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Anthuriums & Asters

Sasuke looked himself in the mirror as he splashed his face with water in his bathroom. Hinata had been on his mind the whole day. 'Don't tell me...I've fallen for the Hyuuga?! That's crazy! I just met her!' He stared at his reflection, contemplating whether it was true. Sasuke let out a frustrated groan; he couldn't find a reason to like a person after just one day. Uchihas did not believe in love at first sight!

Sasuke blindly searched for the towel on the rack beside him and dried his face.

"Something wrong, Sasuke?" A deep amused voice came from behind him.

Sasuke knew the voice and casually put the towel on his slightly wet hair. He turned to face an older reflection of his own. "Itachi, what do you want?"

"Hn, nothing. Just wondering how my little brother is doing in his new school is all." Itachi nonchalantly leaned against the side of the doorway. "So, how was it, anything happen?"

"Nothing happened."

"Really...When you came home, you didn't even acknowledge mother and rushed to your room." Itachi explained.

Sasuke roughly past Itachi, and exited the bathroom. He paused a few feet away from him. "Hey Itachi..."

Itachi gave his brother a glance of his attention.

Sasuke pause for a while thinking. "Never mind." He left his room in a rush.

Itachi's eyes showed a spark of interest. 'Hmm...' He lifted himself from the wall. His movements halted when something caught his eye. On a desk beside the window was a vibrant colored flower.


Sasuke walked downstairs seeing his mother staring at a flower arrangement. She fixed it up every few seconds. "Mother?"

She broke out of her trance and turned to her youngest son. "Oh! Sasuke."

"Is something wrong with the arrangement?"

"No, it's not that. I...just like the flowers..." She smiled warmly at Sasuke.

"Why don't you get yourself a garden? I'm sure Father would approve of it"

"Oh! B-But I don't know anything about flowers..." Mikoto blushed in embarrassment as her voice trailed on of excuses.

Sasuke was reminded of another blushing female. "I might know someone who could help you."

Mikoto stared blankly at Sasuke's offer, and then turned into a bright smile. "All right, thank you Sasuke."


Sasuke awkwardly thought of how to get Sai's attention during class. '...I should ask Sai more about the Hyuuga…I just assumed she would take up the offer...'

"Hey Sai." The artist stopped his sketching of a robin and turned to his glance to his seatmate.

"The Hyuuga...She knows things about flowers, right?"

Sai was skeptical about the Sasuke's odd comment. "Yeah. She has a garden at her house."

"Thanks...that's all." Sasuke shifted his gaze opposite of Sai.

Sai was curious of Sasuke's light interrogation, but dismayed it and continued his sketch.


Sasuke strolled through the hallways during lunch to familiarize himself with the school. He reached to the rooftop to see a few couples and groups scattered around. He avoided them and went to the fence overlooking below. He spotted a garden below and a distant, familiar figure hovering over the flowers.

Sasuke dashed his way down to the garden. He stood at the pathway. 'Wait, why did I rush over here?' Sasuke was in stun of his rash behavior.


The voice broke his train of thought. Sasuke saw before him: Hinata holding a watering pail. He gathered his thoughts together quickly and approached Hinata.

"Hyuuga, would you like a job?" Sasuke stood tall and proud, keeping his cold Uchiha image on.

"A...job...?" Hinata was puzzled at his straightforward question.

"My mother," Sasuke started his explanation. "My mother is having a garden and if you would like to assist her, teaching her what she needs to know. Of course you will also be paid accordingly."

"Sure. That sounds fun." Hinata smiled brightly. "Though you don't have to pay me a-anything, I am more than happy to just help your mother."

"No. We'll pay you." Sasuke turned to leave, to not hear any objections from her. "You can start coming to my place this Saturday at 11:00 am."

"Oh! P-Please wait Uchiha-San." Hinata spoke up to get his attention.

Sasuke glanced behind to see Hinata disappear into the field of flowers and bring out a bundle of what looked like a red leaves.

Hinata outstretched her arms to welcome Sasuke with them. "If you could give these to your mother; she might like them. These are anthuriums. In the language of flowers; it means hospitality, happiness and abundance. Please tell her that I look forward working with her."

