A love story

Chapter one


As someone utterly involved, I try to tell people what happens when you love, when you don't love, when you wait too long, or don't wait at all. This story is about eight people, four couples, four relationships. See how each of these people walk and talk and speak in this small town in Alabama? I've seen many a bad and good love story, I've seen all kinds of love stories. I've seen Romeo and Juliet, how Juliet did break Paris's heart.

I have seen how Guinevere break Lancelot's heart cruelly for her own love, and I've seen Arthur give up many a beautiful girl and then find his true love, only to have her snatched away by Lancelot, and despite what you think, Guinevere hated him. Arthur was actually the one to rescure his queen from the pyre, only then to have her kidnapped.

But who am I? yes, I'm cupid, one of many actually. And I'm sent to the hard cases, those like Gwenevere's and Juliet's. Sent to discreetly give advice and to happily make sure everyone is where their supposed to be, in their true love's arms forever and always.

Yes, I've seen more tragedy than most historians, for love is the power and rightousness, love is not about finding the perfect person, but seeing an imperfect person, perfectly. The greatest challenge in life os to find someone who knows all your flaws, differnaces, mistakes, and yet still see the best in you.

This is the best entwined love story for the ages. This is the story of Arabella and her Cameron, Katie and Jackson. Then Maddie and Craig, and last but never least, Emmalyn and Jacob. Theirs os the story I never tell, but I always show to those who have or have not learned to love, those who may have waited to long, and those who jump in head first.