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Viola Fields: That slut is practically throwing herself on him!
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No matter how much a girl will try to please her boyfriend's mother, the latter won't accept her until she realizes on her own how good the girl is for her son and not even then will she admit it out loud. (This is my own musing, one hell of a quote, huh? I couldn't find this so I invented it)

"Sie kommt gleich,beruhigen Sie sich,mein Herr." (She's coming around. Just relax, sir.) I couldn't understand the words. I couldn't focus on anything. I wanted the blackness again.

"Bella! Please, baby!" I heard Edward's scared pleadings, his hands on mine, gripping my fingers.


"Bella! Thank God!" His arms wrapped around me and I opened my eyes slowly, settling them on his.

"Wie geht es Dir?" (How are you feeling?) I turned to the nurse and shrugged. "Du bist Resultaten,des Bluttestes dauern zwei Tagen lang." (You are pregnant. The results of the blood samples will come in two days.)

I wanted to move forward in the future and know the results.

"We're going home, sweetie." Edward told me and carried me to the car.

The next two days were the longest forty eight hours of my life. I stayed mostly in the bed, wondering what would happen when Edward found out it wasn't his. There was this possibility and it was the only thing I could think of. I couldn't let myself hope that it was Edward's and we'd be happy about this.

"Bella, you have to eat." Edward insisted on the second evening. I shook my head and kept drawing patterns on the bed with my fingers. "Sweetheart, I'm worried about you. You didn't eat anything today, nor yesterday." He continued softly. I shook my head no, again.

He left shortly after his attempt to feed me.

Was I truly four months along? A big part of me wanted it to be true, for this to have happened the Valentine's Day night when he had been so sweet with me. I shuddered to think of the other times with the other men. I wanted to forget about that stage of my life. I didn't need a constant reminder of what I had been.

"Bella, I have pancakes!" Alice sang and entered the room, bringing with her the awful smell of pancakes. I must have made a face because she cocked her head and her shoulders slumped. "No pancakes, then. Edward, come get them!" she shouted over her shoulder.

Edward entered the room, took the plate and turned around without a word.

"We're worried, honey." Alice whispered and sat next to me.

"I simply can't eat until I know the results." I told her.

"Of course you can! You need to feed the baby." Alice whispered.

"Just leave me alone. In a few hours we'll find out the truth." I moaned and suddenly, burst in tears. Alice wrapped me in her small arms and soon another pair of arms was around me.

"I'm here, Bella." Rose whispered and I was grateful to have them here.

As much as I loved being here alone with Edward and Jasper, I had missed my two best friends. I hadn't realized how much until now.

The front door banged and I jumped startled. A second later, the door of my room opened to reveal Emmett and Jasper.

"Uh…Bella…I think you should go after Edward." Jasper said seriously.

"Where did he go?" I asked panicked.

"Who knows? He said he's going out and then slammed the door after him." Emmett explained.

I went after him and I found him at the edge of the forest. His back resting against a tree trunk, feet in the grass, head on hands. I crouched in front of him and leaned my hands on his knees.


"Go back. I want to be alone." He muttered, not raising his head.

"I promise to eat if you come back with me." I whispered.

"You won't eat." He knew me all too well.

"Edward, it's getting dark. Let's head back." I insisted, stroking his hair.

We headed back in silence and when we entered the house, it was eerily quiet.

"I say we go to bed." Edward said monotonously.

It was going to be another sleepless night; I rolled on my side and stared out of the window. Edward came in the room, got in the bed and came behind me, hugging me to his chest.

"It will be okay, Bella." He murmured in my hair. I closed my eyes and relaxed in his arms. For the first time since I realized that I was pregnant, I felt oddly calm. "I love you no matter what." His hands came on my stomach and his thumb moved there softly. I squeezed his hand and slept peacefully for the first night in a few nights.

Morning came too soon for my liking and I didn't eat again. We waited for an hour to be admitted in the doctor's office. And when we finally entered, I fell on the first available chair.

"Es ist ihr Kind." (They match. It is your child.) I wanted to kiss the doctor.

Edward raised me and hugged me and kissed me, grinning. There really weren't words at how happy we were.

"Möchten Sie ein Termin in ein paar Wochen haben?" (Would you like to schedule a meeting in a few weeks?) the nursed and I simply nodded.

"It happened on Valentine's Day." I whispered to Edward as we walked out of the hospital.

"A wonderful evening." He agreed. "So, what do you want to do, mommy?" he asked happily, his hand on my stomach.

I was preparing to answer when his phone rang. He pecked my mouth and answered distracted.

"Hello?" He asked, grinning at me and kissing my cheek. He disappeared from my side and cleared his throat. "Elizabeth." A thousand different scenarios came to my mind but the correct one. "Alright, mother. I am still here." He whispered, frowning. "I'm sure she knows…Right…Do I?" he groaned and glanced at me apologetically. "I'll see. I have my family here." He answered and I could hear a screaming voice from the other side. "I will let you know. Good bye." He hung up and led the way to the car.

"What happened?" I asked, once inside.

"My mother suddenly misses me." He said gloomily.

"You have to go back?" I whispered not wanting that scenario right now.

