It all started with her scent.
He had been discussing something with a potential client one afternoon when the room was filled with the most appealing aroma imaginable. It was being blown in through the window in a draft of cool air.

"Excuse me for a moment," he interrupted the man, who looked a little confused. His weak human nose must not of picked up on the smell, he thought a bit smugly.
Inuyasha strode over to the open window that overlooked the street bellow, there were several people hurrying along to do whatever menial task it was that they were up to, but he could instantly pick out the one who's scent gave him goosebumps.
It was a young high school girl, by the look of her uniform.
She had long dark hair that hung down her back, and walked with a confident innocence that made his stomach flip.

Only a second had passed, Inuyasha closed the window.
"Chilly," he lied smoothly, the man nodded and their conversation continued where it had left off. But Inuyasha's mind stayed on the girl.

It was completely irrational how this anonymous high school girl could ignite such a fire inside him that previous girlfriends and flings hadn't even touched.
And he hadn't even met her before.
That had been two months ago.
Everyday since he kept his window open, and listened for her as she walked home from school.
Some days she'd be with friends, some days she'd be in a rush by herself.

It was so wrong, he was 25 years old, an aspiring lawyer at one of the biggest law firms in the city, and a half demon.
She was a little school girl, who could be between 15 and 18. Even if she was 18, it still wouldn't be right.
Not that any high school girl in her right mind would spend any personal time with a half demon, every human in Tokyo knew his kind could be extremely dangerous.
So he kept his fixation on her to himself, and only observed her from a distance.

"Kagome!" called a teenage girl's voice from outside his window. His ears twitched excitedly at the sound of her name.
He struggled to stay focused on his work.

"Kagome, wait please!", she called even louder.
"Tammy hurry! I need to get home before my brother gets home from school, he's too young to be alone for too long!" Kagome called back to her.

He couldn't resist the urge to drop what he was doing and look out his window now. He'd been able to hear her chatting softly, but never as loud and clear as her shouting, she sounded like she was right bellow his window.
And she was.

It was a windy day, Kagome stood on the street bellow his office, waiting for her friend to catch up to her. The wind was blowing waves of dark hair around her face, and pulling her already obscenely short skirt even higher up her perfect, cream colored thighs.
She was clutching her books to her chest with one hand, while trying to hold her skirt down so the whole street wouldn't see her panties with the other.

"Come on!" she shouted at her friend impatiently.
It was an adorably comical sight.
Inuyasha watched, intrigued, while her friend caught up with her, and they both briskly walked away in the direction of Kagome's house.

It wasn't just the sweet girlishness of her voice, but her concern for her brother that made him boil inside from wanting her so badly.

Irrational! Irrational! Irrational!
He was a handsome, smart, and ambitious young lawyer. He'd yet to meet a girl he couldn't have, if he wanted to.
Maybe that made him a bit arrogant, so what? That didn't bother most women. Even the fact he was a half demon didn't seem to bother them, some of the kinkier girls he'd encountered had (foolishly) been more turned on by it.
But this was a girl, not a woman. It wasn't right that he felt so strongly for her, no good could come of it.
Daily he struggled with the idea that maybe he should just get it over, follow her home one day, do whatever the fuck he wanted to her (and did that idea make him flush!) and maybe that would be all he needed to move on and forget about her.

But as much as he tried not to think about it, he knew that it was more than sex he wanted from her. He wanted all of her. He wanted to protect her,and talk to her, and fuck her, and comfort her, and to fight for her.
Most of all, it was the strangest most alien sensation to him, he wanted her to love him.
So irrational!

It was the most ridiculous and infuriating situation he'd ever been in.
Was he a lunatic? A creepy stalker type who'd be chasing nameless women for the rest of his life?
There had to be some solution without putting either of them in trouble's way. But he couldn't think of any.

When the days were slow, and he didn't have enough work to occupy himself entirely, his mind would wonder after her. He'd think about what would happen if he did decide to follow her home one day.

He visualized himself waiting until dark, and then standing outside her window, perhaps positioned in a tree or on her roof it it was two stories.
He imagined her window would be left open, Kagome seemed like too naive of a girl to suspect anyone would be interested in watching her undress.
She'd take off that stiff (but very flattering) uniform top that had been so tight across her plump, young breasts.
She'd unzip that plaited skirt and it'd fall down to her ankles, and she'd kick it off to the side with her top.
Then she'd unfasten her bra and toss it aside.
The cool air on her bare breasts would make her nipples pucker into solid little pebbles, and she'd be wearing nothing now but some sort of skimpy panties. She'd pull on a thin cotton night shirt, and then shut off the lights.

