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"Azarath Metrion Zinthos… Azarath Metrion Zintho-"

"Rae, you've been meditating for the past three hours. Don't those words eventually give you a headache?"

Raven stopped her chanting, but didn't move a muscle. After a brief awkward silence, Beast Boy took the hint. Getting Raven mad was the last thing he wanted to do, though it often seemed to be the only thing he was capable of.

"Sorry. Forget I said anything" Beast Boy mumbled with his head hung in discontent as he began to leave the common room of Titans Tower.

Raven remained silent and motionless, floating in place facing the window. Although she was happy Beast Boy was actually going to leave her alone for once, she also held just enough guilt to hold off beginning her mantra again.

'Why should I feel sorry for the immature brat? He knows very well I hate interruptions when meditating.' Raven reasoned, trying to shrug off the guilt.

'But it wasn't like he was intentionally trying to bug me. I have been meditating for a while. He's probably bored as all hell, and one little question is all he's asked this whole time. The least he deserves is an answer.'

Beast Boy was almost up the steps to the door to the hall when he heard a faint, but familiar voice deadpan "No."

"Huh?" He turned towards Raven's direction; half expecting he was just hearing things.

Raven didn't turn, but opened her eyes to stare at Beast Boys' reflection in the window "It's my way of focusing my energy, and relaxing. If it gave me a headache-"

"YO B!" Cyborg shouted, practically running though the doors the second they opened, and almost plowing right through his green friend.

"AHHH!!!!" Beast Boy yelped in surprise, almost hitting the ceiling before landing right in the metal teens arms. Beast Boy quickly jumped out of the embrace to face his friend with a stern face and pointing finger."Don't ever scare me like that again CY!! It's not cool." his deeper voice clearly trying to hide the fact that he had screamed like a little school girl not seconds before.

Raven, who had seen the whole incident in the window couldn't help but show a smirk on her face.

"Guess I'll inform the villains of Jump City that yelling your name is prohibited then."

"Dude! You almost ran me over!"

"Maybe you shouldn't be standing in doorways," Raven stated as she headed for the kitchen to make some tea.

Cy couldn't help but chuckle at the remark. Beast Boy on the other hand was in fumes, but couldn't find a remark as his eyes darted between his two opponents. Finally realizing that stammering was getting him nowhere, he slouched in defeat.

"Oh brighten up B." Cy said, mentally accepting and noting another win against his green friend. "Look what I managed to pick up on my way back from my da… the store".

Beast Boy gave a quizzical look at the sudden correction, but failed to care the moment he saw what Cyborg was dangling in front of his face.

"SUPER MEGA MONKEY MANIA 7?!?!?! DUUUUUDE!!!! How did you… where did you… I thought the whole West Coast was sold out!!" Beast Boy, in utter shock, and giddiness snatched the game from Cyborg's hand, and eyes widening by the second, uttered "You're my hero" before running top speed for the console to plug it in.

"Hey, wait up!"Cyborg shouted to a now distant Beast Boy across the room. "I call first player!"

Raven, overhearing the conversation while waiting for her tea, had put two and two together, and before Cyborg even took a step, she directed an oddly curious-sounding monotone at him. "I take it Bee is back in town?" Cyborg froze in his tracks.


"A wild guess that you just confirmed". Raven couldn't hold back a devilish grin.

"C'mon Rae, that's not fair. What gave it away?" Cy was doing his best to keep the conversation only audible between Raven and himself.

Having now finished making her tea, Raven began making her way to the door. "The slipup about your date didn't help. And being from the East, she was probably the one who got that game as well. Just don't tell me that's the only reason you two met up" she paused just behind Cyborg, waiting for his response.

Cy was still frozen in surprise and fear that his "secret" may no longer be a secret. He wondered if Beast Boy might have caught the connection as well, but highly doubted it. "Uhhhhh…." he managed to utter.

"Boys." Raven almost spat out, disgusted that her teammate just had his unofficial "girlfriend" drag her sorry butt across the US to bring him some stupid game.

"Rae, pleease don't tell anyone. I swear, I'll do-"

"Hey CY! You coming or not man?! Afraid I'll kick your butt?" Beast Boy called from the couch.

