Warning. I don't know, really. I used the word "fag?"

I kinda wish Hetalia was mine. That'd be cool.

He watched quietly, as per usual, while his brother made a fool of himself. Again. He sighed tiredly and buried his face in his polar bear's fur, ignoring the soft, "Who?"

He was so tired lately. He didn't quite know why, though Francis kept asking him if he was feeling depressed. He would reply no, of course, to which Francis would offer love in exchange for helping him feel happier. Matthew would then blush scarlet, turn, and run.

Was he depressed? Or just sick of running from Francis all the time? He snorted quietly. It was probably the later. Everybody was sick of running from Francis. Everybody.

Alfred stomped over to his brother and hauled him rather forcefully out of his seat, turning to glare at Arthur over his shoulder. "Yeah, well, America is so much cooler than England, and you know it! Hmph." With that, he began to drag his younger brother out of the rec. room.

"Al..." He sighed, but let himself be carried off down the hall.

Alfred began a rather minutely detailed rant about how Arthur was a great big fag and how, one day! One day he would see the error of his ways and realize he, Alfred F. Jones, the HERO! Was the better, more brilliant one and that AMERICA! Was the better nation. One day!

He was so busy detailing this to Matthew, and Matthew was far too busy trying to keep his eyes open and not trip over his own feet, that they didn't notice the other pair of brothers coming down the hall towards them.

They were similarly engaged.

Ludwig ran his hand over his face as his brother hauled him by the other hand toward the rec. room. Gilbert had left earlier, after being thoroughly, verbally beaten by Arthur for making a comment he was too awesome to remember now, and Ludwig had been forced to go after him. After cheering his brother up by saying, through clenched teeth, that, sure, Gilbert was the most awesome thing to ever hit the world, ever, the albino decided it was time for revenge. Ludwig was, again, forced to come along for the ride. Gilbert was ranting about how the awesome him was going to show that so not awesome Arthur who was boss.

They then crashed into each other, the two pairs.

Alfred and Gilbert collided in a colossal head butt that sent Gilbert sprawling onto the floor. Alfred, being the man of steel that he was, simply went, "Oof," and rubbed his forehead, frowning. Ludwig managed to rip his hand from his brother's grasp in time to keep his own balance, and caught Matthew before he could end up in a similar state as the now groaning albino on the floor. However, he did not realize he had done this, as Matthew's powers of invisibility had activated again. Note the sarcasm.

"That was so not awesome!" Gilbert cried, scrambling up from the floor and ignoring the totally not awesome tears gathering in his eyes. He was not crying. Dust had gotten into his eyes from the fall, that was all. Definitely.

Alfred stared blankly at the albino's face before getting an expression of utmost concentration upon his features. After several moments of almost awkward staring between the two of them, Alfred finally shook his head and shrugged. "Yeah, who are you again?"

Gilbert sputtered indignantly. "Who am I? Who am I! I'm Gilbert the Awesome!"

Alfred and Kumajirou simultaneously questioned, "Who?"

Matthew sighed and leaned against Ludwig's chest, forgoing modesty in his tiredness. "He's Ludwig's brother."

Alfred blinked. "Seriously?" He looked from one German gentleman to the other and frowned once again. "They look nothing alike!"

Matthew thunked his forehead against the younger German's chest and sighed again.

Alfred laughed. "Anyway, my bad." He slapped Gilbert on the back, which knocked the poor man back onto the floor. "See ya! Mattie and I have to go storm off angrily away from Arthur. Then, I think we'll go get a burger. What'cha think, Mattie?"


"It's decided! Burger time it is! You can stop being so insistent, Mattie, sheesh."

Matthew didn't even know why he bothered sometimes.

Ludwig, meanwhile, was confused. "Who is this...Mattie?"

Gilbert snorted and picked himself up off the floor again. "The guy you're holding all fag like, brother."

Ludwig looked down, and was shocked to see the mop of blond hair currently leaning on his chest. When did that get there? The mop tilted back to reveal violet colored eyes underneath a pair of glasses and heavy bags. Ludwig blushed to the roots of his slicked back hair and rapidly back peddled, causing Matthew to tip forward again. Ludwig then saved him, again, and they were back at square one.

Matthew sighed for the umpteenth time and stepped back, brushing off his clothes. He yawned and rubbed his eyes before saying, "Sorry, Ludwig. Didn't mean to lean on you for so long."

Ludwig was still wondering when on earth the other blond had started leaning on him at all. He didn't remember ever seeing him, only the obnoxious American. It was like the Canadian was invisible or something. Note the awe, none of the sarcasm.

Alfred pursed his lips as he watched the two interact. Something was off with Mattie. He didn't normally sigh that much, did he? Huh. Oh, well, burger time!

"Later, Ludwig, Ludwig's-brother-who's-name-I-don't-remember! Come on, Mattie, burgers!" And he grabbed his brother's hand once again to yank him down the hall.

At that same moment, Gilbert grabbed the front of his own brother's uniform to drag him down the hall toward the rec. room and the insufferable British man he meant to chew out. "Come on, brother, let's go kick that fag's ass!"

Matthew and Ludwig both groaned, glanced at each other, and not-quite-but-almost-for-both-of-them-were-far-too-tired-for-this-sort-of-thing smiled sympathetically for the other.

Oh, brothers...

Author's Notes.

I wouldn't know, seeing as I'm an only child. Haha.

Anyway, this may end up progressing into a series. Possible Ludwig/Matthew with Gilbert and Alfred bein' all "NOOOO," 'cause there's also Alfred/Matthew and Gilbert/Ludwig. D'AW, POSSESSIVE BROTHERS!


Uh, probably gonna include the Italy twins if I do turn this into a series. I've grown fond of Romano recently.

Incest all around, I guess. My bad.

Oh, and this started out as, you know, not AU, then I frowned at myself, because I only ever really used their human and not nation names. So, it became a boarding school AU. Huzzah. And, yes. Matthew has a small pet polar bear. At school. Ignore it, I didn't know what else to do with him, and I like Kuma far too much to leave him out.

So, there.

Carry on, folks. OTL