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[A]nonymously [a]n [A]bomination

FULL SUMMARY: After receiving an anonymous confession letter, the twins were once again up to their old antics. When their supposed lover hadn't come, the Hitachiin's peeved the only girl who did come. But all she had wanted was to get her paint brush from her locker.

"What's that, Hikaru?"

"Another one." the older twin answered and already a playful smirk was plastered on his unbelievably handsome face.

His twin mimicked his expression for indeed, they hadn't responded to any confession letters in a long time. And they were beginning to get bored too.


"Just write anything." the annoyed brunette exclaimed through the receiver, which was situated between her shoulder and her ear; her hands were too busy doodling on her math homework.

"But I can't just do that! It has to be special!" the girl on the other end whined, sounding desperately in need of a helpful friend.

It was hard to say if Shinju Kaede was helpful. She often gave great advice but now that Mayu Airi was finally "taking action", as Kaede had always told her, the latter wasn't being of much use. All Airi needed was a wee bit of assistance in writing her love letter. Was that so much to ask?

"Ai-chan, come on. You're not seriously saying I write your letter for you, are you?" Kaede stated quite bluntly.

"I'm not as good a writer as you, Ka-chan. Please? Help me. . . ." Airi begged, her voice sounding on the verge of tears.

"Oh dear. Please don't cry." Kaede dropped her pen and was suddenly concentrating more on her telephone conversation.

"But - but - you're the only one who can help me!" Airi stuttered though deep inside she knew she had Kaede wrapped around her fingers.

"Wait. You're not really crying, are you?" Kaede questioned, suddenly suspicious.

"You're really making me cry, Ka-chan!"

"All right! All right! Sheesh." Kaede conceded; she'd have to face the fact that she was a sucker for tears.

"Really?" Airi's voice was still shaking.

"Yes. I think I made a poem in middle school that should be perfect."


"The view is perfect!" Kaede exclaimed, grinning exultantly.

She was in Ouran Academy's vast courtyard and she just found the perfect scene for her newest piece. In this corner of her filthy rich school, the breeze was enough to catch the bright pink petals before they could hit the ground and swirl them in the air before floating back to the ground once more. The sight was just like in her dream. She just had to paint it.

"Oh dear."

She dashed as quick as she could to her locker and being in the puffy yellow dress - that was the official High School uniform for girls - didn't stop her from sprinting lithely. As she turned the next corridor, a sight made her want to cease going that certain direction. However, with the pace she was going it was impossible to come to a full stop without stumbling on her own two feet. Curse the long yellow dress.


The cause for her sudden desire to stop was also her savior. At least, the ginger-haired boy caught her before she hit the ground. But in all honesty, she'd rather have fallen than being in debt to this. . . . abomination!

"So it's you?" he asked, sounding surprised.

She met his hazel eyes with her emerald ones, questioning.

"Pardon me?" what was this boy saying? And where was his twin? Weren't they always together?

He did not answer but instead showed to the brunette a letter in pink stationery paper bearing his name in a neat scribble.

"Ah. So, you're Hikaru." Kaede said, not quite getting the point.

But her statement led only to more misundertandings.

"No. Hikaru told me to tell you he's sorry." he replied, looking sincerely apologetic.

Blah. Kaede knew never to believe what these devilish twins say. Hitachiin Hikaru, apologize? Ha! Did she just die and go to hell? Maybe this boy hadn't been her savior after all and she died in that corridor accident.

"But I think you're very pretty Kaede-chan!" Kaoru exclaimed and now Kaede was certain she was only having a nightmare. When would she wake up, she wondered stupidly.

"And - and I was wondering if you can go out with me instead?"

"Do you really think this game is funny?" Kaede muttered in complete disbelief.

That was the last straw. Did these two expect Kaede to believe that one of them is in love with her? She bowed her head, restraining her shaking fist from punching the face off this annoying abomination. Again, the innocent pink piece of paper caught her eye and finally she managed to put two and two together.

The Hitachiin Twins thought she, Shinju Kaede, had sent them that confession. True, it was her poem in there and she was even the one who put it at the proper desk but it was not from her.

"Airi didn't show?" it was not a question for the Hitachiin to hear but he heard it anyway and he was suddenly confused.

"Didn't you send this to me?" he questioned, brows furrowed.

"I thought you said you were Kaoru?" Kaede had declared, looking up immediately to the lying Hitachiin.

"I am Kaoru!" Hikaru defended in a vain attempt to salvage the situation.

"But the love letter is for Hikaru isn't it?" Kaede was one step ahead of him as she always had been.

"Do you know who sent this letter, Shinju-san?" Kaede turned her head at the sound of the voice. The other twin - Kaoru, as she had discovered - finally decided to show himself.


"Then, who?"

"I'm not telling!" she smirked and tried to run away but she should have known she wouldn't get far.

She was caught easily with one twin grabbing a hold of each arm. They began walking towards who-knows-where to and Kaede could do nothing. Despite her pleas that weren't heard and her struggles that were useless, the twins were having fun.

"Where the hell are you two taking me?" Kaede demanded, thoroughly pissed off by now.

"We're taking our new toy out to play, of course!" they had said in unison and Kaede could only wonder what kind of sin she committed that made her receive this bad karma.

An afternoon with the twins must have sounded appealing to their loyal customers at the Host Club but to Kaede who always saw Hikaru and Kaoru to be nuisances, well, it was a whole other story.

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