Hi everyone! This is three days overdue but I hope it is still enjoyable (Sorry Animegrl421 for the long wait!). I was watching a Christmas special with my family and I it was a "three ghosts" type of deal and I thought who could use this more than Vlad? I'm a bit nervous about this since it's my first Vlad/Danny. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks again!

This is AU. Phantom Planet has not happened but is one of the alternate results (more on that in the third chapter). Vlad and Danny are still fighting like cats and dogs. Vlad is still trying to win Maddie's affections while dealing with his increasingly disturbing feelings for Daniel. Jack is still oblivious and Maddie is still trying to politely reject him. Hope I made it clear enough with the time line.

Clockwork sat high and mighty in his red velvet chair. The orbs of all the alternate universes swirled around him as he watched in rapt attention. On each orb there was a spotlight that watched a certain person for a few minutes before moving to another person. Clockwork would watch the person of choice and compare them to their alternate decisions and the alternate actions their decisions made before moving on. If the person's actions caused any threat to the time rift it was Clockwork's job to find a way to fix it.

He continued to do this for eternity since time had no meaning to Clockwork. The orbs landed on who could be said to be the blue time manipulator's favorite person. Danny Phantom. On the television like orb he watched as the now eighteen year old Danny Fenton stood outside the mansion of Vlad Master's, waiting with the rest of his family to be let in for Christmas. Danny certainly had grown in the past four years. He had developed lean muscles that made him fill out but not so much where it ruined his thin physique. Daniel's hair had also grown a bit longer but still remained it its constant messy state. The family outside didn't have to wait long before the cheerful face of Vlad Master's came opening the door.

The two enemies eyed each other fiercely. Over the years their hatred of each other had grown to extreme measures. Clockwork knew that was due to Vlad's fear of his growing lust and adoration for the young man. The more Danny grew and matured the more vicious the fighting between the two had become. The traditional bear hug from Jack never failed to amuse the time keeper. Maddie smiled a tight smile as they sat down in the sitting room. Jazz wasn't there due to her wanting to start studying for the next semester at college. She had decided to stay at her dorm this year.

Danny looked around with alert eyes. Vlad smirked at the boy's paranoia. It was at that time when the Christmas lights hit Danny at just the right angle with their multicolored glow. An ethereal halo surrounded the phantom, making chills of lust go down the billionaire's back. Clockwork watched as the screen switched to Vlad. He saw where that one look was going to take the two. Vlad had decided just then that his affections were for Maddie, not her son, and he would not tolerate whatever sick mind games that Daniel was playing.

Three screens played in succession of the future actions of what this decision would entail. Vlad would be kind tonight but tomorrow he would implement his plan of attack to kill Daniel. He was going to activate his new machine that would destroy any ghost molecules in the body, ultimately decaying the ghost's system making them cease to exist. Every type of consequence ranged from this decision. Murder, acceptance, rape, pregnancy, but all except one led to the end of the world, either from the power backlash, an offspring, or a personal choice.

Clockwork furiously jumped up from where he was sitting a moment ago. He had to intervene, but what could he do? This had yet to happen so he still had time to stop it! If he made a mistake now then he would go back in time to fix it but hopefully he would do it right the first time. Another question posed itself, who would watch the screens of the other people in the world while he was gone? It seemed like he would have to bring in outside help. Who would he call?

A light bulb seemed to go off above his head. Clockwork did an inward laugh at the irony. His siblings Past, Present, and Future DID owe him a favor. The blue time manipulator walked over to his antique phone and gave his brothers and sisters a call, within minutes they arrived at his door.

Past was the youngest of the family, she looked to be about four years old with long pale blond hair. She wore a frilly white sundress, complete with see through sparkle sandals, and a large pair of neon blue sunglasses. Present was the middle child and was a shape shifter, much like Clockwork he was always changing everything about himself from his skin color to the type of clothes he wore. Present was never seen as the same person you saw in the last minute. The last and oldest was future. She had black curly hair and wore a sexy deep blue dress as if she was going to go to a formal ball. Each one of them glared at their step brother for calling on such short notice. Clockwork inwardly winced as he explained the situation.

Each ghost stood in their own introspection before they agreed. Each silently assuring themselves that they would have fun.