"Sure, thanks." Sasuke accepted the small bouquet and left the garden.


Sasuke went home and at the same time looked at the flowers in his hand. 'Are they heart-shaped(1)!? Am I going crazy?' Sasuke reached his large estate and scanned the rooms for his mother. He found her outside, where her future garden would be planted.

"I'm back, Mother." He brought his presence known.

Mikoto gasped and swiveled her position to face Sasuke. "I'm sorry, welcome home, Sasuke." Mikoto's first gaze was at her son, but was transferred into the bundle in his hands.

Sasuke warmed up to his mother and handed her the bouquet. He repeated the message from Hinata that came with the flowers.

Mikoto beamed of happiness. "Oh, she sounds like a wonderful, young girl." Her eyes brimmed with happiness shifted mischievously at Sasuke. "So Sasuke. We haven't talked much since you transferred. Do you harbor any feelings for any special young lady yet?"

Sasuke scoffed and turned the other way. "No." His mother didn't need to know about his infatuation with a certain Hyuuga.

Mikoto frowned at the boring response and looked back at the flowers. "Well this girl seems to be interesting. Hyuuga, Hinata-San was it..."

Sasuke glanced back frantically at his mother if she saw through his bluff. It showed no signs, and he relaxed.

Itachi saw the scene from the bottom of the staircase. 'So...the person is this flower girl…' He turned to the flight of stairs leading to the way to his room. "Hyuuga huh..."


Hinata was in the kitchen preparing the dining course for the evening. Neji was setting the table. "N-Neji-Niisan."

Neji stopped his movements and gave his cousin his full attention.

"Umm…Uchiha-San offered me a job today…"

Neji got the idea. She wanted his approval. "That's fine, Hinata-Sama. What are you going to be doing?"

"I am helping his mother learn and care of flowers. Uchiha-San told me I could start this Saturday. S-So..." Hinata shifted uncomfortably.

"Hinata-Sama, I am very well capable of taking care of myself." Neji playfully smirked at her. "Take the job, it seems like you want to."

Hinata's face lit up in joy. "Thank you Neji-Niisan." She reached out to hug him.

Neji smiled at Hinata's childish antics. "Hinata-Sama, the food is going to be burnt."

Hinata went back into reality and rushed over to the stove. "Oh No!"


"It's finally Friday! So, what should we do this Saturday?" TenTen was ecstatic about having no school.

"We should go to see this movie. I heard it's good. My favorite idol, Riku-Chan, is in it!" Kiba was lit up with hope.

"Okay! Let's go!" Lee was as enthusiastic as ever.

Everyone stared awkwardly at the two's happiness. Neji was irritated to watch a chick flick. Sai and Shino were indifferent and did not know what to make out of it. Chouji only wanted to eat popcorn and snacks. Shikamaru didn't care since he would most likely fall asleep. TenTen sighed in defeat. "Fine. We'll see it. We can also show Uchiha-Kun around the town too."

Hinata shifted nervously. "Umm...Sorry I can't join you. I have a new job starting Saturday."

Kiba drooped and pouted. "Aww...Why?"

Sasuke cut in. "She is helping my mother tend flowers, so I won't be going either."

TenTen's eyes shifted between the two unnoticed, thinking about maybe an unexpected pairing would unfold during that time period. She decided to play matchmaker for a while. "All right. It can't be helped then." She moved the conversation along to not ruin the fun.


"Neji-Niisan, I should get going now." Hinata called from the bottom of the stairs.

Neji walked down. "What's that?" He pointed at the bag.

"These are some seeds as a gift." Hinata shuffled through them to make sure she brought enough.

Hinata chuckled a bit. "It is still weird seeing you in casual clothing, Neji-Niisan. I'm more used to seeing you in your uniform, though the change of pace seems refreshing."

"Am I that serious to have to only wear uniforms?" Neji stared plainly at his clothes. "Though you are looking...rather plain today."

