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Danny paced around his room in frustration. Six months! It had been a whole six months since Vlad had attacked him. Now, to a normal person this wouldn't have been a problem, in fact to a normal person it would have been great, but to Danny Phantom it meant nothing but boredom. Yes, there had been other enemies but it wasn't the same. Vlad was the only one who was even remotely on his level and while his other enemies tried (box ghost excluded) it was like fighting a child.

It was driving him insane. Everyday that Vlad didn't show up for an "unexpected" fight was another day that Danny Fenton spent obsessing about when the man would show up. At first Danny had thought it had been a trap, that perhaps Vlad was trying to do some reverse psychology and make the younger hybrid force his hand. Danny was too smart for that so he waited in Amityville for Vlad to realize his eventual defeat of the mind before attacking. In fact, Danny Phantom was still waiting for the attack. He had been practicing his trash talk in the mirror for months now to make sure that he mocked the older halfa perfectly.

Danny stood in the middle of his room making a fist before he suddenly released it and sighed. Maybe Vlad really did mean what he said about not attacking him or his family anymore. The young halfa sat on his bed as he thought about what that meant. If he didn't have to worry about Vlad than he could more or less be a regular college student. It meant that he could relax. He could be like all of his friends who only worried about making that A or partying until they couldn't remember their names.

But could he really do that?

Danny had been fighting wayward ghosts since he was fourteen. That wasn't something you just forgot. He had long convinced himself that he couldn't live like a normal person. Did Vlad know what he was offering by refusing to attack him? The eternally forty year old man was the last ghost that gave him a challenge. The ghost task force could handle the others with ease but Vlad had always been his twisted enemy that he could rely on. It seemed like without the man around there was nothing to do. His friends had gone off to college in some far away places. Tucker was at a technology college two states away and was geeking it up from what his forwarded pod-casts had been saying. Sam on the other hand went to a liberal arts college in Canada to study environmental science.

The three had promised to stay in touch but with Sam and Tucker's packed schedules it meant that they were hardly ever available to talk. Danny had decided to go to the Amityville University in his town. It wasn't as if he didn't want to go off to another part of the country but in order to afford it he would have to touch the college fund that Vlad started for him when he was a baby and pride wouldn't let him take the money. Instead he had stayed with his family so he wouldn't have the cost of a dorm and took out some student loans. He didn't think he would have time for a job since ghost fighting was a full time business. It seemed like everyone was leaving, even now, the house was empty because his parents were on their way to some science convention. In the past an empty house would have been wonderful, that meant that there wasn't anyone around to get hurt and he could go ghost when he needed to but now it was lonely.

It was nearly an insult. Did Vlad not think that he was a worthy enemy anymore? That thought stung more than it should have. Maybe he had lost his touch and Vlad Masters had found himself another enemy. A flare of jealousy went through the young man. That had to be it! How dare he! Danny Phantom had been his enemy since he was fourteen and Plasimus just thought he could throw him to the wayside so he could fight another? That was insulting on so many levels.

The anger was back full force except this time it wasn't directed inwards, it was directed at Vlad Masters and his new enemy. An angry smirk rose to his face as he brought out his powers. If Masters thought that he was just going to get away with this he had another thing coming. Danny snarled as he flew out the window and towards Plasimus's mansion.

The flight was uneventful as Vlad waited for the plane to touch down. He had been to Atlanta on business to expand his new kiddie recreational center in low income areas. He did enjoy seeing the light form in a child's eye when they realized that there was now something fun and educational to do in the town. This is what his life had become after his encounter with the spirits. He still went home but it was so lonely that he didn't stay for long. He mostly stayed at the office or went on charity runs around America and to other countries. The limo that was supposed to pick him up would be waiting for him at the door. The billionaire sighed, how could being a normal business man be so boring?

Danny phased through the walls to get into Vlad's mansion. The whole house was dark and it didn't seem as if anyone was home. Daniel huffed, it would be his luck that he traveled all this way just to come to an empty house. He wondered where Vlad was? Maybe he was with his new and improved enemy. Daniel scoffed, well if that was the case then Plasimus wouldn't get off scuff free. He would wait for that double dipping businessman! Danny Phantom threw himself on the large leather couch in the living room. He was planning on sitting in the dark and waiting for Vlad to show up, almost like a parent would if a teenager came home late from a party.

The minutes ticked by and Danny began to twitch on the couch. Maybe this was a bad idea. It still wasn't too late, he could go home right now and Vlad would see him later on his security cameras. It wasn't like Vlad wouldn't know he was here. The stubborn side immediately stomped the doubtful side out. The anger overcame the fear. In fact, just to piss Vlad off her was going to drink some of his aged antique liquors. He would look so cool with a glass of fine wine waiting for Vlad. He bet the older halfa was going to get so pissed! Who knows how much those liquors costs?

