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It would be troublesome to bother explaining how Shinju Kaede ended up in one of the Ootori beaches with the whole host club and why she was forced to wear a parka over her favorite new bikini. But since she needed to distract herself from the pesky twins that seemed to follow her around wherever she went, she figured, what the hell?

It all started in the Third Music Room about three days ago...

Spring break was just around the corner and the host club was yet again planning on where they could kidnap their newest member. It was a bit tasking because most of their schemes involved getting on a plane and taking a vacation overseas. Kyouya repeatedly trashed Tamaki's out of the country ideas because they had to note that Haruhi didn't have her passport.

"We could go hiking up a mountain and be at one with nature!" Tamaki stated another one of his more hare-brained ideas.

"But we'd have to climb a mountain!" the twins whined. Rich bastards as they were, the thought of physical exertion was just ludicrous.

And then, as if on cue, Kyouya re-entered the Third Music Room after having excused himself to take a call. A small smirk was apparent in his cool facade as he walked back to where he left his laptop. Quite cautiously, as if afraid to burst his best friend's bubble of happiness, Tamaki approached the Shadow King. What could have made him so happy?

"Did something happen?" Tamaki asked, unable to contain his curiosity.

"Yes. I know where we'll be spending Spring Break," Kyouya answered with a sort of satisfied grin as he adjusted his glasses on the bridge of his nose.

Meanwhile in the Shinju Manor...

Kaede thanked the chauffeur for opening the car door for her as she walked into the double doors of her palacial home. It was a tiring day for her since she spent half the time running away from Hikaru and Kaoru. They were deluded into thinking she would enjoy spending Spring Break in their company. On the contrary, she was looking forward to being free from their presence.

"Welcome home, Kaede-sama," the maids greeted as they lined up before her and curtsied.

Kaede nodded her head once, too exhausted to actually tell them off for calling her 'Kaede-sama'. She hated the use of that suffix. It made her sound old. But at the moment, she just wasn't in the mood. She went straight up to her room, only stopping to greet her mother in her office.

She knocked on the heavy oak door and peaked inside the well-furnished room. "Hi, mom, I'm -"

"Oh, that's wonderful!" Kazue exclaimed ecstatically, cutting Kaede's statement short.

With one brow raised, Kaede wondered who on earth her mother was talking to with such informality. Out of curiosity, she approached her mother's desk and sat on one of the plush seats. It felt rather awkward; as if she was in the principal's office for doing something bad instead of just wanting to speak to her mom.

"Yes, we'll see you soon."

Kazue laughed heartily and then smiled. Kaede grew even more curious. She resisted the urge to ask her questions aloud. It would have been rather rude to interrupt. She decided to wait for her mom to end the call, which was soon after they said good-bye.

"Who was that?" Kaede questioned before Kazue could form a decent greeting.

Kazue turned to her daughter and smiled radiantly. 'Uh oh,' Kaede thought. There were a couple of things Kaede noticed about her mother despite her constant absence from her life. One is that she was eager to find the perfect fiance for her daughter; and the second is that when she was this happy, it usually meant that Kaede was in for another unwelcome surprise. Kaede wondered, 'What could it be this time?'

And now, only a few minutes prior to having the flashback...

Shinju Kaede, opting to make the best of her vacation with the Host Club, hummed a soft tune as she stepped out of the dressing shed. She donned a very cute yet very sexy two-piece swimsuit. It was white with soft pink polka-dots. To venture off her usual style, she put her short brown hair into two low pigtails held together by pink ribbons. Her emerald eyes were hidden behind large sunglasses.

She could feel all eyes staring at her as she strutted towards a shady area of the beach. It's not like this would be the first time they saw a girl in a bikini before, right?

'What a bunch of idiots,' Kaede thought as she rolled her eyes at the twins who always seemed to be drawn to her. She realized that it wasn't always a good thing; especially if you attract such beings like the twin devils.

"What do you two want this time?" Kaede asked as she pulled her sunglasses down to look at Hikaru and Kaoru.

"What are you wearing a bikini for?" Hikaru asked; she assumed he was Hikaru because he was usually the first to speak.

"If you haven't noticed, Hikaru-baka, we're at the beach." Kaede replied, arms at her waist, challenging the twins to fire a retort.

"So what?" said Hikaru.

