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Chapter 1: Confession

Since the other Moka has sacrificed her rosario to save the great barrier from shattering, Tsukune had become a lifeless shell. He did only the things required of him such as getting up, going to school, and eating on a regular basis. It was as if the moment outer Moka was gone, as was Tsukune. All of his closest friends were worried about him but none more than inner Moka who was now the only Moka.

A few days after the return of normalcy; at least for the academy, Tsukune did not attend class and remained missing throughout the day. Because this was the first time Tsukune had ever skipped class, Moka and the other girls were instantly on high alert. Moka had wanted to leave class immediately to search for Tsukune but it would have been disgraceful and rude to leave in the middle of a teacher's lecture, so she remained seated. The young vampire could sense rising youkai in the room coming from three different areas. Her gaze scanned the room for a possible threat though she already could guess who the sources were.

"Of course..." Moka fixed her gaze on three different people and gave an annoyed sigh that scared a boy sitting across the isle from her. 'None other than Kurumu, Mizore, and Yukari. How unsurprising. So they too must have noticed Tsukune's absence. By the intensity of their youkai, I can assume that none of them know where he is either. I doubt that any of them will be able to contain themselves enough to concentrate on the lesson today.'

Moka glanced towards Kurumu to see that the succubus was on the verge of bolting out of the room. The girl's eyes flicked constantly to the door, to the clock, to the teacher, and back to the door again. She managed to catch Kurumu's attention for a moment, her glare clearly saying: "Don't even dare or else."

'Stupid girl...I must make sure I am the one to find Tsukune. I'm sick of his moping around. It's time someone made him realize that life goes on and that he can't wrap his head around the past.' Moka was quickly immersed in her thoughts, the teacher's words drown out.

Tick, tick, tick... Moka heard every tick of the clock at the front of the room as the day went on.

Tick, tick, tick. It was closer now. Almost time. Moka's gaze fixed onto the clock.

'5...4...3...2...1...!' As soon as the bell chimed, Moka was out the door and halfway down the hall. 'Knowing Tsukune, he's probably in the infirmary again. He is so weak, tripping him would surely snap his frail body in two.'

"Tsukune shouldn't put himself in the way of harm. All he does is get in the way. Something about wanting to protect all of us." Moka scoffed. "The fool, like he could ever protect me? Not likely."

All the while she had been dashing through the halls of the academy, trying to dodge the multitude of students leaving their classes. Before long Moka arrived at the infirmary. She slid the door open and peered inside...

"He's not here..." Moka sighed and quickly thought of where he could be. 'There are only a few other places he would go: the curved cliff, the roof, or... the bus stop.' Moka hoped it wasn't the last of them, it would kill her if he left.

Moka suddenly stopped in her tracks.

" 'It would kill me?' Certainly not. He is nothing but a food source I wish to protect..." Even as she said it, she knew it was a lie. Whether Moka wanted to or not, she could no longer force herself to deny it. "I...I love him..."

None of this would matter if she couldn't find Tsukune and get him to stay. Moka had to find him before the others. If Tsukune was headed for the bus stop, that is where she should go look first. It would be horrible if he left on the bus while she was looking somewhere else. So with a strategy of what she would say already being laid out in her mind, Moka took off towards the bus stop.

Meanwhile, the other girls (except Ruby who was doing errands for the chairman like usual) had made a plan together to find Moka and keep her away from Tsukune. Each girl wanted him for herself, but none wanted Moka to reach him first.

Mizore was the first to try and create balance."Let's just try to keep Moka away from Tsukune before she does more damage."

"But where could Tsukune have gone? We don't even know where he is." Kurumu was pacing around the room. Her wings and tail twitching with every step, she had accidentally transformed without noticing.

"We should just split up and look for him. We are more likely to find him since there are three of us and only one of her."

"Good idea Yukari!" Kurumu opened the nearest window and climbed out.

"...It's not hard to be smart compared to you." Yukari said as Kurumu took off into the sky.

Mizore saw no point in making comments. It is a waste of time. "I'll search the grounds outside."

"Okay, I'll look around the school!" And with that, the girls went to search in separate directions hoping to find Tsukune before Moka gets to him.

