Deja Vu (We've Never Said Goodbye)

Summary: What was just a regular hypnotism participation turned out to be a life changing experience for Jessie and Katie, for during their hypnotism two murdered lovers spirits came into them.

Disclaimer: I do not own Once or Again nor the characters of Jessica Sammler and Katherine Singer.

Rating: PG-13/T for now, might change to M/R

Author's Note: Finally got a beta-reader! But the more the better, so if you want to be one, go ahead and PM me!

Chapter 1: Deja Vu

In the beginning of Summer break 2006:

This night in Chicago's Lakeview area was like any other night in Chicago, nothing special except for two college girls. They were watching a hypnotist magician/comedian at Zanies Comedy Club; little did they know that from that night on, their lives would change forever.

The guy who was doing the magic/comedy show was none other than the so-called 'great' Andini, the Turkish magician/comedian. His specialty was hypnotism, and he usually hypnotized people to do really stupid stuff, things like bark like a dog or make them think they're 8 years old again.

"Quack Quack!" went one of his victims, I mean, err... volunteers. The audience in the club was laughing hysterically as they watched the woman onstage acting like a duck. While this was going on, the magician was thinking, in Turkish, 'This is perfect, she looks like a duck anyway.' After he'd finally brought her back to the real world, he searched the audience for more volunteers to embarrass.

"Now! For my next act, I will hypnotize two people to think that they are in a horse race. Anybody willing to volunteer?" he said with a rather thick Turkish accent.

"Jessie, this'll be fun, let's volunteer!" Katie said with excitement.

"I don't know Katie; I don't like it when people laugh at me." Jessie mumbled.

"Oh, come on, sweetie! You gotta loosen up a bit. You've only got one life to live."

Jessie was always the cautious and the somewhat-insecure one in the relationship, but in the past, her levelheadedness had prevented Katie's somewhat reckless ways from getting them into quite a bit of trouble.

"Yeah but whenever I get laughed at, it brings back terrible memories of when people used to laugh at us in high school after they found out about us."

"First of all, this ain't fucking Upton Sinclair, no one here that I know went to school with us in. And second of all, even if they knew about us what can they do about it? Remember PFLAG had our backs in high school and if anything happens, they will have our backs again."

Jessie and Katie have been dating for three years since they went to high school together. Now they are attending Northwestern University. Katie was offered to go to UCLA and Jessie was offered to go to Yale but both declined due to their love for Chicago and more importantly, their love for each other. Besides, Northwestern is a highly respected school for academia.

"So don't worry about it, honey, everything will be fine," Katie told her gently, easing some of Jessie's worries.

"Alright then, go ahead." Jessie gave in reluctantly.

"Cool! You won't regret this, I promise!" Katie said happily as she kissed her on the forehead, leaving Jessie a bit shocked.

"Who is willing to volunteer for my next act, so that I can make a complete fool out of them?" Andini said with his dry and sarcastic humor, making the audience chuckle. With that attitude of his, if he wasn't so good at what he was doing, he wouldn't be able to get a job anywhere.

"We will!" Katie shouted from the audience.

"Ah, I see we got two people, now the fun can begin," he said with a sinister grin.

As they walk down to the stage, Andini kept that devilish grin plastered on his face, making Jessie start re-thinking her decision.

"I really don't like this, Katie," she muttered under her breath.

"Don't worry, he's just being an ass," she responded nonchalantly.

Finally they got on the stage and Andini came up to them with that grin still in place, "Well look here, two beautiful young ladies. If I didn't already have four wives, I would make both of you mine," he said with amusement as the crowd laughed. Of course none of it was true, for he was only on his second divorce. "Can you two lovely ladies tell me your names?"

Seeing that Jessie was still apprehensive about the whole thing, Katie took the mike from Andini and said "I'm Katie and this is my girlfriend, Jessie." Jessie was stunned at how openly Katie had just admitted their relationship to the club, but surprisingly nobody picked it up, they just assumed that it meant best friends. Jessie was really beginning to feel uneasy about this, first Katie kissed her on her forehead and now she told everybody that she's her girlfriend.

"Jessie, isn't that a boy's name?" He asked, in confusion.

Jessie glared at Andini and growled at him, "IT'S SHORT FOR JESSICA!"

That gave him some fright and he took an involuntary step back, "Well okay, I didn't know, English is not my first language!" He said tentatively. "Please don't tell me it's that time of the month for you!"

Jessie's face turned a deep shade of red but Katie quickly calmed her down. "Jessie, honey, don't pay him any mind," she whispered to her girlfriend. Jessie glanced at Katie and saw how calm she was. Jessie could be quite hotheaded, but seeing Katie so unphased and relax, she took a deep breath and chilled out.

