Thunder Storm

Pt 2

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He was covered in lighting, he tucked his hands to his sides and placed his feet together and aimed himself headfirst at the shark like shinobe before him. Raijin Kougeki it was barely a whisper but it carried across the clearing like it was echoing in a massive cave, everything was silent and still for the barest of seconds before the descended upon Kisame in the form a massive thunder bolt.

Kisame barely had the time to raise Samehada to defend himself before the attack collided with him. The surrounding area was quiet before a massive explosion erupted shaking the entire area as a giant pillar of lightning reached up into the heavens illuminating the late afternoon sky.

Yugito and Co.

Heads all turned from the smoking corpse in the crater to the pillar of light that could be seen from miles around the before it suddenly faded away completely as though it was never there to begin with. "It seems Naruto had no intention of wasting time did he?… to use his Raijin Kougeki this early?". Omoi said as he stared in the direction that the light disappeared.

"Of coarse we have no time to waste. Why do you think we finished here so fast with me using the Nibi so early?….As for Naruto-kun using his Raijin Kougeki we both know it doesn't even compare to rest of the attacks in his arsenal… now lets go" Yugito said. With that they took off towards where they'd seen the light.

Konoha's Team

Pakkun was in the lead following the scent he had picked up from the cloth the Kazekage's brother had managed to get his hands upon after the kidnapping. Sakura, Sai, Kakashi, Gai, Lee, Tenten, Neji, and Jiraiya were all sprinting after the little pug following it's directions when they all suddenly skidded to a halt as the earth trembled.

"What the hell was that?" Sakura shouted. Before anyone could answer they saw a massive pillar of light that was reaching up into the heavens slowly fading away as though it was never there in the first place.

"What in the world was that?" Neji suddenly blurted out shaking everyone out of their shock. Kakashi looked at Jiraiya who nodded before speaking up. "It would seem as though someone is having a very intense battle and I'd put my bets on it being the team of Kumo ninja's who were reported seen in the area". "The scent leads straight towards where that light originated from" Pakkun growled out. At this everyone tensed and straightened out. "Ok full speed ahead everyone… and prepare for battle" Kakashi said and with that they took off towards the area.

Naruto's Attack Ground Zero

It was a massive crater about two hundred meters across and fifty feet deep with smoke and dust billowing out of it. In the smoke their were two point of glowing light which were sparking every couple of seconds. The was a swishing sound as all the smoke was suddenly blown away by a strong wind clearing the crater reveling a figure standing over a body laying on the ground.

It was Naruto he had his right hand raised before he lowered it still staring at the body before him. His eyes were crackling with lighting as he looked at the body before him it was clearly not Kisames if the pale skin and gill less face was any indication the body was still clad in an Akatsuki cloak. Apart from the face the body was almost unrecognizable as the attack had completely caved in the persons chest and covered his body in an enormous amount of burn which were still smoking.

Yugito and the rest of the team appeared at the craters edge looking down. As they appeared Naruto seemingly just glanced at them over his shoulder before vanishing and appearing behind the group at the craters edge.

"I'm guessing that whoever you fought was also fake"? he questioned. "It was….. It seems as though they needed to stall us" Samui said. "All the more reason we have to hurry we have until tomorrow sundown to stop the sealing… release your weight seals we need to get there fast" Naruto replied.

At this everyone rolled up their right sleeves revealing a sealing tattoo in the form of a kanji for strength, they bite their fingers to draw blood before smearing it across the tattoo each saying a quick Kai as their entire form seemingly rippled for a moment. Nodding to each other they vanished heading towards their destination. As the disappeared the black and white plant like figure of Zetsu emerged from a nearby tree staring off into the distance. "This could be very troubling" he murmured.

Extraction Cave

The body of the fifth Kazekage Gaara was suspended in midair seemingly just floating there. He was surrounded by an eerie blue glow in the air while a red energy was being sucked out from his eyes and mouth in the giant statue with multiple eyes in from of him.

The massive statue held it's hands up in front of it shackled in chains in front of it. Standing on eight on its massive fingers were eight figures two of whom were solid while the others looked like some ghostly outline of human beings. They all had their eyes closed in concentration and their hands fixed in a particular hand seal until one of the images opened its eyes.

"It seems we have trouble coming our way and fast" the image of Akatsuki's spy Zetsu spoke up, just as Itachi's and Kisame's eyes snapped open. The ringed eyes of their leader opened "Who is it Zetsu?" he questioned. "A team of Kumo nins…..lead by the Nibi and Kyuubi jinchuurikis" he answered.

