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Thicker than Water

Part One: Forever and a Day

By: Anime Otaku

Ayane checked her appearance in the mirror one more time. She was dressed in all black, from her boots to her top. She adjusted her leather mini, causing it to ride up her thighs, giving anyone who looked a tantalizing view of her panties. Satisfied with her look, she grabbed her coat and left the dorm room. The streets of Tokyo were nearly deserted; people too afraid to come out of their homes at night because of the attacks. She on the other hand was not. The attacks were close to the prefecture she lived in but so far had not come to her neighborhood. She was glad for that because it meant she could still go out at night. Turning into a back ally, she came to steel door that led to her destination. She banged on the door and the peephole slid open.


"The Keeper sent me."

The peephole slid closed and the sound of a large metal bolt being removed was heard. The door opened moments later and Ayane walked inside. The bouncer took her coat and put it in a locker. She could hear the music booming beneath her feet and feel the vibrations through the floor. She smiled.

"Evenin', Miss Ayane."

"Hello, Theo. How's business tonight?"

"As strong as ever. Not even stories of the 'Tokyo Vampire' can keep our most die-hard patrons away." He flexed his arms, showing of the mussels through his black t-shirt. "Besides, whoever this psycho is I'm pretty sure I can take him no problem."

Ayane giggled at the man's bravado. "I feel much safer knowing you're here, Theo."

She gave him a friendly peck on the cheek and headed downstairs. The music became louder the further down she went, turning from a dull throb to a deafening roar. She finally made it to the massive underground dance floor and felt herself become increasingly excited.

Ayane had never been a party girl by any standers. She spent much of her time studying at home or a local library. After getting into collage that changed. On her eighteenth birthday her roommates literally drug her out of her dorm and took her to the hottest and most popular club known in the college circuit, The Crypt. Despite all her arguing and protesting, the minute she saw the people, heard the music and saw the lights she was addicted. The dance floor was in the center of the large basement with cushioned black leather couches and chairs circling the walls. The people who were not dancing were lounging on the furniture, some making out while others were having sex. A thick haze of cigarette smoke hung in the air and alcohol bottles were everywhere. That night Ayane had gained a reason to go out on the weekends and an addiction to sex. But it couldn't just be any kind of sex. She had to have it in a public place, where anyone could watch her. There was no better place than The Crypt. She could enjoy anyone she wanted and reach a euphoria that even the greatest literary writers could not describe.

If her friends could see her now they would never believe it. Her life had made a drastic one-eighty and she was a completely new person. It wasn't just the sex that drew her to the place; it was the lights, the sounds, and the very essence to the place that called to her. The Crypt was her drug and finding satisfaction there was her fix. As the music blared, Ayane scanned the crowd of familiar faces, searching for someone that could satisfy her raging lust, male or female, it didn't matter to her. As she scanned the crowed she caught sight of a face she had never seen before. He was standing in a corner, almost completely one with the shadows. Only his slightly pale skin and white shirt gave him away.

Ayane felt her breathe hitch in her throat and the ache between her legs sparked into an inferno. She had never seen a man as beautiful as he. No model or movie star could compare. His brown hair was cut short and had some streaks of silver in it. A few bangs managed to fall in front of his eyes, creating a more mysterious look about him. Ayane could have been wrong but his brown eyes seemed to almost glow in the darkness. She figured it was a play on the lighting, hitting his eyes at an odd angle. They stared at each other across the room then she lost sight of him when he moved. She caught a glimpse of a door that lead to a back room closing and headed in that direction. She desperately pushed trough the throngs of dancing bodies and finally made it to the door, throwing it open.

The stillness of a dark hallway greeted her. The man was nowhere to be seen, she couldn't even hear the echoes of his footfalls. The door slammed behind her and a soft, velvety voice whispered in her ear, making her scream.

"Are you looking for me?"

She whirled around and lost her balance. The man caught her and held her close to his body. Her face pressed against his cool chest and she squirmed, the fire threatening to burn her alive. She pulled back to look at his face and felt her cheeks heat up. The man raised an inquisitive eyebrow.