"Whatever." Raven said monotonously before heading up the stairs and through the door.

Cy replied with a weak "Thanks" before heading over to his green friend who was still sorting out how to taunt his opponents with rude gestures. "Not before your butt is whooped, grass stain!"

Raven heard the two boys start yelling at each other as the doors shut behind her.

'Well, the silence was nice while it lasted' Raven thought to herself as she headed down the hallway to her room.

A few hours later, Beast Boy and Cyborg had finally given up beating each other to a pulp, and were now blowing through the new game on co-op.

A few floors below, the garage to Titans Tower opened up, and a bright red R-Cycle zoomed in before screeching to a halt. Both its occupants were a bit damp, and tense, but as Robin turned the motor off, the two relaxed just a bit.

"Looks like we made it just in time" Robin observed.

"Perhaps if we had left a minute earlier, we would not be as damp" Starfirereplied, as she hopped off the back of the R-Cycle. Robin gave a small chuckle at that remark.

"Yeah, that and maybe if we didn't hit all the stoplights in the city, we wouldn't be racing home". The two had gone out of the city for the day, but as far as any of the other titans knew, they were just "heading out" to nowhere in particular. It was all Starfire's idea of course, but Robin couldn't say no to a few hours of fresh air and a change in scenery.

"I still do not understand why one must stop at a light for so long when there is clearly no one else at the intersection." Starfire said as she pondered the many times this had occurred on their way home.

"Me either Star, but it's the law"

The two made their way up the stairs, and headed to the common room while Star tried desperately to get her hair back in order. As the two got closer to the doors, Robin suddenly realized how late it was, and how this would look to his friends. 'Hopefully they won't notice' is all he thought as the doors swooshed open in front of them. To his surprise, the room was relatively quiet for all three of his friends occupying it at once. Usually, Cy and Beast Boy would be at each other's throats while playing games, and/or Raven would be screaming at them to shut up.

"Greetings friends!" Starfire exclaimed happily as she flew into the room, also curious as to why CY and BB were so quiet.

Raven had decided to come back down to make her last cup of tea for the night, and pried her eyes from the kettle she had been staring at to look up at a cheery Star, and slightly stiff, damp Boy Wonder.

"Hey Star. Robin. …you look… damp. Where have you been?" she searched Robins face for some clues.

"Yeah! It's like… 10! You guys have been gone for like… uh…"Beast Boy struggled with the math for a second before Raven saved him the trouble "Seven hours".

Robin was fidgeting with his cape now, trying to take it off to dry. He would let Starfire do the explanation, since it would sound suspicious coming from him. All he could do is think 'please Star, just don't make it obvious'. That's when he caught Raven staring at him.

"Oh! It was a wondrous adventure!" Star exclaimed. "Robin and I went exploring, and saw many fields of flowers, and trees, and met the most kind people I have met in a long time. The nature outside of our city is most beautiful. And the pies remind me of the glanporg of my world, which are only served on special occasions. And the air! It smells so clean! Oh Raven, Cyborg, Beast Boy, you all must experience this place outside our city! It is most Glorious!"

"It was actually kind of relaxing to tell the truth" Robin added, draping his cape over a nearby chair. "That is, until we reached the city, and saw the clouds rolling in."

"Is that why you smell like a wet dog?" Cy asked as Robin plopped down on the couch next to him, trying to play it cool.

"It's not my fault the R-Cycle isn't waterproof. Besides, we made it just in time." Robin motioned to the window, where it was clearly pouring outside the tower. He decided now would be a good time to change the subject. "So… is this a new game? I haven't seen you guys playing it before."

"Yeah man! Our buddy Cy here is the luckiest man on Earth! He's like the only guy on the whole West Coast that was able to get SUPER MEGA MONKEY MANIA 7!!" Beast Boy tried to explain as he kept one eye on the screen and mashed away at the buttons on his controller. Raven just rolled her eyes.

"But when you two usually play the videogames, you are usually yelling as to whose butt is to be whooped the most, correct?" Starfire asked quizzically, as she took her seat next to Robin.

