Emziiee-xxx: A short Christmas One-Shot. Enjoy

Christmas again.
So much has changed.
Last Christmas I had a home and I had friends and a partner.
Now I'm all alone.
Last Christmas was so much fun.
The memory is still bright in my mind.
I had Kakashi.
Naruto had married Hinata.
Sai and Ino were dating as were Sasuke and Hanabi and Itachi was engaged to Shizune. (He proposed)
Itachi had been back for almost three years and was settling in well.
We all went round to the Uchiha complex for Christmas.
I made some bad joke about the gaudy decorations and was punished by every jumping on me and Kakashi tickling me till I begged for mercy.
We all got on just for that one day.
Although Sai did manage to make Hinata faint.
Not that that was hard.
He called Naruto Dickless and to everyone's surprise Hinata piped up with a very quiet
"No he's not."
So Sai started to go on and on about how he'd showed it to her.
So true to her nature she went very red and then fainted.
That day is the last happy memory I have.
The deaths started soon after.
Hanabi went first.
She was watching Sasuke's back as usual, she jumped to defend him from Tobi and Kisame stuck a sword in her back.
I arrived just a minute to late.
Sai was next.
He was fighting Deidara in the air and didn't realise that the blonde had slipped a bomb on to the back of his ride.
He was dead before he hit the ground.
Then went Shizune and Hinata.
Shizune lost to Hidan.
I don't think they've found all of her yet and Hinata lost to Kakazu.
He took her heart but I got it back.
For her and for Naruto.
Sasuke as next on the reapers list.
He died protecting Naruto and avenging Hanabi.
Kisame stuck a sword in his stomach as he shielded Naruto.
A brother till the end.
Then went Kakashi.
I held him in my arms as he died.
There was nothing I could do for him.
Deidara got him, managing to slip clay into most of his internal organs.
Kakashi had won the fight but just as Deidara died he activated the clay, blowing it up.
It was impossible to fix.
Itachi was next. Killed by his former 'partner'.
Kisame stuck his sword through his throat.
He died smiling, finally happy to be back with his beloved and his little brother.
Ino went next, avenging Sai.
She killed Deidara but paid a very high price.
It was just me and Naruto left by then.
Naruto named me his successor as Hokage before he left to fight the leader of the Akatsuki.
Madara had long since killed Pein and Konan.
Naruto killed Madara but due to the fact that I was healing other casualties Naruto died of his wounds.
By then the rest of the Akatsuki had been 'Exterminated'.
And I was Hokage.
I didn't want the job so I handed it over to Konohamaru, who was in his twenties.
I then left.
I haven't been back since.
I've been accepting any missions I can.
My Christmas this year will be spent in either in a cave or in a dingy, dirty hotel.
Remembering bitterly painful and yet still beautiful memories.