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This is set as if its WW3 mostly, but just between Russia and America. Also inspired by Servant no Maple/ Servant of Evil (youtube it!), Canada taking Americas place and receiving judgement. The question is, what started all of this?

Matthew slowly bubbled up to a conscious level, his thoughts and mentality lethargic from the sedatives used on him. The cold had worked through his winter clothes and pricked at his body, stealing his warmth, any warmth he had left. It felt controlling, invading, had freezing temperatures been this cruel? This was not the same weather he lived in, this was more… heartless. Where was he? Matthew struggled to remember, but in his condition it was hard to even think, the drug hadn't worn all the way off.

Since he couldn't remember, he'd have to see for himself where he was. Groaning a bit, he tried to get rid of the haze that covered his eyes. All he saw was black. He couldn't see anything at all, was he blindfolded? He still had his glasses on. He tugged his arm only to have the other follow with, awkwardly stuck behind his back chained together. It slowly dawned on his… position. He was chained to a corner(he found this out when he shifted, hitting a wall on either side), his hands behind him and a leg chained to a wall on either side. He flushed in embarrassment, his legs were wide open and he couldn't do a thing about that. In fact, all he could do was move his head and wiggle his hips. He felt dirty, why was he in such an perverted situation?! What he hated even more was that the drug had still not worn off, all his movements and investigating was sluggish and drowsy.

Matthew dropped his head back into the crease of the corner, pondering if he should just slip into peaceful sleep again. He had to really concentrate to stay awake; it would be so easy just drifting off... the sound of an opening door was so far away, he barely even heard it. He didn't even hear the click of boots and the opening of another door until light flared in his vision, temporary blinding him. "Ah, my little Capitalist is awake, da?" That voice! That child-like, psychotic voice! Matt flinched away from the light and the glove covered hand that gently stroked his face. "I-ivan?" He was surprised he had the energy to speak. He raised his head to see the Russian, but was harshly slapped across the face. "You are so brave to call me by my human name, but I won't allow it my dear. You're mine now, all mine and you will obey all I say."

Matthew was confused. He didn't belong to Ivan! Sure, they were friends, but he never let the other touch him other than a pat on the shoulder. What had he done to make the Russian to think otherwise? Then he remembered.

Alfred was not himself.

"You have to listen! He has spies in every country, every government! He's going to destroy us all!"

It was worst then with the Cold War. Alfred spent weeks locked in his house, only to come out and try to reason with them.

Arthur had enough and chewed him out.

"You've gone insane!! You're off your trolley! Russia hasn't done anything!"

"Please, Arthur, listen to me. He's feeding everyone lies. He has secret plans. Don't fall for it, please…"

Alfred begged them both to believe him, neither did.

Alfred was the first to launch a nuke.

He had bags under his eyes, he looked so nervous, as if there was someone else there and shook so much you felt he might fall apart right in front of you.

Matthew tried to reason with him, but Alfred wouldn't listen.

"I won't let him win."

Russia sent nukes back, hitting Alfred all over the board.

He looked so sick. So pale, so fragile.

Alfred still sent more nukes, blood dripping from his mouth.

He got worse, too sick. Too sick to even fight the invasion.

He was coming for him. Matthew wouldn't sit back and watch it happen.

Not when they were twins.

Matt stole his coat, cut his hair (except the curl) and kissed his weak big brother goodbye.

"Stay hidden" was the last thing he said to him, the other sobbing in the secret bomb shelter.

They broke the door down and tackled him, gagged him and drugged him.

Because to them he was Alfred F. Jones.

The felt the memories jolted through him like lightning, bringing new energy. He wasn't Matthew or Canada; he was Alfred, he was America. He had to, to protect his brother. Matthew was so glad he and Alfred had dressed up as each other for Halloween a few times. Matthew took a deep breath and smirked. "I don't have to listen to you, commie bastard." Russia delivered another harsh smack to his face, causing his glasses to skid onto the floor. Matt knew it made the other mad, but he had to act the part. He'd do anything so the Russian would keep thinking he was America and not Canada.

The other giggled, lifting his chin again to face him. Russia had an ear to ear smile, his purple eyes gleaming with… excitement? He couldn't see too well now that his glasses were gone, but the other was close enough to get the major details. They're breath collided from proximity and it made Matt shiver, what was he thinking? Russia purred, licking his cheek and withdrawing a few feet. "Oh, America; it'll be so fun to break you." Break him? Oh no… "In your dreams you insane maniac-" Metal collided with his chin, scrapping the two walls beside him too, cutting him off. Pain muddled his already mesh of a mind making the room spin around and around… The other kicked him for good measure, knocking all the wind out and bruising a rib or two.

Matthew coughed in reflex and mentally cursed everything he could think of. His eye lids drooped heavily and his whole body was limp. In this state he couldn't put up a fight, but he needed to keep the other away from America. He needed to distract.

Russia sighed and leaned in again. Matt realized too late that he had a cloth which he covered his face in, drowning him in chloroform. He tried to pull away but the other wormed a hand into his blond locks and held him there. "You need to learn matters first it seems. But for now I must return to the battlefront." He whispered so sweet and warm, it made it sound like he almost cared. "Nnnooo…" Matt was able to slur out before he fell backwards into the darkness of cold, uncaring unconsciousness.

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