Nothing but the rustling of dead leaves, the call of the crows, and the crashing of the waves colliding with the cliff face awaited Moka at the bus stop. She stood in front of the scarecrow, studying the bus schedule.

Moka sighed in relief, "The next bus won't be here in another four days. Even if Tsukune wanted to leave he wouldn't stay out here and wait for four days. "He must be somewhere else then."

In a dash Moka continued her efforts to find the man who she needed more than she would allow him to know, more than she wanted to accept herself. However, Moka didn't make it far before she was stopped by Kurumu. The young succubus dived down from the air, straightening her wings just before hitting the ground. Using her momentum she kicked off the ground and flew straight at Moka, hoping to catch her off-guard.

"Foolish..." Moka simply stepped to the side and Kurumu hit a tree head on. "Stand aside; I need to find him so I can talk to him alone."

"No way am I letting you take advantage of the other Moka being gone so that you can have Tsukune all to yourself! I'm going to go talk to Tsukune and get him to get over this." Kurumu said while pushing herself away from the tree and back onto her feet.

"Kurumu, get out of my way. This has nothing to do with you and if you think I would degrade myself to go along with a plan like that then you really are stupid. Step aside before I make you move. " Moka said quickly being annoyed by the noisy succubus. In order to make her point she unleashed a quick lash of Youki with her last statement ordering her to move. This made Kurumu shudder, the seriousness in Moka's tone shut all of her retorts down and made her move to the side in surprise. As soon as Kurumu moved out of the way, Moka was on the move again.

It didn't take long before she was staring out at the sea atop the curved cliff. The sun setting in the West, the day quickly turning to night. Yet Tsukune was nowhere to be found. Moka was becoming more and more impatient. 'He will regret making me look all over this damn place for him. This is servant work.' She turned around and saw Mizore in her path.

"Moka I suggest you stop here. Tsukune wants to be by himself right now. If he wanted to talk to you he would." Mizore said calmly while blocking Moka from going past.

"Mizore, I suggest you move. I need to talk to Tsukune whether he wants me to or not." Moka said, determined to pass. "I don't want to fight you but if you won't allow me to go through and find Tsukune, I won't hold back." She instantly slid into a fighting position, poised to attack on any given notice.

"I know I don't stand a chance against you alone, but I will do anything to help Tsukune. Stay away from him, Moka. " Mizore calmly replied. "I don't want you to hurt my Tsukune and make it even harder for him. How do you think it makes him feel when he looks at you? I've seen the way he looks at you, all he feels is pain. It's obvious that you remind him of the other Moka."

"I know that." Moka whispered, more to herself then anyone else. "Let me pass. I know what I'm doing."

"I can't do that. I won't forgive you if you hurt him yet again." Mizore said in a threatening tone. She too went into a fighting stance and prepared herself for the onslaught to come. "Moka, you will have to fight me to get one step closer to my Tsukune."

Moka suddenly disappeared leaving no trace of her immense youki. Her voice boomed out in the silence from all directions, "Very well. You have been fairly warned, now you will pay the consequences for your decision." In a flash of silver, Moka appeared right in front of Mizore and landed a powerful kick straight up into her jaw. The snow woman was sent flying away and crashed onto the ground, only inches from the edge of the cliff.

"Know your place ice woman. You are nothing compared to me." Moka left the unconscious girl and strode into the woods once more. 'Only one more place to look...'

When Moka finally reached the inside of the school grounds, waiting before her was none other than Yukari. She had a determined, but fearful look in her eye. "Please stop Moka, the only person who Tsukune needs to be comforted is me!~desu" squealed the young witch.

Moka had a hard time taking Yukari seriously, she was after all only 12. But no one was going to get in between her and Tsukune right now.

"Yukari move, now." Moka said putting extra Youki into her words so that this confrontation would be over quickly. It's effects worked more than she had thought and soon all she could see of the little witch was a cloud of dust from her running away.

"These people need to stop getting in my way!" Moka said as she started walking towards the stairs that lead to the roof.