"Is there something you want?"

Ayane couldn't speak, couldn't even to begin to form a coherent sentence in her mind. Instead she reached out and rubbed her hand against his groin, pleased to find that he was aroused as she was. She then took one of his hands, putting it under her skirt and pressing it against her damp panties. She let out a moan at the contact. He smiled down at her, understanding the message.

"Alright then."

Ayane moved to take them back into the main room but instead found herself pressed against the wall. Her cry of protest turned into a moan of satisfaction as the man removed her soaked panties and inserted himself into her. She grabbed his shoulders and wrapped her legs around his torso, trying to hold on as the quickly thrust into her. She didn't worry about trying to stay quite; nobody would be able to hear them through the wall or the loud music. She felt him press a soft kiss on the side of her neck then she felt him bite her. Her eyes flew open and she gasped, pain and pleasure slamming into her like a rock. Their tempo increased and his mouth never left her neck. She suddenly started to become very tired and felt her body start to go slack. Ayane screamed in orgasm when she felt the man thrust one last time into her and release his seed, using the last of her strength to cling to him until she came down from her high.

Ayane slid down to the floor, her body completely drained. As her brain became fuzzy and her vision dimmed the last thing she remembered before blacking out was the man's chocolate-brown eyes glowing blood-red.


Tsukune checked the pulse of the woman he finished feeding from. She was still alive but unconscious. Redressing her, he picked her up and took her back into the dance floor, placing her on an empty couch. He leaned down and licked the two puncture wounds on her neck and watched them as they closed. He pressed a hand to her forehead and concentrated. After a moment he turned away and quickly made his way through the throngs of people. Nobody noticed him as he moved; only slightly shuddering from the chill left behind as he passed.

He was out the door and in the alleyway as another couple was entering, the bodyguard never noticing his entrance or exit. Away from the music and the many moving bodies, Tsukune propped himself against the wall, breathing deep. The hunger he was feeling moments before had disappeared and he could focus his mind again. He let loose a sigh of relief.

Finally! I can think straight.

His sensitive ears picked up the sound of footsteps approaching him. He looked at the opening of the alley and saw the outline of a woman in the streetlights. He smiled at the familiar scent. "I was wondering when you would show up, Ruby."

The witch shook her head and tossed him his black long coat. "You're a hard man to clean up after, Tsukune. You didn't do a very good job of erasing the memories of the other women you drank from tonight."

Tsukune shrugged into the coat. "Sorry. I was in a hurry. I let my hunger fester too long. Plus, you know what happens when I use my powers."

Ruby sighed. "I've warned you about doing that. Next time you might not be so lucky. And I don't want to go up against your ghoul persona again. That was not an easy fight."

He smiled in apology and reached into a pocket, removing a pair of sunglasses and putting them on, hiding his eyes. The two walked out of the ally and onto the empty streets of Tokyo. Their footsteps echoed up and down the roads, interrupted only by the conversation they were having.

"How many did you drink from tonight?"

"Over five, I think. It's hard to keep track anymore. I've stopped counting."

Ruby glanced up at her friend, worry reflecting in her violet eyes. "Tsukune, don't you think it's time you look for...her?"


Ruby groaned. "Tsukune..."

"I'm not gonna get into this argument with you again, Ruby. Moka and the others have their own lives now. I'm not gonna upset them by showing up again. Besides, they think I'm dead. Best to leave it at that."

"But human blood isn't working anymore. You're not a complete vampire, Tsukune. You're still bound to Moka." Ruby grabbed his arm and forced him to look at her. "If you don't drink Moka's blood and complete the transformation you're never going to be satisfied with your human hosts, no matter how much blood you drink. Eventually the blood won't work anymore and you'll become a ghoul again."

