So I once had this idea that I should do a story for all 36 conceivable house pairings (the numbers are from mid season four), just to prove that it's possible. I randomly assigned them all prompts and while I don't know if I'll ever finish, but I'll post what I do as stand alones.

#12 - Fucking Kool

"Dr. Cameron?" Dr. Cuddy ducked inside of the Emerg curtains and, seeing that the doctor in question was with an unconscious patient, promptly closed the curtains behind her. "Good, Allison, hey."

The other woman smiled warmly, looking up from her patient chart. "Hey, Lise."

Lisa sidled up to her and discreetly slipped a hand onto Allison's hip as she glanced up through her lashes at the younger woman. "I'm actually finishing up early tonight and I just wanted to catch you to make sure that dinner at my place is alright."

Allison grinned. "With your cooking? Always."

Lisa brushed her lover's hair out of her eyes gently and stood flush against her as she dragged her lips lovingly across Alison's.

"Dude, that's effin' kool," the adolescent shook his hair out of half closed eyes and grinned.


Lisa shook her head as she slid out of the curtained area, "Figures."