Danny got up from the couch and made his way up to Vlad's office. He was surprised to find that there wasn't an anti-ghost barrier put up around the room. He had thought that the older would have at least have his mansion guarded. It was unlike his enemy to be so careless. What if it hadn't been Danny? Any ghost could have just waltzed right in! Maybe it was Vlad's plan to make his new enemy put their guard down! Daniel scoffed as he walked to the liquor cabinet. There were so many choices. Wines, Liquors, Whiskey, Vodkas. It was an alcoholic's paradise. Danny chose a random bottle and uncorked the lid to sniff it. He held the bottle away from him after smelling the pungent odor. God how old was this stuff?

The young halfa put the bottle back on the shelf and grabbed one of the vodkas. He had tried alcohol before but he never really enjoyed it. He often wondered what the appeal of getting so drunk that you blackout held to some people, but he knew how much his "Uncle" valued manners and what was more ill mannered than taking something that didn't belong to you? The fact that all of the drinks were expensive and aged only would add to Plasimus's ire! The halfa grabbed an armful of random drinks and went downstairs to sit back on the couch. He hesitantly opened the vodka and quickly drank the substance before he could stop himself. Danny grimaced as the substance burned down his throat.

It was nasty! How people drank that stuff without a chaser was beyond him. Daniel considered getting a drink from the fridge but if he did that there was a chance he would miss Vlad if the millionaire came home. Daniel let out a sigh and took another drink. The young adult sat there and thought about all the times he had sat on this couch with Vlad cheering for the Packers when he was younger.

He used to have so much fun over here. He remembered constantly pestering his parents when he was little about when they would be going to go away so he could stay at Vlad's. Daniel loved his parents dearly but with the ghost hunting business they tended to put their kids on the back burner. Jazz dealt with it well by getting lost in a book and studying but Daniel was more average. He loved it when he could come to his Uncle Vlad and have his attention all for himself.

A rueful smile covered the young hybrid's face as he busted out laughing. He had finished the first bottle and he didn't even notice it! Danny popped open a second bottle (this time it was Rum) and began to drink. He remembered how he loved getting dressed up in expensive clothes and having Vlad drag him to parties. The women would coo over him while the men would talk business with his "Uncle". He remembered one time when he was six where he had convinced Vlad to take him to "Charles Cheese" which was an indoor playground and video arcade for little kids. Vlad looked so out of place! The man had no clue what to do!

That had been a great day. Vlad had played videogames with him and ordered pizza. He used to wish so much when he was little that he could live with Vlad and that he would never have to go home, but all good things come to an end. The giggles from the younger halfa died down as he took a large swig. Things sure had changed since then. He sometimes wonders what it would have been like if he hadn't got ghost powers. It was no secret that through his actions Vlad viewed Danny as a son. Danny sometimes likes to think that it was the ghost powers that pushed his beloved "Uncle" over the edge. He just wished the Vlad would have talked to him first instead of coming to the misguided conclusion that killing Jack would make him Daniel's father. If the millionaire had talked to him first there wouldn't have been a fight. Danny would have instantly agreed to changing the guardianship or if not that then working out a schedule of some sort.

Danny did love his parents but he knew that he wasn't their priority but that was besides the point. The young adult tried to look at it from Vlad's perspective. The millionaire was the only half ghost breed in the world and his two best friends were ghost hunters. He had been rejected by Maddie and there was nothing left to do but make money. Danny was probably the only one that had given him anything close to love at the time and it would also bring Vlad closer to marrying Maddie. The millionaire had probably seen it as a sign from above that Daniel had become a half ghost. The young halfa remembers the look of hurt that flashed upon Vlad Master's face as he attacked him.

God, things were so fucked up! Daniel wasn't nearly as filled with blind confidence as he had been when he was younger. Looking back on it, Masters had treated him with kid gloves and it was thanks to him that Danny Phantom had developed nearly all of his powers. Danny opened up his fourth bottle. How did things get so bad? Why did they have to hate one another? The young adult's sluggish brain told him that he was running out of alcohol. He would have to get more. Danny quickly wiped some tears that were beginning to fall out of the corner of his eyes. God, crying was so stupid. Why was he even crying? So what if Vlad hated him? So what if Plasimus had gotten a new enemy? It wasn't anything to cry over, if anything he should be happy.