Ruby knew she sounded like a nagging mother but she couldn't help it. Tsukune's transformation into a vampire wasn't like a normal one, his was a special case. Normally when a human is turned the vampire drains them of blood until they're near death. They then inject their blood into the human, creating a fledgling vampire. In this state the newly created vampire would have the normal vampire weaknesses: water, holy relics, and sunlight. At the same time they become bound to the vampire that turned them, being unable to go against any order their master gives them.

Traditionally this was so the master could groom the fledgling into a proper vampire, teaching them the rules of living as the strongest of monsters. When the fledgling was thought ready the master would let them suck their blood, completing the transformation and creating an adult vampire, no longer bound to the one that turned them. As an adult the vampire would loose it's former weaknesses and gain the freedom to do as it pleased. But because the vampires were originally a warlike species, they had to constantly drink blood in order to curb their murderous tendencies. Otherwise they would revert into ghouls, monsters whose only purpose was to kill anything and everything in sight.

Tsukune was trapped in between. Because Moka injected him repeatedly with her blood while he was still alive, his body had to sacrifice his humanity in order to create a body that could sustain the power of Moka's blood. As a result, Tsukune became the very thing the vampire species had evolved from and despised. When he was finally captured by Sanctuary, Ruby used her magic to pull Tsukune's human self from the depths of his psyche and merge the two personalities together. Since vampires were basically ghouls that could reason, Tsukune kept his new-found powers and, thanks to his human birth, received almost none of the vampire's weaknesses. The only problem he had was sunlight. While it didn't burn him in any way it gave him a massive headache, prompting him to only come out at night.

Unfortunately, because he wasn't made a vampire the correct way, the drinking of blood wasn't as effective as it normally was. Over the years, Tsukune had to keep increasing the number of humans he had to drink from, sometimes accidentally killing the host. Soon it would come to the point that blood would be ineffective and he would become a ghoul again, with no chance of saving him a second time. The change would be permanent and all that would be left to do would be to kill him. Ruby didn't want that. That was why she would beg Tsukune on an almost daily basis to find Moka and drink her blood. Doing this would complete his transformation and save him from turning into a ghoul again. But he was being so damn stubborn about it and she couldn't figure out why. Hence their continued arguing about the subject.

Tsukune looked at the witch for a long time before gently removing her hands from his arm. "I know your worried about me, Ruby, but my answer is still no. We've already agreed on what to do when that time comes, and I'm counting on you to keep your promise."

Ruby bit her lip but said nothing. There was really no point in arguing with Tsukune. He wouldn't move an inch from the choice he made. The two walked in silence until a sharp chime sounded from inside Tsukune's coat. He removed a cell phone and flipped it open; frowning at the message he had received.

"We have a job. Reika wants to meet us at the usual place."


The two changed direction and headed for a twenty-four hour diner where they would meet with their liaison to the Sanctuary for Paranormal Entities, an organization that monitored and protected the identities of monsters that lived in the human world. Tsukune had been working for their Enforcement Bureau for almost ten years, ever since he regained his sanity after running amok as a ghoul in the Boarder Lands and human world. The organization kept him busy and supplied him with blood when he needed it. Too bad they couldn't give him the one thing he wanted most in the world, a cure for his vampirism. Unfortunately for a vampire there was no cure, only release. Tsukune didn't want to die just yet.

They finally came to the diner and walked in, taking their usual booth in the back. A cup of coffee was placed in front of each of them and they declined the offer to order. Five minutes later their contact arrived and sat across from them. She too was given a coffee and she too declined to order. Once alone the three began talking.

"Ruby. Tsukune. Good to see you both again."

"You too, Miss Reika. What job do you have for us this time?"

Reika shook her head in amusement. "Straight to the point as always, Tsukune. Alright, I'll get right to it. Several days ago the head of the Enforcement Bureau received a communication from one of its operatives in Europe. It seems that several Vatican Inquisitors managed to locate and kill a vampire by the name of Marais Akashiya. They burned him alive in his own home along with his wife."

Tsukune raised an eyebrow and at the same time felt his stomach drop. "Inquisitors? As in the Pope's Holy Inquisitors? That's the Vatican's monster eradication department."

