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Chapter 19


Sarah held Chuck and she could feel him shaking. She was afraid that if she let him go, the Chuck she loved would fade away, leaving only the Intersect-fueled man she had found only a day ago. She wanted the Chuck she knew in Burbank; the sweet man who warmed her heart and broke through her Agent walls.

"Ellie, what's wrong with him?" Sarah pleaded.

Ellie glanced over to Sarah and smiled, hiding her worry under an encouraging smile "Don't worry, we'll get him back."

"Ellie, his temp is rising and his blood pressure is spiking. Sarah, we need the sedatives that Casey took from me," Devon said with an anxious look.

Sarah quickly handed over the bag Casey had handed her hoping it would help. It has to help, you have to be okay. Please Chuck I need you. I need you to hold me when I get scared.

Devon quickly loaded a hypodermic and injected Chuck with it. "Relax bro. You're going to be fine. We're here to help, and you need some sleep," Devon coaxed.

Chuck's head fell to the pillow and his face relaxed from it former tense look. "Can I stay with him?" Sarah asked, looking at Ellie who was trying to school her face and hide her true thoughts.

"I can't think of anything else that would make him feel better, Sarah," Ellie replied. "It's okay. I know you love him. There's nothing wrong with showing concern.

"Thanks, Ellie." Sarah crawled up on the bed, putting her head on Chuck's shoulder while whispering in his ear.

"Sarah, I think you two need a little time alone. We'll be in the cafeteria getting a coffee. Press this button if… when he wakes up." Devon pointed at the button on the table beside the bed.


Casey had contacted Director Adams after the building was secure. The situation was fluid to say the least. A cleaner team would be dispatched to dispose of the dead but the live and tranqed needed a secure location to be debriefed and questioned.

Adams was succinct in his orders: secure the living and sweep them for locator beacons before bringing them back to the Bunker. He only hoped they had enough cells to hold them all. Because of the incomplete Intersect analysis, identities were still in question and no one was beyond recrimination.

"With Bartowski's flash, we've been able to ascertain the identity of one of the elders. I'm fairly certain as to the other four but we'll need confirmation."

"What is the situation?" Adams asked.

"There are fifteen in custody, fourteen men and one woman. Four sleeping off tranq darts, two seriously wounded but they'll survive, the rest are sitting in front of me in handcuffs. The others are dead. It was a hell of a battle, Sir," Casey added with a pleased grunt.

"Take pictures of the dead. We'll need to ID them. You have thirty minutes to leave the premises. The cleanup team will arrive then before the police can get involved."

"I'll need rooms to conduct the interrogations." Casey almost smiled thinking about that.

"Do you have transportation to bring them all here? It's the safest place right now. I just spoke to the President and he wants this cleared up as fast as possible. He's wondering if he can trust all his staff and security detail."

"We can be there in about an hour. What is Bartowski's status? Will he be able to confirm the identities of the prisoners and the dead?"

"Unknown, Major. I just spoke with Dr. Woodcomb and he explained that Mr. Bartowski's brain might have overloaded. Right now, he said he's regressed to earlier memories of when he was a child but they are hopeful that he will recover."

Casey winced when he heard that all the flashing had injured Chuck. He'd been the one to insist that Chuck do it. How could he ever look Walker or Ellie in the eye again if Chuck didn't recover?

"As soon as you have the situation under control, I have a special pickup for you and Agent Hansen. You are to deliver your charge here until things settle down."

"Yes, sir. I'll call again as soon as we are ready for departure."


The ride back to the bunker was uncomfortable for Casey to say the least. Carina had insisted on driving, and Casey sat in the back of the Hummer with a handcuffed General Diane Beckman glowering at him. "Major Casey, you of all people know that in this business you have no friends. The greater good is what we all work toward; I did what needed to be done to take down Fulcrum with what I had at my disposal."

Casey had been ignoring Beckman as much as possible but her last statement caused a low dangerous growl to rumble in his throat. "General, I've spent too many years doing what I do, trying to protect those that needed protection. We do terrible things in the night so that the innocent can sleep peacefully never knowing what we do. You stole the innocence of one you swore to protect and in doing so destroyed many lives."

Beckman shrank back from the look on Casey's face before deciding to try another tact. "Agent Hansen, can you talk some sense into the Major?"

