Este es el segundo fic de la primera temporada en inglés, el primer capítulo ;)

Title: the Gentleman's legend Magic Foo

Creator: Crisfairyfoo-92

Gender: it Risks

Synopsis: Yin and Yang go to Dimmsdale to pass the time a while, since they were very boring in the Dojo Woo Foo, since it was snowing very strong, but in Dimmsdale the same thing happened and they stayed in the house of Timmy to play, but enter looking for a thing that to make "Since Yang was playing in the V-cube of Timmy" Poof finds a very strange book that was a device Woo Foo and the legend of a great gentleman.

Characters:Yin, Yang, Yo, Timmy, Mr.Turner, Mrs. Turner, Wanda, Cosmo, Poof, Carl, the Foo-magic Gentleman, The Dark Hag and The Gray Hag.

It dates:Cap.1: 04/01/09 - Capt.2: 06/01/09 - Capt. 3: 08/01/09 - Capt. 4: 16/01/09

CHAPTER I - A stranger book

One day Yin and Yang were bored in the Dojo Woo Foo because out it was snowing very strong and they could not leave:

Yin: Ah... I cannot believe it.

Yang: I know it; we cannot leave because a fool strong snowfall is making us be here to get bored!

Yin: God willing we could have a good time in another side.

Yang: Yes, God willing!

Yo: we Go children, up those faces. Oh already has it! How's it going if they help me to clean the loft Woo Foo while it passes the storm?

Yang: Master Yo, don't come us to put boring tasks!

Yin: I support him...

Yo: AND then that they want to make, to go to another part?

Yin: That if it is a good idea!

Yang: Yes!

Me: But it is snowing... To where do they want to go this time in this time?

Yin: There the problem is... Mmmm

Yang: That that easy he comes, easy he leaves.

Yin: Ah! (Startle) I already know we can go to Dimmsdale!

Yang: Dimmsdale? (Looking at it confused)

Me: Ah, Dimmsdale, I have not seen it for a lot of time again.

Yin: Resolved, we go to Dimmsdale! (Saying excitedly)

Yang: they hear! HEAR!

Yin: What does Yang spend?

Yang: can they tell me that rays are Dimmsdale?!

Yin: why? Oh, already memory, he had not told it to you from the fire, good Dimmsdale is a city of California, fair in United States.

Yang: AND?!

Yin: There it is where Timmy lives; go to visit him until it passes the storm!

Yang: will we go where Turner lives?! Che Wua! Alone I lacked this! Now without anything to make, we will visit your boyfriend!

Yin: That is not my boyfriend! Alone we are friends!

Me: Already children, don't fight or if not, I don't take them!

Yin: This well Master Yo.

Yang: Like say!

Me: Well... In March, Foo-potation! (And the three disappear)

Meanwhile in Dimmsdale:

Timmy: Good-bye mom, good-bye dad, I will go with Aj and Chester to the video games!

Mr. Turner: Je-je, not so quick Timmy, now a storm of snow is out and you have to leave him to happen!

Mrs. Turner: If affection, this cannot go by magic art.

Timmy: "Not if I want it" (Thinking) well, it is well, I suppose that I can wait to finish.

Mr. Turner: Good, you would have to wait until tomorrow so that it happens, at least that the reporter of the climate said.

Timmy: good Oh, I suppose that he will have to be another day. (And it ascends to their room)

Wanda: What does Timmy spend?

Timmy: Ah, is a true annoyance, this silly storm it won't stop until tomorrow!

Cosmo: AND why don't you want him to stop?

Poof: i!

Timmy: I am not able to Cosmo, if I make it mom and dad they would suspect of you.

Wanda: In that they are right.

Timmy: Ah... (He leans out of the window) God willing pass something good at this time.

Then they appear Yin, Yang and Yo:

Yin: Hello boys!

Yang: Hello...

Yo: How does he go to my old friends?

Yin: Hey... Hello Timmy.

Timmy: Hello Yin. How are you?

Yin: Very well and you?

Timmy: I am also well, thank you to ask.

Yin: Je-je you also thank you.

Yang: Ah, hello Turner. How do you walk here?

Timmy: Me well Yang and you?

Yang: Ah, us combating monsters and villainous, he swims especially.

Timmy: AND how this way here?

Yin: Well, we were bored in the Dojo, good except the Master Yo; we decide this way to come here.

Yang: If clear (Yin gives him a nudge) Au, good already, if we decide it!

Timmy: AND for what I see I don't still fall well you it is not this way?

Yang: Uau Turner, yes that read me the mind.

Timmy: Well, for bad luck, I cannot leave house.

Yin: why?

Poof: or an?

Timmy: Good, like you will realize, it is snowing very strong and a storm is, for that reason.

Yin: Uau (Startled) That coincidence, in the town is snowing in the same way.

Yang: Good meanwhile me... (But see the V-cube of Timmy) he Hears! Do you have a console of games?

Timmy: TO yes, I often play, if you love yourself the ready one, there is not problem.

