Title: Dibs On The Girl

Rating: M

Character(s): Edward Cullen - Jason Cullen - Isabella Swan

Summary: Edward - My twelve year old son and I are completely infatuated with the girl next door, also known as Miss Bella Swan. With her beautiful dazzling smiles, innocent blushes with wide doe eyes she has completely rendered the Cullen men whipped. I want to ask her out, desperately; the only problem is that my son has already called dibs. Damn.

Author's Note: Written by two authors, jewlzncoolz and xXPassion11Xx. This story will be posted on both our profiles so please don't send me a message saying she's copied my story because we're writing it together.

Also, Jason's orginal age was supposed to be nine years old but reviewers thought that was too young so we've changed it to twelve, if you notice the age nine somewhere please tell us so we can change it.

- Chapter One -

Edward's Interlude:

Moving to Forks was supposed to be a refreshing experience for my son and I. After Tanya and mine's divorce, I decided that I was no longer going to condemn Jason to live in Chicago where all his friends' parents knew that his mother was a whore. To be honest, the fact that Tanya cheated on me didn't affect me as much as it probably should've. Even if it was with three different men in the space of two months.

Our marriage life ended the day she decided blonde hair dye was more important than feeding our son lunch. I married her blissfully in love. She was beautiful. Her long golden hair and blue eyes were mesmerising. I divorced her regretful. Because I knew my son would grow up without a mother. She didn't even bother claiming custody over Jason. All she wanted was the money, 'what I'm owed for putting up with this for eleven years', as she beautifully put it herself.

I didn't even miss her.

We used two lorries to chuck our belongings in and drove all the way from Chicago to Forks. I drove my Volvo with Jason, who seemed happy to move more than anything. The welfare and happiness of my son was everything to me. My cousin Alice, who lived in Forks, seemed to think that maybe Jason would be happier in Forks where my mother and father also lived. Maybe the grandparents would aid my son to move on.

I did not want him to forget his mother. That was the one thing I would never take away from Jason. But the fact that Tanya didn't want anything to do with her meant that he'd live without a mother whether I liked it or not.

Jason had red and brown hair like mine. It was messy and untameable. His eyes were dark green which he got from his mother unlike my light green eyes. He also inherited my habits, good and bad. His skin was pale like mine but he had a small splatter of freckles on his nose and cheeks.

"Is my new room as big as my old room?" Jason asked, as I unlocked the door for the first time. The delivery trucks had already dumped everything inside courtesy of my cousin Alice supervising them. I had not seen the house for myself apart from the pictures that my mother Esme sent but I had to say that for 'an average two bedroom house' – which was what I requested – it was beautiful. Esme assured me that she took care of the decorating and interior designing herself.

The house was large and three bedrooms instead of two with a garage as well as a large driveway and it seemed to be a in a good neighbourhood.

"Go up and see", I told him, whilst unloading the boxes with the food and things we needed until we had unpacked everything. The furniture was already sorted out, which I presumed Alice had persuaded the delivery men to do. She was a bouncy little thing, a fashion designer of 24 years old. I remember when I was younger and had to spend Christmas diners with Alice. She'd eat a quarter of the food on her plate then proceed to bounce around the living room, annoying the living hell out of everyone.

"Dibs on the bedroom with the garden view", Jason shouted from upstairs. I rolled my eyes at him. I hadn't even had time to look around yet and he had already claimed a room.

I walked into the kitchen and noticed a note from Alice. It read:

Welcome to Forks!

I laughed at the greeting.

The delivery trucks arrived this morning. I made sure they put all the furniture and boxes in its places. There's some food in the fridge from Esme, she did not want her grandson to starve.

I already sorted out your bedroom (the one next to the stairs with creamy walls – your welcome) but I didn't know which room was for Jason (tell him I said hello from me) so he can sleep with you tonight. Call me now.


A whole bunch of handwritten X's and O's decorated the end of the note. It was so Alice to me to call her as soon as I arrived. No doubt if she was free she'd bounce over here to welcome us personally.

P.S I know you Edward and I mean it. CALL ME. I will set my dogs on you if you don't.

I scoffed, she didn't have any dogs.

PP.S alright, I'll set my neighbour's dogs on you. Don't worry, I'll be working so I won't come to ruin your evening, just want to know if you're settled. Now call me. Go on. Why are you still reading??!

Another row of kisses and hugs decorated the bottom line. I laughed, this note was so Alice.

"I'm hungry", Jason complained, digging his head into the fridge as soon as he arrived into the kitchen. He was always hungry. The fridge was like a second home to him.

"Well, I have some sandwiches from the trip", I offered, holding up the bag of soggy tuna sandwiches. Jason wrinkled his nose at me and turned back to the fridge.

"Aw dad. There's casserole here. Why is there casserole in our fridge?" he asked, pulling out the dish, "we've been here for three minutes. Is this from the people who lived here before?"

I laughed, shaking my head. "Alice was here. She brought it over from grandma Esme."

"Are we going to see them tomorrow?" he asked, wide eyed and hopeful.

I chucked the sandwiches in the bin and placed the casserole in the oven.

"I don't think we have a choice in that matter", I muttered quietly. Then answered him, "We're going to grandma and grandpa's place for lunch. Alice and her boyfriend are going to be there too. You remember Alice, don't you?"

"She dressed up as a bunny last Easter", Jason nodded, seeming to remember.

I rolled my eyes at the memory. Alice always liked to make a grand entrance. Last Easter she visited us in Chicago dressed up as bunnies for a whole week. She changed the outfit, of course, wearing different ones everyday. Seriously, you'd think a grown woman would have the dignity. It annoyed Tanya to the moon and back but placed a smile on Jason's face so I didn't mind.

