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The moment Annabelle got into the car and was out of sight, Cameron started bawling, clawing at my legs and wailing noisily. His face was bright red and snot was dripping from his nose as he stretched his arms towards the driveway. "Anna!" He cried, and I picked him up and tried to sooth him.

"Cam, Anna will be home again soon. She'll visit." I promised, but he continued to cry, latching his arms around my neck and staining my shirt as he cried into my shoulder. "Cameron, calm down." I murmured, rubbing his back soothingly.

"I want Annabelle." He babbled, almost incoherently as he continued to cry and wipe his nose on my shirt. "I want to go with Anna!"

I sighed to myself and shook my head at Edward, who shrugged and rubbed his forehead. "Can you give me a hand over here?" I hissed, kissing the top of my sons head and bouncing him up and down slightly. Edward sighed and held his arms out, and I deposited Cameron into his arms.

"Hey, Cam, it's okay." Edward crooned. "What, you don't want to stay here with me and mommy? Don't you like us anymore?" Cameron shook his head and continued to cry, but his sobs were subsiding slightly. "Come on, why don't we go watch Finding Nemo? Do you want to watch Nemo?"

Cameron stopped crying abruptly, his face lighting up. "Nemo!" he nodded and I sighed, laughing. Finding Nemo was Cameron's absolute favorite movie, and Edward tended to use that to his advantage. I didn't care though; I had work to do around the house and didn't him crying all afternoon.

"Okay, let's go watch." Edward said, setting Cameron down and heading into the living room. I watched with a smile on my face as Cameron tried to keep up with Edward's long strides and failed miserably.

"Edward, please keep his busy." I said, following after them. Edward had put the movie in and plopped down on the couch, and Cameron was climbing up next to him. "I've got stuff to do."

"Yes ma'am." Edward nodded and I leaned over to give him a quick kiss on the lips, and then kissed the top of Cameron's head before leaving the living room and walking into the kitchen, where I had plenty of cleaning up to do. Annabelle and Derek had made us dinner before they left this evening, and the kitchen was still a complete mess. Although I had taught Annabelle to cook quite well, she still hadn't mastered the 'cleaning' part.

Before Annabelle had gone off to Dartmouth, she and I had become pretty close. Edward still couldn't cook anything practically, but Annabelle had learned a lot. I had also been the one to proofread all her admissions and scholarship essays.

Rosalie had moved away the year Annabelle turned sixteen. Apparently she had been offered an amazing promotion and just could not turn it down. So she awarded the majority of custody to Edward and I, and then moved herself to New Hampshire.

Edward and I had been worried about how Annabelle would react to her mother leaving like that, but she had been fine, for the most part. There had been several tantrums, but nothing compared to what she had done when Edward and I were dating.

And now that Annabelle was attending Dartmouth, she saw her mother a lot more. In fact, she saw Rosalie every weekend, while Edward, Cameron, and I only got to see her once every few months. She was a busy college student, with a boyfriend and hard classes and papers due, but I still missed her. I missed how close we had been before she left for college, and I especially missed her whenever Cameron would ask for her.

Cameron loved his big sister, and didn't understand why she had to be away so often. Hence the hysterics he had gone through when she had left.

As I scrubbed down the kitchen counters, the light off of my wedding band mesmerized me, even after four years of wearing it. It was still hard to believe that I was no longer Bella Swan, but Bella Cullen; Edward's wife and Cameron's mother. And the very idea that I had a son with Edward was just…amazing. We had created the most beautiful little boy together.

But the thing that has been bothering me most over the last several weeks is how I'm going to tell Edward that I'm pregnant again; that we're going to have another baby.

I had told Annabelle over the holiday, and made her swear not to tell anyone, not even her mother or Derek. I had found out nearly four weeks ago, and just didn't know how to tell my husband. Unlike Cameron, this baby had not been part of our plan.

Originally, we had decided that we didn't want any more children. Cameron was just now getting to the more manageable stage and although I didn't work, Edward had been a lot busier lately with his new position at the hospital. There were many nights that he had to stay hours after work to complete more paperwork than he had ever had to do before. At first, I had wanted to tell him on Christmas with some cutesy idea, but I chickened out. I was almost four months pregnant now, being three months when I had it confirmed, and I was starting to show. Edward hadn't said anything, thankfully. But I knew that the only reason I was still safe was because I had taken to wearing extremely loose clothes during the day and at night.

By the time I had finished cleaning up the kitchen, it was almost an hour past Cameron's bedtime, and I could still hear the movie playing in the other room. I huffed angrily, agitated that Edward hadn't put Cameron to bed yet. With all the excitement of today, he needed his rest.

Just as I was about to rip into him, I realized that he and Cameron weren't in the living room; he had simply left the television on. Sighing, I walked over to the television to turn it off- and oh my god, was I starting to waddle?

I shook my head and swallowed heavily before turning off all the lights and locking all the doors and then heading upstairs. I walked into our bedroom to see Edward climbing into bed, wearing just his boxers. "Cameron asleep?" I asked, grabbing my pajamas from the foot of the bed.

"Yeah, he fell asleep during the movie and I carried him up." Edward said, frowning slightly as I headed into the bathroom to change and closed the door behind me. There was no doubt that he was suspicious as to why I wouldn't change in front of him anymore, but I ignored it. I would tell him.

After changing, I turned out the lamp light and climbed into bed- and stiffened slightly when Edward's arm came to rest around my waist. I shifted away from him slightly, and Edward abruptly sat up, flicking the lamp flight back on.

"Bella, what the hell is your problem?" He asked, holding his hands up. "You won't change in front of me, you won't let me touch you…did I do something wrong? Are you mad at me?"

"No, Edward, I'm not." I said anxiously, grabbing his hand. "I…I-" I took and deep breath and smiled at him brightly. "I'm pregnant."


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