Vlad laid peacefully in his bed. It was hard to sleep knowing that his hated enemy was in his house. He used to be able to imagine Maddie (the person) lying next to him and fall into a fitful sleep but that didn't seem to be the case recently. Whenever he tried to imagine Maddie she would morph into that damn Danny Phantom! It was driving him insane! He heard Maddie (the cat) purring at the end of his bed in an attempt to help him fall asleep. He pulled his Packers comforter a little higher over his head, trying to drown out the killing rage of his unfulfilled lust.

He felt himself harden at the thought of just going into Danny fucking Fenton's room and holding the boy down as he had his way with the younger hybrid. It would be so funny to whisper to Daniel that if he didn't comply he would tell his parents all about his ghost powers. Danny of course would fight him and say that he would also tell on Vlad but Master's had been considering telling the world about his powers for a long time. He was positive that he had enough power to hold the world hostage. He would tell Daniel about not caring if everybody knew and the teenager would be forced to submit to his better. A breath a heated air escaped him as he slowly began to move his hand into the front of his pajama pants.

"What'cha doing?" An innocent voice asked from the side of his bed.

"Ahhh!" Vlad screamed as he immediately removed his hand, fearful of being caught by a stranger in an indecent situation. He forcefully tore the covers from him and stared at the uninvited little girl. The girl looked completely human but his ghost sensors told a different story. The billionaire gave the girl one of the scariest glares he could muster. This glare normally sent even the most hardcore businessmen running for their lives but the little girl just obliviously smiled back. Vlad sighed in defeat.

"Oh! You have a big bed!" The girl squealed as she crawled on the bed and began to jump. Master's took a deep breath to remain calm.

"Who are you and what are you doing here?" He growled. The girl stopped jumping and looked at him with a strange sense of wisdom. There was such knowledge in that look that it made him seem like a naïve school boy. The look was gone as fast as it came and the innocence returned.

"My name's Past! It's nice to meet you! I was told I was supposed to help stop you from doing a bad thing." The child giggled as she curtsied. Vlad couldn't help the smile that rose to his lips. She was a pretty cute kid.

"And what "bad thing" would I be doing?" The ghost hybrid asked. The child shrugged before her attention was taken by one of the green glitter special edition Packers pillows on the bed.

"Pillow fight!" Past screamed as she threw the pillow at the millionaire. With a blur of green the pillow struck Vlad. His head spun and when he opened his eyes he was at his college. He stood next to a younger version of himself. The younger version couldn't see him. Vlad pinched the bridge of his nose. He had to be dreaming! That was the only possible way that he could be here now! Wait! The little girl, did she have something to do with this? He was positive that he was awake when he saw her, but perhaps he had only had a realistic dream and this was the second part?

He felt a tug at the hem of his shirt, below him the stood Past gleaming up at him.

"What is the meaning of this!" The millionaire bellowed. Past shrugged as she straightened her glasses.

"I told you. I have to stop you from doing something bad by showing you this." She simply explained, her attention was then struck by the multicolored liquids boiling in the beakers of the school lab. A growl exited the older hybrid as he tried to regain control. This was just a dream so he should be able to get out of here with his powers. A black ring surrounded him as he began to transform into Plasmius. The vampire like ghost sent an energy blast at the scene, in hopes that it would be destroyed, but the blast just went through the walls. Past continued to stare at the tubes of the chemistry set with awe. Vlad let out a frustrated huff and considered that if he just let the scene play out it would go away.

The Vlad of the past was a pale, skinny teenager with dark black hair. Currently the teen was measuring some chemicals to make ghost genes visible. Vlad remembered this part of his past. It was early in his studies, right after he had met Jack and confided his interests to the man. The research of all things paranormal had been a passing hobby until his roommate had raided his side of the room after losing a history book for his class and accidentally found Vlad's stash of paranormal research. Vlad had been quite embarrassed at the time, but Jack had been nothing short of exuberant to have someone to talk about ghosts with.

The scene played with Jack busting into the room with some more theories about ghosts. The younger Master's looked up from his work, giving his friend a patient smile. Past now stood at the window watching all the other humans populate the sidewalks in a rush to get to their next class.

"How come none of these people play with you?" The little girl asked curiously. Plasmius looked outside the window to the ignorant people who were only concerned with the passing fads. Vlad thought for a second on how to answer that.

"They don't like me. I'm too smart for them." He coldly answered. Past pursed her lip in concentration.

"Maybe if you were nicer to them they might be nice to you." She suggested.

"Niceness has nothing to do with it! It's a matter of intelligence." The vampire looking ghost stated. The scene continued as Jack began animatedly talking about how he had been playing pool with some of the guys and he had been invited to a kegger. The younger Vlad rolled his eyes while quickly coming up with an excuse.

