There is also a disowned heiress in the group. How sad~! To think that she was once at the very top, and to be dropped so low. Some Hyuuga Successor! Pathetic~!" Ino brought more coal to the raging fire.

Neji let go of TenTen, which almost made TenTen's attempt a success if Shino didn't replace Neji's grip. Neji was shaking in anger at whether to kill the blond annoyance in front of him. Kiba, Shikamaru and Chouji were at his side in case Neji made the wrong decision. Sai and Hinata were quiet as they stared blankly at the grass below them.

Sasuke noticed the atmosphere brought upon the group. His eyes hardened and coldly glared at the cause. "Leave now."

They flinched at the hatred. "S-Sasuke-Kun, don't bother with them. You're more suited with our kind." They showed how proud they are.

Sasuke stood up to his full height. "Do I have to say it again?"

Sakura and Ino shivered in fear and decided to retreat. The crowd that unnoticeably formed had started to disperse and rumors started flying.

TenTen had calmed down and Neji was at Hinata's side. Shikamaru and Chouji were at Sai's side. Kiba was calming Akamaru down.

Shino laid his hand on Sasuke's shoulder for a moment to get his attention. "Thank you." He went to comfort Hinata.

Lee slung his arm around Sasuke like they were great friends. "Yes. Thank you very much." Lee's tone had lost some of his spirit.

Hinata got up and walked away, before leaving she whispered, "I-I'm going to the garden…"

Everyone acknowledged Hinata's reason, but Sasuke was in bewilderment. He saw how Neji didn't follow her and decided to let it go.

Hinata went to the school garden that she cultivated herself. Since there was no gardening club, the gardener would always help her. Hinata remembered about the morning when she looked out to see her anemones blooming. She nearly forgot that anemones also had a negative note to its meaning; in the language of flowers, it also meant fading hope and the feelings of being forsaken. It brought back Sakura and Ino's words of abandonment to her friends and herself.

After twenty minutes, Hinata came back with an armful of flowers. The flowers hid Hinata's face a bit. She sat down and smiled softly at everyone. She gave each of her friends a brightly colored flower. They all stared at the vibrant colors of the flower.

TenTen was the first to speak up. "So what flower is this?"

"This is an alstroemeria. In the language of flowers, it means wealth, prosperity, and fortune. This is also the flower of friendship." Hinata explained with a smile. "Please don't take to mind about w-what they said."

Everyone saw Hinata's smile and thought that if she can smile and get over what Sakura and Ino said, then so can they. Sasuke was amazed at how much of an effect Hinata made towards her friends. Even though he was not down, Sasuke still felt a warm feeling coming from Hinata. Sasuke grasped his chest to feel his heart beating faster than usual, his eyes widened. 'W-What is this?'

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