Carina laughed but it had no mirth in it. "General, what you did is beyond incomprehensible. If Chuckie doesn't recover, it won't be us you have to worry about."

The General scowled at her, but kept her mouth shut this time. Carina didn't need to spell it out for her. She would be facing Agent Walker soon enough.

The rest of the ride was in silence and no one seemed to want to talk.


Bryce reported to Director Adams after depositing all the captured traitors in cells. There weren't enough so they were forced to double up the occupancy. Devon and Ellie had taken care of the two seriously wounded agents. Ellie wanted to stay by her brother but her Hippocratic Oath overrode all other concerns. She was a doctor first.

The two injured were left under guard in the infirmary cells and Devon and Ellie walked down the hall to get a coffee before heading back to check on Chuck. Carina was limping down the hall followed by a short red haired woman dressed in military uniform followed by Casey.

Casey looked sheepish as he nodded at the two doctors as they came abreast of them. "How's Chuck?"

"We don't know yet. He's sleeping right now and Sarah is with him," Ellie answered.

"Keep us advised Ellie. We're all worried," Carina said and Ellie could hear the concern in her tone.

"Sure, Carina."

Casey nodded again before speaking. "This way, General. Director Adams wants to talk to you."

Ellie notice the handcuffs holding the short woman's hands in front of her. "General Beckman?"

"Do I know you, young lady?"

Ellie's face changed from her usual friendly look to one of loathing and then rage.


If not for Casey standing behind her, Beckman would've hit the floor from the force of the slap from Ellie Bartowski. He was able to catch her in his arms.

The shocked look on Beckman's face showed. No one had ever struck her.

"You bitch" Ellie ground out evenly between her teeth. You took Chuck away from us. You let us think he was dead. You let me bury an empty coffin and mourn the loss of my brother. How could you do that? You're the Government, you're supposed to help and protect us."

Carina stepped in front of the General. "Ellie, she'll get what's coming to her. Trust me." The glint in Carina's eyes soothed the tiger in Ellie.

"Don't ever let me see that woman again or I will kill her," Ellie stammered out shaking with rage.

Devon took Ellie in his arms and began to rub his hands up and down her back. "Let's skip the coffee babe and go check on Chuck."

Casey and Carina opened the door and guided Beckman inside, seating her at the table across from a smiling Adams.

"Major Casey, Agent Hansen. We'll handle it from here," Adams said nodding toward the LCD screen with the Presidential logo floating across it. "You've essentially cut the head off of Fulcrum. They are no more without the Elders. Please post two guards outside the door and then take some well-deserved downtime. I'll alert you when we can move from this location. There will be some cleanup work to be done.

As Casey and Carina started to turn to leave the room, the LCD lit up and the President looked at the occupants of the room. "Major Casey, Agent Hansen. Thank you for all your diligent work. I'm sure you want to check on your friend."

Casey stiffly accepted the platitudes while Carina was suitably impressed to be addressed by the President. Bad enough Casey was temporarily taking orders from the CIA and now a Democrat complimented him. What next?

Knowing they were being dismissed, Casey grabbed Carina by the arm and pulled her from the room. There were things to be discussed that were above their pay grade.

"Let's get a coffee and check on Chuck." Casey suggested, pulling the reluctant Carina with him out of the room.

"General Beckman," The President started. "I'm going to make you a once in a lifetime deal. You'll have thirty seconds to accept it. If you don't, I'll put you in a cell somewhere and throw away the key. You will resign quietly, no public announcement; the reason being personal reasons. You will be in custody and house arrest until the last of Fulcrum has been cleaned from all the Agencies they've infiltrated. After that, you will fade away. A new identity will be provided where you will live out your life. The only reason I'm offering this deal is because of all the years of service you have provided to this country."

Beckman stared wide-eyed at the President. How could a President who didn't understand the niceties of the Spy Game purport to understand what people like her did for her country.

"Sir, with all due respect, you must underst-"

The president cut her off before she could hang herself.

"I do understand General, more that you think."

"Times up, General. Pick your poison. Bunker or retirement which do you choose?"

Beckman seethed for a second, but seeing the steel in the eyes of the President, she relented. "I'll write my resignation immediately."

