"So what was that all about?" Jethro asked as he dried off.

"What was what about?"

"Going to make you scream?"

Tony blushed slightly, "Uh well you don't make much noise."


"Um well I just I don't know." Tony gave up he wasn't sure why he had done it but it had seemed right at the time.

"Saw a challenge and had to take it?"

"Maybe?" Tony shrugged his shoulders, hoping he hadn't messed anything up, whatever this was. "Okay so awkward question for awkward question, why do you have lube under your bathroom counter?"

"I'm a single man Tony, why wouldn't I have lube in my bathroom?"

"And in your bedroom?"

"Well." Gibbs left that question alone there, really was no way to answer it. He was saved when his stomach growled loudly and Tony started to laugh.

"Think I need to feed you. You have any food in this house besides steak?"

"What's wrong with steak?"

"Nothing but it's too hot to make a fire to cook them." Dinozzo offered up.

"Got a grill in the back."

"Lead on McGibbs." Tony said bowing arm out.

"Dinozzo you do realize that your ass looks hot bent over like that right?"

"Good, hate to think it didn't."

Gibbs shook his head all the way to the kitchen. Pulling two porterhouses from the fridge, Gibbs looked at Tony. They had grabbed sweats before leaving the bedroom but neither had a shirt on. Tony's chest was as broad as his was. There were a few scars here and there but the skin was unblemished and golden. He shook his head to clear it and set the steaks on the counter.

Tony reached to grab plates and then pulled silverware from the drawer. "You said always." Tony asked softly.

"Always what?" Gibbs said leaning against the counter.

"When I asked you when." Tony still hadn't turned from the cupboard. He jumped a little when he felt Gibb's hand on his shoulder.

"I have always found you attractive. From the first day, I was interested in you, but I didn't know you, didn't know if I wanted to go that way, let alone if you would want to go with a broken down ex-marine turned navy cop."

"You're not broken down and there's no such thing and an ex-marine but you also said after Vance sent me away; you knew you had to try."

"I knew I was going to have to wait Vance out. There was no way I could work it so he would let you back sooner. It was killing us, killing me. The yard wasn't the same, no one will admit it but the MCRT's case rate dropped and for more reasons than I had a bunch of probies. I had tried to do it before but we were both so stubborn."

Finally Tony turned around, his head cocked to the side. "Tried before?"

"There may be a tool mark or two that would match my tools to your hot water heater." Gibbs answered turning an interesting shade of pink.

"You broke my hot water heater?"

Gibbs coughed, "And your boiler."

"Jesus Jethro, why are we so stubborn?" Tony said shaking his head.

"Because the world has made us that way."

"Maybe we should work on being a little less stubborn, at least with each other?" Tony asked with a smile.

"You can try, not sure this old dog can learn new tricks." Gibbs answered back.

Leaning into Jethro, Tony all but pinned him to the counter, "You just need the right treats." Then Tony proceeded to kiss Jethro in to next week.

Gibbs leaned back on the counter for support, but when his hand brushed up against the cold wrapper of the steak, his other hunger returned.

"Some body's got a rumbley in their tumbley." Tony offered pulling Jethro away from the counter. As the words left his lips he realized that may not have been a great movie reference.

"Pooh bear, Tony really?"

"You finally got one of my movie references Boss. I'm so proud." Tony half expected the head slap that came but he was glad that it was accompanied by a smile.

"Kelly watched Winnie the Pooh Tony. Why wouldn't I get it?"

"Just glad that it didn't um you know…" Tony was about to say kill the mood but stopped when it dawned on him where his mouth was headed yet again.

Gibbs shook his head and knew what Tony was thinking. "It's okay Tony. We're good. I can talk about them I just don't much. Let's get these on the grill." Gibbs reached behind Tony, grabbed the barbecue tongs from the wall, and went out the door.

Tony watched Gibbs light the grill, there was an ease to every move Gibbs took. Nothing ever seemed to knock Gibbs off his stride. Tony wondered if Jethro was the same way. Tony knew they were the same person but then again, were they really? In the office, Gibbs would have never admitted to knowing Whiney the Pooh, but Jethro had. Tony wished that he could get Jethro and Gibbs to melt or merge or whatever into being more like one person than a weird Gibbs version of Sybil.

