I was originally going to make this story a yaoi, but I think that would have ruined it.

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Edward pulled his jacket tightly around his torso, shielding his unprepared body from the strong blast of the wind. The dew ridden grass soaked the ends of his trousers and gave his boots a glossy shine, reflecting the pale light of the moon. He was exhausted. Beyond exhausted.

His body screamed with each step, reminding him just how long he'd been trekking. How long had it been? 3 hours? It had to be. The blonde couldn't remember when he'd begun the long walk to Risenbul. Racking his brains was no use, everything was blurred, barley recognisable. Only one thing was certain amongst the jumbled mess beginning to unravel in his head. He was home. There was no mistaking it. The teen paused, attempting to relieve his sore joints. Surprisingly enough, it had little effect. Ed looked ahead, squinting through the darkness. He raised a gloved hand to eye level, waving it in front of his face. 'Great' he thought. He could barely see a thing.

For a moment, he paused, wondering which direction to go. It would be just his luck if he ended up on the wrong side of town. Taking the familiar pocket watch from his pocket, Ed was surprised to see it ticking. He was sure it had stopped working two years ago. He wondered why a trip to the other side of the gate caused it to function again. Still that didn't matter, if only it could have been a compass.

At last the blonde decided to keep heading forwards. He was tired, grouchy, and in no mood to spend the night (what remained of it) sleeping outside. So much was going though his mind, it was hard to focus. The last thing he remembered was a conversation with his father, which had been much too formal for his liking. Ed could clearly picture the man's blank expression. As the scene played in his head he noticed there was no sound to accompany it. There was no obvious clue as to what the talk had been about. He sighed. It probably wasn't even important. Nothing to do with Hohenheim was ever worth worrying about. The blonde wasn't going to waste his concern.

A shiver crawled under his collar, catching the teen off guard. Biting his lip, Edward dragged himself on, feeling his knees protest sorely.

"Come on!" he shook out his limbs tiredly "Just a little further-"

After an extremely long and treacherous night, Ed's body finally gave up on him. He found himself sat on the damp grass, leaning against a hard gatepost that had managed to knock his head on the way down.

"Wonderful" he sighed sarcastically, another bruise to add to the collection. Closing his eyes, Ed could have fallen asleep on the spot. The thought of a warm house to thaw his muscles was just enough to keep him awake. Cracking open an eye, there was no mistaking the familiar house in view. If it hadn't been for the porch light, he would have certainly missed it.

"Well I'll be damned."

Roy Mustang was very much awake. The sound of the clock dully rang through his ear drums; it seemed almost as if it were mocking him. The soft snores of his colleagues drifted from the other side of the sitting room. Well, there wasn't much of a team. Due to an 'emergency' back at central, the Fuhrer had been extremely fussy regarding movement in and out of headquarters. Roy had been given strict orders he was only to assign three people to a mission. He sighed. At least the task itself had been straight forward. There had been signs of human transmutation not far from Risenbul. From what he had seen of the arrays, the Colonel knew it had nothing to do with homonculus. It was much more likely to be chimeras; however he needed a second opinion. After all, he wasn't much of an expert. There was only one person he could think of. Alphonse.

The teen had more knowledge than he did, but after a short detour before heading back to central, it appeared the Elric couldn't tell him much. Winry had kindly offered to let Roy, Risa and Jean stay for a few nights before heading back, despite the awkwardness between herself and the Colonel. How he wished he could change the past. If Roy had his way, there were two things he would change. Winry would still have parents, and Elysia would have a father. It was at times like this Hughes company would have made all the difference.

Loss was something the Colonel seemed to be contemplating recently. Seeing Alphonse again bought back a lot of memories. It just wasn't the same without Edward. Sometimes Roy would convince himself he missed the simple things, the heated discussions in his office, the slamming door, and most of all, being called a bastard.

No one knew where the eldest Elric was. Some said he was dead, others believed the gate was connected to his mysterious disappearance. Alphonse was one of the few who had seen Ed last, just moments before he'd vanished. Unfortunately, he had no memory's of what happened that night, nor the five years he and his brother had spent looking for the philosopher's stone. Al believed his brother was out there somewhere. And the Colonel? He wasn't sure what to believe, but he refused to believe the great FullMetal Alchemist had been killed so easily. After all, the teen was stubborn.

The click of the latch interrupted his thoughts, his gaze shifted to the door. He looked back to Havoc and Hawkeye, the others upstairs hadn't left either. Where they expecting someone? 'Don't be stupid' he scolded his thoughts, 'People don't expect guests at this time of night!'

The door opened slightly, the figure peered through the doorway, checking for any signs of life. It was difficult to specify the gender of the person; their face was concealed by a dark shadow. A long, gold ponytail cascaded down their back, stopping at the waist. It had to be male; women didn't tend to be as tall. Roy watched the man leave his case by the door, and closed it silently behind him. A pair of eyes scanned the room, stopping at the fireplace, were Roy was cocooned in sheets on the floor. The blonde walked closer. For a moment, the Colonel thought he'd been spotted. He held his breath as the stranger reached out a hand. Unexpectedly, the man reached for a photograph, examining it in the moon light escaping through the window.

Smiling, he moved to put the frame back in its place, but a groan from Jean made him jump. Almost dropping the picture, he turned slightly, gazing at the two sleeping figures on the coach. Edward groaned, lowering his head he muttered,

"What the hell are you doing here..."

"I could ask you the same question" A familiar voice made him freeze. A hoard of colourful words ran through the blondes mind, reminding him that he forgot to check by the fireplace. Releasing the frame from his grip, Ed turned slowly, bracing himself for the reaction.


"Look, I'm not in the mood to explain, can I at least sleep first?"

"You're not Ed! You can't be! He's-"

Roy found a hand clamped over his mouth, effectively silencing him. He looked up at the blonde. There was no mistaking it. He could only think of one person with eyes like that.

"Would you shut up! I can't let them see me now! I'm not in the mood for a reunion at this hour!" his took back his hand, letting it fall to his side lazily, and collapsed into an armchair beside Roy.

"Did you miss me bastard?" he grinned, closing his eyes.

"Ok, so you're defiantly Edward"

"I'll take that as a no then"

The Colonel couldn't help but gawk at the teen. He'd changed so much since their last meeting. His usual red and black attire had been replaced with a dark brown suit. His hair was tied back into a high ponytail, and black slacks covered his feet. Everything had changed accept the familiar white gloves covering his fingers. The blonde cracked open an eye.

"You can stop staring now"

"You've... changed..."

"I'm glad you noticed"

"The others will go nuts when they see you, especially Alphonse"

There was a groan.

"Don't sound too depressed, you make it sound like a chore"

"It is a chore, too many questions." The blonde looked over to Jean tossing and turning in his sleep. "I hope he doesn't wake up..."

"If he does, I'll tell him it's a mirage"


The teen sank back into the chair, his aching muscles relieved. As he began to doze into a much needed slumber, he heard the Colonel speak softly.

"Welcome back FullMetal"

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