Hinata was in blue jean overalls over a white T-shirt and a white bandana around her neck complimented the outfit. "Well, this is for my job. I'm just making myself comfortable. Anyways, today is going to be the grunt work of things. Planting is a lot of work you know."

"Yeah, yeah." Neji shook off Hinata's passion for flowers before it would turn into a heated discussion from Hinata. "Do you have the map to the Uchiha's house?"

Hinata checked her pocket and unfolded it memorizing the simple contents. "Yes."

"When will you be back?"

"Don't worry Neji-Niisan. I'll be careful." Hinata giggled at Neji's protectiveness.

"Fine. If anything happens remember to call me." Neji was in parenting mode on Hinata, since she wasn't going to be by his side.

"Everything's going to be fine." Hinata started towards the door. "I'm not sure when I will be back, but you can start dinner without me. Bye Neji-Niisan."

Neji stiffly waved back and went to see what was for breakfast.


Hinata strolled down the familiar streets she knew leading to Sasuke's house. She hummed a cheerful tune complimenting the beautiful, sunny day. She would occasionally look back at the map, making sure that she didn't make a wrong turn. Hinata turned the final corner and searched for the house number. She was faced with a large, gated mansion.

Hinata shifted in discomfort. "This is the house...?"

She pressed the intercom at the gate. An electronically enhanced voice responded. "Umm…M-My name is Hyuuga, Hinata..."

"Yes. Hyuuga-Sama. Your arrival had been notified."

The gate opened. Hinata gulped and entered. The walk to the front door took about 2 minutes long. When she reached the front door; it opened before her. A butler bowed at her. "Welcome, Hyuuga-Sama. Please come this way."

Sasuke spotted the two from the stairs. "You're here a bit early. It's not even 11 yet."

Hinata shifted nervously and faced the ground. "Umm...I just thought it would b-be better to come a bit earlier..."

Sasuke was beginning to understand Hinata a bit more. "All right. That's fine." Sasuke had already noticed it, but decided to point it out. "Why are you dressed so casually?"

"Oh...Well...I-I am but a mere gardener to help your mother." Hinata was blushing, thinking she was in the wrong attire for work.

"I invited you here for help, so you are welcome to wear anything you want." Sasuke had predicted for something girlish like a sundress or something stylish. He looked at the blushing girl and thought even in a common uniform; she still looked cute.

The butler interrupted their small reunion to tell them to meet Sasuke's mother in the garden.

He led her to the back of the mansion where a woman was sitting, reading a book. "Uchiha-Dono, Hyuuga, Hinata-Sama is here."

Mikoto bookmarked her novel and got up from her seat to greet Hinata. "Hyuuga-San, it's a pleasure meeting you. Sasuke has told much about you."

Sasuke was in shock and disbelief for a moment, while Hinata blushed deeply. Sasuke regained his composure. "I only told you what Hyuuga-San was capable of, Mother."

Mikoto laughed a bit. "Well Hyuuga-San, shall we start?"

"Y-Yes, Uchiha-Sama...This is for you..." Hinata brought forth the bag full of different seeds.

Mikoto stared blankly at the gift for a moment before smiling with great bliss. "Thank you Hyuuga-San."

Mikoto lifted her fingers to her lips in thought. "Would it be all right for me to call you Hinata-Chan? I'm sorry, but Hyuuga-San sounds too formal for a sweet girl like you."

Hinata flushed red. "T-That is fine Uchiha-Dono."

Mikoto pouted in disapproval. "Hinata-Chan must not be formal with me."


Mikoto smiled giddily. "Oh my~! Having such an adorable girl calling me makes me think I have a daughter."

Sasuke saw the exchange between the females, dumbfounded at how they can bond so well after meeting one another.

"Umm…Should we get started?" Mikoto was faced with reality again and agreed to Hinata. Hinata retied her bandana on her head to hold her long hair and grabbed a bag of soil, but struggled at the weight, lifting the bag a few inches off the ground.

"Oh no, Hinata-Chan. You don't have to do all this work."

"Please don't worry; I have specifically d-dressed like this for that reason." Hinata had a small smile on her face.

