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Chapter 1: Confession

Since the other Moka had sacrificed her rosario to save the great barrier from shattering, Tsukune had become a lifeless shell. He did only the things required of him such as getting up, going to school, and eating on a regular basis. It was as if the moment outer Moka was gone, as was Tsukune. All of his closest friends were worried about him, but none more than inner Moka who was now the only Moka.

Two week after the return of normalcy at the academy; having watched Tsukune suffer inside day after day, Moka could think of nothing else to do but force him to learn his place. No longer could he avoid her gaze without considering how it made her feel. Today she would confront him and they would work this out together. One way or another.

'I'll wait until after class and steal him away before the other girls pounce on him first. It drives me crazy when Kurumu pushes her ridiculous breasts in his face. I wish Tsukune would stop her… I suppose he never has much of a choice being such a weak human. I still don't like it. Maybe I should fight her when Tsukune isn't around. They all know Tsukune loved me the most from the very start.' The silver-haired vampire's eyes snapped open and she sat up in bed. The sun was just starting to peek through the curtains of her room.

"That's it. He loved me. Tsukune loved the illusion that was the outer me, but there is no doubting that he also loved me. Outer Moka was the part of my mind that was awake… I have a hard time remembering events that happened while I was sealed with the rosario, but since it was removed I've been seeing things…Phantoms, wisps of what must be memories. Memories of the days I spent sealed. I remember having looked into Tsukune's eyes and him so deeply into mine, entranced by each other… Are these really my memories? So much time had past while I was sealed, years since I first donned the rosario. It was only shortly after having met Tsukune that I awoke from the deep slumber."

Could this be the solution to bring Tsukune out of the depths of despair and back to reality? She knew what she needed to do if this didn't work. Throwing the blankets to the side, Moka got up from bed and started getting ready for her day.

"Good morning class! Let's get going right into attendance! Aono, Tsukune?" Tsukune's chair was empty, Ms. Nekonome meowed as she marked him absent. "Akashiya, Moka? … M-Ms. Akashiya?"

"Present." Moka snapped. Ms. Nekonome's ears wilted and she timidly marked Moka present.

This was the first time Tsukune had ever missed class without an explanation. Moka and the other girls were instantly on high alert. She has wanted to leave immediately to search for Tsukune, but knew it would have been rude to leave in the middle of a teacher's lecture. The young vampire could sense rising youkai in the room coming from three different areas. Her gaze scanned the room for possible threats, though she could already guess who the sources were.

"Of course…" Moka fixed her gaze on three different people and let out an annoyed sigh that scared a boy sitting across the aisle from her. 'None other than Kurumu, Mizore, and Yukari. How unsurprising, by the intensity of their youkai I can assume that none of them know where Tsukune is either. I doubt they will be able to contain themselves enough to concentrate on the lesson today.'

Moka glanced towards Kurumu to see that the succubus was on the verge of bolting out of the room. her eyes flicked continuously from the door, to the teacher, to the clock, and back again to the door. Moka managed to catch Kurumu's attention for a moment, her glare clearly saying: "Don't even dare, or else."

'Stupid girl… I must make sure I am the one to find Tsukune. I am the only one who can fix this.' Moka was quickly immersed in her thoughts, Ms. Nekonome's words being drowned out.

Tick, tick, tick… Moka heard every tick of the clock at the front of the room as the day slowly dragged on.

Tick, tick, tick. It was closer now, almost time. Moka's scarlet eyes fixed onto the clock, her posture remained stiff as it had been all day. She realized she had the taste of her own blood in her mouth. Moka had accidentally bit down on her lip as she anxiously sat waiting for the class to end.

'5… 4… 3… 2… 1…' Before the bell finished its chime, she was out the door and halfway down the hall. 'Knowing Tsukune, he's more than likely in the infirmary again. He is so weak, tripping him would surely snap his fraile body in two. Tsukune shouldn't put himself in the way of harm. All he does is get in the way. Something about wanting to protect all of us.' Moka scoffed, "The fool, like a human could ever protect me? Not likely."

All the while she had been dashing through the halls of the academy trying to dodge the crowd of students leaving their classes. Moka suddenly saw flashes of memories with Tsukune around every turn. She realized that the memories were not her own, not quite. The memories were seen through the eyes of the other Moka. As she turned around another corner and down a set of stairs, Moka recalled the day Kurumu was trying to seduce Tsukune with her love charm at the bottom of those same stairs. The other Moka was weak and couldn't understand what had been happening, she ended up crying and running away.

Moka scoffed, 'I never would have allowed that slut to get her hands on Tsukune. I would have beat the charm out of him then taught Kurumu her place before anything got out of control. In fact, if Tsukune had let me finish the succubus back then I would have one less annoyance to deal with.'

