I decided to do a little FAQ for this story, just to clear a few things up for you guys.

This pertains to both of the stories, okay? So this will answer questions I had from both 'My Love, My Life' and 'Letting Go', because I am always so terrible with replying to reviews and stuff like that.


Q: Why was Edward married to Rosalie, and Emmet married to Tanya? Isn't it usually the other way around?

A: I really just wanted to make things a little different. In like every other story, Tanya is always seen as a bad person or as a homewrecker. I decided that maybe I would give her a chance.

Q: In 'My Love, My Life', Edward and Rosalie baby Annabelle a lot. Why?

A: She's their only child, and the only good thing they ever got from their entire relationship. Like Edward said in both 'My Love, My Life', and 'Letting Go', he and Rosalie weren't ever really ready to let go of their little girl. They simply saw her as a baby, and they treated her as one.

Q: Why did Alice and Jasper date for such a long time (almost ten years) and not get married until after Edward and Bella did?

A: It's just the way they did it…long relationship, relatively short engagement, and then married. There wasn't really any motive behind it.

Q: Is there going to be a third installment to the series?

A: As of right now, there is not going to be another installment. I have way too many other stories going on, and although I'm not ruling the possibility out forever, it's not going to happen anytime soon. I promise that if I do decide to do another part, I will let you all know by posting a notice to both this story and the first installment.

Characters/Ages at the end of 'Letting Go' (roughly):

Edward: 43

Bella: 37

Cameron: 6

Lily: 2

Alice: 34

Jasper: 41

Rosalie: 42

Annabelle: 21

Derek: 23


There you go!

Xoxo- Melodyella aka Mellie