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After my encounter with D that morning, I was shocked at myself for flirting with him. I mean honestly, flirting with a new teacher isn't the best idea that I have ever had! My mind was in frenzy all day after Lottie told me that he's my music teacher. Why can't fate just let my hormones rest a little, jeez? The man is in my thoughts enough without having to see him constantly.

The hallways were bustling with high school kids giggling and chatting on their way to their next class. I was making my way to my locker when I felt a greasy hand slide around my wrist making the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, alerting me of his presence. Ernest Bartholomew Collins, aka my personal creep and stalker. Taking a step back in an attempt to discreetly remove my wrist from his tentacle, claw, talon 'hand'; whichever takes your fancy and looked up to see him looking up at me. If he was making no physical contact with me and I had filed a restraining order already, this could be quite amusing since his head doesn't even reach my shoulders. Unfortunately, he was still theremolesting my wrist whilst trying to look cocky and sexy. I was planning an escape plan or fast suicide, whichever was first available.

"My dear, dear, dear Elizabeth. How fortunate am I, to be the privileged one to happen upon you in a setting such as this. It is quite unexpected, my love." His voice was congested and gross, it hadn't even broken yet.

"Collins, we go to the same school, we're in the same year, and we're practically in the same classes. Heck, your locker is next to mine! This is hardly unexpected, now please move." I'm in no mood to talk to him when Ms Taylor will have my head if I'm late to maths again.

"Ah, yes but I was just going to ask yo..."

"No, Collins. Leave me be, now if you'll excuse me." He never gave up, sending me disturbing pictures of himself, love poems and even paintings of me. It was annoying the heck out of me!

Moving past Ernest, I ran to maths getting there just in time.


My first classes went well, only juniors so they were nothing to worry about. B was still in my head but I knew it was just an interest in her umm ah her...shirt? Yeah, the shirt. Of course......Jeez! Who am I kidding? I'm obviously interested in her but for pure educational reasons. Right?

Clarissa Bingley has been following me. It scares me. Her glowing orange skin, yellow hair, purple eyes and beach ball breasts weren't the characteristics of my ideal of a woman. I suppose she reminded me of a transvestite chimpanzee, atleast her Halloween costume is sorted!

I have been staying with my old friend Ben Hurst and his wife Lorianne. Clarissa and Chase Bingley are Lorianne's siblings that technically own the house but I'm the Hurst's guest. Unfortunately, not only do I have to put up with Clarissa at work but I live with her too. Chase is a good guy though; we get along really well, almost better than Hurst and I.

"Will Darling! Willy, over here!" Oh no. Clarissa has found yet another reason to come and see me. Her voice is so high and...deadly.

"Willikins, in seventh and eighth period today there's a senior meeting and you're on roster to supervise. Guess what darling! I'm on roster too!" Please kill me now.

After a long and tiresome attempt of getting rid of the Trans Chimp, she finally left. Leaving me to prepare for tomorrow's lessons, since my senior class will be at the meeting.


After sitting in maths I went to lunch sitting with my friends under our tree. It wasn't technically our tree but it might as well have been, we did write our names on it.

My older sister Julia was sitting talking with that Chase boy I saw this morning. Both were so captivated by the conversation that I doubted a tsunami could wake them up to reality. Deciding to leave them alone, I went to sit with George Wickham. George had only been at Netherfield for 3 or 4 months but he was a great guy and he fitted in well.

"Hey George"

"Oh, hey Lizzy. Have you met the new teacher yet, he's a total prick."

"George, just because you got detention for sleeping in class doesn't mean that Mr Darcy is a prick."

None of us know anything about George's past but we leave the topic alone, he's a good friend.

"But Lizzy, I didn't. Seriously, this guy is horrible."

"Ok, whatever George. Tell me later."

I wasn't too interested in what he had to say at that moment because Julia had just broken out of her trance with Chase. Unfortunately, the interruption that broke their moment was anything but pleasant.

A 'woman' who wore gigantic cheetah print heels, a tight purple lycra skirt with a matching top came storming over to Chase demanding to know where her dog went. Her skin was orange it almost looked...radioactive? She had purple contacts that clashed horribly with her fluoro green eye shadow and her hair; well I suppose she took bleaching to a whole new level. Her face was quite obviously the result of a cosmetic disaster and her breasts could have kept the Titanic afloat. I could have pitied this woman if she was perhaps 60 years old but she looked no more than 32.

As for the dog, a small helpless creature trotted along carrying a pigeon in its mouth. Little Miss Artificial was going to have a heart attack when she saw it! Ha! My suspicions didn't disappoint me either.

"Oh my little princess there you are! Come to Mummy, good girl!"

Obviously her eye sight isn't perfect but I can't wait to see her reaction when she sees the pigeon.

"Honey, there you are. I was so worr...AHHHH! GET AWAY FROM ME YOU FILTHY ANIMAL! CHASE, GET RID OF IT!" It began as amusing, but after five minutes of screaming she had the attention of the whole school. When she finally finished her little episode, Lottie told me that she was Mr Hurst's sister-in-law as was Chase and that Mr Darcy was staying with them. What a nice big happy family, almost as entertaining as us Bennets.


"..ANIMAL! IT'S DISGUSTING; IT'S GOING TO KILL ME! SOMEONE CALL THE FIRE DEPARTMENT! HURRY!.." Her shrill voice interrupted my conversation with one of the teachers, Mr Lucas.

Clarissa, what a nightmare. Thank goodness they have a big house; I think I'll be hiding.