"Yeah, but there's a new co-op mode where we can fight together against an onslaught of enemies!" Cy explained.

"So you are not doing the butt whooping to each other then?" Star found this to be very odd, considering that anytime the two played a game, they were always fighting each other.

"Nah, but the computer's totally getting its butt kicked!" Beast Boy chimed in as he took out a whole slew of enemies nearby.

"And it keeps them a lot quieter too" Raven added quite dryly before she took a sip of her tea. But she felt that Robin and Star still had some questions to be answered about their little excursion.

"Soo… what made you two venture outside the city?" she asked over Robins shoulder. She could sense him tense up the very moment she finished.

"Uhh…" Robin scratched the back of his head, searching for a way to get himself out of this. He laughed nervously, "well… um… I haven't uh, really… you know… been outside the city in a while." He looked over to Star in hopes that she could possibly save him.

"I thought you two were just 'heading out' and didn't know where you were going" Raven was absolutely loving watching Robin start to crumble under her questions.

"Uh... y-yeah… well… we didn't really…" Robin stuttered as he felt Ravens eyes bear down on the back of his neck. Man was he busted.

"We were going to ride to the park, and I asked Robin if perhaps we could go see someplace new, so we headed outside the city, and found a cute little place where the people were nice, and ate the most scrumptious meal, and then explored the hills and fields and rivers" Star began relaying what had happened earlier that day. Cyborg and Beast Boy started to giggle at the last few comments.

"Robin, you just don't seem like the exploring type" Cy elbowed his friend in the ribs, trying to hold back his laughter. Robin just sat there, hoping the tormenting would end soon.

"Well, you two weren't the only ones having fun today" Raven glanced over at Cy, who immediately shot her a death glare.

"ahahaha… wait… what?" Beast Boy burst out laughing before realizing he didn't understand Ravens comment. Cy had just gone to some store, Raven had been meditating all day, and he had just sat and watched. How was any of that considered fun to her?

"Glad to hear" Robin managed to grumble, still staring at his lap with his head hung low.

Realizing that she wouldn't squeeze any more out of the 'couple', and ignoring Beast Boy completely, she turned and headed for her room. "I'm headed to bed. Try to keep it down."

"Night Rae" came Cy's voice. BB was still pondering her weird comment, but managed a "will do".

Robin finally relaxed at Ravens' words, realizing that she was finally off his back. 'I only did it to myself' he thought. 'I should've known someone would be curious. I could've just gone straight to bed, and avoided all the questions'. But he just couldn't stand the thought of Starfire answering all the questions herself, and possibly making it sound like they had gone out on some sort of… date or something. He had to stay and make sure of that.

Starfire gave out a big yawn as she slowly got up from her seat. "I think I will follow friend Raven to bed now. I am very tired."

"Yeah, I'm getting' kinda sleepy too." Cyborg said as his character was slowly overtaken by a bunch of enemies.

"Dude, don't make me have to save your butt" Beast Boy replied while trying to save his friend from death.

"BB, we've been playing for a while, and it's getting kinda late" was all Cy said as he pressed the pause button. "I think I'm done for the night".

"Aww maaaan" BB let out, a little frustrated that his friend was calling it quits. "But its not even 11 yet!"

"Sorry B, I'm tired. It's been a long day". Cy got up, and stretched before heading off to the doorway with Star. "We can finish up tomorrow" he said over his shoulder.

"But what if some bad guy is up to no good, and we end up fighting all day, and…" the green teen trailed off, realizing the doors had shut, and Cy was long gone. He gave out a grunt, and reluctantly saved the game before turning off the console. The hum it had been emitting, slowly died down, and the room became silent, apart from the rain pattering against the big windows in the room. Beast Boy looked over to the other side of the couch to suddenly realize that Robin was still sitting there, with a blank gaze into the distance.

"Helllooooo…!" Beast Boy frantically waved his arms in front of the masked face. "Earth to Robin! Come in Robin!" Robin continued to stare, absentmindedly replaying his day over in his head. He thought about how nice it had been to just relax, take his mind off of villains for a day. And of course, being alone with Starfire had been a definite plus to the experience. Her innocent laughter filled his mind as he slowly drifted back to reality. Apparently, everyone except Beast Boy had left the room while he hadn't been paying attention. 'Figures they'd all leave me with the annoying one' he thought waving the changeling out of his face.