I did mind, however, on the amount of chocolate they both ate and how hyper it made them. Literally, both of them. Alice was bouncing along with Jason all day.

"You're sleeping with me today", I told Jason, walking into the living room, skipping over the boxes and looking around. Jason trailed behind me, poking his hands in random boxes to see if he could find anything worth of interest.

"I want my own room", he said reproachfully, "there's two to spare."

"Two with no beds in them", I explained, rolling my eyes, "we'll set up your room tomorrow. I'm too tired to unpack anything today."

"Too lazy", Jason pointed out. I shrugged at the comment, collapsing on the sofa.

"There's school on Monday", I grinned at him, "good luck with the new school."

"Good luck with the new nurses", he shot back. I scowled.

Being a doctor was something I always wanted to be when I was younger. What I did not anticipate were the harassing nurses that came along with it. Tanya was never happy when she visited me and a nurse would be hanging about flirting.

Ding dong.

I sat up, looking over to Jason who was sprawled out on the floor with a Nintendo close up to his face. "You wanna get that?"

"Dad, what if it's a kidnapper?" he said not even moving his eyes away from the screen. "You'd send your only son to open the door to a total stranger? He could have a gun!"

"If you don't wanna move your lazy butt just say so", I grumbled, getting up and grabbing the device from his grip.


I ran to the door, happy to see Jason chasing after me. I yanked the door open and my jaw dropped.

A woman with dark hair and porcelain skin was standing in my doorway clutching what seemed to be a plate with a napkin covering the top. She wore a baggy white top and some skinny jeans which did not go at all yet it suited her perfectly.

"Er. Hi", she said softly. "Um. I'm Bella Swan. From next door. Number 68".

My son and I gawped.

She laughed nervously, a soft sound that was just too heavenly to be described as anything else.

"I saw you guys just getting in", she carried on, "and it's quite late so I didn't know if you had unpacked your kitchen utensils yet. I, uh, I brought some cookies that I just made."

She pushed out the plate towards us a little.

I am proud to say that my son and I carried on gawping without saying a word.

Bella Swan, angel from heaven, most beautiful creature I had ever seen – whatever you want to call her because any of those things seemed suitable – shifted around from foot to foot, nibbling her lip.

"I wouldn't mind getting kidnapped by you", Jason said, sounding as caught off guard as I felt. Bella's brows furrowed in confusion.

"Kidnapped? What?" she asked, her big doe eyes flicking from father to son.

I cleared my throat and blinked a couple of times.

"Um. Inside joke", I said laughing nervously, "I'm Edward Cullen and this is my son, Jason. Thank you Miss Swan, for these."

She smiled, thrusting the plate onto my hand. I felt Jason move closer, still gawping. Damn boy, close your mouth. Have some dignity at least!

"You're welcome and please call me Bella", she spoke, flashing me another smile.

Insides are now melting to jelly...

I don't have any dignity left either.

"And call me Edward", I told her, unable to do anything but smile back.

"Yeah, yeah", my son interrupted, pushing me out of the way. He held out his hand to Bella Swan. "Call me Jase."

Did he just wink at her?

"Jase?" I repeated, silently fuming because Bella swan was holding my son's hand and not mine. Damn it! Why am I holding a plate instead of her hand?

"Jase", Bella said, smirking, "hope you two don't mind me mentioning but you look awfully a lot like each other."

"I'm the improved version", Jason said, flashing a grin.

Why was he still holding her hand?

And Bella laughed. I'm the improved version. Pff. Wasn't that funny.

"Well, it's very nice to meet you two", Bella swan said, letting go of my son's hand. I mean, finally. She looked up at me. Don't look her in the eyes!!

Too late.

Yeah, like I said no dignity left.

I gawped.

"Nice to meet you Edward", she said softly and turned, disappearing in the darkness.



"Dad! Close the door", Jason said half laughing. He yanked the cookies from my hand and proceeded to stuff his face.

"Jase? Did you seriously ask her to call you Jase?" I taunted him, raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah well you – ohmygod. These are amazing", Jason moaned, closing his eyes. I eyed him, grabbing a cookie off the plate. It was still warm and the chocolate chips were still half melted. As soon as the cookie hit my tongue, I closed my eyes too.

"She is god", my son said with a nod to me. I rolled my eyes at him.

"You made a right fool out of yourself there", I snickered, grabbing more cookies, "call me Jase. Psh. You little flirt. You're twelve; act your age, kid."

"Act my age? Funny, I was about to say the same to you dad", Jason muttered, stalking off to the living room with the cookies. I followed him, grabbing the plate and plonking myself on the couch.

"Oh, by the way", he said, mouth halfway full of cookies, "dibs on the girl."

"What?" I choked on the cookie I had previously just stuffed into my mouth. Jason laughed as I whacked myself on the chest repeated before coughing and clearing my throat.

"What do you mean what?" he said with a shrug. "Dibs on the girl, dad."

"You're twelve. You can't call dibs", I said, incredulous. He couldn't do that. Could he?

"Yes I can. I just did", he said stubbornly. Damn smart ass.

"But...but you can't", I huffed, "she's a little older than you if you haven't noticed, Jase."

"You're just jealous 'cos she was into me", he shrugged indifferently, "I called dibs, dad. So back off. Oh and dibs on the last cookie."

"What?" I demanded. He grinned smugly as he grabbed the last cookie off of the plate and popped it into his mouth.

That kid was too much like me.