A/N: Twilight is not mine. Neither the idea with the dresses, it's from a sitcom.

Bella is 'saved' by Victoria and becomes a whore in her house. Until Edward comes in her life and she desires to be kissed, to be loved and to leave that Hell on Earth.

This is the prologue and next chapter I'll show how she was taken under Victoria's wing. I hope you'd like it. I have it my PC for a few months, its time had come.


For animals, the entire universe has been neatly divided into things to (a) mate with, (b) eat, (c) run away from, and (d) rocks.

Terry Pratchett

"Come with me. Run away with me!" he insisted. I looked in his eyes, wanting to trust him, my devoted client, my green-eyed beauty. Victoria would have my head if she ever found me. The life he promised me sounded so promising, but I was WAY out of his league. I had to stay here, this was my home. His eyes were pleading me; I had to look away so I could lie.

"I never loved you, sir. I'm very sorry if I made you think otherwise." I felt sick. How could I do this to him?

"Look in to my eyes and say it again!" His pained voice whispered lowly. He turned my head and penetrated my soul with his green gaze.

"This is my job. I can't fall in love. I don't want to go away with you." I lied; better than I thought I was able to.

"I'm leaving tomorrow morning. Never forget that I'll always love you, Blue." He had never called me Blue. It sent tingles down my spine. The reason I lived and got through every day in this house got up, kissed my hand and went to the door. "Isabella." He murmured lowly, opened the door and left. The click echoed in my mind and my heart.

Only I'll be stupid enough to fall for the troubled and slightly drunk photographer! Oh, how beautiful he was when he first came here. He came straight to me and asked in a slightly slurred voice where my room is. I knew he was trouble from the moment I took his hand to lead him in my room. He had looked startled at our joined hands, feeling the sparks, as well.

I put the silky night robe on me and rushed out the door. I caught him, just when he was about to get out of the house.

"Come back for a moment." I whispered, hoping no one will hear or see us. He nodded and we returned to my room.

I got a few photos, letters and other silly things and put them in a small purse. I put a dress on me. A blue one, of course, like I was allowed to wear anything else.

"Let's go!" I smiled at him, taking his hand.

"Oh Isabella, you make me so happy! Let me kiss you!" he whispered holding my face in his hands.

"Not here. Let's just go. Hurry!" I pushed him out the door and out the house. Keeping our hands joined we ran and ran until I couldn't feel my legs anymore and my lungs were protesting. We stopped on a field close to a forest.

"Let's take a break." He rasped. We sat there for a while, just breathing and letting our legs stretch. Suddenly, he took me in his arms and carried me in the forest.

"I know a nice place here." He murmured.

"When's the plane leaving?" I asked.

"Later, tomorrow tonight, now hush, let it be just the two of us." We stopped in a beautiful meadow and he laid me down. He laid over me, hovering and gazing in my eyes.

"Let me kiss you, Bella." I nodded slowly.

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