"Wise choice, General. Director Adams, have the guards escort her to a room for the duration of her stay here. Once she provides her resignation, have it sent to me. I'll accept it right away but will delay appointing a new head of the NSA until allegiances are confirmed."

The LCD screen went black and Beckman glared at Adams. "This is your doing. He doesn't understand but you should."

"Diane, I do understand better than you think. You stepped over the line when you took Bartowski."

Adams opened the door and told the two guards to take Beckman to one of the suites available and stay on duty outside the door until relieved.


Sarah looked up quickly and fingered one of her knives when she heard the door open. She relaxed when she saw Devon poke his head inside the room.

"Is it safe to come in?" Devon quipped, trying to lighten the mood as he and Ellie entered the room.

"Chuck is still asleep. Can you check on him? You said he would be awake by now… I'm worried."

Devon and Ellie checked the readouts from the machines they'd hooked Chuck up to after his 'episode' as Ellie had called it. "All the readings are normal. He should be awake by now."

"But he isn't, Ellie, and I'm worried. I need my Chuck back."

"Sarah, you have to understand, he may never be the same. I don't understand this whole Intersect thing. I don't want to give him anything to wake him up. I think he needs this time to heal his mind," Ellie answered Sarah's questioning look.

Devon tried to break the tension and laughed before speaking. "Ellie got a good shot in on General Beckman. I don't think she'll ever forget meeting my babe."

"Beckman is here? Where is she?" Sarah asked as her eyes showed her hatred for the woman who had almost destroyed her life.

"Uhh, Sarah, she's in custody. Casey and Carina had her in handcuffs. You don't need to worry about her anymore," Ellie said trying to soothe Sarah's anger while shooting a glare at Devon for bringing it up.

Casey and Carina entered at that moment to check on Chuck. "Is the moron awake yet?" Casey flinched when Ellie flashed him a murderous glare.

"He's still unconscious. Right now, we don't know when he'll wake up," Devon answered.

Carina rushed over to Sarah and gave her a hug. "Don't give up, Sarah. Since I've known him, he's done some amazing things."

"I'm not giving up, Carina. I'm just scared."

Casey waved everyone to the back of the room while Sarah intently stared at Chuck hoping he would wake up any second.

"The truth, Ellie. How is he?" Casey asked.

"We don't know, John. This Intersect is something we've never dealt with before. He may never wake up," Ellie answered with tears in her eyes.

"What if they could somehow remove the Intersect? Would that help?" Casey asked.

"Can that be done?" Devon quickly asked.

Carina answered before Casey could. She had an idea where Casey was going with this. . "When we found Chuck in the warehouse, we also apprehended the original designer of the Intersect, Orion. If he designed it, maybe he can somehow remove it or at least disable it so Chuck can live a normal life."

"What are we waiting for? Let's get this Orion here now to look at Chuck - the sooner the better," Ellie almost squealed at the good news.

Carina looked Chuck with concern. "We'll talk to Adams right away."

Devon and Ellie moved back to check on Chuck after Carina and Casey left on their mission to enlist the possible help of Orion. They both hoped it was not too late.

Ellie put her hand on Sarah's shoulder. "Sarah honey, you need a break. I'll stay with Chuck. Go with Devon, get coffee, and get cleaned up. Chuck won't want to see you like this when he wakes up." Ellie tried to sound hopeful.

Sarah looked at her with a raised brow, wondering if she looked half as ragged as she felt. "I don't want to leave him, he needs me."

"He doesn't need you like this. He needs you to be strong for him."

Sarah relented. "I do need to use the bathroom. I'll be back in a minute Chuck. I love you, never forget that," she whispered in his ear before she left with Devon.

Devon walked down the hall with Sarah trying to sound upbeat about the situation. On the way to the bathroom, they passed a door guarded by two agents. "That must be where they're keeping Beckman."

Sarah grunted at the name but continued down the hall. "Devon, I think I can find the bathroom myself, I'll be back in a few minutes."

"I'm going to grab a coffee for us. I'll see you back in Chuck's room."

"I'll see you there." Sarah smiled knowing she wouldn't see him there.


Minutes after Sarah had released his hand and left the room, Chuck began to thrash violently about in his bed. He started to moan and scream for her.

My Angel, where are you? I need you.