Yang: seriously?

Timmy: Sip!

Yang: Brilliant! (And he begins to play in her)

Yin: Good, at least my brother is already occupied in something.

Yang: You what you believe!

Timmy: AND you what you want to make?

Yin: Good, we could read a book; I say if you have some clear.

Timmy: Hey... Undoubtedly I have books! Do you see it? (And their bookseller shows) I have many, alone that am not so fanatic of the reading!

Yin: Mmmm... I don't know which to choose.

Timmy: Je-je, if the one that you like.

Yo: AND how have they been?

Wanda: We are well, alone granting desires nothing else.

Cosmo: Clear!

Poof: poof? (You see that there is an almost taken out book of here and it takes out it but he had some powder) he suckles!

Wanda: Poof, don't come closer there, be full with powder, I don't want you to get sick!

Poof: poof-poof! (He had a book in one of their hands)

Wanda: I see that Poof already chose for you. (And he gives it to Yin)

Yin: Mmmm... What is this? (Does it take out the powder with a blow and does it clean with their hand) the Gentleman's legend Magic Foo?


Wanda: Oh-no!

Cosmo: he didn't want see that fool book again!

Timmy: does Uau, sound interesting what it is?

Yin: we see... (Was it to open the book but does it disappear) What?

Yo: Hey... (Did he have the book?) Of what were they speaking?

Yin: Master Yo! Is a joke maybe? Give me that book...

Wanda: Which book?

Cosmo: Ja-ja-ja that I know is not any book here!

Poof: poof?

Timmy: Cosmo, Wanda! What are they hiding?!

But during the blizzard, anything appears less than Carl, the evil sorcerer cockroach (That tawdry XD)

Carl: where am I? (But does he realize that it was to the outskirts of the house of the Turner) Alone he wanted to transport me to the market because my mother forced me to buy, but AND is he silly she marries? Be I die from cold, I will see that it happens! (Does it float until the window of the room of Timmy and does he observe the situation) What? Are my enemy Yin, Yang and I there? And who are those floating beings? And who will that boy Denton that is with them is?

In the house:

Timmy: Cosmo, Wanda allows me to see that book.

Wanda: But Timmy...

Timmy: Well, then desire that that book in my hands right now.

Cosmo: Oh, I forgot that! (Does the book appear then in the right hand of Timmy) Contentment

Timmy: Yes. But they are behaving very strange. Mmmm To see the book! (Saying excited)

Yo: Non boy waits!

Wanda: Timmy not!

Timmy: (AND does he open the book and does Timmy enter suddenly in a trance) Ah?

Yin: did they see? It didn't pass anything Truth? Timmy? Respond!

Timmy: ..... (It was startled and entered in kind of a trance that didn't allow it to speak, also that their eyes were of clear celestial color)

Yo: Oh already knew it, he knew that this will happen!

Yin: is Timmy well? Speak to me! (Saying concernedly)

Wanda: quick Cosmo, there are that he goes to bed in their bed!

Cosmo: Yes I already go! (With their twig he makes Levite to Timmy and go to bed in their bed)

Yang: Oh for all the skies. And now that he made Turner? (He said it while it was playing and concentrating on the video-game)

Yin: seriously what it passes him?

Yo: for that reason I told them that they didn't open it; this will be the beginning of a long adventure.

Wanda: Affection, if you hear me, please speaks to me! (Saying concernedly)

Timmy: ..... (Suddenly he begins to say something strange) he Helps.....

Wanda: Timmy... We will help you... What does it pass him Yo?

Yo: The truth, now the foo-magic gentleman's spirit is among us.

Yang: A ghost? Wonderful!

Timmy: you help me..... Who is....? I have to escape! Help me!

Wanda: to Escape? Where? Timmy! Of what are you speaking?!

Timmy: Alone helps me, I don't have a lot of time... now!

Yo: I Already understood!

Cosmo: Me not!

Poof: i or!

Yo: it is being controlled by the foo-magic Gentleman, for that reason you say those things!

Yang: was that? I believed that Turner had lost the trial and for that reason he said that foolishness!

Yin: Yang!

Yang: What?!

Wanda: AND what do we make?

Yin: Me if you what to make... Gentleman Magic Foo, perhaps I can help you. What do I have to make?

Timmy: Hey..... You have that.... to break the curse... already... and.... I will be... free.

Yin: AND how?

Timmy: it breaks.... the... main jewel of.... my.... prison, quick... or... it will be... very... take... for me.

Wanda: Quick Yin, perhaps we could lose our godchild!

Yin: The main jewel of my prison? Mmmm (And see the book) he should refer to the book! (Does she catch the book, does she open it and do you see that there was a pretty jewel) is this?

Timmy: Yes... quick... already... no.... I can... to resist!

Wanda: Timmy resists, please!

Yin: But how can I make it without damaging the book? Perhaps a sword would help... (You go to Yang)

Yang: why do you look me?

