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Chapter 30 : Every sinner and Every Saint.

Bella's POV ~

"They're Here... They are here." I growled out one more time before I caught a glimpse of the douche bag known as Vlad. -

Vlad is mine Major- I stated into my lovers mind.

Be safe Darlin' - Don't go trying to be the hero. I couldn't live if I lost you. Jasper stated as the newborns approached us all.

I love you- Jasper, my love.

I love you- As well Bella, my Darlin'.

Before I could project anything else mentally to my mate... I released my shield full force..To my astonishment it covered everyone around us in a protective bubble that looked of that of a blue flame. This caused Vlad to presumably shit himself I do believe as he gasped.

"Kill them all!" I ordered - And so the violent dance of death started once again in my short lived life.

I pondered that idea as I started dismembering random newborns and throwing them to the bonfires Angela was making as she threw about her fire balls and her mate paralyzed our oppenants with his gift. - Chaos seemingly follows me wherever I go, whoever I am with. Thank God I am with Major Bad Ass over there - I thought to myself as I stole and effortless glimpse at my mate who was bringing big bad evil vampires to their knees in fear and pain as he unleashed his wrath. - Jasper always thought that was the monster in him, but in truth... That was the angel of vegeance in him, the fucking God of War... At least I thought so of my mate. No man that can feel so much from others, give himself to others just to bask in the joy that they emanate from it, could ever be a monster. I should know I am empathetic as well.

Hmmm... I wondered again to myself if it was normal to think like this in the middle of battle? Probably not... But then again when have I ever been normal?

"Get that girl -" Vlad seethed as he ordered two of his goons to try and destroy me.

"I got this Darlin'... Go ahead... Show him his just punishment." Jasper quickly stated to me as he brought the goon patrol to their knees in fear and agony, and started to dismember them as well... All whilst sending me his love and a dose of courage.

I glided over to Vlad who now was on his knees whimpering in fear. "You know your missing a shield... By the way, taking our newborns, and feeding them their own families... Not nice." I cooed to Vlad, yet I was probably wearing some half sardonyx smile.

"Vlad... You know waging a war never got anyone to far, especially for your reason's... Did you honestly think the Volturi so weak as to give you full power by a quick kill of on the brothers, and then a threat to go public... Tsk tsk tsk... You are a naughty, little man aren't you?" I asked icily.

"You and your empath are to weak to rule, the world could be ours for the taking - Instead of hiding in dark alley's to feed, we could have a human buffet... And you give it up for rules, for structure, it is blasphemous." Vlad replied with a venomus tone and he writhed in agony.

"The world needs rules Vlad, you know why? Wait don't answer that -" I began as I snapped off his hands and tossed them into the fire now roaring next to me. Now fully crying I looked at Vlad again and spoke softly. "We need rules because of cruel minded fuck heads like yourself Vlad.." I finished while then taking his legs from the knee down and then tossing them into the fire as well.

It went on like that for several minutes, and then his second wave of newborns moved in for the attack. As I got to Vlad's head - He sneered "What about Alexis and Josh Isabella? You can't destroy something you've made little girl - You are to weak." Boom - I tossed his head in the fire then, he was finally destroyed.

I thought about what Vlad said, and I wondered if it wasn't true for a second as I saw Alexis and Josh moving towards me with a deathly glare in their eyes. - Courage Bella- I chanted to myself, still knowing what had to be done - I would never bet against Alice.

"You created us, and he showed us a better way Bella - We won't hurt you, just let us guide you." Josh stated as he approached. - All the lust I had ever felt for them - gone - out the window.

"Sometimes - It is good to be bad Bella..." Alexis stated seductivley and I suddenly felt like something was trying to penetrate my shield. - All the more reason to end it know I thought to myself. But I would be humane... I wouldn't toy with them. . . I would make it short and sweet.

Managing all my gift, I comanded them to kneel. They complied. Jasper sensed my inner struggle and rushed to my side - I whispered... "No prisoner's." ...

He gave me a knowing look, knowing that killing my first creations with him would be horrible on my still humanistic outlook, but he sent me the bravery I needed and gave me a knowing look with the nod of his head, and together we ripped them apart - Quickly as we had made them - And threw them into the fire.

Looking around after that I saw everyones sad expression, it was then that the venom from others bites I had been in contact with while during our wrath started to truly burn. War was never pretty no matter what the aftermath, but sometimes it was a very nessacary evil, to protect from a darker more vile evil.

It was over - And now more than anything I needed my Jasper.

I began to sob, into his strong arms as he scooped me up bridal style, and began whispering "It's okay Darlin'...It's all over for now."

Quickly I glanced to everyone as Jasper started to carry me away... Everyone was concerned... But all in all everyone was satisfied we had eliminated Vlad..

"Please, take your mate to one of rooms..." Carmen stated clearly concerned.

"It's okay lil sis... You did great." Emmett reassured and Heidi smiled.

"You are a wonderful leader Bella, I proud to serve with you." Peter stated, and Charlotte grinned in agreement.