"Chuck, Chuck, wake up," Ellie begged.

Chuck's eyes flashed open, looking for Sarah. "Where is Sarah?"

"Chuck, thank God. She'll be back in a minute. She needed to go to the bathroom."

"No, I need her now," Chuck answered as he attempted to get out of the bed.

Ellie pressed her hand into his chest, reassuring him that she would be right back.

Hearing the door, Ellie smiled at Chuck. "See? She's back already."

Seeing only Devon enter with a tray of coffee, Ellie questioned him. "Where's Sarah?"

"She said she'd just be a minute."

Chuck struggled out of the bed, heading to the door despite the attempts of Devon and Ellie trying to stop him.


Sarah exited the bathroom with a mission in mind. She was going to kill Beckman for what she did to Chuck.

Sarah walked down the hall ignoring the agents outside the door until she had passed them, before spinning on her heel. She struck the first with her fist and the other with a heel to his jaw, knocking both out.

Nothing would keep her from exacting her revenge on Beckman.

Pulling a gun from the holster of one of the unconscious agents, Sarah used his keycard to enter the room.


Chuck staggered up the hall with Devon and Ellie in pursuit. Their attempts to stop him resulted in being pushed away, not violently but enough that they didn't hinder his progress.

Casey, hearing the alarm on Beckman's door, rushed there only to see two agents laying on the floor and the door open.

Entering the suite, Casey took in the situation in a second. Sarah had a gun trained on Beckman as she sat at a table staring into Sarah's face. Neither woman looked at him as he entered the room.

"Walker, put the gun down," Casey ordered.

"Agent Walker, stand down," Beckman said coolly.

"I'm not here as Agent Walker. I'm here as Sarah and this is about what you did to my family."

Casey started to move towards Sarah. "Sarah, put the gun down."

"No, Casey, I have to do this. She deserves it."

Casey spun around when he heard noises coming from the hall. Chuck staggered inside the room and leaned against the doorframe. He could see Devon and Ellie checking the unconscious guards but he lifted his eyes to stare at the strange look on Chuck's face.

Chuck moved away from the door towards Sarah, who still held the gun aimed steady at Beckman. "Stay back, Casey," Sarah growled.

"Sarah," Chuck called weakly.

Sarah's head spun quickly, watching as Chuck inched closer to her.

"You don't have to do this Sarah," he whispered.

"Chuck?" Sarah asked, looking into his brown eyes and she felt tears coming to her eyes.

"This isn't you, Sarah. It's not who you are anymore. You're my Sarah now," Chuck said, putting his hand on top of the gun and pushing it toward the floor.

She hesitated, her eyes shifting between Beckman and Chuck before she finally dropped the gun to the floor and pulled Chuck to her. "I love you, Chuck, and I am your Sarah. I'll always be your Sarah."

Casey moved around them and retrieved the gun from the floor before nodding to Devon and Ellie to help the pair back to the infirmary. He could see that Chuck was near passing out.

Casey looked toward Beckman, who still had a stiff look on her face. "I suggest you never cross either of those two women again. Trust me, the next time you might not be so lucky."


Chuck was once again in the bed and while the after effects of tears were still evident on Sarah's face, she was holding his hand and seemed almost giddy. "How do you feel Chuck?"

"Better now that you're here, Sarah."

Sarah smiled when he said her name. Why do I feel this way now? I've loved him for so long. It's as if he can sense everything I feel when I feel it.

Chuck opened his eyes and smiled through the pain. It was a smile she'd never seen before; there was the look of love she came to crave but there was a hint of playfulness.

Sarah moved closer to Chuck and whispered in his ear. "Chuck?"

"I loved you, my Sarah, many times but we didn't use protection." Chuck's smile just got bigger.

Sarah looked at him for a minute, trying to decipher his comment. It was then that Sarah realized that she had always gotten her monthly contraceptive injection but since she'd been off-grid, she'd missed several.

"Chuck, it was only…" A look of longing appeared on her face. "What do you think you know?" Sarah asked, confused.

Chuck moved his right hand to her belly and rubbed circles. "Sarah, I can feel it. I loved you and I love you."

Sarah moved her hand on top of Chuck's, and her smile got bigger by the second as she comprehended what he was saying. "I love you too Chuck."