Yin: Yang express uses your sword and it breaks this jewel!

Yang: agreement Ah, but more voucher this is good! (It takes out their sword)

Yin: do you Make it with fineness If?

Yang: How you say! Che Woo Wua! (And with the tip of the sword it breaks the jewel that had the book) Now I will return to him mine.

Timmy: Gra.... thank you... now.... I thank it to you. (Do their eyes return to the normality?) What, what? What was what happened to me?!

Wanda: Timmy. Don't you maybe remember what?

Timmy: The truth not, alone I opened the book and suddenly everything was darkened around to my.

Wanda: I am glad you to be safe.

Yo: Well, at least already it passed the horrible part; anyone of us that opened that book would be in the same situation.

Yang: So one of those books that don't have to open up is? That is my type of books!

Cosmo: AND mine also!

Poof: i!

Yin: But now AND the book? (While she had the book in the hand) Mmmm (she will open it)

Cosmo: Oh-no, another time not!

Yo: Yin doesn't open it you could be as Timmy you also!

Yin: (she Opens the book and...) Ah!

Timmy: Yin! No, you were paralyzed you also!

Yin: No, it is not that, it is alone that I believe that I stepped a tack! (Seeing their foot) But in what concerns to the book, there is no longer danger of opening it.

Timmy: Although I still have left a doubt, Cosmo, Wanda! Why did they prohibit me to see that book? (Looking at them with rage)

Yin: AND you Master Yo, why didn't you want him to see also?

Wanda: Affection, me.

Yo: Non Wanda, I explain to him them. (And it disconnects the V-cube) Yang, you should also pay attention to what I will count them!

Yang: What?! Ah…

Yo: Good children, it arrived the hour that they know something very saved a while ago, everything began when a detestable magic force arrived at the town, the dark hag called she.

Yang: Him which it doesn't interest me… (Yin gives him it undermines) Ou!

Yo: Continuing, she had a dark magic that produced terror among all, in that time, me neither had she known that to make.

Yin: AND didn't you fight with her so that she leaves?

Yo: I attempted it, but their dark powers overcame my Woo Foo, for that reason I say it.

Yin: I already understand…

Wanda: I will continue then, well, that danger came to the Magic World and not even us neither our magic could stop it.

Timmy: it should be hard in that time.

Wanda: If, and that you say it.

Cosmo: I prefer not to remember it, that era a dark time and you already know I eat up it doesn't like a lot darkness.

Poof: Tata?

Timmy: AND what did it happen later if you could not stop it?

Yo: Good Timmy, there was where us three believe to somebody so that it defeats it, he was for that reason a gentleman that had magic and Woo at the same time Foo, he calls himself the Foo-magic Gentleman.

Yin: AND what did it happen then?

Yi: The Foo-magic Gentleman was stronger than the same dark hag and it defeated it in a ferocious fight among the well and the bad.

Yang: But good, if it defeated it! Which is the danger?

Yo: The dark hag before disappearing said that some day she would return when the Foo-magic gentleman escaped from the book, since after being defeated the it locked in that book that you have now, he also said that he will take possession of all his power and this way to be able to terrify them to all again, for that reason we tried to avoid that they opened it, but now it is already very late…

Yang: Uau, that history was not so bad, but that such dark hag doesn't scare me; I will defeat it very easy.

Yin: TO me neither scares me the witches!

Timmy: TO me less!

Poof: i!

Yo: Children, won't be able to against that witch, it is very powerful of what you imagine.

Yang: For the foo love, Master Yo, the times have already changed; I assure them that no which will come to bother!

Yin: I will also demonstrate him that here she doesn't come to bother anybody!

Timmy: you are right; I won't let him to enter with the Magic World!

Poof: poof!

Yo: Good among all this confusion this well, anyway they had to face it, let us return to the academy, I have to train them, although I don't like to say it, but for the fact that the dark hag will return, I will teach to each one a new power.

Yang: Brilliant, a new power!

Yin: Yes, another power to be able to practice!

Yo: Well we return! Foo-potation! (And the three disappear)

Timmy: AND me that make?! (Saying excited)

Wanda: Hey Timmy, now that it passed all this, the most preferable thing now it is that you are safe, I don't want that dark hag to catch you and she harms you.

Timmy: Wanda, for last time repeats you that I am no longer a baby like so that I on them protect so much!

Poof: imy!

Wanda: But Timmy, I make it well for your own one.

Cosmo: Wanda is right.

Timmy: But I also want to help, that evil hag will never be able to catch me they don't worry about my, tomorrow that will already stop to give the storm, we will leave to see that she is what we can make, that clumsy one she trims glass she will never be able to catch me or to make me I damage!

Meanwhile, in a cave in the one who they know where (XD)

Voice: Je-je-je (was she seeing Timmy by means of a boiler, while she looked at it wickedly) with which, you believe that you will be able to make fun of me hey boy? We will see when you are once and for all in my claws for all. JA-JA-JA-JA-JA