Este es el cuarto y último capítulo del segundo fic en inglés

CHAPTER IV- The end of a Gentleman

Where did I stay? XD. Ah yes! The Witches had Yin and they planned to make something bad, but they were in another point that was the cliff of the sky:

H. Dark: we have already arrived, my plan will put on in action and the Foo-magic Gentleman's power will be all mines!

H. Gray: AND what do you plan to make with the girl?

H. Dark: you will already see it…

Yin: Looses me! (Was it caught in a bubble anti-Woo Foo) What do you plan to make me?!

H. Dark: you are Quiet, that doesn't concern you!

Meanwhile in the low part of the cliff, Yang arrives and he tries to think in as helping Yin:

Yang: That fools witches have my sister, I have to make something! But what?

Timmy: I know exactly that to make… (It goes by the side of Yang and he goes to the mountain, I tell cliff XD)

Yang: What rays do you plan to make Turner?! Leave this matter to me!

Timmy: I will also help, want or don't want!

Yang: Mmmm… it is well… I will pay you attention for this time to see that it is what you plan to make.

Timmy: I find well…

Meanwhile in the cliff:


H. Gray: it Mates, tell me once and for all that it is what you plan to make!

H. Dark: I Learned a charm to extract the power, when the Foo-magic Gentleman's fool comes to help the small Woo Foo, we will paralyze it and I will use that charm and his power will be mine.

H. Gray: I like that je-je!

Yin: he will never fall so in their trap it will be better than they lose me!

H. Dark: I told you that you are quiet girl!

Yang: Yin!

H. Gray: he is the small rabbit and the boy of the pink cap!

Yin: Yang! Timmy!

H. Dark: Now they will see, don't enter in our plans, silly! (It throws them a ray but Yang it repels it with the sword)

Yang: AND which is your plan Turner?

Timmy: Single aim… (Suddenly sack the Foo-magic gentleman's helmet) With me nobody enters!

Yang: he Hears, that it is the Foo-magic Gentleman's helmet! Why did he give it to you and not to me?!

Timmy: Because I am more responsible.

Yin: That is certain!

Yang: Yin, you are not helping me!

H. Dark: You don't scare me clumsy human boy! I will teach you to not bothering me! (It throws a ray to Timmy)

Yin: Care!

Yang: they will hit you!

Timmy: That won't be possible. (And the ray disappears)

H. Dark: What, how could you make that?!

Timmy: With help because clear!

H. Dark: Then I will remove you your power to you!

Yin: you don't make it!

Timmy: we Go (it Uses the twigs of Cosmo and Wanda and it liberates Yin of the bubble) the twigs of Cosmo and Wanda are stronger thanks to the helmet, help me!

Yin: Clear! Certain brother?

Yang: Like say!

H. Dark: I am not them afraid to two small rabbits.

Yin Yang: Woo Foo Aura! (And the Aura appears)

Timmy: Oral! He had never seen something like that, it is brilliant!

H. Dark: they won't defeat me with that! (Does it throw them a ray but doesn't it affect the Aura of Yin and Yang) cannot I damage to that thing?!

Timmy: I fear myself that not…

Yin: Now you will see! (They hit the two witches with the fists of Yincineration)

Yang: JA, we gave them their desert!

H. Gray: What do we make now?! Their power is stronger than us!

H. Dark: Now I don't know it! Mmmm…

C.F.M: (it Arrives) Well, we will already defeat the witchdoctors.

Timmy: Now we will defeat those evil witches so that they don't cause more problems!

H. Dark: I already know! It is hour of making up for; I will make the same thing that I made before being defeated!

H. Gray: AND how sense has?

H. Dark: That will make it with the annoying Woo Foo!

H. Gray: Well!

The witchdoctors unite their forces and they throw a great ray to Yin and Yang that he makes that their Aura disappears:

Yang: Ah! (Fall to the floor) That hunted me!

Yin: Ah! (But she falls in the arms of Timmy) Ah… (Blushing) thank you.

Timmy: Of anything… (Blushing) For that they are the friends.

Yang: Oh for the foo love! (He said it while he had the face full with earth)

H. Dark: perhaps they defeated me but I still have them a gift! (She makes appear the book)

Timmy: But if it is the book.

Yang: What is what plans to make with him?

Yin: Mmmm…

C.F.M: Me if you that she will make, boys, move away from the witches and of the book now!

H. Dark: Very late, now alone I have to say the correct words! Prisium magic!

Suddenly the book floats and she opens up alone and then a great wind that the book:

Yin: Oh-oh

Yang: What is he making?!

Timmy: I don't know it!

C.F.M: it is using the same charm that used in the past; she wants to close up there as last time!

H. Dark: But alone that this time I won't contain you, but rather I will contain the annoying Woo once and for all Foo for all!

Yin: (it is aspired by the wind) Ahhhhh!

