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Blood Lust Crazes Chapter 1. So this is how my story goes?

Bella's POV

Edward was a mind reader, and though he couldn't read my freakishly non ordinary human mind, I knew he was always one step ahead of Victoria. As I was watching him dance a death dance between Riley ( obviously some moron who fell for Victoria's babbling bullshit ) and Victoria herself, I came to the conclusion I would grab an object, yes a rock, just in case and to settle my own nerves. Stupid yes, obviously I had no chance in hell against an angry blood thirsty newborn army if shit literally hit the fan, I knew this. But being a simple minded human, it was the least I could do.

I watched intensley as Edward shred Riley and set him on fire and it made my heart flutter to know we were almost done with this chaos, this stupid loss. We were almost done, I kept chating internally to myself. But right as Edward was moving in on Victoria, I heard, we all heard the most chilling of screams to ever touch reach my ears. I froze, and clutched at my stupid rock like a security blanket. "ALICE!" I then realized I was yelling into the air! That was the scream of Alice. She was a fortune teller, the beloved little vampire pixie, the best friend I had ever had, she was screaming ! I was about to go run to her, and then all my imperfections came crashing back at me. I was a human, surely if Alice couldn't handle it, I would be good as dead, GOD NO! I thought. Why couldn't Edward have saved the bullshit and made me immortal already?

Obviously it was not only me who got somehow distracted with her screams because suddenly something that was going so right, was taking a drastic turn for the worse. Victoria was now one step ahead of Edward, and I was still helpless. Fucking helpless watching my vampire mate to be getting stalked by a psychotic cat woman with a damn grudge! This was my worst fears and nightmares coming true. This was hell on earth.

"Edward NO!" I yelled as loud as I could as I saw her start to rip my true love to shreds before my very eyes. It was at that moment I heard others screams as well, Esme, Emmett and Carlisles screams, horrible screams, but why wasn't my edward screaming? I started to feel faint, hell at this point I wish I would just become a meal for the damn newborn army that stupid bitch had created. My world was falling down around me. As I started to get even more dizzy the last thing I heard, my Edwards voice ring like a majestic summer wind in my ear one last time. "I love you Isabella Marie Swan, you will be happy in time, Be safe always my love." As I was about to pass out, I was charged full force by one of the La Push wolves Seth, I think.

Seconds latter, I came too, Seth was freaking out on me as he was carrying me at a fast run through the forrest. "Bella, I have to take you to Jasper, there are some other leeches there too, we have all been summond to rejoin them, things got pretty ugly back there Bella, are you okay?" Seth asked concerned, scared, worried, and sadly.

I had to think about this, was I okay ? Was I really okay? Physically yes, I didn't feel anything at all, but my heart was empty, dead, it couldn't be broken again, because it had just suffered the worst loss imaginable. I was now undead, might as well be a leech too I though, I was the living dead, the un dead, but this was worse than being a vampire, this was being in a world without the people you love most. This was hell. I was turning back into the zombie I had been when Edward first left me. But no, this time I was was furious! I felt like my blood was boiling literally bubbling underneath my skin!

Suddenly as we were approaching a small clearing in the forrest Seth dropped me fast, and rather hard. "Bella! SHIT! you are on fire?" He yelled and looked at me like I was crazy.

"Relax Dog, it is her shield." I heard a somewhat familiar voice say, as I looked at the blue icy almost flame like embers encompassing me.

"What the fuck?" I asked in a whisper suddenly feeling all of my rage building up again.

"Bella, do you remember me ?" The same voice asked and this time I looked up to see her, yes I remember her cherub like perfection, yet radiating red eyes, it was Jane.

"Jane?" I asked in a very monotone voice, that surprised even me.

"Yes, I am Jane, Now tell me, where is Edward?" She asked concerned, and had crouched down to get to my eye level on the forest clearings ground.

"Dead" I stated simply yet monotone, and started to feel my rage build again.

"Bella vampires do not die unless.." She started looking more concerned.

"I SAW HIM FUCKING GET KILLED BY THAT BITCH OVER THERE!" I pointed to Victoria who was being held by a very pissed off looking Felix.

"Bella calm down. It's okay, we will show her justice, but you need to know a few things." Jane immediately began in a soothing tone.

"Edward was not the only one lost Bella, if you saw him get killed this is going to be even worse to tell you." Jane said calmly, and for the first time I began to to really look at her, she wasn't as scary as I had initally thought, no she was a real fucking vampire. It dawned on me then Perhaps carlisle had it wrong, perhaps, if they would have lived as they were destined too they wouldn't have been weak, perhaps they would still be alive. I knew then what the screams had been. Realization hit me like a fucking brick wall, they had all died, because of me.

"Bella, not all of us died." I looked up to see his face he was there, Jasper, God he must hate me I thought.

"Shh, Darlin' nobody hates you, least of all not me." Jasper said and hugged me tightly putting out my freakishly odd flames of rage. I felt waves of calm and hope wash over me.

"It's okay Bella, but you Jasper, and Rosalie will be coming back to Volterra with us just till we get things figured out." Jane said in a soothing tone.

"No!" I yelped "Just kill me now, I know I have ruined Jasper and Roses life. Just end me." I pleaded, at least I would die in a familiar place and the wolves would be able to make up a good story for Charlie and Renee. I dreaded going back to Volterra, it was an awful place, I still could picture the look in the lady holding on to the rosary beads face, before she became their dinner.

"Bella, shit, snap out of it, no body's going to kill you." Rose suddenly snapped. "Nobody hates you, and this was definitely not your fault!" Rose was now yelling at me in my face. "Fuck, yanno if we would have just lived as we were suppose to you never would have been brought into this. Nobody is to blame but those who made this happen." She finished and then crushed her arms around me and began to sob tearless sobs.

"Sorry Rose" I whimpered.

"Stop saying Sorry for God's sake! Shit Bella, we are going there to teach you, and all of us what it truly means to be a vampire. We are going there because I sure as hell learned one thing out of this, immortality will suite you well, we are going because it is time to stop pretending to be something we are not. We are all vampires, well hell, you will be shortly anyways." She finished while still hugging me tightly.

It was at that point I heard a vicious growl, Jacob I thought.

"If you leave with the red eyed freaks, you cannot comeback. We will bend the treaty and tell Charlie a good story, and be there for him, but you can never comeback. Take Bella, she has lost enough, but promise me Whitlock, promise me you will always watch after her!" Jacob demanded as he came walking out the forest trees half naked.

"It is a promise." Jasper said giving his word.

"Good, now if you excuse me, I think getting eating and ripped apart by dogs is just what this crazy bitch has coming! And Bella, be safe ya freaky leech well, to be." Jacob finished while giving me a quick peck on the cheek and then rushing while phasing into a wold with several others, as Felix jumped out of the way to leave Victoria to her demise.

Could this be happening, would I really be so lucky to go to Volterra and have my life spared and still have two people who now meant my world to me with forever? Could I go on living without feeling the void Edward left? I did not know for sure. But I did know I would do my best to promise him to be safe, and if that meant going to Volterra, and being a real vampire, then by God I would do it.

As I was getting lost in my own thoughts It was Jasper who picked me off and started running towards the jet the Volterra had, to start a new adventure.

"Bella it is okay, sleep Darlin' it's a long flight." He whispered soothingly to me as we approached their small but nice lear jet on some vacant unused airstrip. That is what I did, I started to sleep peacefully in his arms, this was going to be some kind of fucked up eternity, but at least I would get one nights rest before being away forever.

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