"Well…" he said. "I need to change out of these, and then I think I'm headed to bed too" Robin felt his shirt, and found all but the waist mostly dry.

"You too?!?" Beast Boy whined. Robin gave a weak laugh as he got up to retrieve his cape.

"We've got training early tomorrow morning; you should be heading there soon yourself"

Beast Boy gave out a sigh of defeat. "Geez… I must be in a house of grandparents… everyone going to bed early and whatnot."

"People don't normally go to bed at three in the morning either Beast Boy" Robin chuckled. The two headed down the hall towards their rooms.

"I guess… " was all BB could come up with, as Robin departed to his own room. As he passed one particular room, he slowed hesitantly.

"Night Rae" He spoke softly, and finished his journey to his room at the end of the hall.


Meanwhile, Raven was at the foot of her bed, levitating in her meditativestance. A soft roll of thunder came to her ears as she thought about her friends. All of this strange behavior was going on, and it troubled her to think that everyone was beginning to separate from the team. It was becoming a family that kept secrets from itself. Star and Robin going out on secret excursions, Cy sneaking out for dates with Bumblebee, and what troubled her most was Beast Boys' strange actions. The whole day he had sat, watching her, quiet as ever, and then after one remark, he gave up without so much as a word from her. This was all very strange coming from the usually boisterous and hyperactively annoying teen. 'Why?' she thought, as she swore she heard a voice outside her door mumble a goodnight.

'Beast Boy?' she asked in her head, rather than out loud as she hoped. Her eyes opened, and stared at her door as she came to a rest on her mattress. Taking the last sip from her now lukewarm tea, she got up to see if anyone was outside her door. She paused halfway, as a flash of lightning temporarily destroyed her night vision. When she reached the door, the thunder masked the noise as she slowly slid it open. Her pale face looked both ways down the hall before stepping out of her room, searching for any sign of who had stood where she was just moments before. Coming across no clues, she decided to head towards the door that conveniently hid the notorious pigsty of the house. Upon reaching the door, she found herself pausing.

'What are you doing Raven? He's fine. Just an odd day or something. Maybe he was just thinking about Terra again' she tried reassuring herself. 'No… he would've just stayed in his room if that was it. And he was being oddly sympathetic towards me. Usually thinking of Terra makes him mad at me.' At this point, Raven was unsure whether to knock, or turn around. 'Whatever it is, he's a big boy, I'm sure he can handle it himself' she gave a last attempt to convince herself to turn and leave, but found that her fist was hanging in midair, just inches from the door. A few short moments later, she found it knocking softly at the door.

Beast Boy lay on his bed, staring up at the ceiling, clearly too awake to go to bed this early. He kicked his boots off, and they landed in one of the many piles strewn about his room. His mind began to drift, but was interrupted when he heard two soft knocks at his door. Not knowing who the heck it could be, he jumped off his bunk, and opened the door to reveal a cloaked figure with a rather troubled look on her face.

"Raven?" he questioned, wondering what brought her to his room at this time of night.

There was a slight pause before she replied "Beast Boy… is everything alright?" She was still trying to find a reason to explain what she was doing and why. If not for Beast Boy, then most definitely for herself.

"Uh… yeah," Beast Boy started; confused as to why she thought something was wrong with him. He motioned her to come in, and he began walking to his desk chair. "why do you ask?" he sat down.

Hesitantly, Raven entered the room, careful not to trip over the mess strewn about the floor. "You… just seemed… quiet today. Well… until Cy came back, that is."

Beast Boy couldn't really explain it either. He knew Raven liked the silence, but for him to sit still for hours that way wasn't like him. "Just bored I guess" he finally decided, and shrugged.

"Yet, the one question you ask me all day, you didn't push? I'm not buying it. There's something more." Raven pressed as she found a seat on the bottom bunk of the changeling's bed.