That's when he would slide into her room, as stealthily and undetectable as a shadow. It would be the hardest part, actually making contact with her.

He'd have to be swift enough to stop a scream, but also gentle enough not to crush her.
After a few seconds of focusing himself, he'd launch himself on to her, clapping his hand over her mouth before she could even gasp, all in one swift, graceful movement.

Straddling her, he could keep her arms at her sides, have one hand against the mattress to support his weight, and use the other one to keep her quiet while he talked.
And he'd do all of this without causing her any sort of pain. He doubted she'd be dumb enough to try to struggle. She'd be shaking in his arms like a caught rabbit.

He'd then lean to her, so close to her ear that his lips would brush it when he talked.
Softly he'd say, "Don't be scared Kagome, I'm not going to hurt you."
She'd probably tense up at the sound of her name.

"Don't think of me as a stranger, okay? Think of me as an acquaintance who just wants to get to know you a little better."
He imagined what her trembling would be doing to the round swells of her breasts that'd be brushing against his chest, and what that would do to his concentration while he was talking to her.

"My name is Inuyasha, and for some inexplicable reason, I've become very taken by you. It's as strange to me as it sounds to you, let me promise you that."

He'd smile a bit at her, trying to comfort her from the terror of being ambushed in the middle of the night in your own bedroom. He would the most forceful erection, there was no way she wouldn't notice, but he'd pray she wasn't paying attention to it.

"I just want you to hear me through," he'd reassure her, "then I'll take my hand off your mouth, and you can scream as loudly as you want.

"But as I had been saying, this is completely new for me. I've never been so fixated on anyone or anything before. So yeah, I might be handling this the wrong way, but honestly Kagome, I've been as confused as you are for a little while now, I couldn't take it any longer, so I had to do something. And this is all I could think of."

He'd smirk at her in a friendly way, and she'd be concentrating on trying to see his features in the darkness.
"So I'm not bad, and I'm not here to hurt you." He'd tell her with finality, as he'd take his hand off her mouth.

He could see her staring up at him with big, curious eyes, but the trembling would of slowed down by now, especially if she decided not to scream.

"What do you want from me," she'd finally whisper back to him.
In his fantasy, he wouldn't answer her, he'd show her.

His mouth that had just been holding a quiet conversation with her in the darkness would now nibble gently on her ear. She'd gasp when she felt his fangs, not that they were hurting her, but out of surprise.
Just the fact that he was a half demon, and the dangers of being alone with on, especially in an intimate setting like this. But she wouldn't stop him.
He'd continue to glide down her neck and across her collarbone with his mouth. She'd be trembling again, but it wouldn't be from fear.

"Trust me," he'd mutter into the baby soft skin of her neck,
"I trust you," she'd whisper back breathlessly.

His lips would glide over one of those breasts that had been teasing him this whole time. He could imagine his mouth catching on the hard protrusion of one of her nipples, and how she'd gasp quietly in surprise when he'd start sucking on it through her shirt.
His free hand would being playing with her other breast, roughly caressing it and making himself more and more frantic for her.
Her legs would move anxiously, wanting more.
The smell of her being turned on would drive him crazy. He longed to tear off her shirt and feel the soft suppleness of her breasts against his own skin.
And the only thing separating him from her tight, wet virgin vagina would be the thin material of the panties she'd worn to bed.
His penis would literally be throbbing for her, as he'd gently help her arch her back so he could pull her panties off and finally have her.
Her perfect creamy legs would be spread apart, begging for his invasion, begging for him to take her innocence. She'd be moaning for him to satisfy her.
"Inuyasha," she'd sigh breathlessly..

"Mr. Inuyasha?"
Inuyasha's eyes snapped open and he was in his office again, at his desk,with the most obnoxious boner.
"What is it?" he snapped at his secretary for interrupting his daydream. He was also a little embarrassed to be caught dozing off on the job.
"We're closing." she said, a bit surprised at his uncalled for hostility. But it wasn't entirely unusual for him to behave less than politely.
"I just thought I'd remind you, you've been so absentminded lately," she muttered as she shut the door behind her.
Inuyasha sighed agitatedly and wondered idly if he'd ever be able to function again.