"Yeah, you're not going to swim anyway. What's the point?" Kaoru, she determined by process of elimination (if the first guy was Hikaru then the other one must be Kaoru), added in support to his brother's vague response.

"The point is I want to wear it." Kaede stated obstinately.

Hikaru took out a parka from who-knows-where and handed it to Kaede. She stared at him, obviously annoyed. What the hell was the problem with these two?

"Wear it." the two chorused.

"I'm not wearing that stupid parka! What's wrong with what I'm wearing anyway?" Kaede screamed, pushing away the hands that were forcibly getting her to wear the hideous parka over her cute polka-dotted bikini.

"This wouldn't be happening if you wore a one-piece swimsuit!" Hikaru replied, grabbing onto Kaede's wrists so that his brother could get the parka over her head.

"We wouldn't have to do this if you wore something that didn't show off too much skin, Kaede-chan." Kaoru told Kaede albeit more calmly than his brother.

"What am I? Three-years-old? You two are acting like my father! I don't have to dress up to please you! I-" Kaede was ranting but her response was cut short. In her desperate attempts to push off the twins, she stumbled backwards onto the sand and took the older of the two down with her.

The blush seemed to rush to Kaede's face as she only now noticed Hikaru's bare chest. Of course, he was dressed appropriately for the beach; shirtless and wearing only a pair of board shorts. Their faces were just centimeters apart and Kaede could've sworn she felt his lips on hers if only for a few milliseconds. She could feel his warm breath on her face as they stared into each other's eyes.

"Hey, are you both all right?" Kaoru came to the aid of his brother and their toy. The two seemed to have come out of some sort of trance as Kaoru's voice pierced the silence.

"Yeah," Hikaru replied, taking his brother's outstretched arm to help him up.

As Kaede laid down on the sand, face still beet red from the strange and awkward encounter with the older twin, her thoughts raced. Why was her heart beating so fast? Why was she so affected by him? When did she become so aware of him, anyway? A few minutes ago, he was just Hikaru Hitachiin, the most annoying abomination in her existence. Now, he was Hikaru Hitachiin, the guy who probably (but accidentally) stole her first kiss. It didn't help that her heart was pounding violently against her chest.

"Kaede-chan, are you okay? You're really red." Kaoru noticed when she still hadn't gotten up.

"F - fine. I'll wear your stupid parka. Give me it." Kaede grumbled as she sat up and reached for the cloth in Kaoru's hand.

She pulled it over her head as she stood up from the sandy ground. She ignored the hands that were offered to help her up. She just wanted to get away from them now.

"I hope you're happy," she whined as she glared at the two of them before stalking off.


She knew this vacation was not going to be fun. She knew it the moment her mother told her she had to go with the Host Club. Kaede was never asked if she wanted to go. She was kidnapped; only, they had parental consent. Shinju Kazue practically sold her off to these handsome demons.

"Those pesky twins...think they can do whatever they want...don't even know who they're up against...who do they think they are...telling me what to do...not even my dad..." Kaede mumbled wrapping her arms around her knees as she sat in the most deserted part of the beach.

"It's unhealthy to talk to yourself, Kaede."

That voice; Kaede knew it so well. But it was deeper and scarier in person than it was on the phone. She shot upright in surprise and turned to face him.

"Kyouya-senpai!" She exclaimed. And then she wondered aloud, "How did you find me?"

"The whole host club is looking for you. You missed lunch." Kyouya explained simply. As he said this, he approached her and pulled the sleeve of the parka up her shoulders. Kaede cringed away from the contact and held the parka close to her body so it wouldn't fall down again.

"I don't want to be here..." She whispered, avoiding eye contact with the Shadow King.

"You should try to enjoy yourself. A lot of girls would kill to be you right now, you know. In fact, they would actually pay a ludicrous amount to spend spring break with the Host Club." Kyouya told her as he adjusted his glasses.

"Knowing you, you would have preferred that. That's why I don't get why I have to be here! You could have made a fortune selling your time to those girls who adore the Host Club. Why me?"

It took some time for Kaede to piece together everything but when she remembered her mom and that phone call that gave her the giggles for an entire week, her anger flared.

"YOU!" Kaede screamed, pointing an accusing finger at her upperclassman.