Director Adams' first order of business was directing the arrest of any other Fulcrum Agents that might be in sensitive positions within any of the nation's agencies.

On a visit to the infirmary to check on the health of Chuck, Adams broached the subject of positively identifying the final four elders of Fulcrum and the arrival of Orion.

Casey interrupted him. "After the confession," Casey smiled and cracked his knuckles, "we now know we have the five elders in custody."

Sarah stood and glared at the director before growling. "Chuck is not doing anymore flashing for you."

"I've spoken to Orion personally, and he says there is no way to remove the Intersect but he thinks he can fix what Beckman and her hacks did to…Chuck."

"Agent Walker, I…"

"It's Sarah, not Agent Walker anymore. I'm done. I just got Chuck back and I'm not going to lose him again. We're getting married and…" Sarah started but then smiled and looked down at Chuck who smiled back with that special glint in his eye and pressed his hand to her belly.

Carina, Devon and Ellie stood on the other side of the bed looking stern at the director daring him to ask Chuck to flash again.

"Sarah, you must understand. The Intersect will always be in his head, Orion said Chuck will never be normal."

"I don't want normal, I want extraordinary. I want my Chuck," Sarah said. "I want guarantees from this Orion that Chuck won't be affected by the Intersect."

"He'll be here in an hour to examine Chuck. We've allowed him to retrieve all his research and any equipment he needs. We've offered him immunity if he does this."

"Devon and I will be there the whole time," Ellie said. "Don't worry, Sarah. We won't let him hurt my baby brother."

"I'm afraid that won't be possible, Orion demanded that he be the only one in the room because of the potential risk this procedure. You can watch and monitor from the room next door via video feed." Adams answered.

"No way are we leaving Chuck alone with another of those Intersect scientists." Sarah growled.

"I have to tell you; before you came to me with this idea Orion had just contacted me about this very thing. He's very sincere in wanting to help Chuck."

Ellie asked. "We'll be able to watch the whole thing?"

Ellie looked to Sarah who was squeezing Chuck's hand so hard Chuck was wincing in pain.

"Do you want to do this Chuck? Can you handle it?" Sarah asked.

Chuck squeezed Sarah's hand and looked into her eyes before nodding.


Orion set the equipment up and the projector that he would use to reverse the violent flashes Chuck had been experiencing since the reset. Everyone was squeezed into the small room watching the video feed with intent interest. None of them really understood what Orion was doing or talking about but they did know he seemed sincere in his desire to help Chuck. Orion kept his back to the camera. "Please understand, this was never meant to be downloaded into a human brain. The Intersect was designed for a computer with artificial intelligence meant to mimic the human brain. This man is very special. I never envisioned a human being able to absorb this amount of data. I think I can downgrade the Intersect to when he first received it. The flashes will eventually dissipate as the data becomes old and out of date. I'm sorry, but that is the best I can do."

"Will he be able to lead a normal life?" Ellie asked after pressing the button for two-way communication.

As normal as having a computer in his head can be," Orion, answered quizzically.

Ellie smiled before answering. "Thank you. We don't even know your name."

"Better that way. Once I do this you'll never see me again."

Orion put his glasses on. "Please put your glasses on, we're ready to begin. This will take an hour or more so please be patient.

Chuck was strapped into the chair and everyone else was wearing special glasses. "Initiating Intersect download," Orion said before the flash of images began.


The first thing Chuck saw when he opened his eyes was a concerned Sarah staring intently at him. "Hey Sarah, I just had the most vivid dream. I dreamed…I can't tell you. You'll think it's weird."

Sarah smiled a special smile. "Was it about us?"

Chuck moved uncomfortably before answering. "Yes, I…I can't tell you."

"I love you Chuck, I hope it was about how much I love you."

"I think I'm still dreaming."

"You're not dreaming, Chuck. I love you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you," Sarah said as she pressed her lips to his, enjoying the taste of her Chuck.

Chuck was shocked for a moment but Sarah's soft lips turned his brain to mush. The only thing he could think was how much he loved her.

Chuck's eyes opened wide when Sarah stopped to take a breath. "I love you Sarah."

Chuck stared into the most brilliant blue eyes he'd ever seen. The Goddess Angel he'd loved since he met loved him. The smile on his face widened and Sarah's smiled back.


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