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Warnings from A.C.: Cursing, Dom!Saix, Sub!Xem

Saix sat with his knees planted on either side of Xemnas' legs, his hands keeping cloaked shoulders pressed against the chair. He purred and kissed up the Superior's neck, groaning lowly. "Mmm… Sir, you're so… Mm… hot..."

Xemnas stifled a moan, gripping tightly onto the arms of his chair, "N- Number VII! Th- This is highly inappropriate!"

The Berserker pulled back, looking at the Superior with hazy golden eyes. He took one hand from number I's shoulder and stroked a tan cheek, "Dear Superior… Will you not learn?" He moved to whisper breathily in his Superior's ear, "I always get my way…"

Xemnas looked up at his inferior and narrowed his eyes, "VII…"

Saix tilted his head to the side slightly, "Yes, my Superior?"

"You're amazing…."

The Diviner chuckled deeply, "I knew you would see it my way, Sir."

Xemnas gasped, letting his head fall back against the seat as Saix ground his hips down. "Sa- Saix!"

VII smiled wickedly, fangs glistening in the moonlight. Swiftly, he leaned down, lapping at the Superior's caramel colored skin. The Berserker mumbled against warm flesh, "You taste... so divine, Sir…"

Xemnas moaned, "Shouldn't that b- be you..?"

Saix purred, "Perhaps, my Superior, perhaps… However… Tonight… I am the Master. You are the subordinate. Do you understand?"

The Superior's amber eyes were clouded with lust, "Yes…"

The Berserker growled wickedly and leaned in to lock lips with his new pet. As Xemnas moaned, Saix thrust his tongue into the other's mouth. He greedily stole the breath of his colleague.

Xemnas turned his head away and gasped for air, "Oh, Kingdom Hearts, Saix!"

Saix gripped a fistful of silver hair, pulling Xemnas' head back causing the former Superior to moan huskily, "What did you call me?"

"Sir! Ngh… Saix, Sir…"

The Diviner pulled Xemnas' lips to his own again, moaning in sync with his pet. Saix began frantically thrusting his hips, seeking out the friction he needed.

Number I gave a ghost of a smile, his so called 'Master' was losing his power. Xemnas ground up, causing Saix to throw his head back with a low groan.

Xemnas smiled, "You lost it rather quickly, 'Master'."

Saix growled lowly, "Shut up!"

"You're the Uke, Saix… Admit it!"

The Diviner bit down hard onto Xemnas' collarbone; lapping up the blood that flowed freely from the wound. Number I groaned, "Saaaaix…"

"What..?" He panted, "Are you.. going to mock me… again?"

"No… Kingdom Hearts… no…" Xemnas groaned rather loudly, "Fuck me, Saix!"