"Me?" Kyouya replied feigning innocence. Honestly, it didn't suit him.

"You talked my mother into this! I thought it was the twins who charmed my mother to sell me off to the host club but it was you all along! You bloody traitor!" Kaede was fuming. She actually wanted to punch him.

"Ah, contrary to your accusations, Kaede, it was your mother who called me." Kyouya explained truthfully.

"What did she want?" Kaede asked but she knew what it was even before Kyouya gave her a response.

"She asked if I knew anyone who would be fit to be your fiancé. Naturally, the Host Club came to mind." Kyouya told her with a shrug of his shoulders as if it was obvious. And that it was. Kazue would do anything to set her daughter up. Although she knew her mother meant well, Kaede still disliked her mother's methods.

"My mother likes you a lot already, what more can you gain by doing this?" Kaede questioned, pacified for the meantime.

"Your mother is a valuable contact whom I cannot ignore. It's bad business to deny her request." It was a typical Kyouya response. Even when it came to the affairs of the heart, it was all just business to him.

"Aren't you scared she'll make you my fiancé again?" Kaede asked him but she never bothered to hear his reply. She walked away from him then, knowing from the beginning that she had no choice. She could never convince Ootori Kyouya to be on her side.

From afar, two pairs of hazel eyes watched the unusual exchange. The brunettes wondered to themselves: since when were Ootori Kyouya and Shinju Kaede that close? There was only one way to find out.


That same evening...

After dinner, the host club plus their special guest decided to stay in the lounge to relax. Kaede wasn't keen on the idea but was coaxed into staying. It took little effort on Kyouya's part; just a few dirty tricks to blackmail her into trying to enjoy the vacation.

"I swear if they see that, I'm going to kill you. Of course, I'd hire professional assassins so I wouldn't have to get my hands dirty but I'll have them get it all on tape so I can watch just how much they torture you before they finally kill you!" Kaede whispered harshly as she entered the lounge in a huff.

As it turns out, Tamaki had made it the Host Club's mission to ascertain that Shinju Kaede had the best (if not better than the worst) vacation she ever had. Although Kyouya argued that the basis of Kaede's best vacation was immeasurable, Tamaki's enthusiasm couldn't be expelled. The rest of the club agreed with their president.

"Was there a reason why we can't be in bed at this hour?" Kaede questioned the club; it was obvious that she was in a very bad mood. Her stern tone paired with her intense glare was enough to send Tamaki into a dark corner to mope.

"We're on vacation, Ka-chan! We shouldn't be sleeping so early!" Honey replied, his undeterred cuteness almost breaking through Kaede's defenses. Almost.

"How about we play a game?" Hikaru suggested, a sinister smirk planted on his face.

"If it's the 'Which-one-is-Hikaru Game', I'm not playing." Kaede replied, still in a foul mood.

"It's no fun when Haruhi can win!" Kaoru whined, sticking his tongue out to the petite brunette.

Haruhi rolled her eyes and deadpanned. There was no point in replying to this childishness. She simply sat quietly in her seat while sipping tea.

"So let's play a commoner's game!" the twins said in chorus.

"A commoner's game? As King, I approve! What is this commoner game that you speak of?" Tamaki, suddenly not depressed anymore, jumped out from his corner of woe and in his overbearing confidence reacted to the twins' suggestion.

"The game is called: Spin the bottle!" Hikaru announced with conviction.

"I don't get the point of this—" before Kyouya could finish his rant about how mindless this game will be, the twins interrupted by stating the rules.

"Everyone will form a circle and we'll spin a bottle in the middle of our circle. Whoever the bottle points to must choose between answering a question truthfully or completing a dare," Kaoru explained with a smirk.

"After he or she has done what is asked, we spin the bottle again!" Hikaru finished with a flourish; already he and his twins had dares in mind.

"I'll pass." Kaede blurted out, knowing that she would not enjoy this game at all.

"Ah, but Kaede-chan, everyone must participate!" the twins exclaimed, picking Kaede up from the sofa and bringing her to the carpeted floor where everyone else (some more begrudgingly than others) already formed a circle.

The devilish twins kept Kaede between them so there was no escape. Much as she tried to get out of it, it was annoying to be pestered by the twins and it would have been more irritating if Tamaki had gone to his corner to sulk. Yeah, she was better off just getting on with whatever game wanted to play. It would be over soon enough.

