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A month pasted by without Matthew even knowing. For him, time had ceased to exist. There was no clock or sun to help. Ivan's "lessons" would help, if Ivan visited on a daily basis. Sometimes he'd come back just a bit after they finished; other times Matt's wounds had began to heal before Ivan came back. Ivan might torture him for hours or just for a few minutes, but he always brought him food or water to use against him. He hadn't tried to touch him since then and oddly that made him feel even dirtier than if he had. It was as if he was disgusting and undesirable now.

After a particularly harsh lesson Ivan did broke that 'no touch' streak. He trailed a hand lightly up the younger's chest to cup his face lightly. Matthew couldn't think. His mind felt disconnected from the clumsy, heavy body that still hung from its arms. "You are getting better at this. Soon you'll be kissing the ground I walk on." He could feel that vodka soaked breath on his skin and it made him want to puke. A whitty remark, come on! He was known for them!!
"N…not until… it's c….covered in your….blood… commie bastard." His voice was so harsh and breathless. It reminded him of his brother, how he sounded when he saw him last. Did he still sound like this? How much longer did he have to wait?

Ivan's free hand found a healing wound to press, delighting in the yell that erupted in response. "Keep it up Alfred, you'll be dead by the week is out. Your country's gone. Can you feel it? Your boundaries simply disappearing into nothingness and soon, you too will disappear." He whispered the last part, making sure he'd listen to every word. "I-i'll strive…. Survive… I'll save…. Everyone. I'm…I'm the hero." He was the hero here. He'd take everything he did and more. No one could stop him.

Ivan smiled against his neck and licked him. "Still a bad dog. We'll have to deal with this." Without another word he unlocked Matt's hands, causing the nation to instantly loose balance and fall onto his legs. He had lost feeling in his arms weeks ago and his legs were completely useless. Matthew saw one of his legs, bent at an awkward angle, and understood what had happened. He screamed, the pain from his leg finally hitting him as Ivan made haste of the locks on his bruised ankles.

The Russian easily pulled the other into his embrace and picked him up, carrying him out of the wretched room. Matt pushed weakly against the arms crushing his already small and bruised frame. His arms were just too weak, they didn't even bother the other. Matt still wiggled and struggled within his grip, even daring to try and bite him. "Tsk tsk, such a bad dog!! I treat you with this and you bite me!! You have been raised so badly by Arthur." Matt growled with an anger he never knew he had. "D….don't…you dare…. Talk about….Arthur….that way!!" He just shrugged and continued on his way.

He took the younger into blinding light of the rest of the house. The halls were expansive, seeming over 10 feet high and decorated in lavishing colors. Everything was neat and clean, as if it was never touched by man. Ivan carried him through a small portion of the house before taking him outside and dumping him easily into the even brighter a second all he could see was the purest of pure white, making him think of the blizzards of his home. But then red seeped into his vision. Red of his own blood.

Matthew rolled over, which was pretty difficult without the use of his arms and gazed up at the grey sky. Snow fell lightly on him, but he didn't feel the cold. He had long adjusted to what he had come to call General Winter, hoping it was what Ivan had always spoke to him about. The unusual cold of his snow, his wind, his land; there had to be someone behind it. He was so numb that he didn't feel when Ivan slipped a thick rope around his neck until he was being dragged by it like some leash. It cut off his throat and he chocked. He snapped his once useless hands up to claw at the hold, but it relaxed before he got anywhere. "There. Now you cannot run away little Alfred."

Ivan had tied him to a frozen pole in the middle of his yard with no shelter or food bowl. He struggled to sit up, but the others foot connected with his jaw and knocked him back down. "Dogs don't sit up silly. They crawl and lie." A certain tone dripped into his voice, making Matt shake in fear. The boot stepped down onto his already bloodied and scarred chest. Matt winced but gave the other no noise. "What's this? You've finally learned quite? It's too late for that lesson." He pressed down more, ignoring another snap of something breaking.

A distant yell broke they're little world as 4 figures approached. Slowly the snow gave away to they're features revealing Felix, Toris, Eduward and Ravis. Each looked just as scared as the other, but also just as beaten. Toris was the first to react to the scene before them. "A-alfred?!" He ran and nearly dove for the other on the ground, if Ivan didn't hold him back. "Toris! I'm so glad to see you've decided to join me again! This time to stay, da?"

Toris turned just as white as the snow around them. "O-of course Mr. Ivan. A-and I thank you for negotiating with each of us to better see our problems." The rest of the group had caught up and now Matt could see the extent of their injuries. They looked as if someone had senselessly beaten them, each of them having various bruises and Felix sporting a broken arm.

"Good. You have nowhere else to go anyways,da? No where left to go." Ivan pressed down on Matt's chest. He coughed and spat up blood, further driving Ivan's point. They're hero lay under Ivan's boot. They couldn't flee anymore. The group gazed down on their crushed hope and Matt tried to smile back up at them.

"Come now!!" Ivan opened his arms wide to them, his creepy smile back. "let us go inside, da? It is cold out here." And with that, he led them into the house, leaving Matt behind. A few times Toris looked back at him sadly. Matt tried to yell to him, but it came out as a whisper. "Please."
"Please, keep hope."

Matthew laid there gazing up at the grey sky; snow falling deafly onto him. He couldn't even feel his pain anymore. He just felt the throb of his own heart. Pounding. Pounding. Was it slowing? Was it even changing? He had lost all feeling long ago. The sun had fallen and risen already and all he did was lay there and stare at the sky. Was he trembling? He was still warm enough to melt the snow around him. Wasn't he? He lifted his lead filled head as far as he could. There was an outline of his body. Yeah, he was still warm. How long would he lay there? Lay? What had Ivan said? Lie? Did Al ever lie? No, he helped. He helped all.

The snow sped up, more and more piling over him. It didn't melt now. He couldn't die, nations didn't die. He couldn't die…lie…

"Alfred?" He snapped awake. Toris was leaning over him, his eyes full of worry and remorse. "Oh thank goodness!! I thought you'd fallen into a coma!" The brunette admitted with a weak smile.

Toris had convinced Ivan on the third day of him being outside, that he needed medical attention. The other had cleaned his whip injuries the best he could and re-set the broken leg and two broken ribs. Then he waited a week for him to wake up from his hypothermic sleep.

"I can't believe it's come to this." Toris looked so tired compared to a week and a half ago. "I always thought you'd be the last to fall to Ivan, but… I guess without any help even a hero can be weak." He sulked, sinking into the seat next to the clean white bed. No, he had gotten the wrong idea!!

"No, Toris!! I'm not weak!!" He jumped, almost right into the air. "I-I'm just planning!! Just you wait! I've got something up my sleeve!" The other looked confused. "But… you're not wearing a shirt."
Alfred chuckled at the others remark, didn't he get figures of speech? "Just wait Toris, after I'm better I'll save everyone." They both felt this was a lie, built just to bring hope but they accepted it. "Alright Alfred. I hope you do. Ivan's… Ivan's collecting nations." The room seemed to chill just by those words. "He's… he's attacking people and bringing them here. He already has Vash, Lili, Roderich and Elizaveta. He's going to Europe now."

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