"You're so fucking lucky right now."

"Actually I was about to get lucky before you came in here like Gang Busters."

"Stop talking like that."

"Aww, does it creep you out to know that we're together or that you didn't get the chance first?" Jay said stepping closer to Mellanie and Sam.

"Jay stop, we have to leave anyways. See you around I guess." Kaitlyn walked up, snaking her arms around Jay.

"Alright baby, call me anytime." Jay turned around in Kaitlyn's arms and began to kiss her.

Sam practically had to drag Mellanie from the room. Kaitlyn came out a few minutes later with her hair a little messy. She looked from Mellanie to Sam.

"Where's Dean?" She said.

"Passes out at the hotel. We role out in the morning, you coming with us?"

"Lets go hunt down some bitches." She smiled.

It's been almost three years since Mellanie had become normal and she loves it. Hunting with her, now fiancé, Sam and his brother Dean with a lot of help from Kaitlyn. She calls her mother all the time and occasionally stops in to see with her own eyes how well her mother is doing.

Kaitlyn has taken to disappearing for a few day to visit Jay. She treats the boys like they have been friend's sense birth, cracking jokes at them and pranking them. With all of her knowledge of the hunting world, she could figure out exactly what they were dealing with on every hunt. The boys had finally stared to trust her as well.

Sam is dealing with his issues, just as he had been for as long as he can remember, but being with Mellanie helps him focus. He proposed to her after they got done hunting a Juin. When she said yes he became the happiest man in the world.

Dean and Lilly were together for a year before Lilly got herself killed on the job. As much as it broke Dean's heart, he tried to move on with his life. After a few weeks in a bar of course, but he was on his way back to being the same old Dean. He has also taken to spying, well trying to spy, on Kaitlyn and Jay's alone time. Once and a while they play little tricks on him.

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