Tamaki was the first to spin the bottle; he made such a fuss about it too.

"I'm the King, so I should get to spin first!" he said with his hands crossed over his chest as he towered over the twins.

"But it was our idea!" Hikaru and Kaoru said in unison.

They bantered for a few minutes before Haruhi came into the middle of it and hit the arguing parties with the bottle. And then she said, "It doesn't matter who spins first! Everyone will get a turn."

And with that, the game began. Honey was chosen first and he asked for a dare. But since he was so cute, the only dare anyone could give him was to eat a whole cake (much to his amusement.) From then, the hosts came one after another; but not one of them was choosing truth. When at last it was Hikaru's turn to spin, the bottle landed on Kaede. The smirk on the elder twin's face was obvious.

'I'm doomed...' Kaede thought as she muttered, "Dare."

"Ah, we have prepared a dare especially for Kaede-chan." Hikaru and Kaoru were saying, their eyes clearly showing their mischievous intent. Kaede could only swallow in anxiety.

"Uh.." Kaede began trying to think of a way to escape before she could regret it. "On second thought, can I choose truth instead?"

"Brave choice, Kaede-chan! Since your choosing truth, give me your hands," Kaoru instructed as he reached out for her hands.

Confused, Kaede reluctantly raised her hands toward Kaoru. It was times like these that Kaede managed to note the difference between the twins. Kaoru's gentleness was the exact opposite of Hikaru's rashness.

"Put your hands together like this and spread your fingers," Kaoru said as he positioned her fingers correctly. Hikaru then chose this moment to interrupt.

"If you won't answer truthfully, I'll have to punish you, Kaede-chan!" Hikaru told her with a smirk.

"What punishment?" Kaede asked, slightly distracted with the feel of Hikaru's warm hands on hers.

"This!" Hikaru exclaimed as he squeezed Kaede's hands together making her scream out loud.

"OW!" Kaede yelled, trying to wrench her fingers free from Hikaru's vice-like grip. "What the hell was that for?" She demanded from him.

"Punishment," Hikaru answered simply. "Are you sure you want to choose truth?" He then asked, challenging her.

"I'm sure!" Kaede replied, looking determined.

"All right. So, Kaede-chan, do you have a boy friend?" Hikaru asked obviously curious.

"Is it really necessary for me to answer - HEY!" Hikaru, once again administering the cruel punishment on her defenseless fingers, interrupted Kaede's remark.

"You should just answer the question, Kaede-chan~" the twins chimed in singsong voices.

"No, I don't have a boy friend and I'd like it very much if you would let go of my hand now." She answered, seeming to be really cross with the devilish twins although no one from the Host Club were really surprised. Either they knew how irritating the twins could oftentimes be or they were aware of just how much Hikaru and Kaoru pissed Kaede off on a daily basis. Perhaps it was a little bit of both.

Feeling dejected at how honest Kaede's answer was and scared at how angry she was becoming and of what the consequences of her anger would be, Hikaru released her shaking fingers albeit reluctantly. An awkward silence followed Kaede's turn but she pretended not to notice. Without flinching, she spun the bottle and waited until it stopped at one of the hosts.

A few turns later when the awkwardness died down and the fun was back, Kyouya finally got a turn and the twins bravely challenged the almighty Shadow King. He chose truth.

"Kyouya-senpai," the twins began, pointing towards the aforementioned upper class man. "What is your relationship with Kaede-chan?"

"What kind of stupid question is that?" Kaede asked, appalled by her inclusion in the Shadow King's truth question.

"Mommy, you never told daddy about you and Kaede-chan!" Tamaki whined with tearful eyes; he couldn't take the fact that Kyouya might've been hiding something as important as a relationship with a girl.

"Kyo-chan has a girl friend?" Honey inquired as he looked up at Mori.

Kyouya visibly sighed as he poised himself to answer the ludicrous question. "Kaede is not my girl friend," he stated as he adjusted his glasses up the bridge of his nose.

"That's not the question, Kyouya-senpai!" Hikaru retorted, refusing to give up on his theory. If they weren't together how could they explain that scene on the beach? Or how Kyouya himself demanded Kaede's participation in the Host Club vacation?

