The Christmas Like no Other

(Journal entry)

Dear journal date Dec. 21 2009

I woke up on Dec. 21 four more days till Christmas yes! Really close I love the snow on Christmas don't you I do. That day I had school not to excited about that but we didn't do much. In first period we listened to Christmas music and talked to friends second we just sat and colored in third we played games. Kind of weird because we never do that at school. Then when I went home I got to see my grandma and pap. We had dinner it was fun that I seen them. Then I went to sleep. A pretty ordinary day except for school being fun to me.

Dear journal date Dec. 22 2009

Woke up three more days till Christmas but I look at the clock and it is 8:30 oh no I slept in why didn't my mom wake me up. I still have school today I go in my family room and my mom is awake I am confused. She said that we had a two hour delay thank goodness I look outside and it's a winter wonderland how beautiful. I didn't want to go to school today.

Dear journal date Dec. 23 2009

Two more days till Christmas and the last day of school till holiday. We get out half a day so it should be fun we watched movies all day and we got to pick which movie we wanted to watch so I had fun I mainly talked to friends so you know how that goes. I asked my friends what they wanted for Christmas they said they wanted an I pods touch or DSI stuff like that but I had something different to mind that I want.

Dear journal date Dec. 24 Christmas eve 2009

Christmas eve tomorrows Christmas can't wait! Me and my mom baked cookies so we could bring them to my family on Christmas. I of course ate a few who wouldn't then the day dragged on I just wanted to go to sleep. Then finally 9:00 struck so I got into bed and of course couldn't sleep.

Dear journal Dec. 25 Christmas day 2009

Christmas morning finally here can't wait so race to my living room and find a big box and a few other presents for me I ask to open it and I hurry up and did. Guess what came out a little fluffy puppy it was a Westie that was my wish for a new friend I was so happy. And the rest of the day even when I went to my families houses I brought my knew friend Charles I was so excited.