Ne, Yano. I've come to notice a lot of things about you.

Whether it's the way you style your hair, or the way you react to certain things... I've realized I've been watching you ever since the day I first saw you. Have you ever felt the same way? Do you feel the same way?

Come to think of it, you haven't answered Takeuchi's question yet. "If me and Nana were drowning at sea, which one would you save first?"

Are me and her anything alike? Is there something you saw in her that you see in me? To go as far as to confuse me with her over such a small thing... Is it not right for me to obsess over someone you've been loving for so long, especially while you're with me?

I realize that I really shouldn't be getting so demanding about this, but I am.

You must be hurting too, I know. But this is something that must be put behind you, behind us. Can we really keep going in a relationship where you love someone who's dead, and another who's alive? How are we supposed to deal with that? Am I supposed to watch you constantly be reminded of your loss, and my intrusion? Because that's what it feels like, and it doesn't do any good for the both of us.

I'm lucky I'm softhearted, because someone has to be in our relationship.

Sorry. I know that was a bit mean, but lately what's been happening are the meanest things that ever happened to me at this moment. Here I am, thinking to myself, "Why is it always her and sometimes me?" Is it because I cry too much? Or is it because Takeuchi is always there to comfort me when you can't?

You can't keep feeling like this forever. How are you supposed to love a dead person? I'm sure you loved her just as she loved you. What happened isn't your fault! But it seems like you're always trying to take the blame... Can you really take the fall for something you had no control over?

Ne, Yano. I think that if me and Nana were drowning at the same time, you would try to save both of us. It doesn't matter about who you love more, it matters about who you need in your life. You love me, but you need Nana. You love Nana, but you need me. You can do anything, so something like that wouldn't be a hassle, right?

Or maybe that's just me thinking too highly of you...

Ne, Yano.

Why don't you call me by my first name?