"Let's just get this thing started. Do you two want to have the ride of your lives?"

"You bet!" Katie grinned excitedly.

"Do you, Jessie?"

"Umm I guess...yeah!" Jessie was trying to do her best to sound excited too, but in reality she was still pissed at Andini, as well as being unbelievably anxious about what was about to happen.

"Come on, Jessie, it's not gonna be that bad." Katie said softly to her with her usual assurance.

Andini backed her up, "She's right, it's just hypnotism. I can't force you to do anything that you don't want to do. Even though you're in a hypnotic state, you still have control of your mind. So are you two ready?" Both said yes in unison, so Andini gave them some instructions, "Now, you must look at the tip of this magic wand I'm holding. I want you to focus on the wand and nothing else. When I mean nothing else, I mean just that. Not even if Brad Pitt walks into this room! I don't want either of you to look at him." The audience laughed, but Katie was thinking of something else.

'If only he knew that Brad Pitt is so not my type, he's not even cute! Besides, I'd take Angelina Jolie over him any day!'

"I will first tell you to close your eyes, then I will say some magic words, and finally I will snap my fingers. By then you will have your eyes closed and each of you will be on your horse getting ready to race. You will not hear anyone else's voice in this room besides mine. I will give you the command to start the race. Okay now, here are the magic words, ah salami baloney balona sha na na jabroni all your base belongs to us noob noob shoo bop doo wop bubble yum swatch cheerios show me the money whoop this it is I pity da foo' wachoo talkin' bout willis." With that he finally snapped his finger, and, amazingly, the two girlss found themselves in a derby. They were seated on their horses wearing their jockey uniform.

"Now girls, you are in the Kentucky Derby racing for the roses and you have the two best horses in the race. Jessie, your horse is the glorious Dogbiscuit, and Katie your horse is the legendary Mister Ed," the audience laughed at that one.

"Why do I get the lazy horse that talks too much?" Katie asked with her eyes closed.

"Because he fits your personality very well!" Jessie giggled, her own eyes closed.

"Shut up, Jessie! I am so gonna kick your butt after this race is over!"

Andini and the audience couldn't help but laugh at their banter, "Okay, let's just get this race started!" he told them, still laughing. "Now, on your marks… get set… go!" And the imaginary race began.

Jessie and Katie were in their seats riding like they were really on horses. They were trying to giddy up their "horses" in a rather comical manner, making the audience laugh even harder. Andini was talking like a play-by-play announcer. Jessie was in the lead while Katie was getting frustrated with her horse.

"Will you stop talking about Wilbur and start running?" Katie scolded.

"I thought you two were made for each other. Go, Dogbiscuit, go!"

Andini was enjoying this as much as the audience was. The constant bickering banter between the two made it even more enjoyable.

"It looks like Dogbiscuit is leading the race, Mr. Ed is nowhere in sight!" he announced, trying to sound like Howard Cosell.

"Come on you stupid horse!" Katie shouted in frustration at her imaginary horse.

The hypnotism kept on going for a little more than a minute. Nothing much has changed; Jessie and Dogbiscuit were way ahead, while Katie and Mr. Ed were lagging behind. Then, Andini had the finishing line appear.

"Now here comes the finish line, can Katie and Mr. Ed make up the distance in time and win?"

"Not a chance!" Jessie grinned; her cocky tone was very unusual for her.

"And it looks like… Jessie and Dogbiscuit are the winners!"

Jessie punched the air in victory. The audience got a good laugh out of it. About five seconds later, Katie crossed the finish line too.

"Finally, Katie and Mr. Ed cross line. Man, I have to tell you, I've seen turtles moved faster than that!"

"Oh shut up, Andini, you gave me that sorry horse," she snapped. Andini didn't say anything, just laughed.

"Well now that the race is over, I'm going to interview the winner. So Jessie, tell me how do you feel? …Jessie? Jessie?" Panic started to set in when he realized she was no longer celebrating, and, instead, she stood completely still, not responding to him at all. He glanced over at Katie and saw that she was the exact same. He snapped his fingers but nothing happened, so he snapped them a few more times but he got the same result each time - nothing.

Deep in the back of his mind, he suspected something very bad was going on. He had his suspicions, based on past experience, as to what was going on, but of course he couldn't bring it to the audience's attention. The audience was completely confused, they hadn't a clue what was going on.

What Andini suspected was the cause for the sudden change in the two girls, was unwelcome intrusion of outside spirits who had taken over their bodies. Hypnotism puts people in a vulnerable state, making it relatively easy for spirits to take advantage of them. It's a deep, dark secret, known only by a few hypnotists, Andini being one of them.

His guess was correct, for at that very moment, both Jessie and Katie were reliving the spirits' pasts.