Author's Note: Written for the E/O Drabble Challenge. After four weeks of silence I finally have time to play again! The word to include was "shoe".

Disclaimer: My shoes don't squeek (you figure it out)

Word count: 100 (easy)

In Another's Shoes

Dean watched his father's pale, unconscious form.

What if he didn't wake up?

His gaze travelled over to Sammy, asleep in the chair.

Their father had sacrificed himself to save them – a source of pride. And guilt.

If John didn't pull through Dean would call Pastor Jim and… become his father?

Big shoes to fill.

He'd get a permanent SSN.

Take a job.

Rent an apartment.

Make sure Sammy stayed in school.

His thoughts tentatively touched the idea of… normality.

Marriage? Giving up hunting? Maybe…

John sighed and opened his eyes.

"Welcome back, sir" Dean smiled, guiltily burying his musings.

It's good to be back and I swear, people have become even BETTER since last I played!