Authors Note: This chapter is dedicated to the woman I love, Enjoy ya'll ;)

Hermione smiled as she watched the memories in her pensieve. Mentally she knew that she was still sat in front of Minerva's desk in the enormous leather chair she had bought the previous Christmas but it almost felt as though she were reliving the memories she was witnessing.

The passion in Minerva's darkened green eyes as she lowered Hermione onto the mattress...

The feel of Minerva's crisp curls against her face as she tasted the older woman's essence for the first time. Her own wonder at the moisture that coated her face with the evidence of Minerva's desire, the nub that sprang to life under her tongue...

The way that she had chuckled the next morning listening to Minerva's roughened voice as the headmistress gave a speech in the great hall, all the while remembering the screaming that had caused her to have a sore throat. Across the hall Minerva saw the smirk and reddened; loosing her place – her speech had momentarily faltered...

Mist swirled around Hermione as the scene changed.

"Are you sure about this?"

Minerva took the box of books out of Hermione's arms and carried it towards the space that she had cleared on the bookshelves. "I thought that was my line." She bent down to put the box on the floor, knowing that the young woman was eyeing the curve of her backside. "Are you having second thoughts?"

"No of course not... it's just that moving in is a big step and I know how much you value your privacy."

Minerva turned to face Hermione pulling her into her arms and into an embrace. "Do you know how long I have waited for you Hermione?"

The young woman chuckled but shook her head, desperate to know the answer.

"For my whole life."

Green and brown eyes met in a compassionate loving, yet tear-filled gaze. "Really?"

A hand cupped the back of Hermione's neck. "Yes really."

They began to kiss... and kiss... and kiss.

Another scene solidified out of the mist.

Hermione walking into Minerva's office taking off her outer robes, shaking the snow from her hair.

"Well?" An impatient query came from across the room, cultured tones slightly sharp with anticipation.

"Well what?" Teasing chocolate eyes sought Minerva's from across the room. Minerva sighed tossed her book down and stood, quick decisive steps brought her into Hermione's personal space. She gave the younger woman a passionate kiss, one that she knew from experience would make Hermione weak at the knees and breathless.

"Well?" She pointedly placed a hand on Hermione's still flat stomach. "Were we right? Are you pregnant?"

A stunningly beautiful smile lit the young womans face as she gazed up at her lover. "Yes."

Minerva grinned back at her, far happier than she could remember being in her whole life. She grabbed Hermione around the waist and spun her around shrieking at the top of her lungs. The young woman giggled, a little dizzy but loving the uncharacteristic behaviour of the witch she loved.

"I suppose this means that I should make an honest woman out of you."

Hermione's shock was palpable. She just stared at Minerva – absolutely stunned.

It took several minutes for her to regain the power of speech. "Are you asking me to marry you?" Tenderly she reached out and cupped the side of Minerva's face, waiting for her response.

Minerva reached into her pocket and pulled out the most beautiful ring that Hermione had ever seen.

Minerva stroked the sweaty hair from Hermione's forehead, looked from the new baby in her wife's arms and back into exhausted brown eyes. "...At least we know what to name her."

"What are you doing?"

Hermione jumped a little before returning to the present. She turned to kiss her wife in greeting, "Just looking at a few memories."

"You have been rather nostalgic lately. Is everything alright?" Minerva slid into her chair pulling Hermione into her lap and a deeper kiss.

"Mmmmm. Fine."

"What aren't you telling me?"

Hermione grinned, after all these years still loving the way that Minerva could read her thoughts and emotions. "I've booked an appointment with Healer Jackson for tomorrow."

"What's wrong?" She started ranting about healers keeping people waiting for appointments and how she would get him to see Hermione sooner.

A smirk crossed Hermione's face, she would never have told Minerva that she loved watching her rant. Most people who knew Minerva McGonagall would call her over-controlled, the young woman loved that she had the privilege to see her wife as no one else could. She also thought that it was extremely cute – another thing that she would never tell her wife. "There's nothing wrong Min, I..."

There was an almighty thud as a door was thrown open downstairs and something that sounded like a herd of elephants rushing up the stairs. Minerva pressed Hermione's hand with her own for a moment before they both turned to watch the entrance of hurricane Siobhan.

"Hey Mum, Mother. You'll never guess where I've been!"

The two older women smiled at her. "I believe we can dear, after all we were there."

"Oh yeah."

Hermione crossed the room to hug her daughter, "Welcome back sweetheart." Siobhan hugged her but stared at Minerva.

The Headmistress raised an eyebrow as she watched the green eyes so like her own staring back at her. Waiting for Siobhan to speak, she remained silent. "You used to be so mean Mother."

Minerva shook her head slowly, "I was just scared."

"You are never scared."

"Everyone gets scared sometimes." Hermione input.

"What changed?"

Minerva smiled, chuckling slightly. "Your Mum." Her eyes left their daughter and met Hermione's, "I fell in love with the most special woman in the world."

Tears welled up in Hermione's eyes as she moved into Minerva's arms. "I love you." They began to kiss.


They both chuckled at Siobhan's very teenage reaction and cut the kiss slightly short. Hermione kept hold of her wife's hand, "Actually I have a little news for you both."

Two pairs of concerned emerald eyes turned to her. Hermione took a deep breath, "I'm pregnant... We're having another baby."

There was a moment of silence in the room before two identical thuds. Wide brown eyes surveyed two prone forms on the floor, as she realised that they had both fainted.

"Oh for the love of Merlin!"