Chapter I

Gaara looked out the window as the sun sets. His eyes were glazed as he stared out at the city that had feared him, and yet accepted him now with open arms. Of course, there was still who doubted the decision of making him Kazekage, but right now, Gaara only thought about trying to change their minds for the better. He will not let them down.

He scowled unconsciously, of course, not letting them down meant he had to find a wife soon. The council was concerned that his age had been a serious point of observation. Most people believed he was too young for the job of Kazekage. He was too inexperienced, too immature.

The council thought it best if he was to find a wife soon. They probably thought it was the wisest thing to do to let the immature issue die out. Of course, it could also stray to the point where people would think him immature and unwise.

But Gaara did somehow agree with the inexperienced part. He was indeed young and there were a lot of things he had yet to find out. Most than the average person does. So he did not question the council's decision.

Now as he stared directly into the sun's setting rays, he wondered if ever he was going to find a wife to call his.


Naruto stared at confusion at the figure before him.

It had blue hair, wide lavender-tinted eyes, and a blush that covered half of her face.

And it looks like Hinata.

Well, duh.

But was it Hinata, he was not sure.

Because the person staring up at him right now was a child. A cute 5-year old looking child.

Two pairs of eyes blinked at each other; one a pair of beautiful baby blue eyes, the other lavender-tinted ones. They were quite the opposite, but both had the same emotion glazed upon them. Confusion.

At last, Naruto dared to break the silence. He inched forward cautiously, "H-hinata..?" he asked, this time, he was the one stuttering. He never expected that the little girl in front of him would suddenly reach out to him and cling unto his neck; her plush little face squishing his cheek.

"Naru-chaan!!" she cried happily. Her arms were tightly wound around his neck, but not tight enough to strangle him and her legs were wrapped around his torso.

If she was 17, as she should have been, that would have been an interesting situation. But she was not. Instead, she was in a five-year old body, with five-year old characteristics. At least she didn't forget anything. She was just younger. Way younger.

"Ne, Naru-chan? Daijobu?" she asked as she glanced at his concerned expression. Naruto grabbed a hold of her waist and set her down gently. She was only barely taller from the hem of his pants. "Hinata-chan?" he asked again. "Is that really you?"

The child in question pouted and crossed her arms. "Naru-chaaan!!" she whined. Naruto smiled a little. Even though she was different, she was still Hinata. And still as cute as always.

"Hinata-chan…" he said and he lifted her up again. "Why are you like that?" Even though he was still freaking out inside, he stayed calm, as he knew kids would rather have. Hinata tilted her head at him, "Why am I like what?" she asked.

Naruto nodded at her, "Like that." He said, "You're tiny, and little, and small…" he said, stating his observations. For a five year old, Hinata was smarter than him, "Naru-chan, that's all the same thing." She giggled.

Naruto shrugged. "Ne, Hina-chan…. You didn't answer my question."

Hinata pouted again before she started thinking, with a loud a-ha! , she raised her arms and stated. "I don't know!" Naruto sighed indifferently at the little girl before thinking of a reason himself. And there, on the ground, he saw an open water canteen and dropped Hinata in an instant.

"Hinata!" he exclaimed, taking in the water bottle and staring at it in horror. "Did you drink this?!" Hinata sat cross-legged on the floor, something she would have never done if she was in the right mind and pondered on it. And with a grin, she nodded at him. Naruto noticed she was missing a tooth and wondered if she was missing a tooth before.

Naruto scowled before stuffing it in his bag. "Hinata, I thought I told you not to touch this." He said, remembering how he specifically told the seventeen year old Hinata to never touch the canteen because it contained the potion they had to steal from the evil landlord guy to stop him from being immortal.

Hinata whined and glared at him cutely, "No you didn't Naru-chan!!" she yelled. She angrily pointed out another canteen towards her right. "You told me to not touch that one!" Naruto came over and picked it up and noticed his chicken hand writing on it that said; Do not Touch.

Naruto gulped. Okay, maybe he did say that. Tsunade would have his head for this.

He turned to look at Hinata and smiled sheepishly at him. "I guess I did, huh?" he said. Hinata smiled at him and then suddenly, she was at his face. "Ne, Naru-chan? Aren't we going home yet?" Naruto smiled and scratched his cheek. He was just thinking about the same thing. But then, Neji's face popped up. Then there was Tsunade, Hiashi, Kiba, Shino, and Akamaru would probably tear him to bits. Sakura would never let his incompetence down and Ino would start comparing him with all the other guys.

It would be torture. So with a smile, he carried Hinata and told her, "Nope. Hinata-chan, we're going on a little trip.

We are going to Suna." But then noticing her clothes were, well, too big for her, he said, "But maybe we should get you dressed first."


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