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Talon was the most pleased over the name. His eyes literally began glistening with unshed tears and I smiled at him. Not too long afterwards, Tayte and Talon began arguing over who would be the godfather. Wow, awkward much? Liam and Lucas were going to be second cousins to Karen.

Autumn promised me she would baby-sit if I ever needed it, and I hugged her for being so helpful.

Over the next few weeks when I began getting morning sickness and extreme mood swings, Rem continued to stay by my side, no matter how many times I lashed out at him. And let me say this, our arguments were intense. What with his blunt sarcasm and my quarrelling attitude.

"You'll only be pregnant for a good six months. Even a half vamp baby wont last as long as a human baby. As children, they grow faster then humans." Talon told us one day at the dinner table.

I glanced over at Chandler, who was currently speaking to Skyla. Gabriella and I had become good friends, but her daughter was a little bit high-strung. I was surprised Chandler could get along with her.

"So does that mean Chandler and Skyla will grow fast?"

"Until they reach between the ages of seventeen to twenty-one, yes. Then afterwards they'll age slower then a handful of humans ever would."

"So they could still get old?" I asked, curious once more. Talon nodded, and pointed to himself. Yes, he had graying hair.

"It was so long ago I forgot how old I was when I stopped aging normally as a vampire. I do believe it was about twenty."

"What about a half vampire?" Tayte inquired, taking a big gulp from the blood in his cup.

Talon thought a moment and stared at his glass. "Hmmm… Probably the same speed growing up, but afterwards her human side might take over a bit, and lengthen the aging process a bit."

I nodded, not exactly sure about his answers. I was immortal, so I didn't want my baby to grow ahead of me. That would be horrible. After all, I was going to stay eighteen pretty much the rest of my life. I secretly hoped she stopped aging at around my human age.

Later that night, Rem, me, Liam, Calixto and Jelani went back to our house. Lucas went back with Chandler, Tayte and Autumn.

"Rem, can you go and buy me something delicious to eat?" I asked him, wrapping my arms around his chest from behind. We were in our bathroom, and he was currently brushing his teeth. He paused, and eyed me through the mirror.

"It's two in the morning. I'll be damned if there's a story open at this time." he told me.

I frowned. "There are twenty-four seven hour stores. You just have to search for one."

Rem cast me a glare. "Your deranged food cravings can wait until the morning. You need rest."

"I need food too."

Rem sighed and finished brushing his beautiful teeth. Then he wrapped an arm around my shoulders and led me to the bedroom. "Sleep." he told me, and set me on the bed.

"Fine, but you have to promise to buy me something delicious in the morning." I warned him. He raised an eyebrow at me.

"How about I send Liam to get it? He could use the exercise." Rem suggested.

At that moment, Liam appeared by our open door. He narrowed his pretty green eyes at Rem. "Exercise? Isn't it enough that I have to constantly run up and down the stairs to continually bring items up to your needy girlfriend?"

"Fiancé." Both me and Rem said at the exact same time. We looked at each other and smirked. Liam gave a heavy, defeated groan and then stomped down the stairs.

"Hn, remind me never to let Karen within ten feet of him. She might get this sudden attitude he bloomed." Rem said, and then stood up, closing the door.

"Can we send them to school? Maybe Chandler and Karen could go to the same school as Skyla? I want Karen to experience school." I said sadly. Rem read my mind and laid down beside me.

"Yes, of course." he sighed into my ear. I giggled as his cool breath fanned out over my cheek. I turned and he kissed me passionately.


It wasn't much longer afterwards when I noticed Calixto and Jelani had been getting closer with their relationship. It would be amazing if they had a baby too! Then all of our children could -oh, I'm getting excited again.

I smiled over at Jelani as Calixto kissed her forehead. It was definitely the start of a beautiful, blooming relationship.

And Autumn and Lucas definitely had a relationship, because Lucas constantly spent the night with Autumn at her house. In fact, Tayte even came over the nights Lucas stayed there, always bringing Chandler and saying,

"They're doing inappropriate stuff."

I always got a kick out of it, because Tayte acted like he had never heard people having sex before.

"Hey Alexa?" Tayte asked me as Chandler and I were doing dishes. Rem was keeping Liam company, and Calixto and Jelani were on a date.

"Yes, Tayte?" I asked, handing Chandler a plate to rinse. Tayte leaned against the counter beside me.

"Do you think Karen will be as sexy as you?"

I nearly dropped the knife I was holding, and then picked it up and pointed it at him. His blue eyes widened and he instantly put his hands up. "Watch it buddy! Just because you're her second godfather, doesn't mean you get privileges towards her!"

Tayte calmed when I dropped the knife back in the sink, and then he crossed his arms. "Wait? Second godfather?!"

I snickered. "Yep! Talon first."

Tayte's jaw dropped and then he whined in protest. "That's not fair! He's already a damn elder! What more could he want?!"

I laughed and smacked him in the chest with my towel. "Get outta here, unless you plan on helping to dry the dishes."


I steadily watched Chandler and Skyla grow, contemplating as to how Karen would grow. Over the short couple months, Chandler's hair had grown very slightly, and I knew over the years vampire hair could grow, but extremely slowly. How that worked, I had no clue.

I was due to give birth in a month from now, in, and I would be going to the vampire hospital of course. Talon had assured me that miscarriages with a vampire baby -whether half or whatnot, was impossible, so I didn't have to worry about being extra careful.


Karen was born July 15, 2010, as a beautiful and healthy half vampire, half human baby.

Rem stopped calling her an it -or thing.

Tayte continued to ask if she would be sexy when she was older, and still bothers Talon about being the first godfather.

Jelani and Calixto were having a baby not too long afterward.

Autumn and Lucas planned on no kids, but decided to keep their relationship going strong.

Liam swears to Rem he will give Karen the attitude of the century.

And I continue to watch my best friends everyday, loving them and never wanting to leave them. I was happy and thankful for all they gave me, and everything we went through together. Karen was going to stay beautiful when she got older.

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