"That's right."

"What's so important about this vampire?" Ruby asked.

"His name wasn't Akashiya; it was Sangreal, Marias Sangreal, the king of all vampires and the third Hell-King."

Ruby nearly dropped her cup. "The king of vampires is dead!?"

Reika nodded. "Sanctuary has been keeping the Sangreal bloodline hidden from the Vatican since the end of the Forgotten War. Of all the monsters in the world the Church viewed vampires as the most dangerous and the eradication of the Sangreal bloodline is its highest priority."

"Why that particular bloodline?" Tsukune asked.

Reika poured some creamer and sugar into her cup, stirring until the black liquid turned light brown. "You know how vampires are the strongest of all monsters, right?"


"Well, the Sangreal bloodline is the strongest of all vampires. They're almost god-like in their powers and some even worship them as such. They were among the first group of monsters to conquer the humans and establish monsters as the ruling class over the entire world. In fact, their name even means 'royal blood'. They ruled the kingdom for thousands of years until it was finally toppled."

Ruby asked, "Who toppled it?"

"A group of human slaves, secretly educated by mongrel monsters who hated the pure-blood ruling class. They took this knowledge and turned on their masters, both pure-blood and mongrel. The uprising soon exploded into an all-out war that nearly exterminated both species."

"How come nobody else knows of this?"

Reika smiled thinly. "History is written by the victors. When humans finally succeeded in driving the many surviving monsters into hiding they destroyed all traces of their kingdom and turned their kind into nothing more than stories told to frighten children. It was at this point that human history officially began. Ever since then Inquisitions and witch hunts would be carried out by the Church to make sure that the number of monsters living in the world never rose high enough to create another kingdom again."

Ruby's mouth hung open. "Could they really do that? Change centuries of history on a whim?"

"Oh yes. When it comes down to it, we humans can be rather ruthless and cold-blooded when we want something bad enough."

Reika's hands gripped her cup and her entire frame shook. Tsukune understood, almost painfully so. She was one of the few humans that worked within the SPE. As such she was viewed with extreme scrutiny and open hatred by almost everyone, monster and witch alike. Tsukune was the only one who showed her any amount of kindness at all. Even Ruby didn't completely trust her. Being a former human, Tsukune knew what it was like to be surrounded by monsters and feel so out of place.

Reaching across the table, Tsukune gave her hands a squeeze. Reika looked up and smiled in thanks, wiping her eyes. "Sorry. Anyway, getting back to the matter at hand. As you can imagine the death of King Marais is a great victory for the Vatican, but it's an incomplete one."

Tsukune tilted his head to the side. "Incomplete how?"

"The king and his queen may be dead but the bloodline still exists. He has living family, four daughters to be exact. That's going to be your new assignment; you're to protect the heir until she can claim the throne."

Tsukune felt his stomach tighten. He was getting a bad feeling about this. "Who are they?"

Reika reached into her purse and pulled out a sealed folder. She slid it across the table. "Don't worry; you'll only have to look after the third eldest daughter. She's the heiress. When King Marias was killed the other three were immediately taken into protective custody by Sanctuary.

"Why wasn't the third one taken in as well?"

"It's a bit complicated."

"Complicated how?"

"She has no idea who she really is or what she is about to become. Look in the folder."

The feeling in his gut getting stronger, Tsukune opened the folder and removed two photographs. One was of a girl around the age of fifteen with pink hair and green eyes. She had a big smile on her face and was wearing a very familiar school uniform. Around her neck was a leather collar with a silver cross hanging off it. The other was of the same girl but her features had changed. Her hair was silver and her eyes were blood-red. She wore the same uniform but the cross was missing from her collar. The picture showed her in the middle of a high kick, the object she was kicking was out of picture. Whatever color Tsukune had gained from his last meal drained away and left him pale as a ghost.