"If you're ready, we can head back to America. We won't go to San Francisco, so there won't be any bad memories." He reassured me.


"You and me. What, Bella, did you think I'd let you here?" he asked frowning.

"Ehh I'm not used to be taken into count-" a finger pressed on my lips.

"You have to stop thinking like that. You are my first priority."

"What about the others?" I asked. They had come here only to be separated from us again.

"We'll talk with them and see. Okay?" Edward asked, taking my hand and kissing the back of it.

"Okay." I agreed.

"What happened? Tell us!" Alice jumped on me as soon as I stepped out of the car.

"It's Edward's." I told her, grinning.

"Yep. Never doubt it." Edward wrapped his arm around me. At my and Alice's pointed looks, he shuffled on his feet and smirked. "Well, I wished for it to be mine." He averted.

"Let's go, tell everyone!" Alice jumped up and down.

We started to the house as Edward's phone started ringing again. "She won't give up." He groaned. "Go, I'll be there in a second." He kissed my forehead and I went inside with Alice.

"Who was on the phone?" Alice asked curiously.

"His mother." I told her. Emmett engulfed me in a big hug as he saw me.

"Where's Edward? Did he faint?"

"Outside." I groaned in his neck.

"Oh right. Sorry, I'm squishing you." He apologized.

"I have news. Good and bad. What do you choose?" Edward shouted as he came in a while later.

"We know the good ones, you're gonna be a daddy!" Jasper laughed. "What are the bad ones?"

"Actually, we have to go back to Chicago, to my family." He said softly.

"All of us?" Emmett asked cheerfully.

Edward shrugged. "If you want us to finally be together and not separated by miles…you could come back to the U.S.A. with us."

"Right. We're going back! I'm sick of this place and I've been here for a few days!" Emmett clapped his hands.

"Then we have some packing to do!" Jasper yelled.


"We'll call you and talk." I told Rose and Alice in the airport.

"Come on, love. Bye guys!" Edward dragged me through the Chicago O'Hare's airport.

"Slow down." I muttered, squeezing his hand.

"You don't want to angry her. Please, keep up for a minute." He whispered fervently and came to a screeching halt soon, making me bump in his back. He turned and grasped my shoulders. "Remember what I told you, Bella?" he asked again.

"Yes." I said impatiently, rolling my eyes. Don't let her get to your heart, it gets easier, she's not a bitch, just give her time to know you, blah blah blah!

"Edward! Baby!" He closed his eyes and exhaled slowly, his brows furrowed in the middle of his forehead.

A middle aged woman took Edward from my arms and hugged him tightly, stroking his hair and kissing his…lips? What kind of mother does that? By a little overprotective, he meant cracked, I'm sure.

"Mother, hello." Edward whispered, glancing at me and winking.

"Lady missed you, baby." His mother continued, still not acknowledging me.

"Mother, let me introduce you to Bella." He answered, smiling at what she had said.

"Another dog?" she asked sweetly, stroking his cheek.

"No, mother. My girlfriend."

His mother turned to around and she saw me. Her eyes looked me from head to toe, her face turning in one of disgust then turning to Edward. "She's the one Carmen told me about? The whore?"

The word cut like a knife through my heart. I bit my lip and waited for more awful comments to come.

"Please. Let's go home and we'll explain what happened with Bella."

"Edward, honey, I'm not taking her in my house." She said in a voice that sounded like she had swallowed vomit.

"Mother, Bella is my girlfriend and soon, she'll be the mother of my baby. Our baby." Edward announced her, coming to my side and wrapping an arm around me.

"Is it yours? How can you be sure?"

"We had taken the tests."

"That's how I brought you up, but we can do this some other way. You can pay for her to grow the child-"

"I love Bella, mother." Edward sighed, getting annoyed. "Let's just go home. We'll explain everything." He insisted.

Edward kept an arm around my shoulder as walked out of the airport. "What about our luggage?" I asked lowly, so only he'll hear.

"It's taken care of."

A black car was waiting outside. A man opened the door for Edward's mother. We entered after her, Edward between us. She immediately wrapped her arms around him, starting to stroke his hair again.

I had met her a few minutes ago and I hated her guts, already. She seemed like the clingy kind of mother, too loving of her son. The kind of mother that won't accept any girl in her son's life, especially one with my background.

Edward turned a few times to me trying to say something, but every time, she turned him back and asked something else. I entertained myself by watching the busy streets as we made our way to his house. I hadn't known until last week that he was from Chicago or that his mother was so loving. How he described her, it was to put it mildly.

"We're here, Mrs. Masen." The driver said making me jump. I had zoned out.

He opened her door and Edward, somehow, got out of her claws and helped me out of the car. "I'm terribly sorry, sweetheart. We'll make her come around." Edward murmured and tucked a strand of hair behind my ear.

"I hope so." I sighed.

"Why don't you show your friend to the guest room?" his mother asked.

"Mother! Bella is staying in my room. Unless you want nightly traffic in the house." He added, chuckling and squeezing me to his side.

"Fine!" she hissed the word and turned to the house.

