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This carries on in Edward's POV in Chapter 13, they're kissing on the stairs and Bella has just ripped his shirt off of him! In this scenario though Emmett did not interrupt before we got to the good (read dirty) bits. I promised I'd share this one way or another, so here it is.

No plot in the slightest... and definitely M rated, so if you aren't old enough for that, step away from the screen.

This is unbetaed, as it is only an outtake, so forgive any crappy grammar.


She pulled away from me and began to trail kisses down my chest, her hands tracing the shape of my abs as she did. Her mouth reached one of my nipples, and she licked it firmly as I hissed.

"Do you like that Edward?" She looked up at me through her eyelashes as she licked my nipple again, and I saw something flicker in her eyes as she waited for me to reply.

I nodded, looking down at her as she changed sides and licked my other nipple. I felt it pebble under her tongue and shivered at the sensation, I caught her eye and she suppressed a smile, maintaining the slightly dominant air she was carrying. I fucking loved it.

"I want you to tell me baby." The look in her eyes was wanton, and I knew then that I would do anything she told me to.

"I love it. I love your mouth on me." I felt myself blush as I spoke, and as I looked down I saw the blood spread across my skin in a flood of colour.

She didn't look away as her hands trailed lower, until she was resting against my throbbing hard erection through my pants. I bucked into her hands, unable to control myself, the power she had over me in that moment indescribable.

"Do you want my mouth on all of you?" She murmured as she rubbed me through the denim of my jeans. She squeezed me firmly when I didn't reply immediately, making me cry out.

"I… I can't ask you to… do that…" What she was suggesting was something that felt wrong to me, disrespectful of her perhaps. But the thought of her taking my cock into her mouth made me impossibly harder, and I put my hand over hers and pushed against it for a moment to relieve the pressure building.

"You're not asking me to do anything Edward. Stand up." I stood in front of her as she had asked, and found that her head was now on a level to my waist. I couldn't take my eyes off of her as she undid my pants and let them fall to the floor, and then unhooked my boxers, sliding them down my legs to my knees. My cock strained towards her, standing out from my body almost comically, and I ached for her to touch me.

"Please… Bella."

I watched her lean forward, the pounding in my ears deafening as I focused as hard as I could on not coming in her face in that moment. She took me in both her hands, and stroked me softly, touching me gently as she examined my cock up close.

"You're beautiful Edward." She ran a hand between my legs and cupped my balls as I whimpered, convinced I was about to embarrass myself at any second.

She leant down and kissed my inner thigh, just above my knee. Her lips never leaving my skin she trailed upwards until her mouth reached the sensitive spot at the juncture of my hip and thigh. I could feel her hair tickling my cock and I twitched, brushing against the side of her head gently.

I tipped my head back and looked at the ceiling, grimacing and counting backwards from twenty, anything to make this last a little longer. I took a deep shuddering breath, and I felt Bella stop moving in front of me.

"Are you ok baby?" She sounded concerned, but I didn't dare look down to meet her eyes.

"Great." I managed, "It's just… too good." The muscles in my thighs were trembling, and I could hear my voice sounded too quiet.

She wrapped her hand around my length again, and I suddenly felt the sensation of something soft and wet trailing around the head of my cock. I looked down to see her swirling her tongue around and around it, as I watched she looked up at me through her eyelashes and I saw a shy smile twitch around the edges of her mouth.

She began to run kisses down my shaft, until her mouth was buried in the crevice between the base and my balls, where she suckled gently for a moment. I groaned, unable to look away, but knowing that I needed to if I wanted this to last any longer.

She moved suddenly, and I spotted a determined look on her face. "You have to show me what to do Edward." She murmured before she wrapped her soft lips around my throbbing tip.

"Oh God" I cried out, panting desperately. I fell forward slightly, until I was leaning my hand against the wall by the stairs for support. The shaking in my thighs was impossible to control as I fought the urge to thrust into her mouth.

She shifted slightly to match my new position, and then gradually began to suck my length further into her mouth, moving up and down gently and taking in a little more with each movement.

"Bella… Bella… Bella…" I began chanting her name like a mantra to distract me as she sucked me, taking me in deeper still.

Suddenly she gave a little cough and pulled away. "Sorry…" She smiled as I rolled my eyes at her.

Sorry? Silly, wonderful girl.

She took me back into her mouth, and then she reached out and took the hand I wasn't supporting myself with and placed it on the back of her head. I immediately wound my fingers into her hair, but I didn't try and guide her movements, not wanting to feel that she was doing anything other than what she wanted to do.

I was moments from release, but I pushed it away as hard as I could, reveling in the sensation of being in her mouth. My breathing was growing more and more ragged, and I heard the animalistic noises I was making as if they were coming from a great distance away.

I watched as if hypnotised, as Bella wrapped both her arms around my ass, pulling me firmly to her mouth as she sucked harder suddenly.

I couldn't hold on any longer, I urgently tapped the back of her head, "I'm going to… come." I managed to gasp out, trying to give her enough time to pull away from me.

But she pulled my body more tightly towards her, not letting me go. I fought against it for a moment, but I couldn't help myself as I threw my head back and exploded in her mouth. My body took over completely and I bucked against her as I released again and again, unable to control the shouts that came from deep within me as I came.

I looked down in time to see Bella release me, a look of alarm on her face. Her eyes flicked from side to side for a moment, before she swallowed with a slight grimace. She looked up at me watching her, and a self satisfied look slowly crossed her face.

I fell on my knees before her, my whole body shaking so much I wouldn't have been able to stand had I tried. "Are you ok Love?"

I was worried, this was not something I would ever have expected to do, but now that she had the worst part of me was hoping she hadn't been so put off that she wouldn't want to try it again.

"Yes… I'm fine, I just wasn't sure what to do… after." She grinned at me, running her hand down my chest again as I groaned, my body still trembling uncontrollably.

"Would you like a drink?" I wasn't sure thatI could even stand yet, but I wanted to try and make her comfortable.

"Definitely!" She leant forward and kissed me. I pushed my tongue into her mouth, and found the bitter taste of myself on her tongue. I tried not to grimace, but I felt her smile under my lips. "Come on." She stood up and made for the kitchen. "I could do with a soda…."

I watched her head towards the kitchen, a jaunty swing in her step, and wondered to myself for maybe the millionth time in the last few days how on earth I ever got this lucky. The sexy, seductive Bella I had kept tightly in check for her own safety during most of our courtship had exploded into life, and the benefits I was getting from her existence seemed unfair to say the least.

I staggered to my feet, my legs still somewhat shaky, and began to pull my clothes on at a maniacal speed. It had just occurred to me that Emmett and Rosalie were likely to be on their way over at this very moment, and that I would be unlikely to ever live it down if they walked in to find me in such a state of undress.

In my hurry I pulled T shirt on inside out, but just as I realised I had I heard the front door open and Emmett's voice echoed through the room.

"Eddie we're here...there you are!" He pulled himself up short and stared at me openly for a few seconds. "Woah."

"Indeed." I shifted uncomfortably under his gaze, becoming self conscious as he continued to stare. "Emmett…"

"Sorry, just… wow. It's a hard thing to get your head round y'know?" He was still staring at me when Rosalie walked in a few moments later.

A/N - So does the kissing on the stairs make more sense now? In the end this didn't make the cut as it didn't gel with the rest of the chapter, but I thought I'd share anyway….. forgive any errors, I didn't get a proper betaing on it as I've just posted on a whim… lol.

Just to be clear, this did not actually happen, but was just what could have been if Emmett had listened to Alice and given them twenty minutes before he rushed to see Edward. What can I say, Emmett's enthusiastic and has missed his brother!

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