A/N from A.C.: This is for Kickcows. She demanded - and by demanded, I mean asked - for Saix/Roxas in Halloween Town. So here you go, sweetie! Hope you like it!

"Number XIII." Saix monotone voice filled the near silent air of the Grey Area, and Roxas looked up from the magazine he was reading. Though, to be quite honest... Roxas was just looking at the pictures. "Your mission," the blunette reminded him, "You should get going, yes?"

The blond sighed and stood up, walking over to the blunette after he set his magazine down. "What's my mission then, Saix?"

The stoic man handed the younger male a paper and gave a slight smirk, "Halloween Town. I will be going with you."

Feigning a sigh, Roxas replied, "Fine. Open a portal."

With a wave of his hand, Saix brought up a dark portal. "After you, Number XIII."

The younger man turned on his heel and marched into the portal, the blunette hot on his tail. Stepping out of the darkness, Roxas and Saix appeared in an old graveyard. The two glanced at each other and took in the sight of their new forms.

Roxas' vampire fangs glinted in the moonlight as he smiled at the blunette. The werewolf's fur bristled and stood on end; he reached out and lightly ran his claws down the blond's pale cheek.

"So handsome..." Saix's voice was low, almost a rumbling purr.

"I could say the same about you," Roxas smirked, arms moving to wrap around the elder man's waist, "My sexy werewolf..."

The blunette's furry tail wagged slowly, his wolfish ears perked up, "We will not have long here... The mission Superior assigned us will only last about an hour... if we stay longer, Roxas, he might get suspicious..."

"Understood." The vampire nodded, "We mustn't upset the pup's master."

Narrowed golden eyes stared into blue orbs, "Roxas..." The name was said with a firm tone. "You know better..."

He chuckled softly, "I know, I know..."

Leaning forward, the blunette captured the blond's lips with his own, moaning softly, arms wrapping around the other man. The blond let out a soft giggle into the kiss as he felt the fluffy tail curl around his waist. Breaking the kiss, Roxas smiled softly, the moonlight glinting off those sharp fangs.

"Do you feel it..?" Saix purred, "The urges of a vampire...?"

"I'm trying to hold back, Saix.. don't taunt me." Roxas said quietly.

Dragging his fingers along Roxas' cheek gently, the sharp claws tickling slightly, the blunette leaned over and pressed their lips together sweetly. He pulled back just enough to speak softly, "Do not hold back, Roxas... It is bad. Feel free to take my blood."

Blue eyes sparkled and fangs extended further, "Are you sure?"

"Of course, Roxas." He moved his long azure hair aside, exposing his neck, "Here."

The blond reached up and wrapped his arms around Saix's neck, pulling him down to his level. Sharp pointed teeth grazed against the pale flash and stilled over a vein. He pushed down, sinking his fangs into the soft skin. As blood bubbled to the surface, Roxas could hear a soft moan escape Saix's lips. The vampire pulled back and smoothed his tongue over the dripping blood.

He shivered and let out a soft moan, "You taste so good, Saix..."

Another light moan left Saix's lips and he tilted his head more for Roxas, "I am glad you like it... Let me help you after, Roxas..."

"You're helping right now, Sai..." He paused, sucking on the two puncture wounds to draw more blood to the surface before licking it all away, "Trust me..."

"No..." Saix purred, "But for what we were going to do..."

The blond pulled away and smirked, meeting Saix's eyes, "Could you do that now..?" He licked his lips, "Your taste turns me on... you know that."

Saix scanned the cemetery and smirked as he located what he was looking for. He took Roxas' hand and pulled him over to a certain grave. "Here." The blunette purred, untying the cape from around the blond's neck. He spread it on the ground and smirked at Roxas. "Sit."

The blond blinked and nodded, sitting on the cape. He looked behind him and arched a brow at the name etched into the stone, "Who's Drake Luna?"

"Not important." Saix purred, dropping to his knees. He quickly undid the belt around Roxas' waist and then worked on the button and zip of his pants, fumbling with his long claws in the way.

He pulled Roxas' member free when he was victorious, careful of his claws of course. Smirking, Saix leaned down and took the head between his lips, sucking slowly. The younger man moaned deeply and tangled his fingers into the silky azure hair. He bucked his hips up and pushed Saix's head down at the same time.

The blunette skillfully caressed every inch of the blond's thick length with his tongue, rolling his sac with one hand. He purred around the vampire's member and took more of it into his mouth, moaning low. His nose twitched as soft blond curls tickled it.

Roxas leaned his head back, low groans leaving his lips every time Saix sucked or licked at his cock. He tightened his fist in that soft hair and bucked his hips, groaning deeply as the blunette swallowed around him. He thrust fast into that wet heat, moaning in pleasure, head leaned back against the cold gravestone.

A shiver ran through his body and he moaned aloud, "Fuck... Saix, I'm so close!"

The Diviner moaned deeply around his cock and sucked hard, hand caressing his sac gently. The blond's back arched and he shuddered, letting out a cry as he released into the blunette's mouth.

Saix swallowed everything, moaning around him. He pulled back and licked the blond's member clean, purring low in his throat.

Out of the corner of his eye, Roxas could faintly see the outline of a man. Turning his head, he found the man was a ghost who was blushing quite brightly.

The ghost squeaked, "Why are you doing that on my grave?"

Eyes going wide, Roxas' face quickly turned the shade of Axel's hair.

Saix turned to look at the ghost and smirked, "What does it look like?"