"Just perfect." Edward groaned and stirred me inside, up on a big and winded stairwell and we reached the third floor. "Close your eyes." Edward whispered in my ear.

A door closed then a lock turned. His lips started kissing down my neck then sucked on my ear, his arms around my waist. "I love you so much. Open your beautiful eyes."

I opened my eyes and roamed them around the room. Most of it was black with wallpapers of rock bands on the walls. A king sized bed was in the middle of the room with red bed spread. I turned in his arms and smashed my lips to his.

"Love you, too." I said against his lips as he picked me up and we fell on the bed.

Edward's hands went under my dress and rubbed my tummy, playfully biting on my lips as his eyes shone as he gazed at me.

I cupped his scruffy cheek and kissed him again. I couldn't stop the moan that came out as his fingers found my breast and squeezed there softly.

There was a knock on the door and Edward's mother voice followed soon. "I have tea, dear!"

"Damn. Great timing, she has." Edward muttered and rolled off me.

"I'll unpack." I said not realizing we didn't have our luggage here.

"Bella, don't think of what she said. Let her meet you, she can be a right…vulture sometimes, but she is a nice person." He chose his words carefully.

I straightened my dress and Edward took out a pair of slackers from a drawer. "You can change in something more comfortable. My t-shirts will fit and cover you."

"Sure. You have high school stuff?" I asked eagerly.

"What is it with you girls and jerseys?" he groaned.

I shrugged and snatched the jersey from his hands. "One?" I asked laughing.

"Number one. The best. You're looking at Captain Edward Masen." He grinned and kissed my nose.

"I can see it." I mused imagining him in high school. I put on the jersey and a pair of shorts. I looked like a houseless person, not that I wasn't one. I preferred not to think of that.

We went downstairs and I saw that an older version of Edward had joined the club.

"Hello! I'm Edward, but call me Ed so there won't be any confusions between me and my son." He said warmly.

"Bella." I whispered, blushing.

"Where is your mother?" he turned to Edward.

"Kitchen, I think. She said something about tea. Where's Lady? I haven't seen her." Edward asked, almost vibrating next to me.

"Living room, I think. Go, we'll join you shortly. It's a pleasure to meet you, Bella." His father addressed to me again then went to the kitchen, probably.

"He's happy. You're the first girl I brought home. I mean, technically, the first one they know." He chuckled at the end.

"Were you a lady's man in high school?" I asked as he led me through some big French doors to the living room.

"Lady, you say?" he grinned. "Lady?" he asked louder. The sound of paws hit my ears and soon, a small black dog ran to us, jumping at Edward's feet and barking wildly.

He crouched down and took her in his arms. "Hey, sweetie. You have to meet Bella." He said seriously and straightened, bringing the dog face to face with me. It lounged at me, licking my cheek.

"She likes you!" he exclaimed and hugged the dog closer to his chest. "Let's sit."

I've never been found of dogs, but I wanted one.

"She's a Terrier." Edward told me when he saw me studying Lady.

"How old is she?"

"Honestly, I've no idea. Maybe six or seven." He shrugged and turned her on her back in his lap, scratching her tummy.

"Do you think…that maybe…somehow...is it possible for you mother…to ever accept me?" I stumbled over my words.

"I love you and she will be blind not to see what a wonderful person you are." He murmured and captured my mouth in a promise kiss.

"Oh you're reunited! She's missed you so much!" his mother, that I still hadn't caught her name, said happily as she entered the room with a tray full of tea cups, plates and teaspoons.

I jumped up, "Let me help you!" I offered.

"Why, thank you, Bella." She said and put the tray in my waiting hands then turned around.

"She likes you, you know?" I frowned at Edward's statement.

"She never remembers names or more likely, she likes to cripple the words only to show someone that she's not interested in them."

His parents came in the room and suddenly I felt like suffocating. We explained how we met, how I had gotten in Victoria's house, how we escaped and let them on the news about us expecting.

"Edward, could we have a word, baby?" Elizabeth, his mother, now I knew her name, took him a few feet away. I could still hear them, maybe that was her propose.

Ed smiled at me and sipped from his tea as I tried not to listen to the mother and son conversation.

"She's still an easy woman in my eyes. A whore will always be a whore, baby or no baby."

"She never wanted that! Mother, I worked so hard to keep her away from other men…to be the only one there…but it was somehow impossible. A few times, Victoria almost read right through us."

"I'd like to believe you. For you, I'll close my eyes and let her stay here. But look at me, at the first sign of weakness, she's out."

"And I'll follow right after her. I'm nowhere where she isn't." Edward hissed.

"We'll see about that." Elizabeth answered, turning her head and looking at me hatefully.

I wanted to get up and tell her that I'd never hurt Edward, that I'd never be with anyone else, that I love her son to bits. But I didn't have the courage. Maybe one day…I'll do it. Until then I'd have to endure her glares and relish on Edward's support and pray his mother won't drive me nuts as he is working.

My life had changed so much in the past two years that it gave me a serious headache just thinking of the events that had been going on in it. Always choose the worst from the two bads. Right now, looking in the cold, hateful green eyes of Elizabeth Masen's, I'd choose Victoria all over again.

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