In the shadows a pair of eyes watched Moka make short work of Yukari and as she started yet again for the roof where Tsukune surely was.

"Dam it! If the chairman didn't have me doing so much work I could be the one comforting Tsukune!~" wailed Ruby as she stepped out of the shadows and walked back to the chairman's office.

At last Moka had reached the stairs that go to the roof. She only needed to go up the stairs and find Tsukune to talk to him. But now she was hesitating for some unknown reason.

'What is wrong with me?' She didn't understand why her stomach suddenly bunched up. But being a vampire, her pride pushed back those feelings and forced her to move on. After the climb that seemed to last forever she reached the roof and stepped out into the open air. There not far away sat Tsukune. He was sitting on the ground with his head in his hands.

He heard her sit on the ground near him. She leaned into him slightly only to have him move farther away from her touch. She took the hint and backed off a little but remained by his side. "Tsukune, the other Moka isn't coming back. She was just an illusion brought on by the rosario's sealing powers." said the vampiress firmly. She was trying to hide the pain in her tone from him.

Tsukune couldn't find it in himself to look at her, every time he saw her face he was instantly reminded of the other Moka. All he could see was her emerald green eyes and her long, flowing pink hair. "I just can't think of her that way. How could she not be real? All of my memories with her, they are all real…h-how c-could she not be?" He managed to choke out as tears filled his eyes. He could feel Moka getting closer to him. She wanted to comfort him, but he was lost in mourning for the other Moka.

Ever so slowly Moka intertwined her fingers in his; she couldn't understand why he wouldn't respond to her touch. "I am her. Why can't you care for me too? We are the same person." Moka said quietly while lifting their hands.

"I'm sorry Moka-san; it's just not the same." He said while trying to free his hand. Moka however, only tightened her grip, refusing to let him go. "What I would give just to see her again..."

'Doesn't he realize that I am what he would have to sacrifice to get her back? How can he sit there and say that to me!' She stiffened slightly and felt a fresh wave of pain and anger course through her. 'How dare he treat me like this...' "Look at me, Tsukune." Moka said firmly.

When he finally lifted his head and looked into her scarlet eyes, he was astonished to see tears gathering there. He felt horrible to have made Moka cry. He never thought that this Moka would cry for anything. She was the strong warrior.

"Tsukune, what is it about you that allows you to go past my shields? You're only a human and yet you make me want to protect you, to care about you, to not be able to stop thinking about you." Moka said while tears stream down her face yet her voice remained firm. Moka's eyes flashed a determined fire behind the ruby red. "I'm a vampire, my pride is telling me to stop acting like a pitiful wretch and grow up. I promised myself I would never cry over anyone or anything ever again. I'm supposed to be stronger than that, so why can't I stop now?"

"Moka-san…" Tsukune started but was cut off by Moka.

"No. Tsukune, me and the other Moka are the same person, she is just as much me as I am her. She is just the innermost parts of me, the parts I have trouble bringing to the surface. You love her. Why can't you love me?" Moka said in a firm voice.

"Moka-san, you are great in your own ways but I miss her." He turned his head away from her, it was just too painful to look into her eyes.

"Tsukune..." Moka said while still holding onto his hand. She felt as if this small connection was the only thing holding her to him in any way. Moka raised the hand to her face and kissed the back side of his hand. His distance from her was ripping her soul apart. She was being plunged into darkness without Tsukune as her guiding light. He had given her purpose, something to look forward to everyday.

Feeling her touch him, he looked at Moka where her lips still lingered on his hand. Seeing her in such raw emotions was heartbreaking, seeing her cry rocked him to the core with pain as he realized whether this was the Moka he missed so dearly or not, this was still Moka. "I'm so sorry Moka-san…" Tsukune whispered as he took his hand from Moka's and placed it onto her cheek; he then started wiping away her tears. "I can't stand to see you in so much pain." In the instant when Tsukune looked back into Moka's eyes and she looked into his, it was as if nothing else existed. When the moment was over Tsukune couldn't believe what had happened. He thought he would only ever look into someone's eyes like that if the someone was the other Moka. But there he had been, looking deeply into the eyes of the vampiress Moka.