"C'mon Vladdy! You are ALWAYS studying! Let loose! Live a little" A younger more muscular version of Jack goaded as he did a little wiggle of his hips to show his friend how to "live a little". Vlad's eyes narrowed as he shook his head.

"No, this test is important." Was the response. Plasmius watched, he had been so jealous of Jack back then. Jack had been able to mingle with every crowd. He had always had friends and never seemed to be spoken about in a bad way. Jack was someone you could approach, even if you didn't know him. He would always listen to what you had to say and offer his opinion. Vlad had always envied that. While Jack was approachable, Vlad had been the lone soul studying in the library every night. Vlad was seen as one of those strange people who was unemotional and unapproachable. The only people who did approach him were idiots who were trying to befriend the seemingly lonely student out of a warped sense of charity or people trying to get his intelligence on their side.

Plasmius watched the scene unfold exactly as he remembered it. Jack kept on annoying and prodding him that for his sanity Vlad said that yes he would show up. Past reached up to touch one of the boiling beakers, which instantly scalded her hand.

"Hot!" She screamed as she quickly toppled over the beaker. The liquid spilled all over the floor, the water slowly growing in volume until the room was filled with a flood like quality. The pink liquid that was in the beaker covered the whole floor and began to climb up the walls in a reverse waterfall fashion. The Vlad of the past continued working as though nothing was happening. Plasimus felt chills as the liquid began to crawl up his legs, torso and face. He blinked to try and catch his failing composure, when he opened his eyes again he was now at a different scene.

The frat house that hosted the kegger looked like any stereotypical house with wooden walls and a sea green carpet. The vampire looking ghost wobbled as he attempted to cure his vertigo. Once again he was face to face with his past self. The younger Vlad sat at a table at the very end of the room. He carefully kept his eyes lowered to his book, trying his best to study through the loud techno music and psychedelic spinning lights. This wasn't good. He had a test for his first class of advanced chemistry. He had to be sure that he knew the chapter by heart. His professor wasn't known be easy. In the background you could see many men and women grinding against each other. The men that weren't on the dance floor were up in the rooms having sexual relations or challenging someone to a drinking contest (which would lead to sexual relations).

Plasmius sighed. He remembered this. He had come here only because he promised he would. He had been having a horrible time that night and was just about ready to say enough, when the local college sorority walked through the door. Each of the girls were beautiful in their own right and headed toward the dance floor, yet there was one girl that seemed to stick out like a broken thumb. Plasmius had almost forgotten how Maddie looked when she was younger and tried to be sexy. That night she had been dressed up by the sorority but still looked horribly out of place. She wore a white tank top with a jean skirt. Her luscious red hair was given extensions for the night and went to mid back.

She had stayed behind from her pack and walked to the back to avoid all of the commotion. Plasmius watched as the memory played out. The two sat next to each other in what could only be described as an awkward silence. Maddie had looked over at what he was studying and asked how far in the book he had come along. The younger Vlad had let out a shy smile and said that he was studying the fifth chapter. The conversation grew from there and soon they were talking about chemical compounds.

"She's pretty!" Past's voice rang out from the dance floor. Plasimus spared the young child a glance.

"Yes, she is." The vampire looking hybrid agreed.

" Aren't you happy you decided to come? You got to meet a pretty lady!" The child giggled as she twirled her hair with her fingers. The hybrid looked at his past version of the college student he used to be. All things considered he had been happy that he came. Maddie had been the only bright spot in that whole party.

"Yes, I supposed was happy I came." the present ghostly version of Vlad conceded.

"Good!" Past laughed as she let the strobe light blind both of them. Plasmius blinked again and was caught in yet another memory. It showed the younger version of himself looking into the ghost portal that he, Maddie, and Jack had just invented. A pained sigh exited the ghost, he knew this memory too well. He had dwelled for so many decades on this one event that could have been the best or worst thing to happen in his life.

He just had to be so bold to impress Maddie. Jack had suggested they play rock, paper, scissors, for who would turn on the ghost portal but Vlad in his young age only wanted to impress Maddie so he volunteered for the position despite knowing the dangers. The familiar green light enveloped the room and Plasimus watched as the ghost gene was roughly implanted into his DNA. A wince followed the screams. The familiar shocked faces of Jack and Maddie when they saw his face with the dripping ectoplasmic pimples. The blond haired child covered her ears and let out a scream of her own, joining the memory of him screaming in horror while he furiously felt the oozing bumps on his face.

