Oh yeah, this is the End of Xion in Wonderland.

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Note: the prequel to this story, Kairi in Wonderland is in production! Sorta.

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"I guess this is goodbye." Larxene says sadly.

"Bye…" The Tweedles say in unison.

"MAN! ALREADY?!" Axel snarls.

"I guess so. At least it's was a good adventure this time." Mom says.

"What are you guys talking about?! We can stay here and Mom, you don't have to go back to your stupid job and we can live here with Daddy!" I tell her. She smiles and shakes her head. Sora gives me a hug and lets go, biting his lips to keep from crying.

"…… Leaving so soon? Hardly the work of an accomplished Alice." Marluxia's bossy voice says.

"Hey there General." Mom says and gives him the Keyblade.

"………." Sora doesn't look at us and smiles weakly at the floor.

"C'mon Xion." Mom grabs my arm.

"Ready?" Marluxia waves his scythe and then I hear something, that makes my heart break.

"Good bye… Xion. Kairi." A quiet voice whispers as a strong wind surrounds us.

"NOO!! I WANNA STAY WITH DADDY! DAD!!!" I cry out but then we both sink into a dreamless sleep.

"……. Mmm…." I feel warm sunlight on my cheek and someone has my head in their lap.

"Had a nice dream, Princess?" A soft and familiar voice asks as they stroke my hair.

"…Sora?" I ask quietly.

"You gotta call me 'Daddy' now." He laughs, a deep laugh that seems like I've heard a thousand times before.

"But… I thought you couldn't leave Wonderland…." I mutter and snuggle close to him.

"Heh. That's what I thought. But…. I can't leave you two alone. I have 15 years to catch up on…." Dad says and keeps petting me.

"…14... I'm not 15 yet." I tell him sleepily.

"Alright, but your mom left me a long time ago. I promise to take care of you both." He says and I hear the ghost of another promise that was said a long time ago in his voice.

"…Mm…. Xi Xi? Are you okay?" Mom asks and she sits up.

"Hey there, beautiful." Dad winks at her and she nearly has a heart attack.


"I broke my contract with Xemnas. That means, I instantly aged how ever many years I had been under the spell." Dad explains and he hugs Mom close.

"…. If you leave, I'm kicking your ass." Mom mutters.

"Last time I checked, YOU were the one who left." Dad says and I smile. We were finally back together… All three of us. I close my eyes and dream again of a land full of adventure, of the White Rabbit, the Queen of Hearts and the pranksters: The Cheshire Cats.

"Welcome home, Xion."

The End