That day was the second time that the rosario's seal had been broken by Tsukune. It was also the day when it was made clear to her that outer Moka was falling for the human boy. Most of the time Moka was unaware of the daily activities on campus with him and the others while sealed, but that had been slowly changing over time.

Another staircase, across the path between buildings, more shadows of recollection. The flashes of outer Moka's life and experiences… they had been coming more often every day. At first Moka had thought the memories were dreams, very vivid dreams. They began a few days after she had woken up and discovered what the outer Moka had done. The first happened when she started attending classes again. The silver-haired girl had met Tsukune's eyes and he couldn't return the gaze. Tsukune had looked away from Moka after a glance and wouldn't look her way again. It had triggered a memory of the first day of school when Tsukune had decided to leave. He had the same reaction and said he didn't want to be friends with a monster.

'A monster, that is how Tsukune sees me. Honestly, I can't blame him for that. The only chances he has had to see me is when I am saving everyone's ass. Of course Tsukune can see when he sees me is my dauntless power, he is afraid. I've never had the chance to show any other side of myself… Is there another side to me? I've been sealed for so long, it does seem like fighting is all I know… Come to think of it, I was only ever awake when the other Moka was extremely upset or happy in regards to Tsukune…'

Before long Moka arrived at the infirmary. She slid the door open and peered inside…

"He's not here…" Moka sighed and quickly made a list of places he might have gone. 'There are only a few other places he would go. Perhaps the roof, the curved cliff, or the bus stop.' She hoped it wasn't the latter. Moka suddenly stopped in her tracks. "If Tsukune went back to the human world… I have to find him before then."

If Tsukune was headed to the human world, the bus stop is where she would look first. It would be horrible if he left on the bus while she was looking elsewhere. So with a strategy of what she would say already laid out in her mind, Moka took off towards the bus stop.

Meanwhile, the other girls (except Ruby, who was running errands for the chairman like usual) had met in the newspaper club room to make a plan together. They were going to find Tsukune and keep Moka away from him. Each girl wanted him for themselves, but none wanted Moka to reach him first. They were in a frenzy trying to think of what to do. Mizore was the first to try and create balance.

"Let's try to keep Moka away from Tsukune before she does more damage. Normally, I know exactly where he is . I think it's safe to say that I will be the one to find him."

"Yeah, right!" Kurumu pushed Mizore and chimed in, "Tsukune is MY destined one. We all know that I am the one he will choose now that the other Moka is gone."

"No way, milk-cow! Tsukune will choose me once I've grown up a bit! ~desu" Yukari waved her wand, causing a wash tub to appear and drop onto Kurumu's head. The succubus then transformed and pounced on the little witch. After a few moments of fighting, Mizore threw an ice kunai at each of them.

Kurumu got up and started pacing around the room, her tail twitching as her hips swayed from side to side. "But where could Tsukune be? We don't even know where he is?!"

"We should split up and look for him. We are more likely to find him since there are three of us and only one Moka."

"Good idea, Yukari! I'll go search the grounds!" Kurumu opened the nearest window and jumped out.

"It's not hard being smarter than a boob-for-brains like you. ~desu"

Mizore saw no point in making comments. "I'll search the grounds outside on the ground."

"Okay! I'll look around the school!"

And with that, the girls went to search in separate directions; hopping to find Tsukune before Moka could get to him first.

Nothing but the sounds of rustling leaves, calls from the crows, and the crashing of waves against the cliff awaited Moka at the bus stop. She peered at the bus schedule. Moka sighed in relief, "The net bus won't be here for a few days. Even if Tsukune wanted to leave, he wouldn't wait out here."

"Yahoo-hoo-hoo! I found you, Moka!"

The vampress turned to the slide just in time to avoid Kurumu who had dove from the sky in an attempt to catch Moka off guard. The succubus stumbled away, regaining her balance after a moment.

"You know, that might have worked if you had skipped the battle cry. I'd love to teach you your place, but I have a more pressing matter to tend to." Moka turned her back to Kurumu and started to walk back down the path.

Kurumu puffed up, brushed the dust from her skirt, and took off into the air again. 'I can't believe her! Thinking she can turn her back to me! I'll show her!'

"No way am I going to let you take advantage of the other Moka being gone so that you can have Tsukune all to yourself! Tsukune is my destined one! I'm going to find him and help him get over her! There is no way he will ever pick you!" The succubus' nails grew as she started to rotate in the air, quickly gaining speed. Suddenly Kurumu, now a spinning bullet of steel-like knifes, shot head first towards Moka.

"Foolish..." Moka took a strong stance and used one hand to grab the girl's blue hair firmly as she came into reach. The forward rotation being stopped so suddenly caused Kurumu to spin in the opposite direction as Moka then used the momentum along with the succubus' own weight to flip the girl over her shoulder. Al that remained of Kurumu was a small glint of light in the sky. "This has nothing todo with you. Know your place."

