Naruto: Rise of the Storm


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Orochimaru smirked as he looked at Sasuke as he was training he knew after all the drugs and the training that he and Kabuto had done to the Uchiha would undoubtedly make him stronger " Even better for when the time comes for me to take over his beautiful body………. Ku ku ku ku" he mused in his mind. He had heard that a year ago Jiraiya had taken Uzumaki on a training trip. " Him training more like showing the brat some tricks the leaving to do his perversions….. no matter it'll be better for me in the long run" he mused.

As he continued to look at the Uchiha's training his stomach's began to feel as though it was burning, figuring it was just the effects of the body he was in deteriorating he paid no mind to it opting to ignore the pain. As the minutes ticked by the burning began to slowly increase and he could fell his insides practically vibrating, as it continued to increase he retired to his room to rest.

As the hours passed he could feel as though something was moving around in his body, now he knew something was wrong the body he was occupying couldn't possibly be doing this as the burning continued he knew of only one thing he carried in his stomach…………. and that was the Kusanagi sword " But surely it couldn't be causing this pain" not knowing that else to do he regurgitated the snake that held the sword and had it release the sword.

As the sword came out of the snakes mouth he immediately felt the sensations in his body come to halt he signed in relief and turned towards the sword and his eyes widened in astonishment. The Kusanagi was glowing……… and finding no other words to describe what he was seeing as he looked at it " It's trembling and shuddering but why…….." he reached towards the sword and picked it up it started to shake his entire arm "It feels like it's trembling in barely repressed joy!!" he thought with shock any other thoughts were halted as he felt Kabuto approaching his chambers placing the sword on the table beside him he prepared to speak with Kabuto as the door opened he turned towards the Kusanagi for a split second and saw that it had stopped glowing it wasn't even doing anything remotely strange it was just laying there. But even as he turned towards Kabuto he knew deep down it was a sign but of what?


Tsunade signed as she laid back in her comfy chair in the Hokage's office she had just returned from teaching Sakura for the day. She gladly took a bottle of sake and popped open the cork and took a swig and turned towards the window deep in thought, it had been a year since the blonde haired brat had left with Jiraiya on their training trip and she hoped that they were okay.

She had come to think of Naruto as the little brother she once had………… that didn't mean that if Jiraiya corrupted him she wouldn't beat the pervert out of him. She grinned thinking about the bet they had made before she and become Hokage. Just from the sheer determination the brat had she know he would go through with all his promises.

Even if she wouldn't admit it she missed the little gaki. She turned back towards her desk to begin the bane of her job as the Hokage………. paperwork. She grumbled about beating the little "blonde haired brat" for making her take the title of Hokage. As she continued to woke through her paperwork she glanced at the framed picture on her desk it was of her, Naruto, Shizune and Jiraiya celebrating her acceptance to become Hokage in a tavern before they returned to Konoha.

After smiling at the memory she turned bake to her paperwork when a faint crack caught her attention looking at the source of it she paled.

There was a crack running right though Naruto separating him from the rest of the group since he was the one starting the picture on the left. She stood up and shouted "Shizune!!!".

She turned towards the window when Shizune barged into the office "Get me the lottery numbers for today" she barked. At this Shizune looked a bit confused but nodded and left. "Please… please let me be wrong" she thought.

After a few moments Shizune ran back into the office and handed the numbers to Tsunade closing her eyes and taking a deep breath she took out her ticket and compared the numbers " Twenty-four…. I have twenty-four…… thirty-five……. I have thirty-five…six-teen……… I have six-teen…. five……. I have five……… twenty….. I have twenty…. Ten……. I have ten" the blood immediately drained from her face she had won and it was one of the biggest jackpots they had ever had. Shizune noticing her mentors state was at her side " What's wrong Tsunade-sama" she spoke. Tsunade turned to her trembling and stuttered "I-I I……w-won".

