Finding us….

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Falling in love with Ginny had been easy, he still loved her, he knew that, but of late he had found himself wondering if she'd be the one he would have chosen had Voldemort not been there.

The first summer after the war had been difficult, had it not been for Ginny, he knew he would have fallen apart. Their relationship was put to its first test when she went back to school, but they managed perhaps because Ginny had more time than she did now or maybe because their love was still new. The three months after Ginny graduated from school had been great, they spent all his off days together exploring the physical and emotional boundaries of their relationship. However, things changed soon after Ginny joined the Harpies and now since the last 6 months he had this constant nagging feeling that something was missing.

Was it the distance? Or was it was because they never had enough time for each other? His work hours had always been grueling and erratic and she was a rookie chaser, which meant her practice schedule wasn't any less taxing.

In the last 3 months they had seen each other only 5 times, he could even count the hours on his fingers. He knew that they growing apart and for the first time in two years he found himself getting attracted to other women. Not that he hadn't noticed attractive women earlier, he had, he'd have to be dead not to but it was only now that he found himself wondering what it would be like to date them. Was it because Ginny wasn't around or was it because their relationship wasn't that strong? He didn't know, he did know that he still cared for her…a lot, but what he didn't feel so sure about was her being the one!

He though she was "it" a year back but now he wondered if it was naïve of him to feel so, after all she was the first girl he had really dated (the one date with Cho was hardly a date he thought). How could he know for sure that she was the one for him when he couldn't compare her with anyone else? How did he know this relationship was meant to be when it was the only relationship he had been in?

Things may have been easier if Ginny and he could spend more time with each other, perhaps they could figure it out together? Maybe these questions wouldn't even have bothered him if she was around, but the fact was she wasn't and these days whenever she was, she wasn't completely there. He loved Quiddich, but of late he'd come to resent the sport for that was all Ginny ever spoke about. In fact more often than not talking about her rookie problems was all they did, for she was usually too tired to do anything else.

"Oi! Potter, we are all going to Leaky Cauldron after work, want to join us?" The cheerful voice of one his trainee aurors Mia brought him out of his reverie.

"Sure, have nothing better to do?" he replied with a mild grin.

Really? You made my day!" Mia said with a mock swoon and winked at him.

"Whatever, see you after work" Harry answered, his grin getting wider.

Mia was an attractive and flirtatious blue eyed brunette. She had joined the auror department two months back and Harry discovered he quite enjoyed her flirting. She wasn't like the fan girls who threw themselves at him, she made her interest in him clear but never made him uncomfortable. Even though he didn't like admitting it to himself, he knew he was attracted to her.

Three weeks later

He was flipping through a muggle magazine, while waiting for Ginny, it had been a month since he had seen her. Ginny had been traveling with her team and the week before she left he was sent out of the country on an urgent assignment.

The muggle magazine wasn't proving to be a good distraction. Since the last few months he had been spending most of his contemplating time (not that he got much) thinking about his relationship with Ginny and where they were heading. He hadn't seen her for a month and he was missing her but it wasn't with the same intensity; it was as if the physical distance between them was numbing his feelings and he felt terribly guilty about it. He knew he had to speak to Ginny about it....

"Hey! Harry..." think of the devil he sighed as he turned towards the fireplace.

"Gin, why aren't you here yet? Don't tell me you are stuck again?"

"I am baby, I am sorry, Gwen has called a last minute team meeting…am so sorry…"

"What the hell Gin, can't you get out of it? We haven't seen each other in a month!" Harry felt his temper rising.

"I am a rookie Harry, I can't….you know how it is…" He could sense a tinge of impatience in her voice.

"Whatever…suit yourself I am tired of you and your Quiddich whatever you please!" Harry knew he was being rude, perhaps a little unfair but he was beyond caring now.

"Harry I really don't have time for this, I'll speak to you later okay" she replied plainly irritated before disconnecting the floo call and Harry was left staring at the now silent fireplace.

"Damn you Ginny!!" He screamed as his fist hit the wall next to the fireplace. He was sick of her, sick of this entire situation. Couldn't she see what her Quiddich was doing to them? He knew then he needed a break…they needed a break to sort out their feelings and priorities. Maybe he was being unfair to her but he had had enough! He wanted a relationship in which he could be happy, like how they were a year back not one in which he was constantly left questioning his own feelings!