Shaking his head to clear that mental picture, Tony walked outside. He shivered, neither man wore a shirt and while it was too hot in the house to start a fire, it there was still a chill outside. He moved closer to the heat of the grill and Jethro.

"You should go put something warmer on Tony. Don't need you getting sick and having Dr. Pitt mad at both of us for lack of brains." Jethro said not looking up from the steaks.

"I will later. My lungs are not as bad as you keep trying to make them. Ducky wouldn't let me near the field if they were. "

Jethro sighed to himself, maybe he was making to much out of Tony's illness. But no one would blame him, not after seeing Tony for days under those blue lights.

"Alright I won't mention it again. But you better if it's a problem."

"Is that Jethro my lover talking or Gibbs my boss?"

"Both but mostly Jethro."

"Good to know." Tony wrapped his arms around Jethro's chest pressing into him, "besides I have you as a heater. I'll be fine."

Jethro smiled and groaned when one hand pinched and twisted his nipple.

"You know at some point we might needed to talk about what we like... never mind I know better than to try to get you talk."

"I don't know, that might be a good conversation." Jethro pushed his ass back to that it rubbed against Tony's half hard cock. "Never know what it might lead to."

Tony shivered, the thought of Jethro's kinks took him from half hard to full hard so quickly it made him light headed. "Well you could tell me one now and get the ball rolling." Tony offered as his hand slipped down to fondle Jethro's balls.

Jethro groaned and tried to focus on the steaks.

"Or I could ask all kinds of probing questions and see what you react to," Tony's hand raised up and tools Jethro's cock in his hands. "I know you like giving and taking, I know you give blowjobs and you like getting them. You seem to like a little nipple play...what about," Tony used his extra height to his advantage and nipped Jethro's neck where it met his shoulder and got a shiver from the man and a surge in his dick. Smiling, Tony bit harder and got a full spasm. "Don't let the steaks burn." Tony reminded his new chew toy.

Jethro opened his eyes and cursed flipping the steaks, but his eyes fell shut against his will when Tony shifted and pinched his nipple and bit the other side of his neck simultaneously.

"You have a hidden pain kink don't you?" Tony was whispered in Jethro's ear, he felt more than heard the whimper. "You trust me, don't you? You trust me to make it just right. That's why you said I never knew where it might lead to." Again Tony felt the whimper, felt Jethro's cock fill to what must have been the point of pain. "Just how far do you go Jethro?"

"Don't know, never tried much. Never trusted anyone enough to find out." Jethro panted.

"Not tonight but someday we might just see how far you're willing to go. Right now I think I want to taste you again. Don't burn dinner," Tony warned again before dropping to his knees and puling Jethro's sweats down with him. Relaxing his jaw as much as possible and took Jethro's cock in one fluid motion. As he pulled back he lets his teeth lightly scrap along the top and bottom of Jethro's dick, he almost gagged when Jethro swelled once more.

"Oh god Tony. You're killing me. You're pushing every button I have." Jethro ground out between clenched teeth. No one had ever known how hard finger nails down his back had made him. Never put it together that a little pain at the right time made things that much sweeter.

Pulling back tony looked yo at Jethro and said, "Tell me what you want. Tell me what to do."

"I can't I don't know. Everything is so tight just keep,doing it all." Jethro moaned.

Tony returned to Jethro's dick and continued sucking and nipping. When he tasted the first drops of Jethro's release the drug his short nails down Jethro's ass cheek. Jethro could only hold on to the grill one handed as his body poured itself into Tony's mouth.

Tony smiled and stood after sucking Jethro 'till he was soft. Setting him in a near by chair, Tony pulled the steaks from the grill and turn it off.

Turning back to Jethro he leaned in, "your going to have to work on that. I love listing to people talk dirty. It turns me on." With that Tony took the steaks in the house and left a spent Jethro with his pants around his ankles in the wooded Adirondack chair.