Yang: (is it aspired by the wind) Where are the controls of this object?!

H. Dark: JAJAJAJA, now they don't interfere in my plans, insolent brats again!

C.F.M: I will help them (he Makes appear a rope and with her it catches Yang) I have you!

Yang: Fiu, for a moment thought that it will be caught in that fool book as you!

Yin: he helps! Ahhhhh!

H. Gray: it already finishes therewith!

H. Dark: at least the unbearable of the small Woo Foo will be caught in this book! JAJAJAJA!

Timmy: What?! (Think) it will be better me instead of her! (He takes off the helmet and he runs toward Yin)

Yin: What will you make?!

Timmy: I sit down it for this reason, but I will be me who am the affected one instead of you!

Yin: What?!

Timmy: it was a pleasure to know you! (He catches the arm of Yin and the lance against the wind while the one is dragged toward the book and locked in him and the book finally closes)

H. Dark: What?! Rays, that human small fool was caught in that book instead of the Woo Foo!

H. Gray: Good, something is something!

H. Dark: Goes mates, they already defeated us, we should assume the defeat like losing bad!

H. Gray: This well!

C.F.M: they hear! (Catch their helmet, it puts it to him and he puts on to the front of the witchdoctors) they won't leave anywhere, now I will lock them forever in a cage! (It breaks the floor where they were stopped the witches and he makes them fall in an underground cave of which you could not come out)

H. Gray: it is not exactly!

H. Dark: But we will return, I swear them to him!

C.F.M: All orderly one!

Yang: Hey… Not everything… (You go to depressed, kneeling Yin and sustaining the book against their chest)

Yin: you didn't have to make it… (Sobbing)

Yang: does it make?

C.F.M: we should return right now to the academy, we will see if we can make something.

Yang: Of agreement.

Yin: This well…

Already in the academy:

Yang: That what happened, was exactly now there is a form that we take out it of there.

Wanda: But we should make something, we cannot leave there Timmy.

Yo: Mmmm… it should have a form of undoing the charm.

Cosmo: AND if we break it?

C.F.M: it would not be a good option, he would return but their memories would be erased and he will no longer know who is.

Poof: imy!

Yin: he has to have a form of reverting this. But which?

Yang: he looks, maybe, hey…!

Yin: What thing?

Yang: it would not be something silly!

Wanda: What thing?

Yang: If that book is Foo-magic why don't you request a desire by means of the Woo Foo?

Yo: for the first time Yang says something with sense and that idea is also very good!

Yang: Yes! (But it startles) he Hears!

Yo: will Yin Make what I tell you?

Yin: If, I will make it!

Wanda: What is what you will make?!

Cosmo: I don't understand anything!

Poof: poof?

Yo: you should concentrate all your power Woo Foo while you sustain the book, concentrate very well and she thinks of a desire.

Yin: Very well that will make… (She concentrates their energy Woo Foo)

Yang: Uau…

Yo: Now she thinks of a desire.

Yin: Mmmm… (Thinking) "I wish that Timmy is liberated of the charm of the book"

Yo: she thinks with more force Yin!

Yin: That is it I make!

Suddenly the book shines and it throws a light which he/she falls to the floor and it disappears and then Timmy appears:

Timmy: Uau, that was very strange!

Cosmo Wanda: Timmy!

Poof: imy! (And the four are given a hug)

Wanda: Affection returned, we all thought that you would be caught forever in that book!

Timmy: Now they already come here me!

Yang: he goes who would say it, it worked!

Yin: I am glad that! (She goes and she gives Timmy a hug) I cannot believe that you made for me.

Timmy: Hey?

Yin: I speak that you sacrificed yourself and you avoided him to be caught in book, thank you!

Timmy: I already told it to you, I am your friend and it stops that I am, to help you.

Yin: In that you are right.

C.F.M: Good now that already everything is in calm and my mission finished, I have to leave.

Yang: AND where do you leave?

C.F.M: I will leave for where the road takes me to help who needs it.

Yang: That is very tawdry, but not this wrong.

C.F.M: Good, good-bye! (And he leaves)

Timmy: You that someday sees it again.

Yin: Clear!

Yo: AND that we will make with the book?

Wanda: Mmmm… it will be better than you they stay it.

Yo: What?!

Poof: i!

Wanda: You that it will be sure with you, anyway are a book Woo Foo and it is magic.

Yo: Of agreement (he catches the book) it will be sure in the armory Woo Foo.

Wanda: AND we should return home, it will get dark very soon.

Timmy: it is well, we should already leave.

Yin: Good, good-bye Timmy.

Yang: Good-bye Turner.

Yo: Good-bye

Timmy: Good-bye friends. (And the four disappear)

Yo: Well, I will put the book in the armory Woo Foo.

Yang: AND I will return to him mine, I will continue with my video games, I still lack some levels that to happen!

Yin: AND me… Je-je! I suppose that I will read a book.