I read one of these so I decided to try for myself!

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"Come on kiddo!" she says, a smile on her face. I smile back, knowing everything was safe.

"Mom, will you read some more of the story?" I ask. My mom nods.

"Sure Xi Xi, I'll be happy to! Just wait here while I get lunch." She stands up and goes to the car. I stretch out lazily in the sun.

"Huh?" A rabbit! With a jacket and a little suit and EVERYTHING!! It looks around confused and looks mad.

"I'm late! I'm late! For a very important date! … Oh for heaven's sake…" The rabbit mutters darkly to itself.

"Um… Do you need help?" I ask trying to be helpful.

"YES I NEED HELP!!!" The rabbit snaps, instantly transforming into a boy with spiky blonde hair. He carries a watch with the clock hands as two swords shaped like keys. One's black and the other one's white. How cute!

"Well, are you lost?" I ask, since that happens to me all the time.

"Of course I am!! I'm not wandering around here because I like to!" He says angrily.

"Are you looking for the bus station? Cause it's over there." I point. The boy's rabbit ears twitch angrily.

"Look kid, I'm looking for a RABBIT hole. Cause I'm a RABBIT. And not just ANY rabbit, I'm THE White Rabbit!" He says proudly.

"What's that?"

"….. Look. The White Rabbit's a very important job. And… By the way, I never got your name." He straightens his black and white jacket and waits expectantly.

"Xion. Xion Minami." I tell him. I hold my hand out to shake his. He takes it and shakes it.

"Nice name! I'm Roxas Arugami." He says and smiles.

"I thought you were the White Rabbit."

"I am. But that's just a job. To tell the truth," He leans into whisper in my ear, " I'm only the TRAINEE White Rabbit. The official one is Demyx."


"Uh huh. Hey, since we're friends and all, will you help me out?" Roxas asks shyly.

"Sure, if I can." I straighten my blue dress and wait for his favor.

"I need help finding the rabbit hole." He says with a blush.

"… Is that all! Well, I can do that! I have a habit of falling through… GAAAH!!!" I slip through a dark hole and start falling.

"OH! XION SAMA!!" Roxas calls out and that's the last thing I hear before slipping into the darkness completely.