At this Shizune became pale "What's happening?" she whispered at this Tsunade pointed at the picture when Shizune turned and looked at it her heart clenched something was going to happen and it was going to happen to her little brother. "Naruto……" she whispered looking out of the window along with Tsunade.

Shack Near the Borders of Kumo

"Stupid Ero-sennin" Naruto grumbled. The toad sennin had left Naruto as he had done frequently to go and do his research. But he was okay with it he was used to be left on his own even when he was little for some reason he couldn't remember parts of his childhood it was as if there were hole and every time he would think about it the end result would be one massive headache.

Right now he was reading up on seals he wanted to make sure he had the right ones for the technique he was going to try. He had heard from Jiraiya how he had come across the toad contract. Apparently he had tried the Kuchiyose no Jutsu after molding the necessary chakra and had performed the jutsu even though he had not signed any animal contract at the time and he ended up at Mount Myobokuzan or the toad mountain.

He figured that if Jiraiya didn't have the time to train he would go there to see if the toads had any advice for him. After practicing the seals for a minute he sat down and molded the appropriate amount of chakra and preformed the jutsu and in a poof of smoke he disappeared.

Unknown Location

With a poofing sound Naruto appeared in midair after flapping his arms for a bit he gave up with a shrug and folded his arms and feel earthward with a thump.

As he got up he started looking around to see if he had any idea were he was. He was currently at a lakes edge turning around he saw a forest that seem to stretch on for miles next to the forest was a hilly area that as you looked on you could see that it was attached to a huge mountain, at the foot of the mountain was a huge cave.

As he finished surveying the area he turned back towards the lake and sat down if it was on thing he knew it was that he was not at the toads mountain this place didn't even come close to the description that Jiraiya had given him.

He sat down and tried to keep himself from panicking. He was taking deep breaths when the sound of splashing water lifted him out of his funk and what he saw shocked him to his core it was a massive snake it was even bigger than Orochimaru's boss snake Manda but this serpent had white and green scales and the water glistened on it. It's stomach was pure white while it's back was a mixture of white and green.

But that was not what had amazed him what did that was the fact that the serpent had Eight Heads and Eight Tails. He stood shock still as the giant serpent rose out of the water and slithered towards him he tried to move but his body would not listen to his brain and he just stood there as the snake circled him then lowed it heads down to eye level and looked at him and hissed softly in a surprisingly feminine voice "And what would a ningen like you be doing in my land hmm".

Naruto looked at the snake in shock and stuttered "I-I…….. was trying out the summoning technique to see what summons I would be aligned with if I did not sign the Toad contract…. and I ended up here".

The serpent coiled up around Naruto and looked at him "So you tried to summon an animal without knowing what you would summon and ended up here?" she hissed at this Naruto gulped and nodded. "Aren't you going to call Orochimaru?" Naruto asked looking up at her.

"Orochimaru who is this Orochimaru?" she asked looking at him curiously. "What do you mean who's Orochimaru!!! He's your summoner…. come to think about it I thought that you would have eaten me by now" saying the last part quietly.

At this the snake looked miffed "And why would I do that and for the last time who's Orochimaru?" she asked. At this Naruto looked at her in surprise and saw that she was indeed telling the truth about Orochimaru.

"I thought you came from the snake contract Orochimaru is the snake sannin and summoner he also is the one who wields the Kusanagi" he told her. At this the eight headed serpents eyes widened and she shook with barely suppressed rage "How dare they!! Manda and his spawn were supposed to guard the sword until someone I chose came to wield the sword" she hissed as she uncoiled herself from around Naruto.

After she got her emotions under control she looked back at Naruto and saw that he was shaking "That's right in this form he would easily be scared of me……… I better change" and with that she began to shrink catching Naruto's attention.

As she steadily shrunk her heads melded together and became one head as her tails resided back into her body and she became smaller and human shaped. As the transformation ended there was a flash of bright light which temporarily blinded Naruto as his eyesight returned to him he was met with the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his life.