And that was how Vlad found him. The millionaire had just walked inside his mansion after bidding his limo driver goodnight. Masters had only wanted to go to bed. He enjoyed doing charity work and traveling but it was tiring and even though he traveled on a private jet that didn't stop his bones from aching from sitting so long. Upon entrance Vlad could tell that something was amiss. The fact that loud sobs were coming from his living room probably was tip. The millionaire changed into his ghost form and hovered into the next room.

Imagine Plasimus's surprise when the object of his affections was there crying on his leather couch. Danny looked pale in the darkness and his skin was flushed with a light pink tinge. The poor boy looked inconsolable as he sobbed into his hands. There were the crystal bottles that held his prized aged liquors and alcohol strewn around the couch. Plasimus carefully walked toward the crying halfa. Danny had apparently even in his inebriated state sensed him and glared up. His eyes were bloodshot red from the drinking.

"What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be fighting your new enemy, you two timing freak!" The younger halfa yelled as he threw one of the empty bottles at Plasimus. The older halfa dodged the flying bottle with ease but this was such an unexpected turn of events. He would expect that Daniel would bring out his ghost powers and try to attack him but the younger just sat there with that horribly betrayed look on his face.

Seeing that there wasn't going to be a huge fight, Vlad returned back to his human form. He didn't know why Daniel decided to come here tonight or what on earth Daniel was talking about.

"Daniel I believe that you are intoxicated. Perhaps you should lay down and go home?" Vlad calmly stated as he slowly walked toward the younger man. Visions from the alternate futures sifted through his mind. It would be so easy to do so many horrible things to the drunken man on his couch, but Vlad could admit that he no longer wanted to cause the younger any pain. This suggestion didn't seem to sit well with the younger halfa because the angry glare increased.

"Oh I see! You want to get rid of me, is that it? Well, I'm not leaving! I am going to sit here all night until your new enemy comes and show him that I am the only one that is allowed to fight you!" Danny Bellowed as he took another swig. Vlad sighed, he really had absolutely no idea what the younger was going on about.

"Daniel I am honestly am clueless as to what you are saying. I do not have another enemy and I have been spending my time doing work." The older halfa stated as he slowly began to walk toward the couch. He had to get those bottles away from Daniel. The intoxicated young man stared dumbfounded at Vlad. If the older was telling the truth it simply meant that he didn't even think that Daniel was worth anything. The rage that the younger had experienced instantly turned to sorrow as he began to sob. The older was taken aback by the sudden change of attitude. Masters sat down next to the young adult. He didn't know how to handle this situation.

"Then….You…..really….don't…care…about….me!You're….probably...happy…..that…..I'm…gone…." Daniel sobbed, before Vlad knew what he was doing his arms were around the crying man. Daniel just looked so pitiful and the older couldn't resist the instinct to comfort. He had expected the younger to push him away but Danny just leaned into the hug continuing to sob on Vlad's shoulder.

"Now, little Badger you should know that I care for you. In fact, I should hardly say that there is anyone I care for more." The older calmly whispered as he held the younger closer to him. The other halfa's sobs quieted down as he Danny leaned into him. In the younger's drunken brain he could see that Vlad was quite serious and quite….attractive? The older had a unique smell that made the younger cuddle closer to the older halfa to get more of it. It was then that Danny also noticed how strong the older was. Vlad was quite surprised when he felt Daniel's growing erection poking him in his thigh.

Vlad could no longer pretend that this was an innocent comforting. The new sexual twist made Vlad's arousal come into play. The older didn't have time to react when his lips were suddenly assaulted by the younger man. The older halfa could feel his need at the action but this would be wrong wouldn't it? It was that thought that kept the older man from responding to the kiss. Daniel pulled away with a hurt look on his face.

"I knew you didn't want me around." The younger halfa stated as he began to pull away. Vlad tightened his hold refusing to let Daniel go.

"Its not that I don't want to be with you Daniel, its just that you are intoxicated and I feel to do this would be taking advantage of you." The older man calmly explained. The younger halfa shook his head.

"Please Vlad? I need this. I know you probably don't find me attractive but I need this. Please." Daniel begged as crawled onto Vlad's lap and grinded into the other man's arousal. Masters grip unconsciously tightened onto the other. Danny was wrong, he did find the young man attractive, even in his inebriated state. This was so wrong but the memories of how Danny looked with Present flashed through his mind. He wondered if Danny even knew what he was doing. The younger would never do this if he was sober. Seduction and logic battled in the older's mind and seduction won.

Vlad didn't resist when his former enemy mashed their mouths together. Master's grabbed the younger man's cheeks as he gently nipped the intoxicated man's lips which the smaller male happily opened to allow his former enemy to explore his mouth. Vlad nearly cringed at the taste of the expensive alcohol that overpowered the natural taste of the other.