Plasmius closed his eyes and shivered at the icy cold wind that blew in his face. Goosebumps rose on his blue skin. He bit his lip as he opened his eyes and saw the familiar white washed walls of the hospital where he had spent five years of his life in. The younger memory felt at the bandages on his face while he did his calculus homework with the other hand. Maddie and Jack knocked on the door.

The observer smiled. He remembered this bittersweet time. Jack and Maddie came to visit him every day despite how snobby he was to them. If only he hadn't been so shy and cruel once his accident happened. He had never gained the courage to tell the female scientist how he felt and after the accident he thought that she wouldn't want him.

"Sorry about what happened to you." A child's voice mournfully stated. Vlad was startled when he saw the sad eyes of Past looking right at him. A sad smirk came to the hybrid's face.

"Don't worry about it." He had thought back then that he was too ugly for someone as beautiful as Maddie, yet for years he tried to control his ghost powers before he learned to master them. It was when he was out of his body that he realized that Jack and Maddie had differing philosophies about ghosts then him. They wanted to destroy all of the ghosts while he simply wanted to study them. In the hospital he had become withdrawn. He understood why Maddie had chosen Jack, but he always preferred to remember it as Jack stealing his soon to be girlfriend, taking her from him.

The room began to morph right before his eyes. Plasmius let out a laugh. This had been right after he had mastered his powers. A smart dressed business man sat at the desk unaware of the younger Plasmius greedily watching him. The elder Vlad watched as his past version took a calming breath as he stepped into the businessman's body. The man stood stiff as a board before his eyes took on a red hue. Vlad searched through the man's phone numbers on the table and called the man's lawyer. On that day Vlad Masters was given his first of many billions.

"That was bad." Past lightly scolded. A crazed power filled smirk came to Plasmius's face as he remembered the rush of making someone unknowingly hand over their life's work. Who was this child to tell him what was good and bad?

"It was a necessary. I needed to prove my worth to them." He explained. Past raised an eyebrow as she thought this over.

"Who? To Mrs. Maddie? I don't think she'd approve of this either." The little girl said sadly as she looked down. Vlad angrily scoffed. What Maddie didn't know wouldn't hurt her.

"It's fine. They need me to at least contribute something. Jack, that wife stealing imbecile is hardly keeping a roof over their head! If it wasn't for Maddie's research papers they would be completely broke! She's supporting the family! The man did a good thing by giving the money to me. I created jobs and charity programs! Who do you think is paying for Jazz's college now? I can assure you it's not the oaf!" Plasmius yelled as he justified his actions. Past shrugged.

"Yeah, but Maddie doesn't love you and you stopped loving her years ago!" The blond child screamed back. Ouch. That hurt. Vlad bit his lip and balled up his fist in rage.

"I never stopped loving Maddie!"

"Yeah, how come you never think about her anymore?! Admit it! You love Danny!" The child spat. The dark feelings in the pit of his stomach became known. He felt like vomiting. He had never told anyone about those thoughts. To hear them spoken aloud was like a slap in the face.

"I do NOT love Daniel! I never have loved Daniel! He's my enemy!" Plasmius screamed. Past haughtily rolled her eyes.

"Sure, that's why after all this time you still have a college fund set up for him. That's why you never have killed him and always tried to get him to join you. That's why you get hard just thinking about him, because you know Maddie is forever out of your reach! It scares you when you think about how good you and Danny could have it. It scares you the type of power you two could harness! But more than anything it scares you to know that all of the things you did just to get Mrs. Maddie to look at you has been for nothing!" The little girl shrieked as she jumped up and down, having a personal tantrum.

Vlad was shocked into silence as he looked around. He must be in a dream! No one in the universe would be brave enough to tell him these things! He felt a splash of water on his face from the glass that Past had pick up in her anger and thrown at the hybrid.

Vlad shot up from his bed, a hiss from the side told him that he had disturbed Maddie (the cat) from her slumber. He shook in cold sweat. That was the worst dream he had had in years. If his subconscious was telling him anything it was this. He would have to hurry up and kill Daniel! It was not worth his time to worry about things like relationships. He would make sure Daniel would not survive the night!

There we are! This will be a four chapter story, I hope everyone liked it. This chapter is pretty heavy on Maddie but the rest will be focused more on Vlad's conflicted feeling's for Danny. Please review and tell me what you think and remember that suggestions are always welcome! Thanks!