She had silky smooth black hair that reached down towards her midback, her face was the epitome of beauty which no words could possibly describe. Her skin was creamy white and smooth with no blemishes she had perfect hips and sexy legs that seemed to go on forever they ended however at the pair of the most pretty feet he'd ever seen in his life and she was barefooted.

She wore a regal kimono which hugged her hourglass figure tightly showing off all her wonderful curves and her bust was large but not overly large it looked perfect on her body.

He was currently gaping as he watched her saunter up to him she grinned mischievously and placed her hand under his chin "See something you like hmm?" with that she closed his mouth with a smack which caused him to sputter and her to burst into laughter.

"But how summing animals don't have a human form" he asked as he looked at her. she grinned "They don't…… me on the other hand lets just say that I'm special"

"Now come on we have certain things to discuss" she spoke as she began to lead him towards the cave at the foot of the mountain. He was half way there when he realized that he hadn't gotten her name or even given his name to her as yet he called out to her "Wait what's you name?...... Mine is Naruto Uzumaki". She slowed for a moment and looked back at him and smiled "Mine is……Shiroi…… Shiroi Akuhei nice to meet you Naruto-kun" the endearment at the end made him blush as he followed her into the cave.


He signed as he walked the path towards the clearing he had left Naruto in as he walked the weather beaten path towards the clearing he mentally prepared himself for the shouting that was to come. "Maybe I could show him a bigger version of the Rasengan and get him to learn it al least that will keep him of my back for the time being……… then afterwards I could go visit the local hot spring for some research he heh he.." he mused. However he did not expect to walk into an empty clearing.

Jiraiya was close to pulling out his hair when his upcoming panic attack was momentarily stopped by two poofs of smoke. Reading himself for a possible attack he did not expect to see two small and old toads.

"Fukasaku-sama Shima-sama what are you doing here!?!" he near shouted. Both toads looked at Jiraiya seriously and choose not to reply instead Fukasaku spoke "We came here to tell you that Naruto-chans name has been burned off of the contract".

At this Jiraiya's face was drained of it's blood "But that only happens when………" at this Shima spoke "Hai it happens when a summoner has been killed or they are dead". At this Jiraiya turned away "No I won't believe it……. he's not dead he can't be dead…… it's impossible" he whispered. At this both Shima and Fukasaku looked at Jiraiya sadly "There's nothing that you could have done about yo-" Fukasaku was cut off however when Jiraiya shouted "It's not possibly there would have been at least a struggle if I in any way know Naruto………. I'm going to head back to Konoha and inform Tsunade of his disappearance after investigating the area more thoroughly" with that he took off to search the surrounding area for any scent or sign of Naruto. Shaking their head at him sadly both toads returned to their home land, neither party noticing the small form of a green serpent poofing away.

Konoha Two Days Later

Jiraiya entered the village slowly he had found no clue if Naruto was killed, captured or anything else his scent had seemingly vanished into thin air along with any sign of him.

But he knew that no matter what Naruto was still alive where he didn't know but he was sure another thing he was sure about too……….. was the fact that Tsunade would beat the crap out of him for losing her little brother and Shizune would probably gladly join in on it with her, he shuddered he knew what was to come it would be better if he just took it like a man.

He stopped at the Hokage's tower and took a deep breath and began to walk up the steps. He knocked on the door and heard a crisp "Come in" and walked in.

As he entered the Hokage's tower he was greeted with the sight of Kakashi team eight and their sensei Kurenai. At Jiraiya's arrival they looked surprised but Tsunade looked grim along with Shizune. They both stood up when he entered however and Tsunade spoke with a hard voice "Where's Naruto Jiraiya?".

At this Jiraiya nervously looked at the inquisitive face of the rest of the people in the room and said "Should we discuss that in present company Hime?". Tsunade slowly walked out from behind her desk and stood in front of Jiraiya "Yes they do I was about to send them after you and Naruto to check up on the two of you……. so now I'll repeat the question…… where……..Naruto?"

