When the aliens attacked

It was June 25th. My brother AJ's birthday we were out swimming like normal people in the summer when a big gust of wind swooped in all you can see is this big circular thing not a disk a ball shaped something. What is that AJ said not sure let's get closer to it. Our parents were inside so they had no clue what was happening but there were friends and cousins out there we were all freaked out over this as we stepped a little closer something opened. AHHHHHH the gun shots from it even scared us worse when they hopped out whatever they were they were 5 ft. tall like normal people but seemed huge to us nine of them what are we to do we are to scared about this and then boom ! we were in the house what just happened I had a scar on my hand that I never seen before it seemed like a dream but it wasn't we all remembered it except right when we woke up and seen the scar it was the day when this big circular thing came to us we even have a chip that was put into us that we got and we found out it was put into us when I was checked out at the doctors it was the worse most weirdest thing in the world that happened to us. We all have the scar same place and same shape and all have this weird chip inside of us!