Vlad gripped the younger's arms as he pushed him down on the couch. Daniel's eyes took on a glazed tone as he looked at the older halfa. There seemed to be a race to remove their clothing. Vlad worked on getting rid of those troublesome garments that were restricting his access to his young former enemy. Danny worked just as hard as he shakily undid Vlad's shirt and pants. The two quickly locked lips again in a frenzy. The lust that filled the older was nearly uncontrollable now. Yes, he knew that Daniel was intoxicated but that didn't seem to stop the older halfa from feeling the arousal that rose up in him. The two furiously grinded against each other.

Masters pulled off the rest of the younger man's pants and began to stroke the already aching member. Danny mewed as he writhed into the couch. Vlad smiled a smug smile at the control he now held over the younger halfa. It was intoxicating and seeing his former enemy like this certainly didn't help his own strained arousal.

"Fuck me! Please Fuck me Plasimus!" Daniel pleaded as he thrust more insistently in Vlad's hand. Vlad liked this feeling of power.

"Oh don't worry Daniel. I will certainly fuck you." The older man purred as he transformed into Plasimus just to give Danny his fantasy. The older halfa reached into his pants that his younger enemy had thrown on the side of the couch and pulled out a small tube of lube. He seemed to always get a goodie bag whenever he went to do business abroad and now it seems like the goodie bags were finally paying off. The small tube was quickly undone and Daniel was hastily prepared. Vlad would have liked to take more of his time in the preparation but an incoherent Danny Phantom filled to the brim with the need for release was to much to bear.

Vlad thrust himself into the all too willing man under him. The younger tensed at the intrusion and Plasimus pulled him closer. The two stayed still, Vlad out of courtesy and Daniel out of need. The younger man bit into Plasimus's shoulders to control his own pain. It seemed like forever until Danny began to move to signal that he was alright. That was all the sign that Plasimus needed as he began to thrust in and out of his younger enemy. Danny was just too hot and tight. It was nearly too much for the older. The younger made delicious mewing sounds as his former enemy thrust inside of him.

In his drunken state Danny could only feel the overwhelming pleasure as his prostate was continually pushed up against. The two men fucked until they reached the end of their limits with Danny cumming first and Vlad after. The older man leaned over the younger who had fallen asleep. Vlad looked down at the halfa. He was surprised at how innocent Danny looked after a round of sex. Plasimus's heart beat furiously at what they had done. He wasn't sure what to do now. He figured it was best to leave Daniel to get his rest. The older halfa pushed himself off the couch and went to his room. He would have to buy another couch but that was the least of his worries. He could only imagine the pure hell tomorrow would bring. Maddie seemed to meow in agreement as the older washed up for the night then collapsed into bed.

"MEOW!" Maddie mewed as she stared at the intruder who had slept on HER couch all night. Sunlight strewn through the curtains as Danny slowly woke up to the sound of a very disgruntled kitty. He let out a yawn and gripped his head. God, what did he do last night? He tried to think but the pain from his head only seemed to be increasing, the cat's meowing wasn't helping matters any. Wait a cat? Did he spend the night over at Sam's again? Danny shot up as he tried to get a grip on his surroundings.

Bad Move.

The pain seared all around his skull. The younger let out a small shriek of pain as he fell back onto the couch. Danny groaned as he slowly pulled himself up . He stared dumbly at his surroundings. He thought about going back to sleep but his brain had finally caught up to the surroundings. Vlads? What was he doing a Vlad's? Memories from the previous night flooded into his brain. His hand unconsciously went to his stomach where he could feel the dried remnants of the sex.

His face took on a pale tone as he remembered coming to Vlad's mansion angry, getting drunk by accident in his attempt to look cool, Vlad coming home to catch him crying, Vlad reassuring him, Danny making the move on the older halfa, the two having sex.

Danny's face took on a pale green pallor as he ran for the bathroom. He needed to vomit. The younger barely made it in time to chuck his cookies directly into the toilet. His head pounded from the sudden movement. Daniel jumped as he felt a cool towel on the back of his neck.

"Really Daniel, drunkenness is unbecoming of you." An exasperated voice of the last person Danny wanted to see calmly stated. The younger let out a groan.

Past, Present and Future watched the exchange from Clockwork's viewing orb with mirth. It would be interesting to see where everything ended up but the three could honestly say that this was quite the mission. They would have to keep close tabs on those two.

A disgruntled Clockwork came from his kitchen and glared at his stepsiblings before asking the question.

"Alright they finally got together! Now will you all finally go home?"


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