At this Jiraiya hung his head and whispered "I don't know I lost him two days ago and I haven't been able to figure out where he is…….. his name has been burned off the summoning contract" at the last part Kurenai, Kakashi, Shizune and Tsunade's eyes widened.

"Jiraiya you know what that means?" she whispered as she looked at him. At this Jiraiya met her gaze defiantly "He's still alive I know it there was no sign of a struggle and if you know Naruto as well as I do then you know with him there would have been one". She looked at him and turned around "You better hope that he's okay……. or else I'm going to make all my beatings to you look like Childs play got it?".

At this Jiraiya gulped and nodded. Seeing this Tsunade turned toward Team Eight their sensei and Kakashi "Kakashi you and Kurenai along with her team are going along with the pervert to see if you can pick up any scent any trace of Naruto got it….. if you get any see where they lead if not you are to report back to me and give me all the information that you've collected….. is that understood?".

A resounding "Hai!!!" was her answer and they along with Jiraiya left to find Naruto. When they left she walked towards the window and looked out at the rising sun "Where ever you are Naruto I hope that you are still alive…… no I know that you are still alive I just hope that you're okay………… little brother"

Shiroi's Summoning Plane

As they walked into the cave Naruto could not see anything but darkness, all he could use for directions were the sounds of Shiroi's bare feet against the cave floor, just as he was going to ask how much longer they were going to be walking he saw light coming from far ahead after a few moments of walking they entered what appeared to be a throne room.

There were carvings of snakes all around on the wall they were all colored in different colors but almost all of them were bright colors. Directly behind the throne in that was in the center of the room there was a gigantic picture of a massive Eight headed snake it was in sparkling green all in all the pictures and the paintings looked amazing and beautiful to say the least, and directly in the middle of the ceiling was a chandelier what was giving light to the entire room.

Shiroi walked straight towards the throne and sat down and focused all of her attention on Naruto after a moment of simply staring at him she spoke "I want you to tell me all the going ons of the outside world and leave nothing out tell me everything about yourself and also this supposed…… Snake sannin" she hissed. Naruto looked her straight into the eyes and stopped for a moment there was something there it was like he could get lost in her golden silted eyes while they looked dangerous there was a warmth there that he liked and without even knowing that he was doing he told her everything.

From his childhood to Sasukes betrayal to even the fact that he couldn't sometimes remember parts of his childhood he told her everything not leaving out a single fact…… he even told her about his crush and promise to Sakura. He had also told her of the greatest secret that he held……… the fact that he was the container of the Kyuubi no Kitsune and the fact that the Akatsuki were after him. All the while Shiroi had on a neutral face to everything she heard at the end of everything Naruto told her she got up and slowly walked towards him.

As she stood before him she looked deep into his eyes and pulled him into an embrace and whispered into his ear making him shudder "I will make all your pain go away……. I will train you, make you stronger, give you the attention that you have been seeking all this time all you have to do is trust me….. I know that all you have heard about the Snake clan will make that hard do to put I ask you to give me your trust and sign my summoning contract to summon me and my kin…….. it is time that the divine serpents return to the outside world to bring hell to Manda and his vile summoner and show those against you that you can truly do when you have the support and friendship of our clan…… so what do you say Naruto-kun will you trust us, will you give us a chance to help you with your dreams and ambitions?" she released him and looked into his eyes waiting for his answer.

He pulled away so that he could look at her better "Yes…… I'll sign your contract……. but what about my other contract with the toads……. what will happen to it?". At this Shiroi frowned "Your signature probably burned out when you entered this land so there's nothing to worry about……….. I hope that you are prepared I will run you into the ground with this training and I will make sure you get stronger". at this Naruto grinned.

"Well then bring IT!!!"

The name Shiroi Akuhei means White Hydra.

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