"Bella... You rocked... You really really pwnd out there." Rose and Caius said in a unison that was almost creepy, but fitting to them. I chuckled between sobs at this, causing Jasper to smile his heavenly smile at me.

"We have time before the wolves Bella... Don't you worry at all... Peter and Charlottle will deal with Blake and Kaylin along with Blake's parents." Angela interjected with a huge smile. "You were very impressive Bella, you are quite the warrior, so fit for Jasper." Alec stated happily.

"How you fought tonight - It was like watching one of the angels of the apocolypse come forth and serve justice... It was majestic... I am truly happy to serve under you, we both are." Shannon whispered and Garrett nodded in agreement, as we made our way past them.

Before I knew it he had me upstairs in the house in some spare bedroom of the Denali coven's house.

"Where was Kate?" I suddenly asked Jasper concerned as he laid me down on a plush bed.

"She did not make it... She fought with Irina, and well Irina had the upper hand... Eleazar ended Irina shortly after Kate's demise." Jasper whispered to me.

I would have been more upset at the moment if not for the stinging radiating all down my arms.

Jasper feeling my discomfort quickly shredded away the remainder of my shirt to check the damage.

"Damn it..." Jasper muttered... As he took in my freshly bitten arms. "I should have protected you more Darlin'.." He looked so sad as if he were facing some kind of inner turmoil.

"Jasper... It's okay... You should have seen the other guys." I chuckled ignoring the pain causing him to quirk his eyebrows and run his hand through his golden locks and burst out a deep laugh.

"What am I going to do with you Darlin'... Normally this is not the time for jokes as your arms are all scarred up now." He stated solemnly while moving next to me on the bed.

"Jasper, when have I, or we ever been normal?" I giggled back at him. "Besides we match now... Kind of like vampiric tats.." I stated bluntly.

"Bella... You my dear, are twisted." Jasper chuckled as he began to kiss every new bite I had on my arm.

"Yes I am... Jasper... I ... Love you..." I stated as I brought his perfect lips to mine and kissed them forcefully while sending out a wave of lust, and all of my love.

"Bella -" Jasper breathed huskily as he tore the remainder of my clothing off of me..

"Major -" I responded back while taking my left hand and tweaking my own right nipple that was already rock hard... And my right hand glided down to my wet slit and started to playfully tweak my own clit, while giving Jasper more lust and flashing my bedroom eyes.

"Your being very naughty Darlin'..." Jasper responded as he tore off his own clothing. making me want to cum by own means, as he stood in front of me with his huge rock are cock facing me.

"I like to be naughty for you Major -" I responded back huskily, while still playing with myself for him.

"I can see that... But if you don't stop... I will have to punish you... And I know how much you like that..." Jasper stated as his eyes went from dark, to pitch black with lust.

"Mmmmm - I do like it when you punish me." I stated honestly.

The next thing I knew Jasper had me over his knees on the side of the bed, he started groping my ass and playing with my wet pussy with his fingers causing me to only drip more.

SMACK! - His hand landed hard on my ass, and oh my God, I nearly came right then. SMACK! this time he slapped my wet pussy causing me to ooze out my liquid and yearn for more. But then something else happened. -

"Tonight... I am going to torture you my love..." He growled lustfully into my ear, as he now had me straddling bent over the bed with my legs spread wide as my sex dripped in antcippation.

"MMM Yes Major... Torture me." I moaned out.

I felt his icy tongue on the planes of my pussy and then I felt his fingers at my entrance...But then I felt his other finger glide over my tight ass hole... I gasped as he pushed in... It felt strange and invading, yet I longed for more.

"You weren't expecting that, where you Darlin'?" Jasper growled out.

"No Major..." I gasped.

"But did you like it, my naughty girl?" He asked huskily.

"Yes Major... I liked it a lot!" I answered honestly wanting more.

I suddenly felt his rock hard cock at my silky dripping wet slits entrance... He thrust in forcefully and hard causing my vampire knees to tremble... And me to moan in pure pleasure. Right as I was about to cum hard all over his cock, he stopped, and my ass met another slap.

Before I could beg for more, he thrust into my tight ass this time, and I screamed out for more!

Jasper chuckled darkly, and suddenly my tight pussy was met with three of his long and very nimble and pleasing fingers... He continued to pump my ass hard, and forceful, and played with my pussy with his fingers causing me to scream in pleasure, and bliss.

"You like it dirty, don't you my dirty little Darlin'?" Jasper panted out sexily between his forceful thrusts.

"Oh yes Major... I fucking Love it dirty - Fuck me like your naughty girl Major." I screamed out to my mate while cumming all over his fingers over and over again.

As he came, He quickly cuddled me up in his arms, and laid us down on the bed... All while wearing a shit eating grin.

"Bella - You are my very naughty girl." He whispered as he trailed kisses from my collar bone to my neck, and finally to my lips.

"Jasper... You are a very very seductive Major." I smiled as I kissed him back, enveloped in his love, adoration, lust, and peace. I shot him back the same emotions.

We laid there watching the sunrise, and for once we had no intention of cutting away from this time of day, we only had the wolves to worry about, and they couldn't be that bad right? So for now... We laid basking in each others loving emotions.

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