The silence echoed around the chamber until Kisame broke it. "The gakI has become strong he defeated my clone by himself with no help whatsoever….which is a feat in itself even though it was only at thirty percent….this could pose a threat to the sealing as we still have a day to go….."

"Which pair of you is closer to the sealing other than Sasori and Deidara?". At the figure with the green pupils spoke up in a gravelly voice "That would be us we're about an hour away from where we are Leader-sama".

"Then Kakuzu you and Hidan you both are Sasori's and Deidara's back-up start heading here now" their leader's ordered in his monotone voice. "I think you both can keep moving while still concentrating on the sealing now hurry". "Hai Leader-sama" the two voices barked out.

"Don't you think sending them here would be a bit of overkill Leader-sama?" a soft monotone voice spoke up. Just as the Leader was about to speak, Zetsu's voice spoke up again. "It would seem as though that won't be an issue there's a team of Leaf nins following the ninja's from Kumo in fact their at the battle site that Kumo just left". "Well Itachi it seems as though it won't be overkill after all". With that everything went quiet back in the sealing cave again.

Konoha Team

They were standing at the edge of the crater looking at the mangled body at the bottom clad in an Akatsuki cloak. "Well it seems pretty clear who they're after…..but that begs another question why in the world would Kumo go after Akatsuki?" Kakashi mused out loud.

Jiraiya who was crouched at the craters edge turned to the little pug next to him "Pakkun can you get a scent anywhere here?" he asked. After sniffing about for a minute the little dog spoke up "There's no scent anywhere in the crater other than that of the body in it, I can however pick of a bunch of different scents near the edge….hmmm one in particular seems familiar somehow".

"Just as I thought, this was done by a powerful raiton attack" Jiraiya spoke up soon after. "Why would you say that Jiraiya-sama? Sakura questioned. Jiraiya dusted off some of the dust and soil covering the craters edge revealing something that stunned them all. "Glass!" she exclaimed. Seeing this Neji quietly murmured "Byakugan" and scanned the entire crater eyes widening as he did so. "It would seem it is indeed a most powerful attack…the entire crater underneath the soil is". Standing up Jiraiya seemed to have a far away look on his face as if he was in deep thought "Usually only natural lighting is able to do something like this, for a jutsu to be able to even graze the power and energy to do something of this magnitude the user has to be extremely powerful not to mention has to have the utmost control in using techniques like this, the only Ninja's in history to be able to do something though not quite on the same level as this were the First and Third Raikage and last I heard the Fourth was thought to be on the same level though it was not confirmed" he said slowly.

"It would seem as though those rumors would be true then if this is any indication but why would the Raikage himself go after the Akatsuki is makes no sense" Kakashi said. No one said anything as they were all focusing on the Sennin waiting for his answer, just as Kakashi was about to speak again Jiraiya began to speak. "There are currently two reasons why he would the first would be the container of the Nibi, Yugito Nii a Kumo jounin and the second would be the container of the Hachibi, Krabii his little brother I haven't heard anything about Kumo's containers being kidnapped unless they managed to keep it under wraps… but enough about this he have to head after them as fast as we possibly can we have to save the Kazekage".

With that he took off after the little pug who had started to follow the scent after the sennin had finished, as he was running Jiraiya couldn't help but think about one name "Naruto…."

Team Naruto

The all stood on a Tori gate over looking the entrance of the apparent hide out of the Akatsuki with Naruto glaring at it. "Ok Omoi, Darui and C you keep one of them busy, ill go after whoever has Gaara, when I have him Yugito you Samui and Karui will take him after from the area, Samui I want you to try to heal him as much as you can while Karui and Yugito stand guard under no circumstances is anyone allowed near him unless I give the say so" he barked out. He then spoke in a softer voice "No matter what happens we all walk away from this mission alive….is that understood?" a resounding "Hai" was his answer.

He dropping off the gate landing on the waters surface without a sound letting out a slow sign as his chakra began to whirl around him, slowly it began to seeming gather around his hand crackling with electricity, the wind began to build up being drawn towards his right hand, the water in the lake and the water molecules in the air began swirling around the same hand until it appeared as though Naruto's right hand was covered in a miniature storm in the form of a glove. Closing his eyes he clinched his hand forming a fist the storm covering his hand shifted forming a sharp pointed lance, suddenly with a slight flicker he vanished.

He reappeared in mid-air over the huge boulder barring the entrance to the cave, he seemingly floated for a few seconds before he began to free fall towards it, fist out stretched as his eyes opened. Streaking towards his target he screamed Susano's Fist and a thunderous crash shook the entire area and an explosion was heard as the area was covering in smoke and debries.

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