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Love, Jay.When Bones came back to her bio bed two hours later, she was throwing up over the side of her bed into a bucket held by a nurse who looked like she was going to join Emma in just a second. Bones jogged over to them, and quickly told the nurse to go deal with anyone else. He lightly pushed Emma's fringe out of the way and grabbed a damp cloth within reach as she stopped hurling and lolled her head back. There were tear tracks down her cheeks, her eyes were bloodshot and her nose was red.

"Sorry" she croaked, something she did whenever she was sick around him; he never did understand why. He shushed her and wiped the sweat from her forehead and neck, gently coaxing her to lie back on the bed.

"You gonna be OK while I go see if we have any painkillers left?" he asked quietly, feeling uncertain when she nodded weakly in response. He kissed her forehead lightly before beginning his search for painkillers; the ones that she liked; strong enough to work, but not strong enough to put her under against her will.

He checked every box three times over; all they had left was weak pain medication. He had nothing he could give her.

He shuffled back over to her, lifting her up lightly, and picking up her bucket – which some helpful nurse had cleaned out. He carried her into an empty intensive care room, and gently placed her down, grabbing a blanket to cover her. She lifted her eyelids and looked out at him with wide eyes.

"Nothing left?" She pleaded. He felt himself squirm under the gaze of her red rimmed eyes, and she knew that there was nothing for her. She whimpered, before sniffing and taking a deep breath.

"I'm sorry, Emma, the only thing we've got left is just the weak stuff" He gently wiped her eyes with his thumbs before cupping her cheek.

"It's OK. I can deal" she tried a weak grin, and succeeded in only making him worry more. She never got two migraines in a row. He had dealt with more than a fair few of her migraines, and he knew that she was impaired by them quite a bit.

He looked down to her again and, had it been physically possible, his heart would have squeezed a little bit. She was a real mess, she really was. Her newly cut hair was sticking up all over the place and there were purple shadows under her eyes. She looked so tired, and the migraine had caused her face to pale, which made her look almost ghostly white. There was still some blood in her hair, on the back of her neck and along her jaw line from when she hit her head, and he hated how it looked on her.

She closed her eyes, and her eyebrows furrowed, and he knew, suddenly, that she couldn't deal with this pain. That she shouldn't have to.

The doors opened behind him, and Jim slid in very quietly, nodding slightly to Bones before slipping next to him and putting his hand lightly on Emma's arm, offering what little comfort he could. Her eyes fluttered open and her lips twitched in what was possibly meant to be a smile.

"Hey Emma girl. How you holding up?" He asked in a quiet whisper, smiling slightly back to her.

"I'm holding out just fine" She told him, her weak voice defiant. She huffed and winced before shivering a little.

"Alrighty, I believe you. All you gotta do is hold out for a few more hours, we'll be docking and then we'll get a shuttle down back to Earth, and they can stick you with all kinds of pain medicine" His voice was soothing, and the tension that should have been there was invisible. Bones didn't know how he did it, until he realised that Jim was simply a naturally born captain. He had control over his emotions, so that he could control everyone else's.

"Shouldn't you be back up on the control deck?" Emma asked, raising a shaking hand to her forehead and closing her eyes. Jim shot Bones a worried look, Bones winced.

"Yeah, baby girl, but you know Uhura, she can't stand me" he lied, smiling when she snorted.

"Ha! Yeah right. Spock probably beat you up again and you needed to get out, wimp" She coughed a little bit, and Bones eyed the bucket, but she waved her hand tiredly.

"Yeah, that's right baby girl, Spock beat up on me, and I chickened out" Bones knew he had slipped up almost as soon as Jim did.

"Jim, what's wrong? You never call yourself a coward" Jim winced and Bones glared at him. Emma struggled to keep her eyes open and took a few deep breaths before glaring at him.

"I just came down to see if Pike was OK. And to check on you" he admitted, pulling something out of his pocket and showing it to her. It was a small, purple wrapped chocolate. Bones shook his head, smiling and Emma sighed and tried a smile, a few tears leaking out. Jim unwrapped the chocolate and handed it to her, she popped it into her mouth and let it melt.

"Who's telling you that she's hurt?" Bones asked for her, and she sucked on the chocolate. Emma nodded weakly, trying to ascertain who was spreading the rumours. Jim rubbed the back of his head sheepishly.

"Scotty's on the command deck. He's... ahh, he's telling everyone..." Emma growled weakly, before coughing again and motioning to the bucket, which Leo quickly offered to her. She glared at Jim from over the bucket, sweat beading on her forehead.

"You go back up there and tell him to shut his fat gob. That is an order, Jim" She hissed, before retching and throwing up into the bucket. Leo pulled her fringe back and rubbed her back until she stopped coughing.

"I'm the captain, so- oh, for Pete's sake. Fine, I'll go tell him to shut it" Jim grumbled and both Emma and Leo grinned.

"Good puppy, run along now" Jim growled at her before giving her a quick, awkward hug and heading out of the room. Emma wiped her mouth with a towel offered by Leo, and fell back onto the bed.

"You alright?" Emma raised an eyebrow before chuckling lightly to the man she loved.

"You look like hell, babe" she told him, chuckling yet again. He grinned and cupped her cheek.

"Yeah, I know. Do you think you can sleep?" he asked quietly and she shuffled over.

"If I can cuddle up with you, yeah" She grinned innocently up to him. He sighed and nodded, before sticking his head out the door, and telling a nurse –Emma thought the voice was Brian's- that he was taking a break and that this room was not to be disturbed unless it was an emergency. Then he pulled off his shoes and gently hopped into the bed, smiling when she curled into him and sighed.

"Emma?" His voice was quiet, even in the silence.

"Yeah, Leo?" she was half asleep already and Leo was glad that perhaps she would be able to black the pain out.

"You look beautiful" Emma pulled back to look at him, her head tilting to the side slightly, and she looked so touched by his words that he couldn't help but kiss her. She smiled and cuddled back into him, listening to the beating of his heart and falling asleep to the lullaby of the certainty of his life.