"Yeah, sorry about that…." He trailed off before he continued. "I know you hate when I bug you while you're meditating. Like I said," he shrugged, "I guess I was just…"

Before he finished, a streak of lightning flashed outside, and the lights in his room went out. "…bored" he growled. Being awake with nothing to do was bad, but to have to sit in the dark with nothing to do would drive him nuts.

"Guess it's an early 'lights out'" Ravens voice came from across the room.

"Yeah, guess so" Beast Boy mumbled.

"You sure that's all it was?" Raven asked after a short awkward silence. Her hopes were that it was, but she questioned herself as to if it were really true.

Apparently her words had come out a little more hostile than she thought. "Yes Raven. I'm sure." Beast Boy confirmed, a slight aggravation creeping into his voice.

Raven took this as her cue, and got up and tried making her way through the darkness to the door before tripping over something.

"Oof" she gaveout as she landed with a thud on the floor. Beast Boy hearing it, gave out a quick chuckle.

"You OK Rae?" he got up, and began searching for her on the floor with his hands.

"Fine." She deadpanned. "You know, it wouldn't kill ya to clean your room once in a while. At least make a path or something."

Beast Boy laughed as he found her hand and helped her up. "What's the matter? Queen of darkness can't find her way around in the dark?"

"Not when the whole floor is a giant booby-trap"

"Good point. Only someone with mad skillz like me could do something like that." Raven thought she saw him strike a goofy pose as the room filled with another flash of lightning.

"Only you would need skills to walk through a mess in the dark" Raven shook her head at how stupid he sounded.

A rumble of thunder occupied the next few moments as she carefully made her way to the door. "Guess I'll see you tomorrow." She took a step outside the room before turning. "…and Beast Boy? If anything's wrong,… I'll be here to talk."

"Thanks" Beast Boy smiled as he looked into her reassuring eyes. "Night Rae."

The changeling's soft, comforting tone took Raven by surprise. "Night BB" she almost whispered as she turned and shut the door behind her.

Were it any other time, he would have given her such a hard time for actually using his nickname. But at the moment, it just didn't feel right. Something special had just happened, as they locked eyes and said their good-nights. He wasn't quite sure what, but whatever it was, he liked it.

Raven on the other hand was almost completely petrified, as she stood outside his door with a blush creeping across her face. 'What just happened?' She asked herself within the confines of her head. 'Why am I blushing? Why did I say I'd be there to talk? Why did I worry about him? Why did I enter his room? Why did I knock? Why, why, why?' Her mind felt like it was strangling itself to squeeze out an answer.

'You did it because you care about him, and apparently, he cares about you too.' Suddenly, she felt a tingle go up her spine, and she watched a light in the hall go black before it exploded.

"No…" she let out in a soft, whimpering whisper; a look of shock and fear written all over her face. Then, as quickly as the light had shattered, her eyes narrowed, eyebrows furrowed as ever, and she began storming off to her room.

'How could I possibly like Beast Boy!?' she yelled in her head. The angry screams were so loud, they began to echo, causing her head to feel that much worse. 'He's nothing but an Immature, Illiterate, Idiotic, Videogame-playing, Vegan… Freak! His only goal in life is to annoy the hell out of you! The only reason you put up with him and his idiotic 'humor' is because he's on your team. YOUR team. Hell, even his old team didn't want him.' A flash of lightning filled the hall as she entered her room and headed for her bed, fists clenched. 'He thinks he's sooo badass too. "Oh, look at me! I'm a friggen T-Rex!" Pfft. All he ever does in fights is just get thrown around like a toy! And does he just land on the ground somewhere? NO! He almost always lands on one of his own teammates! I mean, half of my injuries are because of that snot colored brat. Why, in all of Azars wrath could I possibly care about him?' She slowly focused her eyes, and turned to find that most of her bedroom was covered in black, hovering inches above the ground. Books, potions, statues, and candles were strewn about the air, hanging in each of their own black auras. Taking a deep breath, she let out a sigh, and began putting things back in their places. As the cluttered air thinned out, one item in particular, caught her eye. She brought it closer.

"Well Brave…" she smirked as she grasped it in her hand. "I hope you're up for a long night of sparring."

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