Reika continued, not noticing his discomfort. "The girl with the silver hair is Wilhelmina Sangreal, King Marias' heir. The on in the other picture is Moka Akashiya, her cover identity. Both of them are the same person and the next target on the Inquisitors' eradication list."


Ruby unlocked the door to the apartment that she and Tsukune shared. The vampire was silent all the way home, his white-knuckle grip on the folder that held Moka's pictures never loosening. He brushed past the witch and immediately went into his room, slamming the door. Ruby calmly put on a pot of tea as Tsukune proceeded to punch the walls in his room, putting more holes in the reinforced concrete.

Ruby wasn't worried about him disturbing any of the other tenets, there were none. The building they were using was a safehouse used by Sanctuary Enforcement Bureau. When monsters were being pursued by human hit squads or they were being interrogated by other Enforcement members they were brought here until the situation was taken care of. Tsukune had spent much of his time here as a ghoul after Sanctuary captured him. It was only through Ruby's intervention that his life was spared. Thanks to her brief tutelage under the headmaster of Yokai Academy she created the method that merged Tsukune's human and ghoul personalities, creating a Dampier, a half-human half-vampire hybrid, something that had never existed in the world before, making Tsukune the first and only Dampier in existence. The ritual had drained her of nearly all her magical power but she had been successful. Tsukune had awakened with a full set of memories of what he had been doing since he disappeared from Yokai Academy. It had taken him a couple of months to get over his grief and accept what he was but Ruby had been there to help him through it.

Tsukune joined Sanctuary soon after, seeing it as his way to atone for all the damage he had caused and the lives he destroyed. Ruby joined as well, her reason being so she could keep an eye on him and make sure he wouldn't revert to his ghoul persona again. In truth she only wanted to be closer to Tsukune. She had already liked the boy after the kindness he had shown her during their first meeting and after close to ten years of working together she had fallen in love with him. She knew that nothing would come of it, Tsukune still had Moka in his heart, even if he refused to acknowledge it.

Tsukune's demeanor had changed ever since he became a Dampier. Ruby suspected it was only natural, after facing the things he had done it was really hard to go around with a smile on your face. In fact his behavior reminded her of Moka when she had her powers unleashed, cold and ruthless. His kindness was still there but he only let it out on very rare occasions. Ruby missed the part of him that was always smiling but accepted the fact that Tsukune had changed. For better or for worse this was Tsukune now and she accepted him regardless.

The pounding in Tsukune's room stopped just as the water for the tea finished boiling. Ruby pored two cups and joined Tsukune at the table as he came out of his room. He took the cup from her and she saw his bloody knuckles begin to heal over, creating flawless skin once again.

"I'm sorry, Ruby."

"Don't apologize, you did nothing wrong."

"I lost my temper."


"Is it?"

Ruby nodded. "It is. After all this time of living peacefully, Moka is going to be in danger again. And because you still love her--"

"I don't love her!"

"Oh, but you do." Ruby leaned across the table and flicked him in the forehead. "Did you suddenly forget that I'm a witch? I have my crow familiars spread all over Tokyo and they report everything to me. So I know about the trips you take to see Moka when you say you're going out to feed. How you follow her home from work when she stays late and when she goes out with friends, just so you can see her and make sure she doesn't get hut. Since there's nobody who can pull off her rosario she's far more vulnerable now than she ever was before."

Tsukune rubbed his forehead. Moka -- both Mokas -- used to do that to him a lot. Usually when he did something stupid, like put himself in harms way when he tried to pull off the rosario. Inner Moka -- or Wilhelmina Sangreal as she was officially known -- never missed a chance to berate him for his stupidity and give him her signature flick to the head. Of course she also never missed a chance to remind him that all she wanted was his blood, but Tsukune wondered if it was something more. He started having suspicions after the fight with Kuyo of the Yokai Academy Protection Committee. Before then Inner Moka had never touched him unless it was absolutely necessary. But after his brush with death she seemed to cling to him more often. Not in the way that Kurumu or Yukari did but she made sure to have some sort of physical contact with him, a brush of the hands, a pat on the shoulder or her usual flick to the forehead. To most people those actions would seem like insignificant gestures but coming from a person as distant as Inner Moka, they spoke volumes.

