Sam's Secret

Epilogue: Freddie, Carly, and Spencer at the Hospital

Author's Notes: I don't own iCarly or Until We Bleed. This epilogue is written in third person, since Sam is gone now.

"Is she okay?" Carly asks.

Spencer put on a sad face, knowing the answer but not wanting to say it. He turns to face the doctor, hoping he'll say it first.

"I'm sorry," the doctor says.

So we're bound to linger on, we drink the fatal drop…

At home, Freddie thinks of all the bad things he did to Sam. It was all his fault. He had pushed her, abused her, and mistreated her to the point where she went to the extremes. All he had wanted was for things to be like they were before they started dating, but he took it too far. He was like a bowling ball that kept going and going and going, making all the Sam pins fall down over and over again.

Then love until we bleed…

But things weren't all bad, Freddie reminds himself. He thought of the laughs, the kisses, and the fun they had. She had been so nice to him, and all he is is the monster, the bully, the criminal. In that nightmare Sam had told him and Spencer about, Freddie was the monster eating her soup. But in this case, eating meant destroying and soup meant her heart.

Sam's Secret

End Notes: I'm sorry if this fic brought tears to your eyes or if you took it as bashing. Because it wasn't meant to be bashing, it was supposed to be a story to the Toxic Relationship video by MaybeSeddie from YouTube (I don't own that video either). I hope you somewhat enjoyed it anyway.