"I've known Kaede since she was in middle school because the Ootori family and the Shinju family have been affiliates for a long time. And your question is what is my relationship with her? Well, I used to be her fiancé," Kyouya explained in detail for the benefit of the curious twins and his annoying best friend.

Once again, the honesty to which his question was answered threw Hikaru off. Judging by Kaede's reaction, what the shadow king said was true. She wouldn't be blushing if she believed Kyouya was bluffing. And the thought that Kaede would have to marry Kyouya was not as pleasant a surprise as finding out she didn't have a boy friend.

"Used to be?" Kaoru asked, curious at the past tense Kyouya used to describe their relationship.

"I believe you're only allowed one question," Kyouya replied, finding it amusing to know something they did not. Besides, the story of their "break-up" was a story best told in another chapter.

Without further ado, Kyouya spun the bottle around in their tight circle. By now, Kaede was so completely out of it that it took awhile before she realized she was once again involved in someone else's truth or dare.

"I dare you to spend seven minutes in the closet with Kaede," Kyouya demanded and the twin in question tried not to appear like he cared; not that anyone in the room couldn't already see that he actually was really affected.

"That's technically a different game," muttered Haruhi but rich bastards as they were, no one listened to her.

"Don't I get a say in this?" Kaede questioned when she was finally aware of her predicament. But one look at Kyouya and she knew she couldn't refuse. There was much she never learned about Ootori Kyouya when they were "together" but she was sure that whatever he had up his sleeves, especially in cases of blackmail, was really something to be concerned about. Suffice to say Kyouya had sources and it wouldn't hurt to get on his good favor.

Without much choice, the two participants of the dare were led to the closest unused closet. Kaede stopped in front of the closet door, stalling and trying to figure out a way to get out of this. Seven minutes alone with the most annoying little devil didn't seem like much fun. It didn't help that Kaede was debating with herself whether or not the older Hitachiin stole her first kiss. Getting in that closet was the worst idea ever and she had to do something to stop it from happening.

"Hey, uhm—"

Before she could even make up her mind on how to avoid the dare, the host club had pushed her into the closet with Hikaru. In her surprise at the sudden course of events, she lost her footing and stumbled into the darkness beyond the threshold. Hikaru stretched out his arms to catch her fall. His arms wrapped around the small of her waist and abruptly her decent to the floor was cut short.

"So, you two, seven minutes starts...now!" Kaoru announced as he noted the time on his watch and gleefully closed the closet door, enveloping Kaede and his twin into pitch-black darkness.

It was silent inside the closet for what seemed to Kaede to be more than seven minutes but it was hardly thirty seconds when she whispered in the most controlled voice that she could muster given the circumstances, "Please let me go..."

Hikaru was too startled by her tone that was both serious and scared to actually do as she said. Her body was warm against his skin and he wondered what it would be like to really hug her; to wrap his arms around her and to feel her do the same. Sooner than he wanted, he felt her pull against his arms.

"Let go..." She whined, uncomfortable beyond belief.

Despite only knowing the twins for a short time, she at least knew that Hikaru wasn't the gentle one. It had always been Kaoru who showed a softer side. So, she definitely did not expect how gently Hikaru wrapped his arms around her or how it made the heat rush to her face just feeling his skin brushing against hers in their awkward embrace.

When she was finally able to squirm out of his grip, another seemingly long silence enveloped them. And Hikaru couldn't take it. She was standing right in front of him (at least he thought she was; it was too dark to tell for sure) and he finally got the chance to talk to her alone. He had to ask. He realized then that he wasn't ever going to get a chance like this, not anytime soon at least. He had about five more minutes with her.



They called each other's name at the same time. Hikaru was taken aback. Did she know what he was about to ask? It was impossible, wasn't it?

"You go first," Kaede suggested, assuming that they were thinking the same thing and not wanting to start the conversation herself.

"Ladies first," Hikaru countered, also wishing she would say whatever she had to say for as long as it bought him some time to think about what he was about to ask.

Still believing they were on the same page, Kaede blushed profusely. She could remember so clearly how close Hikaru had been. She wasn't sure if they kissed or if she just imagined it. Lately, her dreams had a knack for invading her thoughts even in her waking hours.

