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This was requested by The DigitalNinjaDuelist. I hope it doesn't suck too bad! Enjoy~

The Freeshooter peeked around the doorway into the Grey Area and watched as that blue-haired dog handed a mission to Zexion. The small Nobody took it with a silent nod and vanished in the dark portal that the blunette had opened for him.

Xigbar strolled into the Grey Area, acting as if he hadn't just been watching from afar. "Hey, pup!"

"Do not call me that, Number II." Saix muttered, golden eyes moving from the clipboard he held to the man before him. "Is there something you need?"

"I got a mission straight from Xem himself, Sai. And yer comin' with me!" His lips curled into a smirk.

Narrowing his eyes, Saix let out a low growl, "I do believe, if this were the case, Superior would have told me."

"Not if he wanted ta see if you would listen to those above you." The gunner crossed his arms over his chest and chuckled, "And he was right, you won't follow orders. What a bad dog."

Saix's pointed ears twitched and flicked back, "I am not bad... I do follow orders!"

"Is that so?"

"Of course!"

Xigbar chuckled, "Well, it seems as though you feel quite strongly about this, Saix."

"I follow Superior's orders!" Saix barked, his claws digging into the thin wood of the clipboard nearly leaving rivets in it. "So, if his orders were for me to go with you... Fine!"

Xigbar chuckled and, with the flick of his wrist, opened a dark portal beside them. "After you, pup."

"Do not call me that." The Diviner snarled, slinking through the portal.

The Freeshooter chuckled, walking in after the other man. "Whatever, poochie. I just wanna get this mission over with so we can get our asses back to the castle."

Xigbar let out a sharp gasp when he stepped through the portal. He was slammed against a large boulder, two bright golden eyes staring at him. Saix snarled low and deadly, his eyes narrowing, "You best leave the name calling out of this, Number II. I am not in the mood for it."

Grinning brightly, the Freeshooter vanished in a puff of smoke, leaving a shocked expression on the blunette's face. Saix stood straight and looked around the End of the World beach and growled deep in his throat. The moonlight that shone down upon him filled him to the brim with strength and he just wanted to get his hands on that pesky Freeshooter. Appearing behind him, Xigbar tapped on the blunette's shoulder and chuckled, "You can't just think you can get me like that, pup. I ain't that stupid."

Saix felt his hands curl into fists, his sharp nails digging into his palms. "Number II..."

"Yeah, pooch? What's up? We gotta get goin' on the mission, y'know."

Barking loudly at him, Saix whipped around to face the other man, "What did I say about those fucking names?!"

"Ooooh, yer gettin' mad, aren'tcha?" Xigbar pressed, his grin growing, "Yer my subordinate, Sai. You know that."

Moving quickly, Saix's hand snapped out and suddenly claws were digging into Xigbar's chin, keeping him in place. "And I am more powerful than you, insolent brat. You should know that. You should know better than to piss me off. And if you dare use your powers to portal away, know that I will find you and you will regret the decision."

"Yah? What're you gonna-" Saix growled loudly, interrupting him. He pushed the Freeshooter hard, watching as the elder man fell to the sand, landing on his bottom. "Oof! The hell, Sai!" Xigbar looked up and into the other man's eyes, the anger in the frightening him a little. But he would never show it. He watched as the blunette kicked his legs apart before kneeling between them. "Sai?"

The younger man's clawed hand moved up and gripped the zipper of Xigbar's cloak as he growled, "I am sick of you treating me how you do." Pulling the zipper of his cloak down all the way, Saix shoved the leather to the sides to expose Xigbar's lean chest. The blunette licked his lips, "You look much better than I would have thought." He traced one of the older man's scars with a claw and smirked.

"The fuck? What're you doin'?!"

"What does it look like?" He pulled back and stripped out of his own cloak, tossing it to the side. The blunette's pale skin reflected the moonlight beautifully.

Xigbar's eye widened at the sight of Saix's bare torso, licking his lips, he muttered, "Fuck.."

Chuckling deeply, Saix quickly stripped the Freeshooter of the rest of his clothes, "Well, for once you are correct, Number II."

Squawking at the abrupt cold wind blowing over his skin, Xigbar reached down with both hands to cover himself. A faint blush spread across his cheeks and his eye narrowed, "You can't be serious."

"But I am, Number II." Adjusting himself so his hard arousal could be free of its cloth prison without removing his clothing all the way, Saix gripped the Freeshooter's legs and lifted them, exposing his most private of parts. "Well, this certainly does look tempting."

"Quit it!"

"Oh, just be quiet, Xigbar. You know you want it, you just do not want to admit it." Saix shifted a little, grinding against the elder man.

"S- Sai..."

With a deep growl, Saix thrust forward, pushing himself as deep as he could go within the elder man's body. Xigbar tossed his head back, screaming to the sky, as his hands grabbed at fistfuls of sand to his sides. Rolling his hips slowly, the blunette pressed against that little bundle of nerves that had the Freeshooter seeing white. His cries soon became ones of pure pleasure and Saix began to speed up. He slammed into the elder man's prostate with each thrust of his hips, low growls falling from his lips as he listened to the Freeshooter's noises grow in volume.

With one final thrust, Saix pushed as deep as he could go inside the older man's tight channel. He came hard, letting out low growls as he rode out his orgasm. Letting go of the Freeshooter's leg, Saix moved to grip his member, stroking him fast. Xigbar let out a cry as he released, his back arching, hips bucking.


"I hope..." Saix panted, his tongue snaking out to lick his lips, "I hope you will think.. before you speak now..."

"I- I'm not.. changing... anything... pup.."