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The Singer Connection

Chapter 41

Edward's POV

"Happy Anniversary love," I whispered into her ear.

"Happy 50th anniversary to you too," she giggled.

Just hearing her say it drug up so many memories from over the last fifty years. Once this marvelous creature walked into my life its been a roller coaster ride that I never want to end. I never once thought I would have a child but she gave me two. They have in turned given us ten grandchildren.

Jessie followed in my footsteps by finding his Singer, Angel and marrying her within three days. They conceived a set of twins, a boy named Michael and a girl named Virginia. She conceived before her first menstrual cycle and Michael changed her within a month of being born. They followed me and their father and found their Singers over the years. Since they were only ¼ vampires their Singers turned them after their weddings at their request.

Carlie and Justin are still in love as much today as they have always been. They had eight wonderful children twins: Michelle and Danielle, Dawna, Sarah, Elisabeth, Steven, Matthew and Joshua. All but one found their imprints, Matthew…he found his Singer. There are now twenty-one known Singer pairs.

"Earth to Edward, what could you possibly be thinking about?"

"Our family, they're quite wonderful you know," she nodded and slipped onto my awaiting lap.

"Yes, they are…it's amazing after all these years we all still live together," she was right. Thankfully, the castle was big enough to accommodate our large and ever growing family.

No other coven was large enough to challenge us, but in reality everyone liked the way things turned out. The masses were happy enough to donate their blood for a fee and everyone has kept their turnings to a minimum so not to over populate.

"Are you ready for your present?"

"What are you up to my love?"

"Oh…I think I will wait to tell you, meet me in our room in a half an hour," MAN, after all these years she just has to glance at or breathe on me to have me begging for her.

"As you wish," I breathe into her ear.

I remained in the courtyard revisiting the past waiting for my time to pass. Jasper never slipped up after he had fully adjusted to the diet thanks to Alice. Alice has become one of the leading Fashion designers in the world. They have never been so happy.

Emmett and Rosalie took the most pleasure in helping to raise our grandchildren. Emmett and Rosalie's lives finally became complete when a local orphanage called; someone had abandoned a ½ vampire, ½ human to their care. The orphanage wasn't prepared for that situation, so they adopted the little guy. They named him Gabriel and he married my granddaughter Elisabeth after she imprinted on him.

Carlisle and Esme have been the dotting grandparents and great grandparents they were destined to be. Esme still does her interior designing when the family doesn't need her and Carlisle took over a defunct hospital and now gives free care to anyone who needs it.

With my time now up I headed to the place I wanted to be more than anything else, by my wife's side. As I slipped through the door there on the bed kneeled a naked Bella, well almost naked she was wearing a big red bow around her waist. Yeah, I growled, how could I not?


"Yes…Master?" Oh my god, she was giving me my fantasy of 'Bella, the slave girl,' YES!

Before I could take another breath I was standing in front of her unwrapping my present, "Who do you belong to?" I snarled playfully in her ear.

"Forever yours," she breathed out.

Bella's POV

When I decided to make Edward's fantasy come true I was nervous about how to do it. So I did the only thing I could to find out what I needed to do, I googled it. The bow was Alice's idea, watching him slowly tugging on it was more erotic than anything I could have ever imagined.


"Yes…Master?" I opened my mind so he could get the full effect of my gift.

"Who do you belong to?" he snarled seductively in my ear.

"Forever yours," I breathed out.

When he roughly grabbed both my breasts in his large hands, he growled, "These are mine!"

"Yes…Master," I moaned when he started rolling my nipples between his fingers.

He pressed himself against me showing me how much he was enjoying this. My skin tingled as he trailed them down my stomach and stopping at my center, "No one will ever touch this but ME!"

"Never," I panted as he slipped two fingers between my folds.

"Touch me now, I want to feel you," he groaned into my ear before he forcefully locked his lips onto mine.

Like a good slave I did as I was told and wrapped my fingers around him, teasingly at first then rougher when he thrust himself into my palm while the other hand stroked his chest. His purring was never lost on me or failed to excite me even more and this time was no exception. His expert fingers were driving me to the edge of oblivion, but I'd be damned if I wasn't taking him with me. I slid my hand down and pressed his butt forward helping him along. Before I could drive him over the edge, he pushed me down onto the mattress and moved to hover above me.

"You don't get to release until I tell you to," he grunted as he pushed inside of me until his hips were flush with mine.

"YES…MASTER!" I screamed trying to obey him.

"Oh…God, I love you so much," he panted as he repeatedly slid in and out of my intimate walls.

"Oh Master, I love you more than you will ever know," I moaned.

"NOW! Please…together love," he begged as he made two more thrusts deeply hitting the one spot only he could find.

Together we screamed out each others names while groping each other wildly.

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