But Hikaru assumed differently. He thought that it was Kyouya that was making her blush. A vile feeling crept inside him. It was a feeling he knew so well, however, he couldn't help but wonder why he would feel this strong jealousy over Kaede. Kaede was only their toy so why did it seem important that no one else but he and his twin could have her? It was a possessiveness that he had only felt before with Kaoru but now it seemed it applied to her as well.

"Are you in love with Kyouya-senpai?" He blurted out without thinking, the pressure inside him built up too much to even think of the words before it came out of his mouth.

However, he did not get the reaction He expected to see. He thought she would blush deeper and look away like how girls usually were when talking about the guy they were in love with. But Kaede did not blush nor look away. In fact, she looked more stunned than embarrassed. And when her initial shock finally wore off, she laughed. She laughed so hard her knees buckled and she fell on her knees on the floor. Somehow, the relief that flooded through Hikaru was so intense that he too felt the need to sit down. Slowly, he laughed with her.

"If you don't love him then why do you two seem so close?" Hikaru wondered aloud between fits of laughter.

"Because he's my mother's favorite. Among all her business associates' sons, he's the one she favors the most. I don't really know why, he can just make all mothers fall in love with him. He's scary that way," Kaede explained with a thoughtful expression.

"So you don't like him at all?" Hikaru pressed trying to figure out if she was lying.

"No." Kaede said with finality, raising one brow at Hikaru in question. "Why are you asking me all these weird questions?"

Hikaru, embarrassed at having been questioned about his strange uncharacteristic inquiries, grasped at the first thought that came to his mind to change the topic.

"Uh-uh, it's your turn, Kaede-chan!" Hikaru said feigning mischievousness. "What was it that you wanted to ask?"

At the reminder of what was previously on her mind, Kaede blushed again. She was thankful for the darkness, which curtained her crimson cheeks from his view. Of course he would wonder what was on her mind and she was disappointed that they hadn't been on the same page as she thought earlier. Should she ask about it though? If she were wrong then she wouldn't hear the end of it from Hikaru. Then again, if she was right then she had to make him pay for stealing her first kiss!

"Uh..." Kaede took a deep breath, attempting to phrase her query in a way that wouldn't sound like she was hoping the answer was "yes". It wasn't like she wanted him to kiss her. Completely the opposite, she would be devastated to find out if the kiss truly happened. This was her last chance to find out.

"At the beach earlier..." She began, pausing a bit to see if he remembered. "When we fell over on the sand, I think... I felt like we... No, you-" Kaede stuttered, feeling like she was lighting up the room with her bright red face. "...Kissed me," she finally managed, unable to look him in the eye.

Hikaru thought for a moment about that morning. He remembered bullying her into that parka when she wore an incredibly cute but overly showy bikini. Just when he was about to get it over her head, her foot slipped from under her and both of them collapsed on the sand. Sure enough, there was the briefest of moments when his lips touched hers. It was short, because he had pulled himself up before he could crush her with his weight but he guessed that all things considered, a kiss that short couldn't even count as one.

"So? What's your question?" Hikaru replied; his eyes, which were already accustomed to the darkness, were able to notice her discomfort.

"Did we really—? I mean, was it an actual…kiss?" She couldn't get the word out without stuttering; she wanted to kick herself for sounding so embarrassed while Hikaru looked as if it wasn't such a big deal. But it was a big deal, at least to her. Her first kiss was important to her; her first shouldn't be with someone she didn't like. Her first kiss should have been special.

"Well, I guess? But does it really matter?" Hikaru, still thinking nothing of it because they both had to face the facts, it was hardly a millisecond long. Technically speaking however, their lips did touch so it could be called a kiss.

"Does it matter?" Kaede whispered, her voice shaking with an emotion she couldn't quite pinpoint. "Of course it matters! That was my first kiss and for it to be stolen by someone like you—" she paused, surprising him by grabbing him by the collar of his shirt. "Give it back! Give it back! Give it back…" Her voiced cracked as she grabbed Hikaru by his collar and she could feel hot tears threatening to spill from her eyes. But she couldn't let him see her cry too so just as Kaoru was about to open the door to signal the end of their dare, she burst out of the room, looking down so no one could see her tears. Hikaru was left on the floor of the closet looking horrorstruck by the intensity of her reaction.

In his self-absorbed male mind, he wondered, "What just happened?"

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