It didn't take long before Moka was staring out at the sea atop the curved cliff. Behind her the sun was beginning to set, the school sat a silhouette in the wonderful array of light. She could hear the crashing of waves growing more intense below.

"A storm is coming..." Moka was becoming more impatient. 'He will regret making me look all over this damn place for him. This is servant's work.'

"Moka, I suggest you stop here."

The silver haired girl sighed and turned to see Mizore blocking her path.

"Tsukune has no desire to see you. Even a stalker like me knows when to back off. If he wanted to talk to you, he would. Leave my dear Tsukune alone."

"Mizore, I suggest you move if you don't want to get hurt. I will find Tsukune and talk to him whether he wants me to or not. I don't want to fight you, but if you won't allow me to pass I won't hold back." Moka slid fluidly into a fighting stance, ready to strike at any sign of attack.

"I know that I don't stand a chance against you alone, but I will do anything to help Tsukune. I don't want you to hurt him and make everything worse. How do you think it makes him feel when he looks at you? I've seen how he looks at you, it hurts him. You obviously are a constant reminder of the other Moka." Mizore also poised herself for combat. Her true form began to leak to the surface. Mizore's hands became giant ice blades; her hair became solid ice.

"I know all of that, I've noticed myself." Memories flashed before her eyes. The other Moka and Tsukune were walking to the club room together, they were laughing. When they glanced at each other the world around them melted away. She felt everything the other Moka had felt. She saw every small detail her other self had seen. The beauty of the moment was rapture. They drew closer together, Tsukune smelled so good... the scent filled her mind and Moka could feel her fangs start to grow and scratch her lip. It caused a small drip of blood to form. Her tongue slid across the wound, even her own blood tasted fantastic. It fueled her flaming desire. 'Tsukune, I can't help myself!' Pink hair covered her vision as a delicious flavor exploded through her body. The scent had been entrancing but the real thing was absolutely mind-blowing. Moka's fangs had pierced Tsukune's neck and his blood was flooding her senses.

Abruptly Moka was brought back to the present, the taste of his blood still in her mind was causing venom to pool in her mouth. The vampress held her hand to her head, the vision had been so vivid. She looked up to Mizore again who was still standing in her way. "Let me pass, ice woman. I know what I'm doing."

"I can't do that. I won't forgive you if you hurt him. I couldn't forgive myself if I didn't try to stop you." Mizore had a threatening tone. She was dead serious. "Moka, you will have to defeat me to get anywhere near my Tsukune."

"So be it." Moka couldn't help but smirk. She had to give the snow woman credit, she had guts. 'To be honest, Mizore is very strong. I had understood the snow people to be rather timid and gentle creatures. Mizore may be one of the most powerful ice women of her village some day. None the less, she has no chance against the might of a super S-class vampire!'

In a flash of silver, Moka appeared before Mizore and swung her leg up catching Mizore's jaw. The powerful blow sent the girl flying across the clearing.

"Know your place, ice woman. You are nothing compared to me." Moka strode past the unconscious Mizore and into the forest.

"Only one more place to look."

When Moka finally reached the school grounds, waiting at the gates before her was none other than Yukari. The young witch had a determined, but fearful look in her eye.

"Please stop, Moka-san. The only person who Tsukune needs to be comforted is me! ~desu" Yukari squeaked.

"Yukari, move. Now." Moka had a hard time taking Yukari seriously, she was only 12 after all. But no one was going to get between her and Tsukune now. With a heavy sigh, Moka stood tall with her hands on her hips, glowering over the little witch. Moka put extra youkai into her words in hopes to avoid another pointless fight. It's effect worked better than she had anticipated. Soon all she could see of Yukari was a small cloud of dust in the distance. "These people need to stop getting in my way. They should know by now that it is useless."

Moka brushed the dust off of her skirt and continued on through the gate. In the shadows, a pair of eyes watched Moka make short work of Yukari.

"Damn it! I wish I could be the one to comfort Tsukune!" Rudy wailed as she stepped into the light. "Over the past few months, the chairman has had me so busy. So much has happened, a long story, yes. With the new Rosario, the great barrier must be watched closely..."

Ruby swooned and went on to tell what I'm sure was a thrilling tale.

"What is wrong with me?" At last Moka had reached the stairs that led to the roof. She need only to reach the top and find Tsukune. There was no one stopping her now, yet she was hesitating for some unknown reason. The vampress didn't understand why her stomach suddenly bunched up and her breath was caught in her throat. Moka quickly forced herself to push those feelings aside and continued up the stairs.