"It doesn't matter if I love her or not. I can't be with her anymore. I'm a dead man, remember? Tomorrow I'll contact Reika and tell her to give someone else this job."

"She won't do it, Tsukune."

"Why not?"

"The Enforcement Bureau chose us for a reason. It's because of our connection to Moka when she was in school. You know her best and know how to protect her. Besides, Tsukune, you know that most monsters hardly trust Sanctuary, especially the Enforcement Bureau. If we have to reveal ourselves to her at least we'll be people she can trust."

Tsukune's frown deepened. It didn't matter how logical Ruby was in her reasoning, the fact remained that he did not want to expose himself to Moka. She had moved on, she had a life of her own now and he wasn't in it. The last thing she needed was him showing up again out of the blue. Who knew what that would do to her. But on the other hand her life was in danger and no matter how much he wanted to stay away, he wasn't about to just let her be killed simply because she was a vampire. Dammit! Sometimes he hated the fact that he was born a human.

Sighing, Tsukune downed his tea in one gulp. "When do we start?"

"Tomorrow. I'll be moving to the new safehouse during the day. I'll call you with directions that night."


"A day and a night. Guess who'll be taking which."

He nodded. "Okay. Any information on the Inquisitor operatives?"

"Reika will be sending us a complete dossier tomorrow. It'll contain everything Sanctuary knows about the Inquisitors. Don't expect much though."


"Not unless we absolutely need it. The Director wants to keep this operation as small as possible. Also, if we can, she wants us to capture an Inquisitor member alive. We might be able to pump some info out of him if we're lucky."

Tsukune nodded. "Understandable. Sun's about to come up. I'm going to bed."

"G'night, Tsukune. See you tomorrow evening."

"Yeah. Ruby?"


"Sorry, about earlier. Y'know, walking out on you and Reiko like that. It wasn't your fault."

Tsukune shut the door to his room before Ruby could say anything. She smiled thinly. She called the room Tsukune's but in truth it was both of theirs. Tsukune used it during the day while Ruby slept there at night. Then there was the rare occasion when they both slept in the bed together. It didn't happen that often but when it did, Ruby let herself become selfish and revel in the fact that she and she alone had Tsukune all to herself. Not wanting to let one of those rare times go to waste she quickly washed and put away the cups then began to shed her clothing. She entered their sometimes shared room and found Tsukune staring out the only window the apartment had, the black curtain pulled slightly back. She didn't bother to close the door or sneak up behind him, his vampire senses could hear and smell her coming quite easily. Her arms circled his naked torso and she pressed her body close to his, her fingers tracing the many scars he received while he was still a human. She felt his body shudder and his breathing speed up.


"I know," she whispered. "It's all right, really. Let's just forget for a while."

Tsukune turned around in her arms and Ruby leaned up on her tiptoes to press her mouth to his. He returned the kiss and picked her up, carrying her to the bed. Ruby quickly worked at his pants, removing them and his boxers from his body. Tsukune positioned himself and slid into her opening. Ruby moaned and clung to him.

Yes, she thought as he began thrusting. Let's forget that you still love Moka. That you'll never love me like I love you. Let me just have you, even if it's only for one day out of forever.

Their thrusting and breathing increased in tempo until Tsukune grunted and climaxed. Ruby screamed in orgasm and sighed as Tsukune slowly removed himself from her. The Dampier lay on his back while Ruby snuggled up to him, placing her head on his chest.

As the sun slowly rose outside, Ruby found a brief moment of happiness in the arms of the man she loved the most. Even if it was only a false happiness that existed in a never-ending dream of her own creation.

(End Part One)


Author's Rant: Greetings again, one and all. At last I have returned with another story for you to sink your teeth into. I apologize for the long wait but things just got in the way. But I'm back again and I hope you will enjoy this new tail I have spun for you. Enjoy!