"Then I shall do the same." Mikoto looked at her impossible dress, and excused herself to change.

Hinata had no room to stop the encouraged woman, afraid of extinguishing the passionate fire going in her eyes.

Sasuke, who was about to leave, helped heaved the bag over his shoulder. "Where does this go?"

Hinata smiled at his kindness and showed him to put it near the garden.


After Mikoto returned in comfortable, casual clothing; she followed Hinata as a guide in proper gardening. Mikoto would imitate what Hinata do to another part of the garden. Sasuke decided to help the ladies in the heavy grunt work.

"Sasuke, could you move the rocks over there?" Mikoto was overlooking the garden, trying to picture how it should be.

Sasuke silently obeyed his mother's request. Hinata was spreading the soil among the garden. When the basic garden overview was done, the difficult job was put to a halt.

Mikoto wiped her brow from the labor. "Let's all take a break first, what do you say?"

It was 2 pm now, they all gathered around the table in the garden and the butler served refreshing lemonade and lunch. They were in gratitude to the cool liquid go down their throats, relieving them from thirst.

"Thank you for the help today, Sasuke."

"Y-Yes...Thank you for helping me w-with a lot of things, Uchiha-San." Hinata's exhausted red face grew a bit more.

Sasuke shrugged. "I had nothing to do anyway."

"But it was still sweet of you or else we would be in trouble." Mikoto was beaming with love.

"Looks like it's been a tough day for you all." At the entrance way stood Itachi.

"Itachi, welcome back." Mikoto faced surprised at the eldest son's arrival. Itachi replied briefly to his return.

"And this is?" Itachi raised a brow in fake confusion.

"This is Hyuuga, Hinata-Chan; she helped me with the garden." Mikoto smiled with glee.

"I hired her to help Mother." Sasuke calmly ate the sandwiches provided.

"H-Hello." Hinata nodded her head in a bow.

"Well then, thank you for helping my mother." Itachi bowed also.

"Aren't my sons just wonderful?" Mikoto was smiling with pride. "I love both of them so much."

"I have to go to the company now." Itachi announced after his quick visit.

Mikoto was worried. "Shouldn't you rest first from college?"

"That's okay Mother, I'm fine. It is important that I go now anyway." Itachi said his farewells and made for his getaway. "It was nice meeting you Hyuuga-San."

Mikoto sighed. "Itachi has no time to relax anymore. I wonder if he is building stress from all this."

"Don't worry Mother, Itachi is a lot stronger than others."

"But he is still h-human..." Hinata's downcast face from the conversation changed and realized her careless outburst. She started to apologize.

"No, you are right Hinata-Chan." Mikoto laughed a bit. "I just hope that my sons will have a happy life."

"We will Mother." Sasuke gave a reassuring squeeze on the hand.

Mikoto smiled. "All right. Let's get back to work. What's next Hinata-Chan?"

"Umm...We can start planting now."

Mikoto tried to remember where she put Hinata's housewarming gift. "Which ones should we plant?"

"Umm...M-Mikoto-San, if I could make a suggestion to plant some asters? In the language of flowers, they mean patience. I think it is a g-good flower to start with."

"That sounds lovely." Mikoto brightened up as she went inside to dig through the bag and find the said seeds.

"T-That flower fits Mikoto-San quite well." Hinata noticed Sasuke questioning glance and blushed. "A-Asters also have another meaning. In the language of flowers, they also mean elegance and daintiness."

Sasuke looked to see his mother return. "That's a correct meaning for my mother."


The after a few minutes of deciding where to put the asters; Sasuke was called for a phone call. Hinata and Mikoto had started to plant the seeds.

Mikoto looked at the beautiful picture of the aster on the seed packet. "I will enjoy raising such beautiful flowers."

Hinata look around her for any human presence. "Mikoto-San, I have a secret to tell you. In the language of flowers, asters also mean a love of variety." Hinata smiled knowingly.

Mikoto laughed at the meaning applying to her sons, which also applies to her husband too. "If they heard this, they would be so embarrassed." She winked. "That secret will stay with me."

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