When she reached the top and pushed open the door, Moka stepped out into the open air. There he was, not far away. Tsukune was sitting with his back to the stone railing, he was holding his legs close with his head resting on his knees.

Tsukune heard her sit near him. She leaned into him slightly. He felt strange and uncomfortable with the silver haired Moka so close to him. Tsukune squirmed away a little. She pulled away entirely and put space between them.

"Tsukune, the other Moka isn't coming back. She was just an illusion brought on be the rosario's sealing powers."

Tsukune could hear the strain in Moka's voice. Something was different. She didn't sound like the stoic, proud vampire she usually seemed to be. Still, Tsukune couldn't find it in himself to look at her. Every time he saw this Moka, Tsukune was instantly reminded of the other. It was his fault she was gone. If his cousin hadn't come to find him, the other Moka would still be with everyone. All Tsukune could see was her emerald eyes and her flowing pink hair. He raised his head, tears pooling in his eyes.

"I can't think of her that way. How could she not be real? All of my memories with her. They are real. How could she not be real?" Tsukune felt Moka draw near him again. She probably wanted to comfort him. Of course Tsukune knew this Moka cared for him as well, but he was lost in mourning for the other Moka. She slowly took one of his hands in her, intertwining their fingers. He pulled away, but Moka refused to let him go. "I'm sorry Moka-san, it's just not the same..."

She let go of his hand and once again put distance between them. It made no difference. Tsukune could feel her presence as if she were still touching him. The sensation was causing his heart to pound in his chest. After a moment, Tsukune could no longer stand the pressure of it. He turned and looked at the beautiful, strong vampire Moka. When his brown eyes met that of her scarlet, Tsukune was astonished to see tears gathering there.

"Am I not good enough for you, Tsukune?" Even with glistening eyes, Moka's voice remained firm.

"No Moka-san, that isn't true at all." His head dropped back down to his knees. "I'm sorry, Moka-san. This is all my fault..."

"Tsukune, look at me." Her tone made Tsukune meekly meet her eyes again.

"What am I to you? What have I been to you all this time?"

He didn't know what to say, but the instant Tsukune looked back into Moka's eyes it was as if nothing else existed. His breath caught in his throat, his heart seemed as though it would burst, and his hand instinctually tightened around hers.


Moka's hand was still holding his, she slowly closed the distance between them with only their hands between them. Tsukune had never been as close as he now was to the silver haired vampire before.



"Moka-san... I..."

When the moment was over, Tsukune couldn't believe what had happened. He thought that he would only ever look into someone's eyes like that if the someone was the other Moka. Yet there he had been, looking deeply into the red eyes of the vampires Moka. Not once did they flash to the familiar pink he so missed.

"Tsukune... You smell so delicious..."

"O-oh!" Tsukune chuckled to himself. 'It seems like this Moka and the other have the same tastes.'

Suddenly, the clouds that had been gathering unnoticed by the two let out a loud clap of thunder and lightning.

"Tsukune, the rain! I need to go. Now!" Moka grabbed his shirt and pulled him with her to the stairs. They were able to make it inside the stairwell right before pouring rain fell from the brewing storm. Tsukune closed the door behind them.

"What a close call!" Tsukune laughed and turned around. He accidentally ran into Moka who was standing closer to him than he had expected. They were both knocked to the floor.

Moka found herself trapped beneath Tsukune's warm, firm body. The past two years had done much to tone his physic into a boy chiseled from stone. Under his shirt, Tsukune had obtained a startling amount of scars throughout the numerous battles they had fought. He was constantly putting his life on the line trying to protect everyone. In the yokai world, battles are common between individuals or groups. Fighting is a major principle of society. A society founded on power and respect. As a yokai, it is ingrained into you from birth that you must defend you position and demand respect of your power. Tsukune's scars are badges of honor and bravery.

'Tsukune has many traits that attest to his surprising skills of adaptation and survival among other traits that have made me fall for him, despite being a human.' Tsukune's scent surrounded her, filling her head completely. His pulsing blood was so close, it made her mouth water and a small moan escaped from her lips. Moka could no longer resist. "Tsukune... I need..."

The boy then realized the position they were in. His right hand was groping Moka's breast as he kneeled above between her legs. Tsukune blushed and tried to get up, but Moka wrapped her powerful arms around him, holding him in place.

"W-What are you d-doing, Moka-san?!"

"Tsukune, I can't help myself. Your scent is driving me insane, I need to have a taste..."

"O-Okay, Moka-san. Just make sure you don't take too much... ouch!" He shuddered as he felt Moka pull him down closer to her and scratch her fangs lightly against his skin.

A thin line of blood soon appeared, but was gone with a deft flick of her tongue. Even such a small taste lit Moka's senses alive with glorious bursts of flavor. 'Now I understand why the other me couldn't get enough of this!'